American Murder Camps of German POWs-2

…Others have to carry heavy 70 presses at 80 pounds. No one can help the other. Whoever collapses, is been mistreated and not get anything to eat. E. V. 3178, 3962nd
A prisoner who is classified by the American doctor for broken arm for light work must, like the other heavy are working ten do. E. V. 3178th A severely war injured must pull heavy iron rollers. E. V. 2374th…

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(A p r i l b i s J u n e 1 9 4 5)
• General conditions.
• Accommodation:
The camp is an enclosed with barbed wire field. In stock about 100 000. prisoners, including about 1000 cane carriers, the blind, hearing injuries, approximately 10 000 young people, and women are housed. All lie on the bare ground without protection against frost and rain. They live in burrows, in a condition in the cold and rainy weather  that prevails in April, sleeping arrangements are unsuitable. The ground then soon turns into mud, the burrows must be closed up again. There are no blankets and coats, even for women. After a few days the first deaths occur. It comes to a mass extinction. In one day 27 dead are carried past a Cage.

The washing was banned for days due to water shortage. The water is barely enough for drinking. The latrine consists of an open ditch. The women (approximately 300 to 400 news assistants and SS Maiden) have to do their ‘bathroom” routine in the ditch too, where they are held by a cable while the men look on. E. V. 1212, 1637, 1920, 1467, 1567, 1649, the 1920s.

• Board:
The daily meals is raw and consists of three to four biscuits, a spoonful of jam, semolina, beans, flour, spinach, pasta or oatmeal, some days only three rotten potatoes. There are half a liter of water every day. Cooking does not exist. In May there are only a few times a pint of soup and a total of one and a half slices of bread. In Camp officer there at  half of the days no food. So it is that countless prisoners fall from weakness and many die. E. V. 121, 1229, 1231, 1920, 179th

• Medical Care:
After American statement is considered disease only acute pneumonia. In one area of ​​a camp tent 25  ill may lie. Injured members of the SS are treated medically after ten days for the first time for fractures. They will not be put into spent because of membership of the SS in a military hospital [*this is the German elite, intelligent, wise, the best of the best and the Jews and Allies want to kill them first]. But they are operated in a tent. Until the operation he is outdoors. In a hospital tent to die until July 37 POWs. A sick from diarrhea war prisoners, despite hours of waiting before the sanitary tent do not get medical attention. As an outbreak in the camp of dysentery and typhoid,  a mass extinction. From the dysentary are there from the worn out several deaths. In the POW hospital Limburg a. Lahn, numerous from Kreuznach POWs are admitted with signs of malnutrition, many diseases of cellulitis and general blood poisoning after mostly minor injuries. The deaths in the hospital are high in particular because of the lack of care in the camp Kreuznach. E. V. 3082, 3482, 1212, 1421, 1567th

With stick the prisoners are beaten as they are unloaded from the trucks, this is beating on obviously severely disabled. E. V. 1029th
Badly wounded Major is beaten with a club when he leaves the truck by an American soldier. POWs are hit at the food counter with truncheons, abuse daily. E. V. 1152nd

Sentries shooting evening and at night often in the camp and sounds th or twisted while a large number of prisoners of war. E. V. 1231st
POW receives when getting off the train one foot occurs, so that it rolls over and the fairly high embankment down flies. E. V. 1229th
An officer who dutifully participates in the traffic regulation is shot by a guard by the arm. E. V. 1320th
The wife of a prisoner of war and their child can talk through the fence with approval of transaction by the POWs. After a long conversation, the prisoners of war, which is 5 meters from the fence away, suddenly struck by several bullets through the same post in front of his wife. E. V. 1637, 1641, 1876, 1920, 2099th
Female members of the Wehrmacht are raped by white and colored Americans in the camp. E. V. 2082nd

Auffanglager ANDERNACH (A prilbis A ugust 1 9 5 4)
• General conditions.
In this camp there is no accommodation. Thousands of prisoners of war genes live here for weeks under the open sky, so closely together mengepfercht that temporarily for Men

not more than half a square meter is available. The strong rains in the spring of the camp is transformed into a mud terrain, in which the prisoners standing around or lie. Many prisoners genes are without coats, without Zeltbahn without ceiling, they only nerlei possibility even to protect themselves against the cold and wet slightly. Some are in striped suits thin hospital, as they are captured from the hospital out, otherwise lf you have nothing; Wounded with plaster casts are in the mud. This day there are often great heat, while at night the temperature drops below freezing temperature. E. V. 573, 1110, 1422nd
The drinking water supply is not sufficient for the thousands, so that the prisoners who suffer from thirst. E. V. 1144 1422nd
Meals: three potatoes, a bean, 5 g fat, 10 g sugar, one-sixth of bread.
The Board is supplied raw. Lack cooking facilities and fuel, it is the prisoner not possible to prepare them so that they must be eaten raw. The result is almost complete development invigoration of prisoners of war, a rapid decline in the state of health and an increase in deaths. E. V. 1149, 1696th
Many suffer from diarrhea, the sick tents are overcrowded and not enough. Prisoners are insane and need to be handcuffed with bandages.
1. General:
When getting out of the truck, as well as the march or from the station, the prisoners from the American and French cuff guard will beat GE with sticks and rifle butts. E. V. 1331st
In the camp is the catering and water received from Cage to the issuing office a trellis of American soldiers, each of which has a stick in his hand. The prisoners have gone on the run. Who goes in step, is beaten with the stick, even maimed. An approximately 60-year-old colonel is deposited in data. E. V. 1065, type 1270.
Often teams come from three to ten men of Bewachungsper- sonals the camp, often drunk, and hit with rifle butts, whips and a brass knuckles on the huddled POWs. Members of the Waffen-SS are the preferred victims. Kicked in the abdomen and to the genitals – the prisoners themselves must take the requisite posture – and piston blows to the skull are on the agenda. One day nine within thirty minute zig together beaten prisoners medical treatment must be fed, about 15-20 serious injuries must be delivered to the hospital once. E. V. 50, 95th
Individual prisoners out stabbed gold teeth and -plomben. E. V. 517th
• Individual cases:
POW officer is so severely beaten during interrogation with sticks and ropes that he loses consciousness. Consequences of abuse: break the right metacarpal. E. V. 11.4.1945, 1785th
Prisoner Police sergeant major is beaten with fists and a board, gets fifty lashes with a rope on the bare buttocks. Must full dress in an approximately 1 m deep stream to exhaustion back and herschwimmen while being constantly beaten with a stick. E. V. April 1945 1092nd
Other members of the SS are treated similarly. E. V. 1811th
An elderly man (Pg. Since 1932) is forced to eat sand and afterwards to drink water. E. V. 21.07.1945, 95th

