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…I had the collective guilt before I did the research. I am totally free of it. I love my German ancestors and I love the National Socialists, the so-called Nazis. Call me Nazi and I’ll smile. They were the best. I wish I could have lived at that time. Instead I grew up in devastated Germany. A depressing air lay over the land. I felt it all my childhood…

For me, as a German, though I have read a lot about the atrocities against the German people, it is painful to list all of these injustices in this post, though it is only the tip of the iceberg. What hurts most is the injustice and false accusations.

I discover late in my life that I essentially live in an enemy country of the German people by living in the United States. The United States is technically still at war with Germany as it has never given Germany its sovereignty back. It’s a damned rogue country, constantly falsely accusing the Germans in the news, in movies, in books, in newspapers, in magazines, in lectures, etc., etc. How many other countries has the U.S. destroyed since Germany?! Many! Germany did not one harm to the U.S. to cause it to attack Germany constantly! Do you think for one minute that the older Germans in this country don’t feel any pain about this?! Brain washing about the U.S. in my youth has led to me hooking up with Americans and created my dilemma. Real Germans and Americans don’t mix well. Even German-Americans who were born here are insensitive to German immigrants because they do not want to be known as Germans. That’s because they have been abused in the U.S. during two World Wars.  The problem with Americans is their fantasy that their country and their people are the best, and by that I refer to “good.”

My roots are in Germany, and here I am as if floating above the earth, so to speak, not attached to the land and disappointed about the superficiality of the American people. Not even my American relatives want to know my side of the story, in other words, the German side. I need to make the best of it, yet as the years go on, I am less and less inclined to interact with Americans. How can people be so indifferent and at the same time claim they love me? Are they too lazy to think things through? Are they so weak they cannot face the fact that they have done something wrong? Actually not them but their government.

Unfortunately, the same devastation will come down on the American people by their own government not too long from now because they were willing to be deceived and have not listened to the many warnings over the decades. The U.S. has been hijacked by the same people who have hijacked Germany and many countries around the world, the Jews. This is why I am trying to wake up the American people via the route of Germany! When Americans understand what was done to Germany, then they will understand who the enemy is and what will be their destiny if they do not take the control of their government back into their hands. And you out there in the public, whom I’ve tried do to give a hint now and then, don’t arrogantly continue to ignore what I am saying which comes primarily from the wisdom of many great men. My only part is connecting the dots. It’s easy to call someone crazy because then one does not have to open the scary Pandora box. It’s long open and its “birds” have flooded the whole world. The Jew has taught you to call people crazy who bring things up that are so shocking it’s hard to believe it. The Jews and their henchmen do the most shocking things behind people’s backs, and they know they are save, because the white race is rather gullible and cannot wrap their mind around such shocking evil and so they reject it as fantasy and call the messenger mad.

Here is a very brief overview of the two world wars.

Since the German kingdoms united into one empire in 1871, called the German Reich, England, the rogue state having conquered many lands, bragged for decades about tearing Germany apart in a war. England was heavily under the financial control of the Jews.

Germany was the most competitive and successful country in Europe, not due to robbery like England, but due to hard work and brains, and the most cultivated country in the world. Germans were known for humane writers, poets, and scientists. It was the wellspring of many of the world’s greatest inventions, intellects, and culture. Of course we are represented all the opposite to hide the guilt of the Allies. To instigate hate against the Germans and to prepare the world for war, the Jewish-British Press invented atrocity lies about the German people.

Destroying Germany, just because it was so great and to subject it was the prime goal of the International Jewry who had a lot of financial power from centuries of thievery and usury of the gullible people of the world due to their Christian beliefs. The Jews were long married into the British kingdom and England was the center of world banking. The German kingdoms were sucked dry by the Jews who were the parasites as advisors often advising the gullible leaders of the German kingdoms in the worst ways, namely into their destruction.

