More American Murder Camps of German POWs-3

…A large number of internees receive without regard to age, disease or amputation boxing blows in the stomach, heart and Leberge- neighborhood or even in the face and kicked in the abdomen or the buttocks. Some of them collapses under these blows and kicks. Others need to exhaustion make squat or crawl around on all fours or receive lashes over skull, face and neck. Occasionally they have to the
“Horst Wessel Song” or sing “International”…

L A G E R      O H R D R U F
From May to early July 1945 (Soviet-Russian troops to the engagement) was at Ohrdruf / Thuringia. an American internment camp.
On a transport to the camp a Wehrmacht officer to about 120 prisoners says zei the paper money would be issued by order of the American Militärpoli-. Most men give it off for fear of the consequences of a refusal, and put it into a around Transferred cap that can take the wealth of the bills barely aufzu-. E. V. 2304th
In Ohrdruf then the official luggage and body searches take place. Two not entrusted with the search soldiers take one nem man the money belonging to him (RM 500), which has been left to him in the audit department, from. E. V. 2304th
On the way to the detention center to a prisoner turns around because he has discovered his wife. He is then kicked several times from one item underfoot. E. V. 3136th
On a transport to Ohrdruf, a serious road accident occurred supply. In a curve, the occupants of a gene lorries are thrown into the street. A 53 year-old prisoner’s left arm is doing dislocated and broken the ball head. After fruitless attempt zurenken in a hospital the joint again switched to the American officer, treat the man further and to let make a radiograph of him refusing. He comes to Ohrdruf and is housed in a primitive area infirmary. Only after 7 1/2 weeks, the American doctor arranges admission to a hospital. Finally there is carried out an X-ray. He is six months treated clinically. Consequences of late treatment: stiffening of the shoulder joint and hand stiffening. E. V. 2232nd
The prisoners (including those of more than 80 years), z. T. are housed in a sheepfold. Without straw and blankets to lie on the ground. The hygienic conditions and food services are completely insufficient. E. V. 2211 2245th
A former concentration camp inmate prewar says he did so not somehow related to food and accommodation in the German concentration camps; the time in the concentration camp seemed to him in comparison with the storage time in Ohrdruf as a sanatorium ago. E. V. 2245th
Especially feared are the external work details. The men are thereby beaten by Poles and Russians, kicked and pelted with stones. E. V. 2211 3116, 3287th
A prisoner is violated by such kick in the kidney area, he immediately collapses unconscious and must be brought to the hospital. E. V. 3164th
Fifteen men have a long deep pit digging. When is the work beit not managed in the required time of 15 minutes, who they maltreated by soldiers with kicks and piston shock. Under the watchful eyes of a lieutenant, they are driven back by soldiers under jeers to the camp and beat GE with bayonets. A 60-year-old suffered a heart affection and this is further dragged by two comrades; when a young soldier breaks an old lung wound up again. Such operations in turn pick up. After two Asking the camp commandant these abuses are stopped. E. V. 2254th
In addition to a transit camp for Eastern workers prisoners must haphazard blades burrows and are thereby beaten by Russians with Knüp–UP and pelted with stones. You must pull down their pants and lick each other’s ass. In addition, you must sheepskin boots and other garments good the Russians left in exchange for their goods. All this takes place under the eyes of American sentries. Only after presentation of the German camp leader the commander these attacks are stopped. E. V. 2306th
On a hot day gets a prisoner of an Ameri- cans ordered to jump into the fire extinguishing pond. Dress according to the decision he is thrust into sweaty state in the presence of a Leut- Nants into the pond and must fetch twice a hineingeworfe- NEN wooden lid. Another prisoner must do the same. E. V. 3179th
One group of prisoners are tied her knees; they must march. When it does not go fast enough, they are beaten. E. V. 3116th
When removal from the camp to the camp Ohrdruf Ziegenhain the prisoners have to run the gauntlet in front of American soldiers. Under Erduldung of strokes of the cane they must rush in continuous operation for trucks. The Americans push this with Hopp-Hopp-Call. E. V. 2211th
Internees are housed in solid barracks, buggy for a long time for the most part and are infested with lice. The internees sleep close to each other on the floor. Beds are not available for months. The diet leads in a large number to consider- able underweight, z. T. and serious circulation problems.
Particularly distressing experience the internees the maltreatment gene, which are almost all exposed in the delivery or in the registration of.
A large number of internees receive without regard to age, disease or amputation boxing blows in the stomach, heart and Leberge- neighborhood or even in the face and kicked in the abdomen or the buttocks. Some of them collapses under these blows and kicks. Others need to exhaustion make squat or crawl around on all fours or receive lashes over skull, face and neck. Occasionally they have to the
“Horst Wessel Song” or sing “International”. Again, other so-called will. “Highways” cut by paths are cross-cut by the hair to them with the machine. In all of these abuses, the inspectors and Simon Watson and Lieutenant Goodman called repeatedly. While this limited more to the supervision, be made in the rest of the ill-treatment of the inspectors and Simon Watson and other unnamed Americans themselves. In the period from 10 to 23 June 1945 Hardly a day, carried out at the non-maltreatment greater scope to internees. Until October will be reported only occasional maltreatment gene. EV 458, 478, 480, 628, 682, 961, 966, 967, 968,
2286, 3383, 3384, 3388, 3389, 3418, 3432, 681, 677, 680, 3838,
704, 705, 716, 718, 719, 3903, 720, 689, 692, 693, 618, 698, 699,
700, 701, 702, 703, 744, 745th
In addition to the above-described general mistreatment drives achieved a greater number of internees nor a “special treatment”.
The internees L. receives a “highway”. In addition, the eyebrows and eyelashes him be cut off. The cut hair he must stuck for half an hour in the mouth and the nostrils. E. V. 675th
The internees N. is ordered to lie face down on the floor. He is then beaten with countless blows to the head, so that he carries a concussion. E. V. 675th
Another receives Boxhiebe against the body. The internees M. never shot at picking dandelions in October 1945 near the Todesli- without call. E. V. 628, 901, 675, 735th
The machine technician H. (31 years) receives by an officer a Boxschlag against the stomach. He has to face against the wall and is pushed while in the presence of two American soldiers with the head against the wall until his nose bled. E. V. 670th
Other internees must rule according to the command of a young German, which contains a command was issued, drill. Feed back coming internees be kicked in the door. The interned te H. (46 years) obtained by an interrogating officer with a rubber-coated wire blows to the outstretched hands over face, neck and ears. Moreover punches him be placed in the stomach and in the face. While he has seen strong dazzling electric lamps in three, he is commanded to eat up two images. The glare stops two hours. He then spends fourteen days on bread and water in solitary confinement. During this time, is threatened with shooting and hanging, a
“Autobahn” and cut the swastika painted on his forehead and neck. E. V. 670th

The administrators L. (22 years) is with other camera on the transport to Ziegenhain of standing under the command of American soldiers Russians continued ge by Schlä- mistreated until he collapses to. On the way to the cell he has to run the gauntlet. In the cell, calling him an American “natural sizzling wine” and “SS-pig”, tells him to tilt your head forward and hits him with the pistol grip several times on the back of the head. E. V. 687th
On the transport to Ziegenhain occurred in a barracks in Bad Wildungen following incident:
An American practices in the knife throwing by an SS man, was the commanded to take basic position. The lack continuous knife stuck in the foot. The SS man joins and receives compensation for some cigarettes. E. V. 687th
On 11 June 1945, an intern who had taken on the way to objectives genhain an escape attempt, near the motor vehicle from six to eight feet away killed shot in the head after he had already returned to call. E. V. 685th
On 21.6.1945 numerous internees are beaten bent in completing the questionnaire and down boxed. An intern is compelled to swallow a burning cigarette and a postcard with the image of Hitler’s. E. V. 683rd
At 06/12/1945 about forty internees must make 300-400 squats and slide around on her knees. They are forced to the International and the Horst Wessel song to sing. Anyone tired, is encouraged by beatings. On the old and sick no provision is made visual. E. V. 682nd
An old portly intern has to face with his nose against the wall and is forced to move away with his legs as far from the wall, his body weight ultimately rests solely on the nose. E. V. 682nd
A Oberreichsbahnrat (45 years) must form a “bridge” across two chairs arranged so that only the chin and toes touch the chairs. E. V. 681st
The internees G. has to face with his forehead against the wall. With strong strokes of the cane against his shins, he is forced to move away with his legs from the wall to the body weight rests on the forehead. The Shins show bruising. He also receives Boxhiebe in the stomach. E. V. 677th

The chief secretary K. (49 years) has about 100 times rise in his testimony on a three-meter high Aktenregal while being beaten continued. Approximately 25 times he has commanded him from above herabsprin- gene. In between, eat up two burning cigarettes. Blows to the cranium evoke bloodshot. Next he is commanded, consume a picture of Adolf Hitler to be used. E. V.679.
In the course of “treatment” is commanded him to completely undress. The internees M. will then be prompted to “be used to described”, ie lick the cleft between the buttocks.