D urchgangslager Marburg – CAPPEL (S ummer 1 9 4 5 F ebruary 1 9 4 to 6)
When registering and political questioning the war prisoners get kicked in the stomach and punches in the face. E. V. 1122, 1180, 2079, 2089, 2114, 2118, 3589th
An even sicker SS officer is struck with the fist on the ground and must stand at attention for four hours a wire cage. An AME rikanischer Lieutenant takes off his riding boots. E. V. 1212th
A medical officer to be removed shoes and jacket. He is locked in a dark cell. In stockings he is driven over sharp gravel stones and must then stand with bleeding feet about three quarters of an hour in ankle-deep Lehmpfütze. He is beaten by American soldiers with his fist in the face. E. V. 1602nd
Almost all prisoners who come over to the camp Marburg Frankenberg, have been beaten in Marburg and bear traces of this treatment for weeks visible. E. V. 1792nd
A due to malnutrition and disability from Russian captivity dismissed POW gets fist punches, kicks to the body and genitals until he menbricht together and bleeding from the mouth and nose and on the legs. E. V.. 1857
25 men, all beaten bloody and blue are, managed to Frankenberg. E. V. 1693rd
POWs are detained with old and young women together, because the few are not enough tents. E. V. 1968 1969th
A prisoner of war suffered by blows bruises. E. V. 2111th
A prisoner of war is fought three times on the ground, it carries a concussion, damage to the upper and lower jaw and a hernia. E. V. 2146th

(A p r i l b i s M a y 1 9 4 5)
Prisoners of war are seven weeks without protection against cold and wet in burrows. Also wounded and amputees lie with perfused associations outdoors. All protective clothing, tents, blankets and coats to be removed. E. V. 1279, 1662 1852nd
Approximately 30 SS men, two days and two nights locked in a mine waste. All valuables and boots be removed to perform. E. V. 1018th
Prisoner of war is kicked by Lt. underfoot. E. V. 1585th
Two SS officers being shot by American military police from behind. E. V.37.

N I N E E R R O D E N.
(O ctober 1 9 4 5 F ebruary 1 9 4 to 6)
The bearing is accommodated in the penitentiary Darmstadt-Niederroden EV 1221st
Money and personal effects are at the receiving me removed without acknowledgment. If transferred to other camps, most lacking. E. V. 1037, 1044, 1049, 1095, 1096, 1100, 1108th
Prisoners of war shall all shaved. Officers refuse When the haircut is enforced by catering withdrawal. E. V. 1049, 1100, 1123, 1221st
Family photos are torn down and thrown in the corner. E. V. 1049, 1100, 1123rd
As an officer his wedding ring can not slough off quickly enough, an American soldier tweaks it off with pliers. E. V. 1992nd
Orders and decorations are removed and discarded boiled down to the earth. E. V. 1697th
The sergeant of the American surveillance boasts over a POW that you’ve 25 watches. E. V. 1073rd

H E L I B R O N N.
(A p r i l 1 9 4 5 b i s J a n u a r 1 9 4 6)

• General conditions.
• Lodging:
First, there are 4,000 to 5,000 man on a sports field in rain and mud, no sanitation. The POWs kampie- reindeer in burrows until tents are allocated around July / August. The water supply is known to be inadequate.
With a crowd around the water truck five to eight prisoners are shot and wounded. As recently as January 1946, the road conditions in the camp are so bad that amputees must be worn to the latrine. E. V. 1564, 2176, 3536, 1739th
There are days nothing to eat, so that the prisoners of war soon with the help of others to raise from the ground. Even in January 1946, there are two days is none to eat and four days no heating possibility in the tents. The Board consists of a daily bread for twenty men, a can of sardines for eight to twelve men and one to one and a half liters of water per man soup. POWs have to jump up to their knees in water to obtain a C-ration once. E. V. 1072, 1918 2176th
A concentration camp inmate says that he mass catering accommodation such as supply and has not experienced in Heilbronn in a German concentration camp. E. V. 2245th
POWs are beaten by the truck in the warehouse, where this treatment continues. E. V. 1042nd
Officers are beaten with sticks and rifle butts. E. V. 1081st
In march through Heilbronn a prisoner of war with the runway is tole hit on the head. American soldiers shooting at civilians who want to give the prisoners bread. The bread is torn the POWs out of his hands and zertram- pelt. E. V. 1209th
The laying of Cage Cage takes place in march-march tolenschüssen and strokes under runway. E. V. 1565th

A diseased prisoners are denied medical assistance because he is an SS man. E. V. 1621st
Valuables and clothes are taken off. E. V. 1699th
200 officers are driven by abuse and ill-treatment by the city in the camp. E. V. 1890th
16 deaths that are frozen or otherwise killed are transported to one nem days. E. V. 2176
A shooting on the day in the camp sentry kills prisoners of war and wounded two others seriously. E. V. 2366, 3832nd
Negro takes a German officer from the clock. When he wants to talk to a supervisor, he is shot down by the Negro by two to three shots in the abdomen. E. V. 93rd
Officers have to give wedding rings. When one of them the ring is too tight, can not slough off quickly enough, the flesh is cut off her finger and pulled the ring from the bare bones. E. V. four hundred and first
An officer who does not want to give his wristwatch will niederge- shot. E. V. 254th