The Jews are not God’s chosen people but imposters. The real “God’s chosen people,” the children of Adam, are those who “flush in the face,” and that is only the white race. This God, is not the God of all races but only the God of the white race. Their God! Their God from their history! God had commanded the white race, Israel, to eliminate the Jews, as they were thieves, deceivers, and murderers, namely Canaanites, the children of Cain. Their tribes had many names. Instead of following their God’s commandment thousands of years ago, the white race let itself be manipulated by the Jews and eventually even invited them into their kingdoms of Europe. What Christian fools! But before that, in Palestine, the Jews invaded the land of the tribe of Judah (German) and with the help of bribery of Cesar and their Jew King Herod, usurped the tribe and murdered many Germans and killed their German king Jesus. Then the Jews have stolen the heritage of the white race to make themselves into them, falsely calling themselves Israel, a very German word, by the way, the chosen children of God, to prevent the white race from eliminating the Jews. Instead they have the plan to eliminate the white race and are at the brink of doing so. 95% of the “Jews” of today have nothing to do with the Jews of the Bible. Their ancestors never lived in Palestine but in Russia. They have no “Jewish” blood, no Canaanite blood. They only took on the beliefs of the Jewish Talmud and walk around with the Old Testament deceptively in their hands in the Synagogue. Deceivers is what they are. Most of them are genetically Turk-Mongols-Huns.

Germany did not start WW1. The German king was peace loving. Germany was forced into war. After the war was over, it was unjustly blamed for the war and made to pay reparations that it could not even afford, indebting it to the utmost, and into devastation. This gave the Allies total control over Germany. The Allies created the unjust and murderous Versailles contract and made Germany sign with the gun to its head. U.S. Pres. Wilson, surrounded by Jews, including Roosevelt, deceived the German people and did not keep any of his promises he made if the Germans would ‘lay down their weapons.’ He stabbed them in the back!

During the war, the Communist Jews from New York and wherever else, usurped Russia, took control of it and created the Soviet Union. Wall Street provided the funds. They killed Millions of Russians in various ways, primarily the elite and middle class. Also the farmers in the Ukraine. By the time they were through in about 1980 they had killed between 66 Million to over 100 Million Russians. All Christians they could get their hands on were eliminated. Most people were killed in the most brutal ways if they were not shot. Millions of Germans lived in the Ukraine. A larger percentage of them was eliminated.

Germany never had any issues with the United States. About 33% of Americans at that time descended from Germans. The Germans helped build the United States with their creativity, ingenuity and hard work.

The Americans, led by Pres. Wilson, supported Communism in Russia, due to Communist Jew Roosevelt and other power figures surrounding Wilson, and fought against the Christian nation Germany. That’s because Wilson was under the thumb of the Jews who are atheistic Communists living by their ‘holy’ book the Talmud, a crime, murder and pedophilia book considering all people, except the Jews, as merely animals, herds of cows. Goyim!

After the Germans surrendered in WW1, the Jews created the Weimar Republic and controlled the Germans. The Jews had the best jobs in every sphere of German business, industry, government and culture and lived rich in Germany but over a Million Germans starved to death. Germany was in ruins and the outlook for work was almost none. Over the years, hundreds of thousands of Germans took their lives due to hopelessness. The Jews introduced sexual perversion and crimes and decadence of every kind. German women and girls, and probably boys, were prostituted to have some food to eat. The whole One Thousand Year Noble Culture of Germany was replaced with perversity and destructive Jewish ways. The plan of the Communist Jews was to overthrow Germany completely and make it into another Soviet Union. Germany was a Christian country and most of the Germans would have been eliminated. Millions of desperate and hungry Germans were solicited to become Communists to fight against their fellow Germans. This was the time when Adolf Hitler saw that Germany will go under unless something is done. He took on the challenge.

Adolf Hitler was all the opposite he is named to have been by Jew controlled mainstream. He was noble, honest, just, good, loving, generous, strong, bold, courageous, self-educated, highly intelligent, and passionate about Germany’s survival. He was freedom loving for the people. He represented “Government by the People for the People.” Germany was revived with Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler saw what the Jews did to Germany, and that they were the cause of all the problems in Europe, and he wanted them out of his country and later out of Europe. Essentially, it had nothing to do with race, but with the behavior of the Jews. Their desire to overthrow Germany and make it Communist, their usury, lies, deception, crimes, murders, hate, sexual perversion and greed, and so much more, is what Adolf Hitler recognized as the destruction of Germany.

He and his associates had earlier tried to overthrow the Weimar Republic government with the result that many of his associates got shot and he was imprisoned. There he wrote “Mein Kampf.”