He followed this call under threat of weapon and must then tell each pri- ma prima“. This process takes about half an hour. Two located in an opposite room interned SS assistant’s nen be forced to watch this process. E. V. 601, 902,. 695
When registering on 21.6.1945 the internees is K. (45 years) together with about 150 other detainees tortured in the presence of the inspector Watson. Most receive Boxhiebe in the gut and kicks. Some bleeding from the mouth and nose. The internees T. Watson shares on this occasion that he had something special for him.” He is then forced under continued ill-treatment with three other internees to sing. E. V. 674th

It is guided in a chamber pale with two other internees then that apparently serves as a torture chamber. On the floor are smeared with dirt, blood and feces garments. K. is forced to strip naked, währenddes- sen has one of the other internees continued up and climb down the Aktenregal. He must lead his hair by internees, which previously “highways” were cut, in his anus one. Since he first pinches him only in the rear sight, they fall out again. He is then forced under further threats gene, he now deeply introduce the hairs in the anus itself. After that the internees will be forced with the other common Klet- terübungen on Aktenregal make.
After this “treatment” raises Watson a completely dirty shirt of a former victim with the toe of his boot up and orders him to put on this shirt.
During the same period, there remained Inter- must “erode” ned leaves of a hedge. E. V. 674
Inspector Simon proposes the internees J. several teeth and forcing him to swallow a burning cigarette. E. V. 672nd

The Merchant B. (45 years) is during the registration on 23.05.1945 is by an American officer by means of a whip abuse. It is then placed between two stools that only toes touching the forehead and two stools. Once this shows weakness, he is struck with a heavy stick. At the same time his hair cut. E. V. 3871st
As the “interrogating” officer directed him to the question of whether he wanted to be shot for even Adolf Hitler, and he rejects this question by saying: “For Hitler, but Germany always”, he is out in a special room and forced to write to his family’s last wish. Then a sergeant with six soldiers under arms, the pay it appears. He is, however, released after 100 m. E. V. 3871st
Director S. (51 years) is beaten by other detainees on 09.06.1945 during the registration in the presence of Lieutenant Goodman with interference bridges and kicked. E. V. 3838th
A master builder, H. (49 years) must make when registering the upper body freely and the American officer said of the words: “Please help me.” He gets on two gastric chops and kicks. Another intern must in his presence crawling into a box where his hair cut. The cut hair will be put into his mouth, and give him the command: “Eat You bastard”. E. V. 3898th
The internees S. (50 years) receives in connection with the registration of the Inspector Simon ordered to kneel in the sand. One of former captive Frenchman he must cut a “highway”, while he enters the inspector on his heels. He then rips his shirt and tells the French to cut him the breast hair and mustache with the machine. Here is hit him with the machine on the mouth so that the teeth are ne and bleed easy. During the same time need to “drill” other more comrades.
After the haircut he is led into a small room where he must constantly ascend and descend a Aktenregal. In between, he must put himself to exhaustion on the abdomen and on the back. He is chased by ten to fifteen kicked through the open window and has about six times to walk around the building and come back through the doorway. Here it is always asked by an American soldier who was hiding, the leg so that it falls down. Then he has two hours

Still standing in the blazing midday sun standing until he powerlessness powerful collapses. When he regains consciousness, he is doused with water.
In a subsequent further “treatment” takes him a Pole from the wedding ring. As the internees Inspector Simon suggesting he is out of this turn in the building. Followed by three Poles and a Frenchman. He must kneel and receive from a Poland a heavy punch of boxing in the region of the liver. In trying to sit up, the officer kicks him in the face, so that he falls to the rear.
At the same jump, the Frenchman and the Poles on his head, so that it strikes the ground hard and he bursts the scalp. When he is unconscious, it occurs to him constantly in the buttocks until he comes again to itself. E. V. 983rd
On 21.6.1945, the internees must K. naked put on a bunch of paper and bend down. An equally naked comrade has stuck him lying on the ground hair in the back column, which he then with the mouth must pull it out again. E. V. 705th
The Kriminalsekretar W. beaten on 06/20/1945 of blows to the head and stomach to the ground. It is then placed in the hot midday sun with a few other internees. After this time it is the head hair pieces cut to a small Skalplo-, where he has to kneel on the camp road. The home are quaternized Sch. is forced to paint him a swastika on his head, the one American soldier, another adds. Sch. and W. will then alternate with a rubber hose and a string with beads blows to the back of the hand. After another Boxschlägen he must repeat his eyes open at two heating SSE bulbs hold. E. V. 669th
The clerk B. (55 years) is gene spat, beaten and kicked in filling out the questionnaire. Then he has to make several hundred squats with twenty to thirty other internees in front of a very young Americans who sat with continued beatings be accompanied. The internees A. has pointed with foot and elbow supported on two stools, a bridge ma- chen. Several internees the shooting is threatened, they subsequently

