Official Auschwitz Records 1940-1944

Das folgende Buch nicht verbreiten da die Gesetze sich in Deutschland nicht veraendert haben. Nur weil es ein beruehmter Jude schreibt ist es kein Schutz fuer Deutsche. Dieses Buch enbloesst die Luegen ueber Deutschland, einschl. die Holocaustluege:

Wahrheit Sagen Teufel Jagen_Gerard Menuhin-pdf

Buy the English equivalent of the above book called: “Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil” by Gerard Menuhin. This bookd is written by a Jew who is exposing the lies about Germany, especially the Lies about Hitler and a Holocaust that did not exist.


Auschwitz RealityAdmin: I removed the Auschwitz Record death numbers as I found out from Germar Rudolf that he has not authored this document, and he does not know if these numbers are correct. Some author just pasted Germar Rudolf’s name on the record.

In general, there were many statistics from 37,000 to 300,000 (of all races and causes) over the years published by the German newspapers, depending on how the statistics were arranged. Lice cause Typhoid and the camps throughout Europe had their share of Typhoid. People throughout Europe had their heads and body hair shaven to prevent a nesting place for lice and were doused with fumigation, whether this was in the Russian GULags, in the Polish prison camps for Germans, or in the German camps. They all used the same product. The most important things was isolating new arrivals for a while from the residents of the camps and treating them against lice and having appropriate medicine on hand. As the war reached its end, the German cities were bombed out along with means of transportation like trains. So also the German camps suffered as the supply of medicine deteriorated due to infrastructure bombing. It appears that only 37,000 Jews died in all camps and of all causes; i.e., old age and other natural deaths, illness, Thypoid, etc. No one was genocided! Compare this to the 18 Million Germans that perished due to the Jews having instigated this war against the German empire, and of those 12 Million to 15 Million were murdered after the war; and 42 Million people died from countries around the world.  And yet, the Jews who control Germany with a Jew-run government, run the German courts with powerful Jews, continue to claim that 6 Million Jews were genocided (or maybe they say now 1.5 Mill) to make the young, ignorant Germans feel shameful and guilty for something their grant parents, great grant parents, relatives, and frieds DID NOT DO. Disgusting Jewish lie propaganda a la TALMUD.


Official German Record of Prisoners in Auschwitz Concentration Camp, May 1940 through December 1944

Dr. Germar Rudolf

The following German Government record is only in German but it shows how harmless all the orders at Auschwitz were. They were no. 1) orders to keep the German soldiers in line, 2) to keep the facilities in good condition, 3) to keep the Jews in good health and 4) to have various safety regulation. No hate ever! No deragatory talk about Jews. No abusive orders. The only “negative” order was for Germans not to greet back Jews because it is below them to do so. This is understandable as the Jews have declared war on Germany on 24th of March 1939 and then again in the fall of the same year. And because Germany knew of course, that the Jewish Bankers have initiated both world wars and many Jews in Germany worked underhandedly against Germany, sabotaging it and promoting secret Communism (just like in the U.S. today). That’s why Germans wanted the Jews out. It could not trust them any longer.

Auschwitz Befehle 1940 bis 1945-pdf


This video report of 300,000 is also way too high – it’s fraud.  And this lie about special cruelty to the women prisoners… baloney all the way through. Women prisoners at Auschwitz worked as household assistance in officer’s homes. I have seen records as low as 37,000 people (not just Jews) died at all concentration camps altogether.

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