A couple of months after Hitler came into power, the Jews of the World declared war on Germany, including the 650,000 Jews who lived a good life in Germany. This is when Hitler, for the first time, took some action and had the German people boycott Jewish stores, doctors, etc. This prompted most of the Jews to leave Germany, as they knew their time to call the shots in Germany is up, and Hitler even helped them immigrate to Palestine until he found out what they did to the Palestinians. He loudly complained about that in one of his speeches. About 150,000 Jews stayed in Germany without being bothered. Hitler got rid of the Jewish banking system and created a very strong successful economy by the people and for the people. Life was good again. The Jews lived in peace in Germany but some of them were working underground to destroy Hitler’s Germany. Hitler had over 40 attacks on his life during his reign. Some of the attacks came from Communists or those who belonged to the rich aristocratic class who worked probably closely with the Jews; other probably came from the Jews.

After WW1, in the Jewish Weimar Republic, before Hitler came into power, the Jews brought different races into Germany, especially Negros, to mix the white German race in order to destroy it. The Jews had a program of race mixing based on the Kalergi-plan. Hitler saw that, and he knew that if the Germans do not produce more children they will die out in  a few decades. So he promoted the family and for women to have more children. Children out of wedlock, without a father, and orphans would be getting special attention to grow up well with government help. For this he provided special homes throughout Germany. He also promoted the pure white race to revive the German blood to make up for the many Germans that were already of mixed blood, primarily in the South of Germany and due to war. I need to point out here that a people’s intelligence, likes and dislikes, culture, and social behavior is encoded in their DNA, in other words in their race. If the white race is mixed, much, if not all of its genetics are are supposed t be lost. I have not researched this yet, but I have heard this. Jews are not white!

Germany rose to be a world power again with Adolf Hitler’s lead.  I believe the enemies allowed this so they could rob that much more from Germany in the next war they had already planned for Germany because Germany was destined by them to be eliminated, no matter what. Actually there was never a peace treaty and Germany was essentially still treated like a prisoner of war. Jew Churchill, Jew Roosevelt, and Jew Stalin, and others had their master plan to turn Europe into a communist union. And this is upon us now. Unbelievably so, they had so much financial and leadership control over so many nations, they managed to turn most of them against Germany and support the Allies with their hidden goal of Communism.  Of course, the people of all these countries did not know there was a Communist Jew game going on and that eventually it will lead to their own demise as well. All they heard about is peace, brotherly love, democracy and other B.S. Adolf Hitler was a Christian and he supported the construction of many churches in Germany.

Most of the Germans were Christians, though there was a small percentage who had lost their believe in their Christian God for the great devastation, loss of family, and injustice they experienced during WWI. The Hitler government was allowing people to believe what they preferred. For those who lost their Christian faith, Alfred Rosenberg wrote “Der Mythus des 20. Jahrhunderts.”

Some countries understood what was at stake and supported Germany. Germany and those countries were called the Axis. All of them suffered terrible atrocities against their people. Tragically, the Allies fought like devils and did not honor the Geneva convention of war fare. The Axis forces fighting for freedom and Christianity unfortunately lost against the Allied powers who were just too powerful when the United States entered the war against Germany, again, even though Germany never did anything to the United States. The Americans were called the ‘Soldiers of Christ’ while they actually fought for Communism, for the Jews, the children of Satan, the Canaanites. And the wars have been going on for Satan ever since, with the Americans in the lead. This is very tragic. Modern people are simply ignorant, and Americans for being white, are shamefully ignorant. How could this have happened in a “free country”?

German soldiers fought strictly by the Geneva Convention. All the Allied forces did not and committed heinous crimes against the German civilians and soldiers. German women were repeatedly raped, gang-raped and even raped to death. Little girls were cut open with knifes to rape them. Many girls and women ended up insane. German civilians and soldiers were tortured to death in the most heinous ways.

