Auschwitz Orders by Hoess

Orders in the concentration camps…If we want to receive a full work exertion from a detainee then it is also necessary that he is strengthened, rested and ready for the workweek. For that he needs Sunday as a rest day. It is sharply demanded that the detainees bathe once a week in the future and that his laundry and other things that he needs are in order…

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Auschwitz Befehle 1940 bis 1945


The following video report (in German) of 300,000 is also way too high – it’s fraud.  And this lie about special cruelty to the women prisoners… baloney all the way through. Women prisoners at Auschwitz worked as household assistants in officer’s homes. In all 60,421 Jews died of all causes. See table above.


Orders bei Rudolf Hoess and other Commanders

Rudolf Hoess was terribly tortured, primarily by Jews, so that eventually he “confessed” to killing Millions of Jews, but he described the locations and methods in such weird ways that it was clear he made it all up. He was eventually murdered by the “victors.”

Orders and Rules of the Concentration Camp Auschwitz 1940-1945

Abbreviated translation from Auschwitz Befehle by without changing the meaning of the content

Command Orders Auschwitz






Translated by admin from this German record:

Auschwitz Befehle 1940 bis 1945

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Published on behalf of the “Institut fuer Zeitgeschichte” [*an anti-German, Bundesrepublik institution] by Norbert Frei, Thomas Grotum, Jan Parcer, Sybille Steinbacher und Bernd C. Wagner

Muenchen 2000

Command Order Nr. 6a/40 – Auschwitz, 28 Sept. 1940

  1. The SS again and again are demanding from detainees to give them materials and tools. This is forbidden. The detainees are strictly ordered not to surrender any tools without a written order from the construction management. Whoever needs any materials must go to the construction management.
  1. Working hours of the detainees. Working hours are from 7 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

The Camp Commander of the Concentration Camp Auschwitz, signed Höß, SS Hauptsturmfuehrer

[Signature Kramer] SS-Obersturmfuehrer

[No Distribution]

[Page 14f.]


Command Order Nr. 9/40 – Auschwitz, 28 Sept. 1940


  1. Interaction with protected detainees (Schutzhaeftlinge)

It is forbidden for SS Men to call detainees to the fence to give them shoes and clothing for repair. I reminded last time that this is not only forbidden but dangerous because the fence is during the day – off and on – electrically loaded. The leaders of the guards as well as the department leaders are requested to thoroughly lecture their men on this requirement.

The Camp Commander of the Concentration Camp Auschwitz,

signed Höß, SS Hauptsturmfuehrer


Command Order                                         Auschwitz 7 February 1941


  1. We pointed out several times that according to the wishes of the commanding general of the Jewish Elders the Jews have been informed that they are not to greet the SS men. It is below the dignity of the SS-men to be greeted by these rogues. Therefore, each SS member is reminded again not to touch a Jew who will not greet him. Should there be complaints of any kind, the SS-men will be made accountable and punished.

The Camp Commander of the Concentration Camp Auschwitz,

signed Höß, SS Hauptsturmfuehrer


Command Order Nr. 3/41                  Auschwitz, 5 April 1941

Starting Monday April 7, 1941, the work hours of the detainees is as follows: 6 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 pm to 6 pm.

signed Höß, SS Sturmfuehrer and Commander


Command Special Order Nr. 15/41

  1. Commendation

During an attempted prison escape of the detainee Dwory, SS- Leader Stolten showed prudent behavior. He was able to stop the flight and shoot the escapee. I’m expressing my commendation.

The SS-Man Ewald Leuow, 4./SS-T-Sturmbann has contributed significantly to the prevention of a mass escape of Jews on June 26, 1941, due to his prudence and attention. I’m expressing my commendation to SS-Man Leuow.

Signed Höß, SS Sturmfuehrer and Commander


Command Special Order Nr. 1/42 – Auschwitz, 15 April 1942

Regarding: Work on Sundays

It is planned that Sunday work in the near future will be eliminated starting immediately. Sunday work, in any case, can only be allowed for life-sustaining services like taking care of animals, horse stables, and kitchen work. Further only for absolutely necessary repairs. For this, it is necessary to carefully train the work commandos to accomplish their workload with the help of the work of the detainees to complete their work obligations in any case during the 6-day workweek. We have learned that Sunday work is not adding to productivity, to the contrary. If we want to receive a full work exertion from a detainee then it is also necessary that he is strengthened, rested and ready for the work week. For that he needs Sunday as a rest day. It is sharply demanded that the detainees bathe once a week in the future and that his laundry and other things that he needs are in order. The animals also need a rest day. It is expected that these measures are adhered to. If not all service places adhere to these rules then it is expected that we have down times by animals and people and will continue to have them in the future. This is counterproductive to our war production goals and contrary to our final goal in our struggle, namely victory.