brought out, several shots are fired simultaneously. In this treatment, Lieutenant Goodman involved. E. V. 710th
On June 8, 1945 the National Railroad secretary B. is cut a “highway”. In his presence the internees as must bow with Ellen- and toes based on two stools at the same time make a bridge. Every time he falls down, he gets a kick to the body, so as not to days spits blood. Squats are another simultaneously commanded. Even amputees need to participate. E. V. 720th
In the second half of the month July 1945 the internees are offset 690 (35 years) of a person sitting on a table American soldiers Boxhiebe in the face, and at the same time he gets kicked in the abdomen. In an adjoining room Poland hunt in American uniforms other internees under continuing shocks on hands and knees across the room. You must, while an American soldier plays the lute, “Tierstim- men mimic”, “eat hair” and move under continuing shocks creeping on. E. V. 690th
On 15 June 1945, a US soldier tears the soldiers image of the Son, the trade council Sch. (50 years) carries with him and punches him in the face so that the lower jaw bridge breaks. E. V. 671st
On 22 June 1945, the questionnaire will be in delivering many of the Internet-defined monitoring Americans kicked and beat Community. Inspector Simon can take this opportunity to interned K. and an SS officer crawling on hands and knees up the stairs down- ter. He suggests this with a whip, it leads up and down the camp road, forcing them to tear at a small hedge leaves the mouth and eat. Another intern must pour these two then a bucket of cold water over their heads. E. V. 667th
In June 1945 the about 70-year-old intern K. Back hairs are plucked individually and in bunches. E. V. 197th
On June 23, 1945, the Lieutenant Sch. of American sol- diers in a small box placed so that only the head protruding over the edge. The internees Schu. has to sit on his back, to compress it. When he thereby moves carefully, he is beaten by the soldiers. Lt. Sch. then a “highway” cut. E. V. 731st
When submitting the questionnaire on 22 June 1945, the Inter-defined as simultaneously receives a blow to the stomach and head, he falls to the ground. When he jumps up again, he is thrown against two side by side standing tables, drop the case. He has his hands stretched to the back, to lie on the ground. Man a filthy rag on his head, a stool and other furniture are thrown him depends on his back. B. is thereby unconscious. E. V. 742nd
The department manager K. (52 years) is a vernehmen- him the inspector so violently slapped that two teeth of a dental prosthesis break out. Then he has to carry a man of 75 kg at a trot on the farm. E. V. 743rd
The engineer R. receive at 07/06/1945 number punched in the GE perspective and in the stomach. Other internees who had fainted be entered into his presence underfoot. He must then put on a stool to receive a rubber cable sixty blows on the buttocks. Another intern is in his presence, hands tied behind his back, pulled up on a wooden beam until it hangs a meter above the floor. Then an American soldier staggered him several punches in the stomach. During this treatment, he has to squat and bounce around the room, where his kicks are administered into the buttocks even under provision of a stool. He is bleeding profusely, him a bucket EV 479 is poured with water over the head in the washroom to then introduce further punches to the back of the head to be received..
When he reaches the accommodation barracks, he breaks unconscious together.
The mayor W. (45 years) met the Inspector Simon the filled lunch cookware in the face, so that he wears bleeding wounds of the neck and on the nose. E. V. 3931st
The student W. is stripped naked on 06.15.1945 before the prison barracks and bad parts, raw scanned the whole body, including the tongue and Community. Running the gauntlet he is driven into the fiscal prison and thrown into the cell no. 18. While an American soldier threatened him with the gun, grabs him by the neck on the other one and chin and beats his head against the wall until he passed out half crashes to the ground. In the period from 16 to 20.6. He is beaten daily several times by American guards, threatened with guns and carved with a knife at the throat, where they forced him to say: “Good SS, SS well.” In addition, it spits in his face. E. V. 511th
Inspector Watson leaves two SS men under the command of “follow on all fours” on the camp road in another barrack Chen wars. In between squats need to be made, and then the two have to jump out the window and run under continued threats set with the whip in the barracks. Then again on all fours along the camp road and crawl under a car. Then they have to eat from a hedge leaves and grass and drink dirty water from a puddle. As both are de exhausted them a bucket of cold water was poured over his head. E. V. 3839th
Occasionally, a 60 year-old man, a registration is knocked down and occur in the presence of GE American soldiers from Poland. The shaft Master G. receives punches in the stomach and face, and kicks against the groin. He then commanded: “Stand against the wall, you’ll be shot now.” A soldier pulls AME rikanischer his revolver and put on without Ssen to rail. Then he must press his face against the wall and your feet Reset 3/4 m, so that the whole weight of the body rests on the tip of the nose. In this position, he will receive several fist blows to the back of the head. In a few days later noticed occurring interrogation Lieutenant Goodman “like we’ve already had in operation. So, what do you look like? Are you sick? “He must then zoom back his chair so close to the desk that his eyes strong luminaire at most 5 cm away from the two and hot electric bulbs are. In this position, he has to remain for about one hour. Meanwhile, the Internet is fined Sch. kicked and beaten. E. V. 969th
In October 1945, a POW Captain be torn shoulder pieces in the consignment, and also he is hit in the face with his riding crop. E. V. 960th
The locksmith G. is beaten at his first questioning by Inspector Watson in the presence of other American officers through the abdominal and stomach blows several times to the ground. He also hits him with an open hand against the carotid arteries, knocking his head against the wall. He easily starve him two days in a cell Arrest. He would be extracted beaten by Watson again with the dog whip. Another 50-year interned suggests Watson with a rubber hose in the face. As these, represented neint on the question of whether he had been drinking a bitter, Watson added collapses him several blows in the stomach until he. In addition, it forces Watson, “to eat” two images of the leader in postcard size. E. V. 1833rd
On 10.6. is the internees Tr. (Officer) of about six American soldiers rule and about the same number of civilians Poland beaten in an alley formed by these. On a stool has become fen, then he gets another 20 to 30 strokes with a steel rod on the buttocks and back. Fainting be fought with egg chambers of cold water. Bleeding from the eyes, mouth and nose, he is forced to face the rule be rinsed off with a brush abortion. E. V. 3422nd
The internees St. is, his hands behind his back, tied for a while on a beam suspended. E. V. 3422nd
A Reichsbahn inspector is beaten and kicked when registering with about 40 further internees. He himself cut a tonsure. The cut hair

he must put an other internees in his mouth and laugh or sing it. E. V. 3430th
The transport from the station to the camp Treysa Ziegenhain must internees, including sick and aged, 2-3 km under blows and insults to travel at a run. E. V. 3436th
The end of 1945 who died in Ziegenhain internees 431 is entered during the registration several times in the abdomen. The internees as this is slapped repeatedly. After he did his questionnaire, but a rope is handed out by pointing out that he should hang himself, his life did not make sense anyway more. He is dismissed with the remark that he would anyway shot in a fortnight. E. V. 3431st
On 06/12/1945 a larger number of members of the SS by the Inspector Simon is forced under lashes to crawl over the covered with grit and gravel courtyard. Others need on all fours up the stairs of the watchtower up and climb down. Arrived accident ten, they must “drink” from a mud puddle. For questioning women walking come later, accompanied by Inspector Simon, shaved back to the camp. E. V. 2208 as appropriate.
In mid-June suggests an American soldier to the leader of an Inter- niertenkompanie Tour of accommodation with full force in the face when he does not reimburse him the same message. The Mitgefan- genes must keep him on it later, because of him given GE wordenen treatment to commit suicide. E. V. 3448th
An intern, the ten a completely sodden paths through transgression wants off a soft dry grass strips along an intermediate fence is sen angeschos- without a call from 10 meters. A serious violation of the knee leads to amputation of the leg and in the further course to death. E. V. 628th
On 13.6. must make Countless squats to register Attempted internees and wars Chen on all fours across the room. Some will be beaten with a stick on his hands. Currency will rend dismiss all other, two SS men must remain rear access. One of them is data punched and kicked in the presence of American soldiers from three poles. Then he is of those of the head shaved by a intersects with the machine, another individual hairs coming away and the third parties indiscriminately cut with scissors. With them more Shorn be ordered for the next morning. All are on a jeep to shippers. The accompanying American officers are equipped with machine guns pistols and rifles. The trip ends on one nem small cemetery. Internees are performed before an ejected pit, while up the officers with their weapons in front of them. Internees are under the impression that they are to be achieved shot. Only after a pause you will be told that they should bring the cemetery in order. E. V. 634th
On 19/06/1945 internees are beaten upon admission. When submitting the questionnaire of internees M. Faustschlä- ge gets upside down, on temples, neck, heart and stomach. On the camp road he has to sit on a 60-year-old comrades and like all other companions of his company, driven by the whip, the camp road up and ride down. E. V. 895th
On 06.29.1945 the internees S. led to Inspector Watson. This strikes him with two riding crops in the face, kicks him in the back and hit him in the back boxing blows. On 10.10.1945 he is out for questioning to Lieutenant Siegert. During the interrogation Inspector Simon appears. After this has taken note of the contents of the file, he slaps him and shouts:
“Something’s going on around in Ziegenhain, without my knowing it. This is a good change. Come p, go to my room, now let’s talk time on good German way. “As he embarks on him, he passed him. With kicks in his room There S. has continued under high holding hands do squats while Simon further engaged in the study of the file. When he finds a certificate that S. is suffering from cardiac enlargement, and has a sliver of a wound above his right eye, he exclaims:
“That’s fine, I’ll take your heart again in order and the splitter hau I you into the brain.” Then he takes another Americans into the room, locks the door and sets the radio on full volume. Now he gives him incessantly boxing blows to the heart and stomach and kicked in the abdomen and in the heart area. In between, he distributed slaps and blows with the riding crop. If p crashes to the ground, picks Inspector Simon in his ne hair and pulls him back up. As S. to the question whether he had hunger, denies he slipped him a torn menu card in his mouth and calls under beatings with the whip that he swallows. After about two hours p is then brought into the rest locally work, where he collapses unconscious. The next afternoon, Simon lets him lead back to his room. The door is locked and the radio turned on. While S. makes nem Zählkommando squats by his, Inspector Simon shirtsleeves touches to his feet and begins again to box and kick. Home inspector Simon thinks he has probably never dreamed that even a Jew would make him beat so. After 1 1/2 hours home inspector Simon breaks from the treatment with the remark that he had no more time. Friday nights he came to his cell to make him off. However, Inspector Simon is no longer erschie- NEN. E. V. 943rd
L A G E R 9 3 S H W A R E N B O R N