To cover up their tremendous guilt, the Allies set up a Kangaroo court after the War in Nuremberg, to further destroy German power and accused again the Germans of starting the war and committing atrocities, including the false accusation of gassing millions of Jews in the war-support work camps.  Germany was not allowed to bring any charges against the Allies in this court, of the Millions of crimes committed against its soldiers and civilians. Nor was it allowed to defend itself, really. None of the accused knew anything about gassing Jews. However, the Allies tortured Germans for them to make false confessions. Over 130 of the leaders had their testicles crushed beyond repair. They were threatened with harm and deportation to Siberia of their family if they did not “confess.” Some did falsely confess, for example Rudolf Hoess, who claimed the gassed Millions. But Hoess made up a story of gassing that was technically not possible. I read part of the report of what types of instructions he signed. Most of them was to keep the Jews healthy, well fed, well rested so they could do their work for the war support. It was strictly forbidden to hid a Jew or any prisoner.

The Jewish Holocaust has long been proven a fraud, but the Jews have so much media power, they just keep cranking out movies and writing stories. Everybody seems to be so brainwashed, they love a holocaust story. I’m surprised people are not sick of it yet. Would Jews ever make a holocaust movie about Russia, where they killed 66 Million to 100 Million Russians? Not only that, they go after old German SS men and take them to court to stay in the limelight and make the whole fabrication look real. As most of us know, threats of years of imprisonment will make most accused cave in and negotiate a lesser sentence by admitting to something they did not do, otherwise they will be accused of even more false charges. These men are old, and being in prison at that age would be very difficult for them and probably cause their death. Many are ill.

The accusations about the Germans were pretty much all fabricated to silence Germany about the genocide committed against Germany. The genocide against Germany continued many years after the war throughout Europe and Millions of Germans were murdered in all of Europa, estimated to be 12 Million after the war. Many of Germany’s elite was murdered. Many of the most intelligent Germans were destroyed, many taking to the death camps in the East, especially to Siberia. Others were taken to English, Polish, French, etc. death camps. I know the French used them as mercenaries in their other wars. Many were taken to the U.S. to extract their skills and knowledge and then we do not know what happened to them. They were probably murdered after they were no longer any use for profit. And the U.S. did not want witnesses. I know how shamefully Werner von Braun and his team were treated, over and over again. Yet they were lucky, compared to the others. It was primarily the Jewish pigs who have instigated the atrocities against the Germans whether here or in Europe.

Again, Germany was falsely blamed for starting the war, WW2. In the primarily Jewish Communist Kangaroo court at Nuremberg everything was twisted and minute things Germans did during the war were made into great calamities. And Allied crimes were not allowed to be brought up by the Germans. The Germans kept meticulous records of the Allies’ crimes for court after the war. Most of these records were dragged off by the Allies or destroyed at site. Then our noble German leaders were shamefully hanged so that no truth will come out from them ever. The Germans were silenced and murdered for many years after the war. 12 Million of them!

Germany did not start WW2. The Jews wanted it and Jew Roosevelt, Jew Churchill, Jew Stalin and others worked toward it for their Communist world government plan, total control by the Jews. The plan was to eliminate as many Germans as possible (about one fourth of the Germans were killed) and to rob Germany blind, occupy their country and make them into work slaves for Allied profits and that’s were Germany has been for 70 years without sovereignty, but lied to that it had it. Not true. It is now discovering that it has been deceived. The Poles started WW2. They attacked the German border patrol for many months before Sept. 1, 1939. On Sept. 1, 1939, they entered German territory and Germany fought back FOR THE FIRST TIME. Hitler said on Sept. 1, 1939: “For the first time the Poles have entered German territory and we are shooting back. From now on, we will retaliate bomb for bomb.” Is that like an attack or a defense? Anyway, the Poles attacked the German border for many months without the Germans fighting back. Germany won the war against Poland within a few weeks. The “German” leaders since 1945, most of them Jews, claim without shame that Germany started the war. Not true. They are liars. Naturally. They are Jews. It’s a law in the Talmud to lie against none-Jews if it benefits them. And this has benefited them greatly financially and for their coming world rulership.