Collection Zülpich:
Four prisoners of war must be in a stable filled with manure and liquid manure, jump into the muck, drill there for hours, crawl, crawl, up to his neck in the manure lying. E. V. March 1945: 362nd
General hospital Nightingale Busch at Kreuznach:
A captain is removed a gold signet ring during anesthesia. E. V. March 1945: three hundred and first
Brackwede in Bielefeld:
Insanely that have become a prisoner of war is stripped naked by Americans, tied up and lying in the cold left. E. V. April 1945: 270th
Two SS men need to lubricate working with human feces face. E. V. April 1945: 520th
Young people who can not walk due to malnutrition, crawling on hands and knees through ankle-deep mud to relieve themselves. E. V. April / May 1945: 100th
Nohra near Weimar:
Two officers who are taken while trying to escape are so mistreated that one the whole right side of the face terhängt down-. E. V. April 1945: 367th
Prisoners rendezvous Weimar:
One prisoner, the is ordered to run away, is shot dead. E. V. April 1945: 38th
Space Hesse:
300 to 400 prisoners of war are accommodated for two days in an air raid cistern (15 times 15 times 2 m) without food and drink. E. V. April 1945: 297th
Mulsanne (Fr.):
Misconduct for from 3000 wounded, including oriented leg amputated and Hirnversehrte existing unit: Multi-hour a standstill hen before Cage-Office, for several hours standing at the post of a football goal, feet in basic position about 1 m forward away post, leaning my forehead against the post , holding hands either on your back or ever a sand-filled five pounds tin. Multi-hour standing on knee-high wire warning. Feet in basic position about 1 away in front wire trunk bent nose on a status chel the wire, hands behind his back. E. V. April-August 1945:. 1
POW point Dellbrück:
American officer forcing prisoners to eat a eingeklebtes in Soldbuch Leader and beats him when he vomits while, with his riding crop. E. V. 1.4.1945: 159th
Rod a mountain.:
SS man being shot on the 1st day of Easter in the church. E. V. Kirchheim:
POWs must drill stark naked in the snow. E. V. 04.04.1945: 108th
Space Bernburg:
Two SS men, after they laid down their arms HA Ben, shot by American soldiers. E. V. 14.4.1945: 371st
Konigssee in Saalfeld / Thür .:
POWs must gene three times naked in a pit filled with urine and filth Springer in command of an American officer EV May 1945:. 161st
Ried / Innkreis:
The 70-year-old Reich Labor Leader is driven with blows into the camp. E. V. May 1945: 170th
On the march from Gallneukirchen / Austria in the Russian zone, all that make flabby, killed by American soldiers by head or neck shot. E. V. May 1945: 169th
Altenburg / Thuringia .:
SS members has to strip naked and run by an Ameri- can officer while beaten with the whip until it stays besin- are verter. E. V. May 1945: 365th
Transit camp Himbergen:
Incoming seriously wounded are ripped from the truck that they fall down. With kicks they are forced to get up. E. V. May 1945 369th
Sinzig a Rhein.:
After the surrender of American planes throw stones from the camp. Prisoner is on the genitals so severely injured that he died the next day. E. V. May 1945: 517th
Koenigssee / Thür .:
American lieutenant takes a prisoner tobacco, cigarettes and a sewing kit and throws it into a faeces, cans, glass shards filled pit, orders the prisoner to exclude naked pull to jump into the pit and get out his things. When he hesitates, it will come from an officer three times in the pit Community. E. V. May 1945: 368
Heavy wounded SS officer must on the bare torso wearing a heavy roll of barbed wire and therefore 300 meters in running step back place, so that it finally collapses mangled. E. V. May 1945: 72nd
Hospital Bederkesa:
Wounded be abused by American soldiers beat bought and torn clothes with them the association at arm’s length. E. V. 05.21.1945: 107th
Ulm A. D .:
In special camp “Dachau 2” must prisoners to stand for hours with an ner wire noose around his neck in the blazing sun. E. V. June 1945: one hundred and first
When loading to a hospital ship, the driver of a San kas proposes a lying wounded on a stretcher with a spanner unconscious. E. V. 06.10.1945: 77th
Colonel from 7.9. to 26.11. probability detained in small isolation cell without Lüftungsmög-. Is allowed to move in the open only once a week for two to three minutes. E. V. September / November 1945: 366th
On the transport of Ebensee to Babenhausen is prisoner who carries out his necessities, seriously wounded by shot in the stomach. Neither comrades nor the railway staff can take care of the injured, the remains are at the train departs. E. V. October 1945: 257th
77 pounds weighs an SS officer who is brought from St. Avold in the American POW hospital Nancy, where he died immediately after delivery. Cause of death: starved.
82. V. November 1945: 82nd

The arrest of political prisoners and their treatment before transfer to the camps
The military occupation of the Reich territory by the United States Army immediately follows a political arrests. Members and officials of the Lich nament- NSDAP and its organizations are arrested by the American occupation authorities and insulted on their services along with the expected removal of watches, money and valuables in numerous cases and mistreated.
1 9 4 5
A p r i l
In Neustadt ad W., a 60-year-old rector and Kreispropa- receives gandaleiter by an American soldier slaps and punches to the head and neck. (3309)
In Rositz / Thür. is a mayor hit under insults from one American sergeant with his fist in the face of GE, that he falls to the ground. Later, it hit another two soldiers with his fist and with his rifle butt down, throwing his bread with the words away: “You Nazi pig have nothing left to eat, you will probably hanged”, and bound him so tightly with Stri- bridges to a tree that he can not move a limb. In the evening five soldiers bind him to get rid of the tree, throwing the rope over a branch, put the noose around his neck and give him to understand that he’ll be hanged. After repeated punches in the face, kicked in the groin and piston strokes in the back pull it several times under high laughter, until he loses consciousness. (510)
In Scheßlitz is a deputy Ortsgruppenleiter of Ameri- soldiers with truncheons and fists, and in particular the head, bloodied and forced to eat cigarettes. In one nem garden the shape of a tomb is measured, then it is bound hand and foot, and so remains the whole night by candlelight are in one room. The next day he has to dig a trench and upright in it, whereas a soldier of American over the trench carries out his great necessities, and another this photographed. (213)
In Rochlitz i. S., a local leader of the American military is tärpolizisten put under insults against the wall and beaten while in the face until the blood flows from the mouth of him and all the teeth are knocked loose. Then he must be about four hours until his removal are on a stake. (274)
In teaching Stetten / Schwabach a farmer of American soldiers is data bloodily with his fists and kicked with the R & D Ssen on the ground. Lets handcuffed to him until the next morning lying on the floor of a house. (3185)
In Treben-Lucka (Altenburg / Thür.) An American server suggests geant a farmer under insults in the face, tearing his tie from his body, cutting him with his bayonet from the top clothes on. Another soldier beats him by Fausthie- be over eye, nose and cheekbones to the ground. Two SS men spat of the American sergeant and kicked in the genitals, until they fall over. (3062)
In Werdau three prisoners by American soldiers being beaten repeatedly with his fist in the face and Ssen with Erschie- and threatened stabbing. (356-358) (comp. Also in 2507)
In police prison in Aalen an American sergeant grabs an SS man who can not make the requested information to him on the chest, pushing him into a corner and punches him repeatedly in the face and upper body. This treatment is repeated over several days. (3652)
In Usingen (Taunus), a disabled veteran is beaten (70%) to extort a confession by American soldiers with a stick and with his fists and gets nothing to eat. (3364)
A 60-year-old inmate will beat in Leipzig police of American military several times with a rubber truncheon on the head GE. Other prisoners are mistreated menpeitschen with rubber truncheons and belt. (264, 2313)
In prison in Weissenfels a master butcher from American’s soldiers continues bloodily and kicked until he collapses access. With the shards of a vase of flowers that have been thrown at him, he makes a suicide attempt and is therefore bound to with lead wire to the bed. Without medical attention, he is transported over the camp after Naumburg Hersfeld where he undergoes surgery on 3 May 1945. (2314)
In Braunsbedra (circle Querfurt) is an engineer because his state- ments are not enough, four American soldiers th dragged into a cooking where he must lie down. The soldiers draw the size of a grave from which he must ausschaufeln, beat him with the butt hereby in, kick him with their feet and put on several occasions their guns at him. (272)
In Kahla / Thür. is threatened tolen transfemoral amputees gardener without prosthesis on the American office of eight soldiers with runway. The soldiers take away his crutches, let him for nearly an hour so stand and call him names. With repeated requests for return of the crutches she answered with Faustschlä- gene until the prisoner falls from exhaustion. It is still reasonable shouted and threatened and receives only after he has pulled up the body of a heating, a crutch back. (214)
In Berg-Gladbach political prisoners are shackled by American military police and remain so for three days on the floor to lie. The joints of a swell thereby to such an extent that the bonds have to be sawn in Göttingen later. By blows of the American post, the rule proposes indiscriminately people of any age, occurs and tears at the beards, in this prisoner in Göttingen even hurt the eardrum. (251, 3274)
M a y
In Zwickau, a book printing company owner of Americans is threatened during interrogation with the gun and beaten bloody by punches of the left and right. (2534)
In Haring (Tirol) a miner beaten bloody inter alia with a brass knuckles on the head and upper body. (3863)
The chief of police of Dessau is completely undressed in Köthen and beaten by nine members of the military police over a period of about six hours beyond recognition. Day and night he is standing only with short breaks on a wall illuminated by the military police with flashlights at night and prevented from sleep- ing. For five days, he remains without food and drink. (359)