End of April 1945 the detention Schwarzenborn used is directed. The newly delivered prisoners (men and women) are first housed in a former horse stable. In each box of the stable are 4-6 persons, on one side of the barn the men, on the other hand, women who are partly in advanced age. Among men befin- to be amputees and other seriously injured, including a 100% tig brain injured at crutch and a very sick (pneumonia), which, despite pleas from pages of a German physician no medical help is given, the American medical officer replies that it is not bad if the man would die. E. V. 226, 2219th
For weeks, the prisoners have in the stable, others are sleeping in barracks on the ground. E. V. 2219th
A prisoner must start in May 1945 to bring his comrades five days on a field in rain and snow. The Schutzlö- cher, they dig for shielding against cold, rain and snow, must be leveled again in the day. During these five days there is no food, water insufficiently. E. V. 491st
A pregnant woman is among the prisoners. You will not be dismissed and comes down in the camp. E. V. 491st
In June 1945, the situation is no better. Newcomers need to put a 500 m long distance at a run, driven by American soldiers in the presence of their officers with rifle butts, the truck up to the serving as accommodation barn back. Among the prisoners are men up to almost 70 years and war wounded. E. V. 2377th
On physical search the prisoner monetary amounts exceeding RM 1.000 and valuables are taken away, they do not get back later. E. V. 2233, 2377, 3065th
Objection is answered with sticks. E. V. 2233rd
One prisoner said that his and his comrades had been the property thrown out and trampled on the floor. A Police Major was in the process have been mixed with the rubber truncheon under his chin a blow. E. V. 1611th
In the open barn are hundreds of prisoners without washing facilities, except for a rain hole. The latrine is other fänglich from dug holes. The food is so bad that soon hunger edema. E. V. 2259th
In this barn lying on hay prisoners until late autumn. E. V. 1611th
In May shoots an American officer from outside captured on a Community, who is in his barracks. The officer claimed that the man had banned unlawfully hen GeSe out the open window while he actually placed 1 m from the window Patience-cartel th. E. V. 2364th
SS and Gestapo members are insulted in May in the presence of American items from a Bulgarian and beaten with a stick. E. V. 226, 3197th
A prisoner who has fallen from exhaustion in the morning will be brought by the Bulgarians from his room and forced other with a stick, round stone slabs useless and herzuschleppen. He suffered a hernia. E. V. 3197th
Particularly intolerable conditions prevail in the punishment block. A farmer has caught in June 5, 1945 on being extended to 22 Feb- ruary 1946, without his ever know why. In this barrack prevails speech ban. Leaving the room only if accompanied by an armed sentry. On Christmas Eve 1945 to be the occupant proclaimed shortly after bedtime to Fall in production. Almost 45 minutes you need, deficient clothed, compete in the winter cold in front of the barracks, while in the barracks their belongings to be searched. On Boxing Day again be repeated the process. After 23 clock the scantily clothed Deten men must stand with folded arms in the neck almost an hour on the wall in the hallway. The search of the barrack room extends to the possession of spoons and other things. E. V. 2373rd
In the detention barracks in early June the Prince August Wilhelm of Prussia is locked up without him is given ANNOUNCE this the reason. After a few days he will be taken out Meraden along with five cable. Although he had been informed by the commander shortly after admission to the camp, that the Ameri- can military government had forbidden him to use the work, he must with his comrades in seven hours of work without a comparison with mass catering totally inadequate tools (shovels and pilot velop) six digging graves of rocky rock. E. V. 2217th
In the fall of 1945, a 49-year-old prisoner with three days remaining work will be punished. During this time, the entire clothes him be detached from the head pieces; completely undressed, he must, provided only with a blanket, holding three days in an unheated room off whose windows are nailed shut. The space is no bed and no seating. After completion of the punishment he is receiving in reverse of his clothes, the absence of his pocket fixed. E. V. 2218th
On 21.6.1945 a collective punishment imposed in the form of a one-day food deprivation over the whole camp because an American officer Americans a camera said to have been stolen. The inmates of the penal barrack be included in the sentence, although they are impossible suspected in her seclusion as perpetrators the can. The apparatus can be found later on, the food is withheld from Tene but not replenished. E. V. 1611 2373 2377th
In October 1945, a prisoner goes to the barbed wire fence, because he sees pass by his wife. Although he does not speak with her, he will be severely punished: he must one day and two nights naked in a stone cell with no glass in the windows, with no bed and no chair, bring; to cover he gets two thin blankets. E. V. 3193rd

In Stock Frankenberg prisoners are beaten during the removal IH rer valuables. When registering you will be painted bridges with aluminum paint skulls, victory runes and swastikas on the Yes. There are again blows. An SS man must make an external staircase clean and thereby blow away the dirt or lick with his tongue. When he takes his hand, he is always beaten and thrown down the stairs. In the fastest pace of political prisoners have to work without age difference in road construction. If one makes just, he is struck on the head and back. Even those who are working in the camp, in this case receives blows. A forester is severely beaten and smeared in financial perspective and the upper body with carbolineum. Only thus by that he is washed at the instigation of a “Kapo” immediately with turpentine off, he gets away with, however, considerable burns.
A so-called SS-company must temporarily blocks in a Wellblechbara- without backing on basalt ballast stones are. Coats, blankets and even the underpants are taken from them. Again, there is maltreatment. E. V. 2326 (25.5. To 06.19.45).
Prisoners are beaten by the American camp commander, in several cases without cause with his riding crop and his hand in the face and choked. E. V. 181 (Oct 1945).
A city inspector is of a CI officials to force of a. Confession repeatedly beaten in the face and choked GE. E. V. 2329 (15.-20.12.1945).
Political leaders and SS men are abused in the presence of American soldiers rule of former concentration camp inmates. In hot conditions, they are constantly driven to hard labor and beaten with rubber hoses di- bridges so that they have thick blutunterlaufe- ne strips. EV 2335, 3356 (Schreufa in Frankenberg, May / June 1945).
An American officer suggests continued day and night for no reason with a heavy ox whip to the prisoners and divides punches in the face and in the stomach and kicked out. E. V. 2336, 2337 (september 1945).
L A G E R N A T T 5 E R N B E R G