Germany did not “ambush” Russia, as Jew Merkel calls it. Like a good Jew, she turns things promptly around. But the Russians planned to ambush Germany and were two weeks away from it. Germany defended itself against the onslaught of Millions of Soviet Soldiers, lined up on its border for a surprise attack to flood into Germany, by making a pre-emptive strike, before the Russians were quite ready. They were surprised, that’s true. It would have been irresponsible for Hitler to let the Russians attack Germany! Maybe like: “Oh, they are sitting in front of our door, we will have to be nice and let them in.” Like that? The ambush of the Russians would have come upon the Germans and that would have been some ambush! It would have been the worst hell imaginable for the German population, especially the women and girls. Hitler discovered the Millions of Soviet soldiers lined up near the German border and made his move. The Soviets ran like hell, leaving all their equipment behind. In their retreat, the Soviets burned all the Russian villages (that’s how much they cared about their citizens) so the Germans would have no support. This was the “burned earth” practice by the Soviets everywhere where they retreated. No, the Germans did not burn villages of Russian citizens, and they did not rape the women of the enemy.  They were a very disciplined force, and rape, for example, was severely punished.

The German military rescued the Ukrainians, and the many Germans in the Ukraine, from the Communist brutalities, opening their churches and helping them to rebuild their homes and farms, and as the Germans were losing against the Russians, the German soldiers rescued as many Germans as they could by bringing them to German-controlled Poland. A train ride took generally two months from the Ukraine to Poland as there were many Partisan attacks. When the Soviets later on got the upper hand in the war, most likely due to all the U.S. equipment they had received, the German soldiers retreated more and more and eventually had to flee Poland. But they defended the Germans escaping from Poland as long as they could. But many German civilians could not get out of Poland fast enough and were caught by the Russian military. Those who were on foot or were pushing a little wagon were just simply rolled over by the tanks. The women and girls were raped. Their babies were smashed against the tanks until they were dead. Many were murdered by beating them to death, exploding a group of them with hand granades, dragging them behind military vehicles. Many died of mass rape and torture. And Millions of Germans from Poland and other places in Germany were shipped off to one of the thousands of death camps in Siberia. The “German” leaders, who are mostly Jews or Jew slaves since 1945 declare that Germany surprise attacked Russia! They go and celebrate with Jew Putin the mass murderer Stalin’s victory over  Germany. Merkel did this just recently. In German Universities they have large murals of Stalin. It’s unbelievable what kind of abuse the German people have to suffer through. I am not able to live there anymore. It would go crazy to see this day in and day out.

Before Germany got into war with the U.S., Roosevelt had attacked many German ships in international waters. The Germans did not defend themselves and it led to the loss of many German ships.  On Dec. 11, 1941, Adolf Hitler let the world know what Roosevelt was up to with his many attacks on German ships for over a year. It was not really a declaration of war, because Roosevelt had long started the war against Germany with these attacks and many other things he did, but most people call this speech a declaration of war by Hitler. It was not. Hitler never attacked the United States. But you never hear about this.

Ever since the end of the war, the German children raised have been told lies about their ancestors. These noble ancestors have been made into criminals, mass murderers, and devils. A great leader, Adolf Hitler, and his staff have been falsely defamed into terrible dictators. Children are told that Germans are evil, and have done horrific things to the oh so poor Jews, and are forever guilty, into all generations, for the so-called genocide of the Jews. All lies!  Is that how they got their name “All-lies?” The German children of course believe all this and for anyone to say anything contrary in Germany (and many countries) as it is ruled by the Jew-USA, is to set themselves up for being dragged into court, fined, imprisoned, financially ruined, losing their career, and on and on. Parents cannot even instruct their children of the truth because we know how children are, they blabber. So “all” Germans say the Holocaust is true and the German soldiers committed heinous crimes and that the Germans are guilty, so guilty, so guilty due to “collective guilt.” Most of them believe it. What makes it even worse, Germany is full of spies. Spies from the East. Jewish spies. Communist spies who gladly turn someone in and are, I am sure, turning in many people who never even said anything. All you have to do is have a certain look in your face. My God, it is Soviet Union all over!

I had the collective guilt before I did the research. I am totally free of it. I love my German ancestors and I love the National Socialists, the so-called Nazis. Call me Nazi and I’ll smile. I love them. They were the best. I wish I could have lived at that time. Instead I grew up in devastated Germany. A depressing air lay over the land. I felt it all my childhood.

From my studies, I have discovered, that Adolf Hitler was one of the noblest and greatest leaders ever, if not the greatest!

Hail Germany!

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