Signed Höß, SS Sturmfuehrer and Commander

[Signature Mulka] SS-Obersturmfuehrer


Command Order                    Auschwitz 17 April 1942

Special order for KL (concentration camps) and FKL (??) (KL means concentration camp – I do not know what the “F” stands for.)

The working hours for the detainees starting April 20, 1942 are as follows:

in the mornings from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m.

in the afternoon from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Lunch time is to be used for resting. It is strictly to control that the detainees after eating their lunch are resting on their beds to enable a full digestion of their meals to strengthen their ability to work. It is strictly to be made sure by the various commandos that these regulations are adhered to.

Signed Höß, SS Sturmfuehrer and Commander

[Signed Mulka]


Command No. 10/42             Auschwitz 6 June 1942

  1. Escort of detainees, work commandos of the FKL

It is necessary to point out that it is completely unacceptable and also not SS style when a commando leader of work convoys from the FKL during moving in and out has the detainees carry their food bags and tent canvas. It goes without saying that a commander leader as well as his accompanying posts carry their equipment themselves. It is below the dignity of an SS-Man to have the detainees carry things for him. It is strictly required to have a businesslike behavior between command leaders and accompanying personnel toward female advisers and detainees. The commanding office will hand out hardest and severest punishments if these regulations are loosened up in the slightest degree. The female detainees are not here to make life easier for the guard personnel but to work productively in the framework of their present responsibilities and a strict personal distance is required to be successful in these goals.

Commandment warns for the last time against loosening the hard and necessary interactions by the command leadership or their assisting posts. The guards are to be clearly educated and instructed by the unity leaders. Instructions to the commanders until 15 June 1942.

signed Höß, SS Sturmfuehrer and Commander

[signed Mulka]   handwriting special order from 12 August 1942 [???]


Command Order Nr. 21/42                             Auschwitz, 24 October 1942


  1. Pick up of provisions by detainees

We are reminding again, that it is strictly forbidden to let detainees pick up lunch, dinner, coffee, etc. Violations will be punished with immediate replacement of detainees from the dormitory as well as the strictest punishment of the SS-man.

signed Aumeier


[signed Weymann]

SS-Hauptsturmfuehrer und Adjutant

hand writing: Standortbefehl [*I think it means “local” order in this case] Nr. 25/42 of 14. Sept. 42


Special Command Order Nr. 8/43               Auschwitz 15 March 1943

This is an urgent reminder that under no circumstances are the detainees allowed to transport and clean bikes and motor cycles. I will hand out the strictest punishment for breaking this rule.

signed Höß, SS Sturmfuehrer and Commander

[signed Ganninger]

SS-Untersturmfuehrer und Adjutant


Command Order No. 14/43               Auschwitz May 8, 1943

Re: Female Detainees

All incoming mail for female detainees is to be sent to the newly established censorship location, female camp Birkenau. For the properly and timely delivery of mail for the female detainees in camp branches, private homes and other service offices are responsible – in the first place – the respective female commando leader – and in second place – the female High Overseer Frau Zimmer. In all cases a consistent return address and address are to be listed; for example: Detainee Herta Meier No. 965 Female Camp Auschwitz O/S Post Office II.

In all circumstances no information such as “Zweiglager (camp branch) … house 40 a or Staff building” is allowed.

signed Höß, SS Sturmfuehrer and Commander

[signature Baumgartner]


Command Order Nr. 19/43

  1. Sunday work of detainees

I am forbidding that work commandos are assigned to not life-sustaining work on Sundays. The detainees are required to be assigned on this day to de-lousing, bathing, clothes change, linen change and clothing repair. The same is required in all camps outside of this.