May 1945 political prisoners are taken to the internment camp in 5 Natternberg. Fifty prisoners who arrive on May 22 will be torn down by American soldiers from the car and kicked in the buttocks. E. V. 2360th
This is followed by the luggage and body searches. The clothes are ripped the men at bay. Laundry, toilet articles, foodstuffs, valuables, money, etc. are removed, the largest part, never to return. This mistreatment carried out by blows and beatings. Finally, the men are by foot occurs thrown out of the room. EV 2216, 2241, 2349, 2351, 2354, 2360, 2361, 2362, 2363, 3067, 3131, 3143, 3172, 3299, 3300, 3304th
A man is doing such a hit that he remains unconscious on the floor to lie. E. V. 2240th
Amputees are treated in the same way. E. V. 3299th
A man must stand still for one hour at the time of posting. Him be the case plucked whiskers. E. V. 2354th
In June 1945, women are admitted. The younger among IH nen tell the men behind crying that they had resorted to them repeatedly in the genitals. E. V. 3304th
A newly handed down, which is pushed into a room, a naked girl sees there crying and calling in help sit squat. The soldiers that surround it, pounce on him and throw him out the door. E. V. 3172nd
Severe maltreatment also take place during the interrogation of GE captured by officials of CIC. After stepping out of the Verneh- mung rooms the men show bloody marks on the head, back, arms and clothes. E. V. 2242, 2352, 2353, 3131, 3171st
A man is carried out on a stretcher and is hospitalized. E. V. 2242nd
From June to September, men are in the infirmary, which have been violently suppressed during interrogations. E. V. 2352, 2353, 3131st
You can hear the cries of pain of the tortured until well into the bearing. E. V. 2352nd
Two men are bloodied, to testify about an escaped comrades. Their faces are bloated, knocked out the teeth part. E. V. 2215th
The accommodation of prisoners is initially very primitive. Without ceiling they must initially sleeping in the cold nights on the floor. E. V. 2216
By early September, the Board is in the more than 2,000 inmates of the camp sen quite insufficient, so that GE addressed by a starvation diet is. The men try to water soups through enrichment to improve with grass, dandelion and plantain. You lose a lot of weight (19, 23, 24, 28 kg), the feet swell. The men can stand at roll call barely, daily break some (up to 25 men) together here. A 172 cm tall man weighs no more talents. Only after intervention of a superior officer, the food situation is better. EV 2216 2240 2241 2353, 2354, 2360, 2371, 3131, 3171, 3172, 3299th
A former concentration camp prisoner establishes that the Board in the German concentration camp, where he has been, by far was better. There have even been a canteen with tobacco and other. E. V. 2352nd
A prisoner procures for staunching his hunger some potatoes. He will punish operated with three days in jail on bread and water. It is on these days heavily beaten and kicked in the testicles. When released from the brig, he is equally transferred four office in the reform. E. V. 2215th
On March 6, is a prisoner who is ter on closed window, shot. E. V. 2354th


• General states.
The bearings 73 and 75 in Kornwestheim near Stuttgart consist of former barracks buildings. As a detention center for Neuankömmlin- ​​ge serve free, fenced with barbed surfaces (grass, potato felacker, in September 1945, a 30 x 30 m large area, called by the prisoners “Zwinger”), which are filthy and muddy after rains.
The first major transports of prisoners (mostly men of the Waffen-SS) to the camps begin in June 1945, followed by others in the course of the summer and autumn. The men are received by Americans African soldiers who hunt down with cudgel blows of transporting cars, where the wounded and amputees no consideration is given. E. V. 2212 2213 2229, 2244, 2245, 3378, 2340th
The men have to rush at a run into detention centers, where they have huddled together in the daytime heat, cold night and downpours defenseless in a lying or sitting position hold off two to three days closely. Although there are hundreds of men in the sampling storage, must – regardless of diarrheal patients – always only one man currently visit the cesspool (a soon crowded dugout immediately adjacent to the superimposed men); other case must be shot from sentry. The use of this primitive abortion is linked for leg amputees with the greatest difficulties. American soldiers move between the rows of the footwall and take this under threats or even violence with use part of their valuables (watches, rings, wedding rings and money) and other items, such. As brown loafers from. EV 1033, 1157, 1351, 1438, 1458, 1500, 1558, 2211, 2212, 2213, 2229, 2252, 2258, 2263, 2283, 2285, 2287, 2300, 2904, 3378th
The prisoners are then registered in the basement of the Administrationsgebäu- while a luggage and body searches unterzo- gene. Here, they are exposed to further serious suffering and humiliation. With batons and wooden clubs armed soldiers beating the defenseless in the crudest way,, insult them, take them more valuables (especially watches and rings), and thread then the inquest to. While the men (the amputee) stripped with raised arms, turned towards the face of the wall, to stand, almost all the things you are taken out of the baggage. Is concomitant with further re maltreatment. Valuables, money orders and medals certificates, clothing, and even laundry and toiletries are taken out of the suitcases and bags. Only some of the stuff is registered as officially accepted. When returning the goods in the warehouse 91 Darmstadt turns out, how little is left of the possessions of men. Each prisoner gets finally a piece of soap