In Erfurt, a detective is defeated by an American officer and several soldiers by punches to the ground and trampled. (3265)
In Göttingen, the former mayor is pushed by an Ameri- can soldier he asks for issuance of a receipt for completed exempt money in a basement about 15 to 20 times with his face against the wall, so that he and the blood of mouth nose runs. (260)
In District Court in Eisleben a carpenter is beaten by American soldiers with his fist in the face, so that it breaks together. While it runs the blood from his mouth and nose, he has about two hours stuck in squat with reproached poor. It is then forced with his handkerchief to mop up the courtroom bought and wash out with the dirty water obtained in the mistreatment his wounds. (418)
In Alpbach / Brixlegg / Tirol two prisoners from American’s officers and soldiers are violently suppressed. One hit American soldiers still with Boxhieben two teeth out, umwi- velop both thumbs with wire and hang it on a fruit tree. After half an hour he is released from this position, again beaten with Boxhieben and injured by a thrown knife stab in the knee. (800, 1719)
In Schwickartshausen a student is in a forest of an American soldier with punches in the face and kicked until he been mishandled bloodied and disfigured together breaks. The sergeant pulls him back up, pushes him against a tree and is four shots at him, so that he has the estuaries fire partially singed hair. It is then beaten by another soldier on, who shoots again, because he will not wash off in a rain puddle. (511)
In Salzburg an American soldier added an SS nationals of kicks in the genitals, that he fell to the ground unconscious and hits him with a brass knuckles left mandibular bone from. (3053, cf. Also 3313)
In Mühlhausen / Thür. Prisoners are mistreated by leg kicks and fist blows and bloodshed. An SS man is struck with a rifle butt, that these breaks. (3260)
In Salzburg a master tailor is mistreated in a cellar of a Polish soldier by punches to the neck and body, and by a kick to the groin. (2382)
In Salzburg six prisoners, including two seriously injured by American soldiers by blows in the genitals, uppercut and piston strokes are mistreated. (3031)
In Rudolstadt a master locksmith is ten of American soldiers knocked down. Other prisoners also received blows. (3324)
Throw in a teacher and former Waffen SS member receives during the interrogation of American soldiers punches in the face and beatings with a wooden club. Transferred to Salzburg, he is dragged out of the car and beaten again in view of the fiscal fist. An American soldier sets him durchgela- Dene gun in the neck, leading him as he strikes with the barrel of the gun to the back of the head of the captives, through the garden into the house and throws him down with a kick to the basement, where he money and valuables are removed. American soldiers encounter with a bar from the outside into the basement and beat him with it in the abdomen, stomach and chest. Alternating one comes after another says “SS-pig”, spits at him, hitting the crossbar after him. A guard lets him resting on the wall, loads his rifle, and holds the muzzle under the nose of the prisoner. He plays with his finger on the trigger and encounters from time to time before the gun, so that the prisoner strikes the wall with the back of his head. The procedure he performs his comrades before several times.
Late in the evening is in the basement nor a female GE introduced and raped during the night despite strong opposition from Ameri- soldiers five times. (3499)
A detained in Leipzig Werkmeister is forced several hours re seen in a hochkerzige bulb, while American troops are doing knockout punches on him. The result of blows to the floor sunken enter the soldiers with his feet until he gets up again. At his request, but to shoot him rather he receives from a soldier the answer that would suit him so that they would ensure that he would slowly tortured to death. Towards the midnight receives the prisoner by an American soldier a punch on the chin and will always thus awakened from their sleep, that pushes him a flashing flashlight to the eyes. (215)
A judicial inspector general obtained in the removal of his valuables and his wedding ring from a military police a kick in the genitals that he has for weeks swollen testicles and severe pain. (360)
In Lower willing / Thür. A 46-year-old music teacher from African Americans soldiers to extort confessions by Boxhiebe on the stomach four times downcast and kicks by slaps, foot and erected pulling hair back. (271)
A 48-year-old clerk is in Meerane of two military police soldiers with punches in the face, in the chest, in the stomach and where else just makes more back, abused and when he falls to the ground, kicked , (295)
In Delitzsch a CIC man pushes a detained engineer a long time a burning cigar under his chin, burns him by and then hurt him with the grain of the gun by multiple blows to the chin. (252)
In Plömnitz is a SA-top squad leader of an American officer with a revolver and a steel rod knob in the face, beaten bloody over his head and over his shoulder and lost consciousness. (2261)
An approximately 50-year-old former German officer is bloodily suppressed in Criminal prison in Innsbruck by Americans. (530)
An American soldier is a prisoner in the acceptance of the marriage ring to understand that he cut his finger when the ring does not go away fast enough from his finger. The prisoner is later entered into the buttocks and beaten in the fiscal point of view with his fist. (3071)
In Salzburg a Waffen SS officer is pushed with kicks in a basement room and beaten badly in part, inter alia, on his bandaged hand and in the Community. (3865)
In prison in Halle / Saale, the political prisoners are abused by American soldiers, beaten and kicked with bloody fists. An inmate are hereby four rib broken pen. For days, the prisoners must from morning till night with his face standing against a wall and with folded arms behind his head, Robben finally over the Zuchthaushof and get anything at meals, or just a slice of bread. (414, 415, 416, 417, 419, 2307, 2308, 2843)
J u n i
In Arnstadt / Thür. is a bank clerk and Waffen SS Obersturm- leader of American soldiers beaten by hand and fist in the face and in the abdomen, Shen came to the R & D on the ground and still receive after you drag him to a bank GE has, with the folded coupling 25 strokes on the bare buttocks. A comrade of him being hit with his fist in the fiscal point of view and in front of the body. (3339)
In Bad Sachsa, a former lieutenant colonel of military police and a former concentration camp inmates beaten about one and a half hours, which are particularly sensitive points of the body always be edited again. Subsequently, the GE has troubled lick the blood off the floor and say, “I am a Nazi pig.” (529)
In Gotha, a student is beaten by an American officer in the face. To extort a name specified, is his bride ne banned under food deprivation in a dark cell. Re- peated leads to him to her cell door so that he hears that the withdrawal of food is extended. It also says to him that his bride and his mother would be brought in a Russian concentration camp. (801)
In Lam, a police officer must kneel on several days in the CI-building with the naked kneecaps on a ter about four to five centimeters high dreikantigem ruler and hold arms outstretched in the air. If he wants to go down in pain his arms, he is pushed and threatened with being shot. (217)
In Pößneck prisoners are abused by American soldiers by blows with sticks and rifle butts and by bayonet wounds and driven to a run. A German soldier throws himself from the third floor down to the yard. (3399)
In Offenbacher jail an American sergeant rips a leg amputee in the recording, in the words: “Too bad, only the leg, the head should be from” the hand Support crutches away and throws it behind him. (216)
In the basement of the barracks Eschwege is a 53-year-old hard heart sick inmate for talking to a post from 16 to
June 19, 1945 in a refrigerator of two by two meters of soil surface imprisoned on bread and water. (344)
In prison Police in Frankfurt / Main is a Reg. Council in comparison perception of an American soldier bloodied and repeatedly kicked in the abdomen by Boxhiebe. (2271)
In court prison in Frankfurt / Main, an engineer will be beaten during the interrogation of an American soldier at each answered in the negative nenden response in the face, boxed against lower jaw and abdomen and pushed his head against the wall so that the mouth, nose and teeth bleed. (273)
In Arnstadt / Thür. a teacher is forced to the CI office by fist blows under the chin to put the head back, and he gets boxing blows in the stomach and kidneys. Several times he collapses and is repeatedly pulled up and continue beaten. At his request, shorten the cruelty and shoot him achieved, he gets the derisive response that go too fast. (361)
In penitentiary Kassel-tear Wehlheiden American soldiers one nem police officers under threat with the gun and under hefti- gene Boxschlägen clothes off and put up with it, that he is beaten and spat upon from one convict. (513)
In police prison in Kassel young girl and women received after counting twelve blows with a rubber truncheon. (2311)
J u l i
One arrested in Treysa Hitler Youth leader who refuses to reveal the name of a fugitive comrades, one leads to a stake and deceiving him before a shooting. After this has been done three times without success, he receives blows with leather and wood pieces on the head and body so that he collapses unconscious. The same procedure will be repeated nine times within ten days, which must spend with only a blanket in the cell the prisoner without clothes. (212)
In Grebenstein / Kassel a difficult war is about twenty Damaged slapped by an American sergeant and beaten from one officer with the whip over his shoulder. (2523)
In Hofgeismar political prisoners were severely beaten and tortured. A Landesbauinspektor must completely undress during interrogation and at each negative answer from a CI officer for about an hour by uppercut punches in the stomach and heart area and by collisions with the outstretched fingers on the arm and neck muscles and in the pit been mishandled. Similarly, the examination is repeated later. Hereby enters the interrogating officer in the prisoner still on her bare feet, hands him the barrel of his gun against the head so hard that he bled, and performs target practice on him. (302)
Other prisoners beat bullied and put into Hofgeismar. (303, 304, 3371)
The district leader of Dillenburg continues during his interrogation by a CIC officer with an object made of leather and lead on the neck, artery games, shoulders and arms and beaten in the presence of the officer of a tractor Communists kicked Animal T. The defeated, a leg amputee with shattered arm, wants to support with one hand on the table, but is beaten by the CI on man’s hand. (343)
A u g u s t
In Neukirchen b. Hl. Blut bringing a baker by an American officer with gun attacks in the face to the CI office. Here he has to undress completely, is tied to the wrists and ankles by closing iron and must kneel on a three- edged sharp piece of wood. During interrogation he is GE beat and whipped, tied his hands behind his back and hung on the hook of a prepared board. Then he is strapped to a board lying on the ground and set up over his head, a leaking water tank, fall out of the constantly dripping water on his forehead. In the same way it is again interrogated on three following days. (512)
In court prison Wolfhagen a 20-year-old heavy war damaged Rottenführer the Waffen-SS is bad part came to the American agency to extort a confession in the charged and burned on the chest at different locations with burning cigarettes. (881)
S eptember – O ctober – N ovember
A detective is bashing the extortion of a confession by American officers several times in the face charged and entered into the body. (3469)
In GI Center in Oberursel political prisoners, individually or in small groups hunted naked through the long corridors and must have by the American guard who drew their bayonets charged and hit the passing prisoners run the gauntlet. Whoever collapses, is long beaten until he gets up and continues. Then the prisoners are translated hunts about ten to fifteen minutes outdoors on the grass courts produced, then come under the cold shower and then in windowless cells where the electric heater is set to the strongest th stage. The heating is then stopped again, and the prisoner must again under the cold shower and are machined with the bayonet, whips, sticks and with their feet processed. Finally, the prisoners have to walk around with the greatest heat generation in the cell longer time to a broom and Chen in completely breathless state noise ten to fifteen American cigarettes. An American soldier stands with the shoes on the bare toes of detainees, to force them to smoke. Whoever collapses, is whipped. Described in these abuses is part American NCOs and other ranks, z. T. also officers. (488, 2357, 2381, 3153)
In prison in Weiden two aneinan- with a handcuff Bound SS men being beaten by an American soldier in the kidneys. Other political prisoners are severely beaten. (261)

