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We Germans had and have great geniuses in our gene pool, but the Allies make sure these people do not get any funding to do their research to the utmost and fully express their genius, and I think that instead this knowledge is often harvested silently for the Allies governments. I am thinking of Dr. Geerd Ryke Hamer

Dr Hamer Interview on New Book

(whose cancer eliminating knowledge has been hi-jacked by the Jews and is practiced in Israel while he is in Exile and German physicians are not allowed to practice Dr. Hamer’s cancer-curing discovery!!!) and Prof. Dr. Konstantin Meyl (free energy and medical healing via scalar waves) who probably is getting no or almost no funding for expanding his research (There are others).


My conclusion is that at the top of those German-repressing creatures are the Jews since the Jews run the U.S. government, and this in turn is running Germany. These Jew-U.S.A.  criminals want the most genius or successful Germans dead or impotent. Not because we have done anything to the Jews… (all the Jews of Germany, 650,000 of them, declared war on Germany on March 27, 1933, and the punishment for this HIGH TREASON and many anti-German activities after that was work camps many years later for the war effort instead of the death penalty which was the law in those days in most countries…)

One of the “laws” in the Jews’ “holy” book, the Talmud, is “The best of the gentiles shall be killed.” No wonder they’ve threatened over the centuries to kill gentiles who read their Talmud.

After WWI, when the Jews and the Allies flooded Germany, German scientists were forbidden to practice and also forbidden to take part in world science competition. Only God know how many the Allies murdered since Germany was run by the Jews and the Allies!  [I read somewhere that the U.S. murdered 300,000 Iraqi scientists, but I did not follow up the article.] After WW2 the Allies murdered right off Millions of German civilians in addition to slow starvation to death. Millions were on the list to be eliminated as “Nazis” for being leaders of this or that, even if it was just a social club! Any excuse for their blood lust. And none of the Nazis were evil. Everything in the Nazi government and military was strictly controlled to be the best of the best.

No German doctor was allowed to practice in Germany after WWII!!! So he could not see the evil that was going on by the Allies in hospitals and medical stations. I know that massive murder of Germans was going on from other sources, and I know also from personal experience that the Americans killed German civilians after the war (besides starving Millions of them to death). My family was in the American occupation zone and the Americans killed my cousin as a young boy after the war. He was a beautiful angel-faced blond blue-eyed boy and so innocent in his ways. He had scratched himself on his bike, went to the “hospital” to get treatment for the wound, came home and was suddenly dead.

The Allies  either killed or dragged our scientists off to Britain, the Soviet Union, or the U.S., probably France and other countries, too. What happened to many of our scientists? Many of them were never heard of! Then every evil thing the Americans have created, they blame on “Nazi technology” to continue to defame the Germans and build their false case against the so-called bad Nazis, who were just the opposite. What devils the U.S. has! (No, I am not anti-American, I am anti defamation, anti crime and anti human rights abuse!)

Nicola TeslaA great genius and inventor was Austrian Nikola Tesla. It is rumored that he was murdered in prison by the Americans. My guess is that they harvested his knowledge secretly for themselves and then got rid of him. Tesla discovered electromagnet energy (also called “free energy” harvested from the Universe) and even created a little earth quake in his home environment. Today mega earth quakes can be done with HAARP and there is rumor that the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami was done with HAARP since a straight!!! “lightning” streak was seen in the sky at the very moment of the earth quake, a sign of powerful energy being released. With Tesla’s technology, as Professor Dr. Konstantin Meyl proves today, we would need no gasoline to run cars. He already runs a model train with this energy. But he is not getting a research team!!! He also knows how to heal cancer in a very special way, with scalar waves applied for the good of mankind!!! Here he also gets no funding and no research team. Why?

There is a colossal evil force permeating the governments of the world working against the people in each country. Even the Saudi leadership is Jewish pretending to be Arab!!! Whilst the leaders tell their citizens one thing, they go ahead and do another, either secretly or blatantly in the face of the people. They claim we have problems that they know we don’t and certain scientists know as well but they must shut up or they will be fired or killed. They treat their citizens as idiots that need to be ruled. I am thinking of how they have brainwashed for decades the American children with the representation of the masses as criminally inclined idiots and ruffians in their Hollywood movies and TV shows. It used to bother me decades ago. (Not to elaborate on what they turned the Germans into in “Hogan’s Heros.”)  The elders, especially older women, Hollywood represented as silly “little old ladies” instead of wise wTesla 2omen with life experience from whom we could learn something. The Hollywood representation of the American people is not what people were, of course, but that’s exactly what they want us ALL to be and what they have been trying hard to accomplish for decades with the influence of TV, Hollywood, false History Channel documentation, and Moron education. Some people, I notice, have actually turned out this way. They do not want our children and grand children to become geniuses. They want people who have average intelligence who are so socially adapted if not naturally then with medication to ‘go with the flow’ so they can be easily controlled.

These evil rulers, insulting and mocking us citizens, already have all genius technology to control the people of the earth, namely Wi-Fi and H.A.A.R.P. and are using it for evil not for good. Wi-Fi to control the human DNA from a distance via harvesting and changing electromagnetic waves (scalar waves) in the body. These waves are present in the universe and in the human body, as well as in the animal and plant. I highly recommend to get rid of Wi-Fi in your home and go back to a land line for phone and computer. They are lobbying to get rid of landlines!!! These waves destroy our body and brain. Further, the electromagnetic waves from the SMART METERS and the Microwave Ovens (they all leak!!! even when they are off) do the same. I am not sure, but I think they are made of the scalar waves against which we have no protection. Please research it, as I am not fully informed about which waves are active in these last two technical equipments mentioned. And the control with HARP (scalar waves) to create major earth quakes and tsunamis to punish countries, or depopulate them, or to destroy cities to make money off re-construction, and so much more is long happening. What’s even worse, many countries already have this technology!!! Scalar waves go hundreds of miles into the earth. They go through rock in the earth. So you can imagine what they do to our bodies, how they destroy or re-arrange our DNA because, for example, the cell phone electromagnetic waves work on the same wavelength as our DNA!!! Done on purpose??? I have read on several articles that they are trying to turn us into robots, i.e., control us with chips. They are not far from it to control us with TV waves, I-phone, and Computer waves. In any case, they are already filming people in their homes via the camera in the TV and the computers. You can’t hid in the other room because these rays go through the walls and end up in your bedroom, too. The SmartMeters send waves into our homes spyin on the use of our electricity. I wonder what else they can “take a picture of?”

This evil FORCE that wants to control us, turn us into robots and slaves is making war after war to kill off the best, the strongest, and the geniuses in each country and to continuously destroy sovereign states bringing them under their control as slave states, like Germany has been since 1945 where Germans have to agree that they have holocausted Jews or they go to prison, even if they just express doubt. Some of the leaders of this evil force are high-degree Freemasons (Jews), Jesuits on the upper ranks (Jews), and Jewish Kabbalists. Others are their brain-washed or bribed or coerced henchmen. Bishop Williamson says there is Freemasonry in the Holy See. Many popes over the centuries have been Jews. In the last century, I think, they all have been Jews. The Popes in the last century have eagerly driven the two world wars (that’s what Jesus represents? Ha, ha, ha!) Indeed, as many have said for a long time, the devil is in the church. And that includes the evangelical branches of the church.

Geniuses who are inventing gifts for mankind are silenced or murdered. Good people are defamed and made war against. These methods have expanded greatly. Where will all this lead to?



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