and a fragment of an old shirt or an old underpants as a towel and can now relate his new accommodation. It is from the large number of “egg desstattlichen insurance” made to the following terms: EV 90, 1033, 1066, 1114, 1154, 1157, 1161, 1199, 1235, 1268, 1291
1310, 1321, 1351, 1388, 1428, 1438, 1441, 1458, 1486, 1498
1499, 1500, 1501, 1529, 1540, 1543, 1548, 1550, 1553, 1558,
1575, 1644, 1645, 1652, 1671, 1677, 1701, 1703, 1716, 1717,
1724 1805 1812 1836 1837 1838 1860 1866 2019 2036
2211 2212 2229, 2230, 2231, 2234, 2247, 2252, 2258, 2263,
2226, 2267, 2269, 2278, 2283, 2285, 2287, 2290, 2291, 2292,
2292, 2294, 2295, 2300, 2305, 2317, 2318, 2323, 2325, 2327,
2328, 2330, 2331, 2334, 2339, 2340, 2341, 2342, 2904, 2905,
2914, 2915, 3002, 3074, 3080, 3216, 3774th
Particularly impressive in terms of maltreatment: EV 1724 (the Beaten writhes on the floor in front of zen pain), EV 2305 (abuse of a heavy war-disabled).
A prison doctor on 07/07/1945 instruments all medical home and removed books. He did not get back to you later. E. V. 2234th
From another prisoner photos and letters from his killed by air attack women and children are subjected GE in a heap. E. V. 2323rd
In August and September 1945, the states are gradually achieved more tolerable, EV 1716, 2229, but it also comes then and in the following years still to property violations. September E. V. 1717 1498 October 1136th
After passing smuggling through the basement (of the prisoners GPU Keller called) EV 2342, the men are housed in the offices of sernenbauten capital. The rooms are considerably overstraining sets. A house that was formerly occupied by six to eight soldiers who must now take forty or even 48 man. E. V. 2258, 1724th
It is demanded that the prisoners are always clean-shaven. Here you but few appliances and blades are available.
2904.. 2258: V (two cameras and two old blades for forty men) 2904th
It is forbidden the prisoners to show up near the window. The post care immediately to shoot into the room in case of transgression. Four men are taken here, two fatally. E. V. 1033, 1154, 1677, 2214, 2229, 2318, 2334th
The Board is initially extremely narrow. In detention centers there are only half a liter of thin soup per day. E. V. 1438th
In June 1945, will be served as normal food per day twice a 1/2 liter of thin soup, 1/4 liters of coffee and 200 g of bread. Consequently TRE- th a significant loss of weight. EV 2211: (90 to 55 kg), 2212 (loss of 15 kg), 1501: (25 kg), 1321: (20 kg), 1235: (16 kg). The calorie count is estimated to be 600 to 800 per day, another speaks of 750 to 900. EV 2267 3378th
Further consequences of malnutrition wasting, circulation problems, weakness and fainting. While resting and compete for roll call the men fall “rows” to. E. V. 2318, 1033, 1157, 2287, 2334th
In the fall of 1945, according to a doctor two-thirds of GE captured the barracks A-Camp 73 severely malnourished. Every day there are a large number of Collapsen, old tuberculosis enabled. E. V. 2915th
In mid-July have seen a slight improvement of the food. EV 2229, 2318, but is referred to the Board until the middle of August as “very bad”. E. V. 2334th
In October and around Christmas another improvement occurs. E. V. 2317 2318th
The most trivial infringements of the camp regulations be severely punished by the House sergeant. Penalties: Frühstücksent- train up to fourteen to thirty days detention for several days or standing for hours in the hot sun. E. V. 1154, 1716, 2287, 2290, 2325, 2334th
Anyone with a question addressed to him instead: responding “Yes Sir” or “No sir,” Yes, Yes or No, get three to seven days total food deprivation or four hours of standing in the sun. E. V. 1550, 1575, 1805, 2258, 2292, 2317th
A soldier hitting a prisoner three times with his fist in the stomach because the Achtungruf him did not show up loud enough, although the same as the man has so called loudly as he could. E. V. 2318th
Who moved my eyes when Warning Call, gets a slap
2211. V. 1114, or one of the penalties listed above. E. V. 2211th
Also ceasing shaving attracts punishment. (Arrest or deprivation of food: EV 2258.) (Five hours standing in the sun: EV 2904). A prisoner who is back behind the line of 1.5 cm tiles during Fall in with the toes is with unique break- fast withdrawal punished (EV 1157). Another is beaten with a stick. E. V. 2287th
Three tall SS officer held (apparently for no particular reason) for a long time in a wet basement in a dark cell. E. V. 2211th
Occasionally held at roll call of the House sergeant speeches that resembles the following: “You are here in one American’s concentration camps. If your doctors explain that the diet tion is not sufficient and we have with serious diseases must be expected, so I’ll explain “to me personally and the 7th US Army, it’s only right, if within a short time, most of the inmates (or: of you pigs), kicked the bucket. “Or:” It would make me anything to hit you with the stick until I can not anymore. Then many of my comrades will continue to beat with joy. EV 1114, 1529, 1550, 1575, 1645, 2019, 2211, 2212, 2213, 2256, 2267, 2292, 2305, 2317, 2910th
For demonstrating his speech a sergeant brings a 55 to 60-year-old prisoner from the ranks of being beaten men, puts on his gloves, “so as not to pollute” and beats the old man ten or twelve times in the face. E. V. 2292nd
Special cases
One aged 38 Werkmeister is struck five or six times with wooden clubs on head and cross in the recording. Since then, he no longer listens on the left ear. E. V. June 15, 1945: 2244th
After the roll call a war Damaged dealt two blows with a stick on the back, because he can not go fast enough in the accommodation building with prosthesis and floor. – Before a hearing he must be four hours crutches until he finally takes his turn. E. V. June 17, 1945, the 1575th
Newcomers prisoners have a basement corridor through on a chain of twelve with wooden clubs and maces armed American soldiers along the NEN strokes at both men and prescribe back. At the end of the corridor installation must be carried out with raised hands and looking to the wall. There gets a prisoner three punches from behind which rob him for a short time consciousness. E. V. June 17, 1945, the 1428th
With stick beats the newcomers are driven into the collecting camp. One collapses bleeding, but it can not be helped. E. V. June 18, 1945, the 3378th
A 57-year-old prisoner (headmaster) must discard together with the other prisoners of his valuables and throw them into a basket. American soldiers tear him here by force the wedding ring from her finger. The next morning the prisoners are cut off at the strip search with sticks, kicks and boxing edited and ripped them off their clothes and taken away for. T.. E. V. June 26, 1945, the 2834th
A prisoner is hit by the delivery without reason GE with a club on the bare body and bare feet. E. V. June 28, 1945, the 2339th
A prisoner be knocked out by a blow with a club all pre- derzähne. E. V. June 1945 2229th
One leg amputee can no longer stand in the luggage inspection at one nem leg. He receives it by American soldiers a blow to the leg stump. E. V. June 1945 2230th
With wooden clubs newly delivered prisoners are from the carriage gear units without regard to patients and amputees. On the double they must rush to a barbed wire fence-where they spend the night unprotected in the flowing rain under open skies. E. V. June 1945 2212th
After posting prisoners must sleep- ing in a fenced yard. At night, they are repeatedly beaten and kicked by American soldiers. An apparently drunken soldier runs on the minds of sleeping men along and defiled them with his urine while laughing about the items. E. V. 07.01.1945, 1500th
Upon receipt of the camp by caning the newcomer must linge all things lie on the ground. Two American soldiers they pollute with their urine. E. V. 1. July 1945 2340th
The open wounds of a war-wounded are examined by a rettarzt Laza-. He is ten such in the face beaten by an American soldiers that the traces are still visible several days. E. V. 1. July 1945 1541. See also 2348th
A drunken American sergeant comes into the receiving camp insulted the prisoners, hits and kicks it and spits some face. E. V. July 2, 1945, the 2330th
In the basement of the administration building (of the prisoners GPU Keller called) the prisoners are received gene with wooden clubs. Beats are provided inter alia to head and fingertips. E. V. July 2, 1945, the 2342nd
In Camp 75, a prisoner of war is shot inside the barbed wire fence of an outpost. EV July 8, 1945, 1677. Newly Delivered prisoners must lie on a potato field at “great afternoon heat for two days. On the evening of 9.7. Ask the post over water. He promises what you are, if it 500 Reichsmark paid for it. The money is collected and given to the soldiers, after a taking a sip must fetch water at a time. E. V. 9.10. July 1945 2269th
When receiving in the camp young soldiers slaps men senalter in gripping. E. V. July 12, 1945, the 2245th
A 55 year-old prisoner refuses his wedding ring, which sits very firmly on the finger deducted. Man threatens him, it “shoot” and then pinches the ring with the pliers from. E. V. July 12, 1945. 3225th
Once you have taken a 85% acquisition incompetent leg punctured clock, money and bandages his lame leg, man prompts him to hurry 300 to 400 m wide at a run for accommodation building. Since he is not capable, he is beaten by the American guards with thick sticks on head, shoulders and back until a supervisor intervenes. E. V. In mid-July 1945 2231st
A walking difficulties will come in the knees while resting on the wall of an American soldier. E. V. July 1945 2211th
From more than 1,000 men in the detention center only a z. Z. may ortgrube use the waste. Since many suffer from diarrhea, this situation is untenable. When two prisoners want to do at the same time to relieve themselves by urgent necessity, shoots the guard and wounded two at the foot. E. V. July 1945 1458 s. Also 2263rd
Due to exhaustion in camp Ulm, a prisoner at the GE arms päckrevision no longer hold up. Then he gets when lowering the arms of American soldiers every sensitive ribs shocks. E. V. July 1945 2323rd
A prisoner who refuses to give away his wedding ring is, beaten by American soldiers with a wooden club. The same ill-treatment is repeated after registering. E. V. July 1945 2320th
Due to lack of space, some prisoners have hung his legs over the rear wall of the transport cars. An American soldier strikes with full force the rifle butt against the tibia legs of a prisoner. Another must dismount and gets boxing blows to the abdomen. When retiring he gets a piston stroke in the back, which is so powerful that the man falls to his hands and knees. E. V. July 1945 2324th
During interrogation, a prisoner is asked repeatedly what he had done in defense. He answered truthfully that he had nothing to do with the defense. After each answer he slapped and punched the wall. After the threat, he should be achieved shot, he is locked in handcuffs in a tiny dark cell and there mistreated again until he is unconscious. On the third day you bring him out and asked him again. When he answered in the same way as before, the hearing on these point is permanently discontinued. E. V. July / August 1945 3118th
A prisoner is 47jähriger call Edited for review of his papers. Since the seated with him sentry jumps up and kicks with his rifle butt at him with the words: “Black pig, hurry up!” EV August 27, 1945, the 2332nd
A prisoner moves the respect Call the head, after which kicks him an American Sergeant in the face. E. V. August 1945 1538th
While eating touch a prisoner falls the cookware in the boiler. The House sergeant gives him two strong blows with a wooden stick on the back and 2 1/2 days in solitary confinement on bread and water. When he at Attention Standing for malnutrition and circulatory disorder falls again and passes out, he should be only 1 1/2 hour on high heat with his face to the wall. E. V. August 1945 2338th
A war wounded is the elastic bandage, which he needs for his wound suffered in March removed. Also money and toilets tengegenstände be him (like the other prisoners) removed to perform. He then receives a certificate denominated then that he had deposited anything. E. V. August 1945 of 2019.
Prisoners who are transferred from 75 to 73 have a night lying on a meadow. American soldiers throw beer bottles at the men and injuring several; one wearing a skull fracture thereof. Only after much pleading allows the Torposten to bring the seriously injured to the infirmary room. – Amputated a leg take American soldiers from the brown Halbschu- he and pull a shoe of the prosthesis down. E. V. August 1945 2291. See also 1550 2257th
To fill the large questionnaire fourteen prisoners are led to the headquarters building. There all have to stand still facing the wall and raised arms and wait until they get their turn. A prisoner is so from 9 to 12 and 13 to 16 clock. When he exhausted lowers his arms, he is beaten by the post until he takes up again. – A Schwerver- wundeter (invalids stage III), who can not create his stiff hand hen at a standstill, is replaced by a sergeant a blow with the wooden club on his forearm that he cries out in pain. E. V. August 1945 2300, s. Also 1717th
Appointed to fill the large questionnaire that prisoners must genes facing the corridor wall and hands raised, palm of the hand placed against the wall, standing. A rheumatoid prisoner holds this position no longer sufficient and it is beaten with a wooden stick on fingers, head and back. By pressing the camera counter Raden be falling is prevented. On this occasion sees the American soldier that the man wearing a wedding ring. The call, called subtract him that escapes the fact that he does not get the ring from swollen finger down. E. V. August 1945 1886th
An American soldier decreases a group of 150 arrived Neuange- all wedding rings, while the men have to stand there with arms levied NEN. E. V. summer (?) 1945 1154th
A prisoner wants his clock, which he knows she is still taken him off, the barbed wire fence against cigarettes, which offers an American him redeem. When approaching the wire, he will be shot from the post. E. V. 2343rd
A surgeon gets when shooting lashes despite the red- Cross armband. E. V. summer of 1945, the 2255th
An American sentry shoots in a lot of 500 prisoners NEN inside, killing two and wounding a man doing hard. E. V. summer of 1945, the 1548th
As during the search, the new arrivals must start in rows, enters a prisoner one step out of line. He gunned it without warning. Five minutes later he succumbs to his injury. A standing beside him prisoner is seriously injured by the same bullet in the arm. E. V. summer of 1945, the 389th
Polish Post has an effort on prisoners who are in the sun outside the fire zone. E. V. March-April 1946 2290th