1 9 4 6
J a n u a r
In Lauterbach (Hessen) a trainee and Waffen-SS officer is three times beaten unconscious by a CIC officer and then each time it senses with cold water brought back to his senses. He can not see anything for three days. (2419, cf. Also in 2513)
In Stuttgart, a clerk must in the hallway of the military prison under guard of an American soldier alternately on the left and right leg standing, the other leg bent at right angles in the knee and both arms stretched GE upwards with his nose a piece of paper Press against the wall. In the following interviews he often view beaten with a ruler in the fiscal and boxed with his fists in the stomach and GE entered gen shins. (353)
In prison in Stuttgart a untersturmführer must provide with flat fees chargeable hands with his face against the wall, so that he proposes with every thrust from behind with his face against the wall. If he wants to turn around here, he is stabbed with an approximately four centimeters long needle several times in the back. In subsequent interrogations he has with the side outstretched working men before. CI officials stand and receives Boxhiebe in the face and stomach. (294)
In quantities / Freiburg Government is beaten for no reason when he was arrested by an American officer lenkolben with his fist and the Pisto- and insulted. From about two clock at night until about eleven clock his hands with handcuffs be sharp tied behind their backs. (262)
F e b r u a r – M a r z – A p r i l
In Kassel an American officer hitting a 60-year Kaufmann with his fist in the face and in the stomach. (3157)
In eels a CI Lieutenant Schuler proposes prisoner in the face and with his fist in the stomach. (2418, 2432)
O h n e Z e i t a n e a s e n
In Hofgeismar is a post Automobile leader of American soldiers after being detained with slaps and punches in the face, punched mißhan- upside down and against the genitals. (528)
In Lippold, Kreis Hofgeismar, T. receives a commercial appropriateness imputed for the examination of CI people whip strokes with a riding such. With the opposite thick end to the neck, back, chest, arms and legs, as well as kicks. In between, play len CI people to, as they say, to cheer the prisoner, on a gramophone record. Then they put him brush woods between upper and sole of the left shoe and tests; to bring these to ignite. (296, comp. Also in 2445)
Innsbruck and Augsburg: An Albanian police lieutenant (refugee) is beaten bloody by CI officers getre- th with his feet and spat in his mouth. His National insignia rips you from him and crushes it. (2881)
Grünstadt and Idar: An SD-member is beaten and kicked, that he is temporarily unconscious on the ground on the CI office. An American sergeant pushes a 72 year old doctor in the chest that he opens with the back of his head on the floor and lie unconscious remains. The prisoners are being chased by the bad effervescent while GE beat of the guards with wooden truncheons. (2387)
In Kitzbühel / Tyrol a senior engineer of two American officers will be beaten with fists and slaps, Shen threatened with Erschie- and beat bloody GE with a so-called murderers. His wife was arrested with his children and seven and thirteen years to be alone in the refugee camp in Kitzbühel; of his wife and children has brought him since then no news. (2946)

