Christian Zionism is our Death

The Christian Church has been so invaded by crypto Jews, that it is easy for them to slowly bring the church down with suggestions on how to manage churches and what to teach, with book publishing as a reward, with Jewish Holocaust lies. The church constantly mentions the Holocaust to have a scape goat and for Americans not to look at the hundreds of wars they have been leading, destroying the lives and livelihood of innocent people all over the world BY THE MILLIONS. Finger pointing at the victims! How blinded the church is now! And the Jews have even set up a U.S. law to kill the American Christians for praying to a false God, Jesus, while the Jews openly admit they pray to Satan. How utterly ignorant Christians are. (And so was I!) They are lambs going to the slaughter by their beloved Jews.

The Jews and their Lies (1543) Martin Luther (103p)

Source: From the website of Dr. Lorraine Day – truth seeker for decades

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