When taking the prisoners have, including te Schwerversehr- and old men well over 60 years long hours with the common view in the sun shined, resting. Meals There is not one gene food one takes the prisoners and throws them away.
Registration is done under continuous beatings and total removal of all valuables. E. V. 1709 (13/05/1945), 1401
In one room of the administrative barracks, the prisoners have bent forward, make with arms raised against the wall and get stomach, chin and kidney punches, kicks and blows with a wooden club. Then tear or proposes to their legs under the body away, that they hit his head on the soon-stained with blood and teeth knocked floor and beats her until they are back up. EV 1709 (13/05/1945), 1648, 1746, 2191, 2397 (05/21/1945), 1678, 2262, 3855 (05/23/1945) 1719, 3859 (26/05/1945), 3881 (05/28/1945).
Ribs, collar bone, nasal bone and shoulder fractures are not uncommon as consequences of such abuse. E. V. 2393, 2397, 2398th
Most of the newly arrived prisoners being beaten and ill-treated by the Americans. Also amputees and old men are thrown to the ground, pulled up at the beards, again thrown, beaten, slapped and punched.
The cries of pain of the prisoners are often early to listen to two and three clock in the barracks. EV 2393 (15/05/45), 2916, 2931, 2951, 2955, 2956, 2964, 2981 (16. / 17.5.45).
On 18/05/1945 a detective is ten of American soldiers beaten with a wooden stick and bad parts kicked in the stomach and the Community. E. V. 1381st
Likewise, many other prisoners are on the same day and after subsequent postings for. T. beaten throughout the night, so that you can not sleep because of shouting and clapping the beats in the closer barracks. E. V. 2394, 2939, 2963rd
The prisoners are received by an American with the words: “Until now, you people, from now you’re just pigs and become treated as such waiting.”
You need to lie down and long kiss the stone floor, which face them, the Americans with his foot on the back of the head, that the teeth hit the ground, or respectively them in the back. jump into the neck. Others are again forced each other mutually to spit in the face, abzuküssen herself to slap umar- to men, and to interact with the feet. Under Permanent gem hitting with his fist, the whip and with pieces of wood to indicate the personal going on, then the prisoners are placed on the wall, under kicks and punches you searched them and takes them from watches, money and valuables. Finally, they must sen down a long corridor running, hitting one in the American soldiers from both sides with whips and pieces of wood on it.
A prisoner receives about twenty blows with the stick to the stomach, the kidneys and the head. He is thrown to the ground and trampled. Another gets 25 to 30 strokes and leg strokes.
So it goes most of these days. Even with a beidersei- tig amputees no exception is made. 18/05/1945: 2937, 2938, 2940, 2941, 19.05.1945: 2179, 2187, 2395, 2396, 2399, 2400, 3033, 3034, 3036, 3037, 3833, 05.21.1945: 1648, 1746, 2191, 2398, 2976, 3385, 3853, 23.05.1945: 1678, 2262, 2988, 3778, 3855, 26.05.1945: 1719, 2265, 2972, 3006, 3010, 3014, 3041, 3042, 3859th
The newcomers, including amputees who can not come so quickly be co-, late at night brought down with blows of the trucks. During step is in the recording mecamp and from there in small groups in the administrative barracks, from which one hears soon battered the cries of pain and the moans of the Community. 21/05/1945: 2191, 3853, 3854; 23/05/1945: 1678 2262; 05/26/1945: 1719th
A prisoner is beaten by an American soldier by striking a solid object on the head and stomach by a blow unconscious and carries a heavy Gehirner- of Shakers sion. E. V. 3852nd
On 05/23/1945 a disabled veteran banker who refuses to read a poster on the alleged guilt of Germany to concentration camp crimes in the first person, with fourteen strokes of the cane on knees and thighs is knocked to the ground. With the remark:
“The pig not even screaming,” suggests one to him several times on the head and face. After several blows in the stomach area and in the genitals, he is thrown into the hallway and comes from there later in the completely dirty and buggy base Racke. E. V. 1401.