A p r i l – M a y 1 9 4 5
Following their arrest, the political prisoners are put together to trans- ports. In crowded lorries – 60 to 70 people in a car, including old people, pregnant women, boys, ill, amputees and other disabled persons – one creates it regardless of age and physical condition among insults and beatings in many many hours lasting trips first in collection and transit camp and from there to the detention center. (602, 610, 634, 635, 917, 935, 2309, 2311, 2408)

LAGERHERSFELD (D urchgangslager).
A p r i l b i s J u n e 1 9 4 5
The conditions in the camp.
A former area, which is divided by barbed wire into individual smaller camp, with a long central corridor, which is silted up as the whole camp deep, welcomes the new arrivals. Through this morass they are being chased by ten white and black American soldiers. If it does not go fast enough, you hit indiscriminately with batons and rifle butts to the people. Wounded German soldiers benefited with blood-soaked dressings and leg amputated be driven with sticks through the mud. Who gets stuck, is beaten until he pelt weiterhum- cumbersome who falls, remains lying and gets under Schimpf- and shameful words as much lashes until he straightens up again and can continue to falter. EV 602, 605, 606, 868, 2202, 2425 (Kirchhain at Hersfeld: 2386)
Some prisoners digging with pieces of wood and tin cans holes in which they want to spend the night sitting, but also this small weather protection they need to flatten again with his hands. In cold, wet soil, poorly clothed, the snow and rain exposed without protection, there are 50-, 60- and 70-year old, the sick and newly amputated soldiers. As latrines narrow trenches to be excavated without seating, which are soon full to the brim, and overcrowded. Since the camp is crowded, some of the prisoners must remain in the immediate vicinity of mines and is located in the mixed with rainwater feces. E. V. 603, 604, 606, 609, 610, 868, 1813 (2386)
These days and nights when they come virtually no food load and crowded together, without languish any hot meal or warm drink, many are in a state of utter exhaustion and mental confusion which already borders on some of insanity. So run some of them on the status and cheldraht to be shot by the American positions. E. V. 607, 608, 610, 611, 612, 868th
Due to the conditions in the camp, there is severe disease. Although there are doctors available but no cure and no accommoda- tion options, so that daily enter deaths. E. V. 613-617, 1870 2425 (2386).
The hearings in the GI building in Hersfeld.
In the interrogations that take place in the CI department in Hersfeld to which prisoners by American officers and men are severely maltreated and of a “Russian Com- missioner” in American uniform both physically and mentally tortured (death threats, suicide prompts Writing From – different letters). E. V. 621, 633, 2202, 2516, 2546, 3266, 3311th
A 49-year-old businessman is beaten during his interrogation with his fist in the face and bad part trampled against the Community. (2319)
A butcher is beaten three times in one day and hereby beaten repeatedly with a board over his head that he runs the blood from his mouth and nose. (620)
The district leader of Hersfeld receives by an American Major punches to the chest and stomach and has to strip naked. Young girls are brought in, wearing the clothes his wife sometimes, and be forced under threats to beat him.
Then he receives from American soldiers sharp blows in the neck and by the officer a whiplash on the lower abdomen and testicles. After continuing further beatings he must go into the squat, is kicked in the stomach and in the side with all his strength and lose consciousness. For three weeks he has blood traces in the stool, the urine is almost eight weeks coffee color dark. A medical treatment is denied to him. (2204)
A Eichenlaub carrier is beaten by CI people with truncheons on his head bloodied and has to sit for about an hour with bent knees and arms reproached. An officer kicks him repeatedly against the genitals and into the stomach. (255)
A master carpenter to be uprooted by an American soldier whiskers. An officer beat him with a truncheon on the stomach. (2299)
A wounded administrative assistant is beaten by an American soldier’s with a club on the head and against the testes, he breaks down, will continue to hit the stairs and knocked and entered into a room. Here he has to go in the squat, will propose GE of soldiers on the head and arms, about ten times transshipped kicked and punched in the stomach and forced under strokes of the cane over again in the squat. Its rings are with pieces of skin torn down- he must open his mouth and is under the words:
“The teeth with gold crowns we tear the pig out” struck in the face with his fist. After another foot and Faustschlä- gene he is finally driven out of the room and remains semi-described wußtlos sit in the basement room, where he heard the beatings and the groans of the other comrades who are brought into the room after him. (2316)
A prisoner is one of CIC members on the ear two staircases up and down dragged. (623)
The former district leader of Dusseldorf receives punches against the lower jaw, temples, nose, in the kidney area, basket in the breast and in the body, that it falls to the ground. Kicks to the coccyx bone, forcing stomach him to get up again. He is pushed against a wall and gets here again Boxstöße against the body and the chest and knee joints from below in the genitals. His wallet takes you 70 to 80 rubber stamps, which he crumpled with the words: get “Here, eat your leaders” stuffed in the mouth and must choke down within a minute.
An American officer who is beige call by telephone produced by the MP-people, continues the abuse.
The defeated who wants to commit suicide out of desperation and sense of honor is injured, rescued only by chance. (623, 639)
A lieutenant colonel is beaten by American soldiers so that he remains lying. Another prisoner intersects the pulse veins. (949)
An engineer is beaten with rubber truncheons and steel rods and, after it has collapsed under the blows, kicked in the genitals. (618)
A member of the SS is beaten by CI people by Boxhiebe in the stomach to the ground and dragged by the hair up again. About a comrade, one has also beaten to the ground and moaning in pain, you throw a white cloth, leaving him to himself. In the evening, the SS men with rubber truncheons and again beaten fists. A prisoner who does not again comes up, the Americans put their feet on the neck and upper body. (3269)
A prisoner is beaten by an American and a German police inspector jointly bloody, kicked in the stomach and against the sexual organ and edited with the gun. (622)
A mine surveyor’s assistant is constantly encountered by an American corporal with a thick wooden stick in the stomach and beaten against the sexual organ. He takes after life. (2203)
A merchant receives from interrogating Americans with the buckles of two braided whips blows over the head that runs down his blood on his face. Then he is whipped with thirty strokes on the bare chest. He is at least eight times beaten to the ground and then further processed with kicks of blows to the stomach, kicks against the sex part and in the buttocks, as well as by blows with a wooden stick. Most recently, he has to be permanent under the kicks with his handkerchief winding-up the blood from the floor rule. (648)
Another prisoner is beaten bloody on the same day of CI-people from behind with a club over his head, continued boxing in the stomach, bad part came into the buttocks and in the Community. In between beats him to his belt on his back to shreds. If he falls to the ground, it is as long kicked until he gets up again, when he holds his hands to protect against stomach or genitals, an American commanding: “hands de the seams of his trousers.” Ten times he is depressed boxed or too low dergetreten. At his request, to shoot him, he receives the answer:
“That might suit you so, you Nazi bastard, that would be much too short.” An even adventitious Americans presents him five or six times a leg and hits him in the chest so that it wrong lend strikes back with the back of his head. Then he has to slide around on her knees in the Room, lick the blood lying on the floor and wipe clean with a handkerchief. Here it is perma- nently kicked in the buttocks. (847)
A 72-year-old man is pulled out by an American soldier of the mustache. Confessions are enforced with of the applied firearm. (619)
Barackenlager Hersfeld.
Prisoners are shorn hair smooth. You will be guided step and beaten and have to do calisthenics to exhaustion, including the wounded. Yard and street, they must clean with his bare hands. These are blows with a rifle butt and if you can not get up again, kicks. (1046)
LAGERHELFTA (D urchgangslager).
A p r i l – M a y 1 9 4 5
Upon arrival the prisoners by American soldiers with sticks are driven down from the trucks and propose Community. Even old men with luggage will be forced by caning for a run. E. V. 633, 2207th
A carpenter is kicked in the genitals by the delivery of a passing soldier. Once in the camp, he is struck by an American sergeant so long with his fist until he collapses, pulled up by the hair again several times, beaten repeatedly and finally thrown over a barbed wire. He suffered several fractures. Teeth are knocked out, the broken glass of his spectacles stuck him in the jaw, but his companions should not help him. The consulting a doctor refuses an American officer, as no doctor stood for “war crimes” are available. E. V. 418th
Then the camp itself: A piece of farmland, off blocked by barbed wire. Without any protection against wind and weather, suspended on the day the sunburn and freezing at night because most without blankets or have coats, here are some 40 000 people, including disabled persons, amputees, the sick, the aged and still half children, closely aneinandergepfercht and can put in some places at night only rows closed on the other side more. As latrines little about one spade wide and equally deep trenches must be used, which pose a mörderlicher stench. Due to the overcrowding of the camp, many people need to constantly be in the vicinity of these pits and sleep or even gene life to the just been thrown at holes. As meals they receive each only a half box fat meat that for a daily about five hours march is received. On this occasion, an American officer knocks down an old man who laboriously drags himself forward and asking you to go faster, unable to meet with the floor, so that he dies from it. Besides the meat, there is water in totally inadequate quantities, which are also obtained only after hours of queuing. E. V. 625, 626, 627, 629, 634, 2209, 2266th
An American officer and American soldiers beat indiscriminately with batons on the necessity in dense clusters stereo Henden people. One leg amputee is beaten due to slow walking with a heavy stick over his head. One evening one shoots even into the crowd. E. V. 624, 629, 633rd
An approximately 17-year-old boy who allegedly wanted to escape, stands with arms raised in the sun and is beaten by a soldier with hands and fists in the face. E. V. 2266th
SS men are beaten bloody by American soldiers and must stand for several hours with his arms raised in the pral- len sun; if they collapse, they are forced under beatings in the bloodshot face, take the old posi- tion again. E. V. 2312th
When disposing of Helfta a 60-year-old school board is beaten by an American soldier with cursing and swearing with fists on his neck and skull to the ground, because he mistakenly wants to climb the wrong truck. German soldiers are beaten with sticks into it formally in the car. E. V. 935th