[signed Baumgartner]


Standort Order Nr. 22/43                              Auschwitz 3 June 1943

Re: Provision of detainees for households

Effective 1 June 1943, households will be charged RM (Reich’s Mark) 25 for the female detainees. The bill is issued at the end of the month. Providing more than one household help has been denied. In any case, household help is only provided for families with many children after approval of the SS-Business Administration, Office Group D… Working groups will be assigned for special projects such as laundry days, spring cleaning, etc. in certain intervals.

signed Höß, SS Sturmfuehrer and Commander

[signature Baumgartner]


Standort Order Nr. 25/43                  Auschwitz 1[2] July 1943

  1. Children in the camps

I have noticed that children are present throughout the day in the working camp and roaming about. Also during the arrival and departure of the groups, children are attaching themselves to closed prison columns. I am forbidding this and point out the danger that exists for the children due to the necessary handling of weapons by the accompanying guard in the case of an attempt to escape. Furthermore, the association of children with the detainees in this way, has such a moral disadvantage for the children that it is irresponsible from the side of the parents. The SS-members are to instruct their wives and children accordingly and constantly have to be vigilant that their children stay away from detainees and not loiter in the camps or in the working areas.

signed Höß, SS Obersturmbannfuehrer and Commander

[signature Baumgartner]


Standort Order Nr. 26/43                              Auschwitz 16 July 1943

  1. Guarding of the detainees

We have noticed that the guarding troops are not carrying out their responsibilities well – partially due to missing training, partially because they are clueless, partially due to the carelessness of the SS-Men. Frequent mistakes are conversations with detainees, especially on transportation cars and not sufficient distance from detainees. I am ordering as of today that every company leader trains their company every week regarding these issues. I am to be reported to every Saturday night of the content and results of these trainings.

signed Höß, SS Sturmfuehrer and Commander

[signature Baumgartner]


Standort Order nr. 31/43                   Auschwitz 6 August 1943

  1. Medical examination of detainees that have been arrested

Every detainee that is to be punished with arrest [*apparently that is a prison within the camp for discipline] needs to be examined by a doctor. In especially urgent cases, the doctor is to be informed after the delivery. Further, I order that the female detainees who are working in households and so forth, are not to be delivered for arrest to Birkenau.

  1. Access to detainees

It has been noticed repeatedly, that SS-members who have nothing to do with incoming detainee transports, are present at the unloading location. I forbid all SS-members who are not assigned to a job here to step on the ramps. Offenders are to be reported to me for punishment.

The Standort Oldest

in representation: signed Aumeier

SS Hauptsturmbandfuehrer

[signature Baumgartner]


Standort Order Nr. 31/43                              Auschwitz 6 August 1943

  1. Working time of Detainees

The working hours of the detainees is changed to 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. with ½ hour for lunch.

signed Höß, SS Obersturmbannfuehrer and Commander

[Signature Baumgartner]


Standort Order Nr. 51/43                              Auschwitz 16 November 1943

  1. Detainee Property

The property of the detainee, regardless as to what it is (clothing, gold, valuables, food and other personal items), and regardless where the detainee is, is not to be touched. The state determines the use of the property of the detainee. In special cases, the property of the detainee becomes state property. He who lays hands on state property makes himself into a criminal and will be excluded from the SS. SS-members who defile themselves with such a low deed will be handed over to the SS-court for judgment. I expect from each decent SS-man, and that is the largest number, that he reports rogues so that we can keep our rows clean. The state today ensures that everyone can live a decent life. It is therefore not necessary to end up on the wrong track. If someone is in need without their fault, he can turn to his supervisor and see if he can use some of the means provided by the state. In my service areas, such requirements are to be presented to me for my personal decisions.

The Standort Oldest.

signed Liebehenschel

[signature Zoller]


Standort Order Nr. 54/43                              Auschwitz 1 December 1943

  1. Keeping of Pistols

The SS-men are removing their pistols along with the holsters in the grooming room and hang them on the wardrobe so that the detainees have the chance of getting a hold of the pistols. As of immediately, the pistols are to be removed from their holsters. The same is required in all rooms were detainees are present.

The Standort Oldest

signed Liebehenschel

SS Obersturmbannfuehrer

[signature Zoller]


Commanding Order Nr. 1/43                         Monowitz, 2 December 1943

  1. Clothing of the Detainees

The camp leaders are to make sure that the detainees have appropriate clothing and are cared for with blankets.

Enforcement Order to the Command Post Dec. 10, 1943

  1. Haircuts of the detainees

The haircuts of the detainees are to be kept short in all Outer camps, according to regulations.

The Camp Commander

signed Schwarz


[signature Schuette]


Standort Order Nr. 55/43                              Auschwitz 15 December 1943

  1. Detainees on the Telephone

It has happened that detainees answered the telephones. That this is outrageous and is strongly forbidden, I do not need to explain any further, nor the results that can come from this. In the future I will have the guilty account for this.

The Standort Oldest

signed Liebehenschel


[signature Zoller]


Command Order Nr. 2/43                                          Monowitz, 20 December 1943

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