An arm and eye amputee receives by an American sergeant a punch was in the left side of the face.
Many other prisoners are ill-treated on the same day by blows and punches in the face and in the Magenge- quietly and with kicks and without regard to old age or infirmity. EV 05.25.1945: 2346, 2372, 3856, 3857, 3864, 2930, 2932, 2936, 2947, 2953, 2954, 2961, 2973, 2989, 2990, 3018, 3020, 3022, 3024, 3025, 3044, 3046, 3050 , 3307th
A 49 year old is plugged by an American soldier of the full beard four times with a lighter on fire and cleared off again. Another soldier cuts figures in his beard. E. V. 2986th
A soldier has to chew and swallow heavy blows 6 to 8 stamps with the image guide and make his face to the wall, the legs spread wide, after which it proposes an American soldier with the stick against the testicles. He falls to the ground, will be lifted on and fen has become with a kick in the buttocks from the room. E. V. 3861st
A railwayman is by American soldiers locked in a room Community, and edited with their feet and beaten in the face. He must pass through a series of soldiers who take steps with mehrschwänzigen whips and sticks to him. Then he has to undress completely. With arms raised, standing on your toes, it is processed by two soldiers mainly in the abdominal and Magenge- quietly until it with a knuckle-duster, a tooth is knocked out even at the end. E. V. 1514th
At the same time be afforded prisoners are mistreated and knocked down by punches in the face and in the abdomen, called by truncheon blows to the head and magnetic, by shocks in the stomach and kicks. Neither age and veteran’s still on a clearly visible surgical wound consideration is given. A prisoner is long beaten until he ate a 10 cm long roll of chewing tobacco. EV 1557, 2177, 2289, 2926, 2929, 2935, 2952, 2958, 2971, 2977, 2993, 2994, 2995, 3003, 3004, 3008, 3009, 3011, 3012, 3047, 3048, 3049, 3052, 3173, 3005 , 3512, 3776, 3860th
Detainees have in glowing sunshine resting, who stirs, is beaten with the stick. A miteingeliefer- ter German officer is also beaten. As he points out the Americans American soldiers that he was out of hospital because gekom- men and still had a stomach wound scar, the soldier punches him several times hard in the stomach that the scar jumps again.
In one room of the administrative barracks, from the moans and noise receives the incoming, is a pain, according schreien- the man. American soldiers jump with your feet around on him and strangle him with the tie at the neck until he only smile reddening and can no longer cry. A prisoner who disputed by foot and punches is pushed into the room must, wearing only a shirt resting and receives about thirty strong punches in the face and in the stomach, later in the hallway of the barracks again rough blows in the face in the abdomen, in the ribs and two knee joints in the testicles. Some get blows with the American “education racket” his chin and larynx and must go through a series Spießruten- soldiers who strike with wooden clubs. Others have to make again with deferred legs and outstretched hands against the wall, after which American soldiers tear their feet from behind them boxes high again. E. V. 1647, 1835, 3879 (29/06/1945).
A prisoner receives from American soldiers about forty punches and is bloodily suppressed with a brass knuckles. E. V. 2178th
About further maltreatment untimed see also 1710, 1865, 2927, 2946, 2974, 2975, 2983, 2985, 2991, 2992, 3000, 3013, 3015, 3017, 3026, 3035, 3043, 3505, 3873-3878, 3882nd


The prisoners are literally beaten into it by roll call in the camp. An American leader holds a special arrival language that the prisoners were under any law and are therefore beaten and could starve. (3511).
An employee is beaten by an American sergeant with a beating on the head and pushed into the belly, because he refuses to dance on a chair. The sergeant then slipped him a small cigarette butt in his mouth and fires at him with a high flaming lighter, which he burns his skin under the nose and on the tip of the nose. Then he puts two fingers of prisoners after another in the pencil sharpener, which he turns until your fingers bleed. (2966).
Other prisoners are beaten when specifying their identity with his fist in the face and with wooden clubs. One gets with full force a kick in the stomach. E. V. 2959, 2978, 2380, 3001, 3016, 3028, 3510th
A university professor is 57jähriger scolds with consignment described, encountered and must be consistent with other prisoners together for hours in the pouring rain.
For some reason, he is later better housed and fed and can give two starving comrades bread. Thereupon is communicated to him that such a donation is forbidden because the respective nutritional condition of the inmates correspond certain intentions. He, as well as the bearer of bread get solitary confinement. (2379).
Prisoners are already taken on the transport to Ludwigsburg from the American escort commando at gunpoint valuables. A prisoner of war German colonel who raises protest, beaten up. E. V. 1475. 1704 2206th

Upon arrival the prisoners by American soldiers are beaten with wooden clubs down ten of the trucks. When recording and the search it will continue to propose Community, kicked punched in the face and stomach, and its value and gets rid of things, including money and z. T. of wedding rings. Whole “columns hard together whipped prisoner” bear the marks of ill-treatment by Neueinlieferungen. Old men over 60 years and war invalids are brought down by banging it against your feet and kicked to the ground. An arm amputees is beaten on his stump. A doctor poisoned with morphine and is dying. EV 525, 1297, 1327, 1562, 2226, 2355, 2356, 2357-2359, 2378th
A heavy war Damaged (loss of the left eye and Hirnver- injury) is beaten when shooting an American soldier twice with a stick on the ground and monitoring twice knocked down and burned with a cigarette in financial perspective in Durchsu-. (2044).
A soldier in uniform air force will strike at GE admission of Ameri- soldiers with wooden sticks on the head and back. He has to face with his hands up with his face against the wall and kicked in the buttocks. Almost all consigned him comrade, also leg amputees and 60 to 70- year olds are abused by American soldiers. (1889).
A taxman is abused by American soldiers with clubs and punches others against the genitals. Another prisoner be taken two ribs. (342).

Z U C H T H O U S U L D W I G S B U R G.

Political prisoners are handcuffed and taken blindfolded to an open truck to Ludwigsburg to the penitentiary. From the interrogation points of CIC hear them especially at night shrieks and cries of other prisoners. About four months lie she gene there in solitary confinement, without bathing and operating ability. Your cell they can not leave. E. V. January 1946: in 2344, 2347, 3294th
A prisoner is heard since the end of January 1946 and thereby repeatedly mistreated. On 7 and 8 February 1946, the supply reach recesses and maltreatment peaked. Finally, he must make the upper body freely, take off your shoes and pants turn up above the knees. Both legs are tied him above the ankles, tied her arms to the wrists and highly stretched in a calandria festgebun- the. So he has to kneel on a triangular ruler with a sharp steel edge and is beaten with a leather-covered steel rod on the back. Attempts to fortzuwälzen of the insane aching line al, kicks bring to him. The cries of pain of the maltreated one suffocated with a cloth used as a gag.
353. V. January / February 1946: 353rd
Similarly, and further still pulling on ears and HAA ren, stripping the glowing cigarette ash on the bare back, deprivation of food and confinement in a dark cell, another prisoner is heard. E. V. March / April 1946: 3102nd

Worms a. Rhein, 5 to 09/04/1945. E. V. 2390th
The American guards shoot into the crowd, a prisoner Gener is injured. The prisoners are driven with sticks through the distribution of food, the small daily ration is struck them pub- ters again out of hand.

Oberelmbach-Rothenburg / F., 19.04.1945. E. V. 2297th
A prisoner is beaten during the interrogation of Americans with his fists on the ground, beaten again described later in Rothenburg wußtlos where his money is well taken.
Bad Lausick, 30.4.1945. E. V. 2391. See also 2505th
An employee is deposited twice by Americans during the interrogation. He’s bleeding, six teeth are knocked loose him, and he can not hear for days in one ear.

Unterrißdorf 4th to May 8, 1945. E. V. 2389th
A prisoner will never be shot by an American sentry for exceeding the so-called Todesli-. On the Hilferu- fe of wounded the guard goes to him and shoots the military going on lying on the ground at close range.
Niedersachswerfen 16 March 1945. E. V. 2392nd
An employee will be encountered during the interrogation of two Americans the gun at his chest and beaten with fists. He has to strip naked and stand with arms raised against the wall, her hair be torn out in tufts.
Moosburg / Bavaria, from June to September 1945. EV 2333 756th
Some internees drives of hunger so far that they can not be deterred, despite stringent ban, gathering grass and herbs from the wire fence. Several are this shot of the post. Many prisoners are severely maltreated.
CIC 14 Aschaffenburg, March 13, 1946. EV 869, 906th
An intern is from an American post from road from shot without warning while – what is not forbidden – standing at the window.
Herfa. E. V. 2388th
The prisoners are on several consecutive days if they do not endure the arranged endurance, piston with rifles, sticks or slat members mistreated or beaten with his fist in the face until they run on.
Obersuhl, see E. V. 2528, 3316th
Plattling / Lower Bavaria. E. V. 2236, 2350, 2498, 3151, 3172nd
Internees who suffer from the wild shootings of Polish strips provided watchkeeping in American uniform. They shoot not only on the prisoners (since Notdurfteimer missing) visit the latrine at night, but also in the base Racken inside. A prisoner is in February 1946, while standing at his bedside, hurt by a neck shot.
In November 1945, a nurse who cheldraht to the stator is (in the opinion of another up to 200 m) approaches down to 50m, shot by post. E. V. 2349, 2351

Source: AlliierteKriegsverbrechen

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