(POW camp and political transit camp)
A p r i l b i s J u n e 1 9 4 5
On 20 May 1945, the occupants of Helfta be brought to the camp Naumburg, where other GE commenced until 7 or 11 June 1945 together between building rubble, debris, mud and bomb craters around in the same way, if not more closely, to make a living. Gastric and intestinal diseases that were common even in Helfta, multiply threatening. In rainy weather verwan- the whole camp delt in a mud hole, so that you can not even sit down. E. V. 625, 626, 627, 629, 649, 2315, 3341st
It also comes to mistreatment of detainees.
A captured German officer is struck by an American soldier several times in the face. E. V. 2309th
An old man stops at a preserved low blow immediately together and, after he got up again, hurt by blows in the face. E. V. 2309th
A sergeant of the Flak is bloodily suppressed by an American soldier with a stick on the head and shoulders. E. V. 864th
An approximately 16-year-old boy must be more than an hour on a box with his hands up. Every time he sink his arms, an American soldier beats him so long over his hands until he pulls up again and again with great effort a hand with the other at the fingertips. E. V. 864th
A prisoner is beaten with a club-like stick when climbing on the truck by an Amer- rikaner. E. V. 3929th

BEARING WILDUNGEN (D urchgangslager).
(M a i b i s J u n e 1 9 4 5)
During descent and when the Namensverlesung Ankömm- be linge of American military policemen beaten with battens or receive punches in the face and in the stomach. Arbitrarily they are beating with batons, rifle butts or even with bayonets to various works that step in the running must be carried out, driven. A former darmeriebeamter gene has to face against a tree with her legs and arms in GE bückter attitude and is repeatedly beaten and kicked, but he repeatedly collapses. All baggage will be taken to the prisoners from the hands respectively. torn and burnt. Regardless of old people, the sick, disabled veterans are driven with sticks back to the truck and transported ter together with the other prisoners further. EV 650, 652, 662, 663, 664, 665, 711, 712, 908, 1343, 2201, 2202, 2316, 3101, 3224th
Military policemen carry with political prisoners Scheinerschießun- gene by under blindfolding. E. V. 712th
A 66 year old woman who is in transit, the arteries open. E. V. 712th
A police officer has to face on a bench, the noose looped a rope over a branch is placed around his neck and blindfolded. Then the bank will so greatly shaken that the blindfold he remembers, he is beaten and must be stopped together with others many hours. Who falls down from exhaustion, is highly driven by blows again. E. V. 733, 734th
Prisoners are beaten with a riding whip. E. V. 734th
A prisoner must open your mouth and an American soldier pushes him with the cane in the throat and hits him. Later, the prisoners get uppercut, setbacks, so that they fly off with his head against the wall, kicks and punches must climb the trees, being pelted with stones, they have to jump, crawl and jump with outstretched arms, it continued beats are. Finally, they must position themselves in two rows with their faces to each other and get out of the current soldiers punches in the face. E. V. 713, 714, 715, 734, 2316th
A German soldier is forced to eat soap until it breaks everything achieved. E. V. 711th
American soldiers marked with a prisoner named locks “hang up”. Locks is situated increases, a noose is placed around his neck and often dressed with a wire so that it must stretch every time. The soldiers encoun- ter plus against the chair, stands on the locks so that of this comes to falter. Later the castles one intends sichtigte shooting is merely simulated. E. V. 2406 666, 3418th
A captive Dutchman is listed by American soldiers depends totally removed or replaced shortly before the suffocation. E. V. 651st
An SS man should be removed with a tool, the gold of his teeth NEN and give it an American soldier. Because he fails, it tries the soldier himself, leaving only on the prisoner when he cries out in pain. E. V. 713, 714, 733rd

In the American Sector of Berlin, a custody camp (Detention Camp) is located in Lichterfelde. The submitted declarations relating to the months of August to November 1945th
Of the approximately 700 prisoners still in November 1945, many have to sleep on the ground with two thin blankets. In October, twenty amputees as well as some totally blind persons are in the camp. E. V. 3156, 2210th
Four to five times a day take place appeals, which often take more than an hour. E. V. 2210 3156th
In the rain, the men stand for hours without clothes. Many have in November 1945 still did not have a coat; they too are without shaving, without a change of clothes and towels without. E. V. 3156th
The food is very bad. It is estimated at 850 to 900 calories. E. V. 497, 3070, 3130th
Per day there are 200 grams of bread and a liter of thin soup, spread over three meals, or for lunch one or two potatoes. About two-thirds of men are undernourished. Anyone found with this is that it will bring potato peels out of the landfill, will propose Community. E. V. 3962nd
The body weight of men decreases rapidly. In four weeks, twenty pounds. E. V. 3156th
Several elderly men die from exhaustion. E. V. 2210 3156th
When Fall in often fall between two and five interns to for malnutrition. E. V. 3178th
Despite the inadequate diet heavy work to be done. Those who want to rest here, blows or sun gets bour. E. V. 2210 3070, 3962nd
Some prisoners are in front of an old pile of tensioned barbed wire, which is adversely affected by a very heavy stone. With data they need to take in the Augustsonnenglut after time to the barracks. For non-observed time there are shocks. E. V. 3070. See also 2238th
Others have to carry heavy 70 presses a to 80 pounds. No one can help the other. Whoever collapses, is been mishandled and not get anything to eat. E. V. 3178, 3962nd
A prisoner who is classified by the American doctor for broken arm for light work must, like the other heavy are working ten do. E. V. 3178th
A heavy war Damaged must pull heavy iron rollers. E. V. 2374th
Three 50th about prisoners who have not moved fast enough, are forced by soldiers to endurance and driven by kicks to his knees while. One after another collapses unconscious and is carried into the station infirmary. E. V. 3130th
Of mistreatment still report more certificates. A sergeant suggests a prisoner for no reason in the face. E. V. 909th
Another sergeant proposes a 49 year old man in the stomach area; on two other occasions, he punches him 30 to 40 times, respectively. of which 20 to 30 times in the face, while teeth and dentures are knocked out. E. V. 2238, s. 497 also, in 2210, 3156, 3178th
In the blazing sun, he must again stand on an open fire. E. V. 2238th
A prisoner is because it one evening to early-dip he fired five minutes knocked unconscious by blows stomach. He then is given the task to put zen blank rusty ashtray. Because he sits down at work, he is beaten again. E. V. 3070th
In a visit to a prisoner shall be submitted to the question, what rank he had before. On the answer: “Party Richter” he gets from a corporal a punch on the chin. The front teeth are knocked out here in the upper jaw, so that three roots must be pulled. E. V. 2237th
A prisoner who does not want to give up voluntarily his clock will strike bought and must have three hours on a water butt, which he must ever keep a brick in the right and left hand, until he collapses. E. V. 2374th
A sergeant takes a prisoner from when frisked clock and pens that he does not get back. E. V. 3962nd
An intern Jew who was in Auschwitz, a Mitgefan- says genes that he had not been beaten there by the SS, but now by the Americans. E. V. 2374th
E N T E N T I O N C A M P – B R E M E N
In early June 1945, established an American detention camp in the building of the former Lettow-Vorbeck- school in Bremen. Here most of the political prisoners of the American enclave Bremen are housed. In the summer of 1945, the average employee is about 700 men and 50 women.
A notice in the room of the German Police (employees of the warehouse management) states that the prisoners as common criminals should be treated.
The personal property of the new arrivals will be taken and kept largely off. About food brought be taken by the German police. The men get Einheitsklei- dung (white navy work stuff with painted “P”). Allen is shorn hair.

if you take the stuff to the GE have captured completely undress; if it does not go fast enough, their clothes are torn from their bodies. You must then hours denlang hen stereo on the so-called “Wailing Wall” with a view to the wall and are then distributed among the cells. First impressions are so devastating that happen two suicide attempts (man and woman) in the persons transported.
The cells are the former classrooms of the school. The windows are barred over the summer, the doors are locked with heavy reindeer iron bars. In the cells are in general twelve Drilling beds for 36 residents. Lying on the bed is a punishable offense in the day. The lower bed during the day may be used for sitting, other seating areas are not present. Reading, writing, card and board games and smoking is prohibited. (In September 1945, however, a cigarette is granted per day.) Artificial lighting is not available. If a man is at the window, he will be punished or it will sen geschos- him.
The cell may be left only for washing, appeal, food, labor service, compulsory walk and defecation. Each of leaving the cell is done in close order, even when going to the latrine. The hands must be kept on the back GE; Talk is a punishable offense.
Washing of the 700 men carried out in great haste in the morning in just 12 to 15 basins (the first time in big, dirty vats in the latrine). Towels, toothbrush and tooth powder are delivered only later. For shaving (twice a week) are only a few devices and old blades and little soap available. The consequence of this mass use is a rapid spread of the cal barber’s itch.
The duty is carried out several times a week walk in a quarter-hour circular gear among speech ban in the yard, hands behind his back.
The labor service includes chores and activities, related to the transformation of the school into a prison (Wegstem- men unnecessary walls, grating of the window, Arrestzellenbau, tile work, carpentry work, furniture removal, the Baumwurzelro- etc.). The men who stood with farm work during the summer in the sun without head cover

Headgear with a shaved head. The food is totally inadequate: four to six slices of rye bread (200 to 300 g), partially coated with a thin margarine or jam, lunch and dinner, three-quarters to one liter aqueous soups with little solids. This results in severe weight falls (20 kg, 30 kg and over), hunger edema, Schwindelan- cases, debility. It should be noted that the men ner need to work hard.
Woefully is medical care. Sick often get less than healthy meals. Few remedies are Exists.
The slightest offense in severe punishments to be. Primarily multi-day arrest punishments are enforced in damp dark cell in the basement on bread and water. A detainee is interrogated before arrangement of punishment by an American and accused him here that he had a razor on his Bettrah- hidden men. He denies the accusation truthfully, is then struck with his fist and led for two days in the brig. E. V. 2248th
The lowest penalty is one or several hours resting in the corridor with folded hands in the neck. During interrogation of detainees by the CIC often occurs mistreatment particularly to extract confessions and statements are applied. With swollen faces, bloodshot points and missing teeth which often interrogated return back to their capital Meraden. An old man has two weeks in spite of complete exhaustion flatten with a rammer the court because he refused be a required confirmation the exhaust. Then he is released from prison.
In September 1945 150 prisoners are in the Int. Camp Allendorf / Oberhessen transferred. There is found that two thirds of men are undernourished such that they get to medical arrangement for weeks additional food.
Another transport goes in late December 1945 after Butzbach / Oberhessen. The men are transported gene in polluted Viehwa- in which they have for 21 hours against one another hen closely stereo. After nightfall (16:30 clock), the doors are kept closed to 8 clock the next morning so that no ventilation in the narrow, dirty room is possible. The small necessities can be done during this period once,
the large at all. E. V. 2220, 2221, 2222, 2228, 2248,
2249, 2250, 2251, 2296, 3055, 3325, 3326, 3327, 3328, 3329,
3330, 3331, 3333, 3335, 2223, 2224, 2225, 2435, 2446, 2447,
2448, 2452, 2454, 2455, 2456, 3059, 3060, 3091, 3337th

source: AlliierteKriegsverbrechen

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