58 Countries Declared War by Coercion

What kind of lies, money manipulation, coercion or threats went on (are going on) in these countries for them to declare war on Germany? Not only that, almost all countries refuse a peace treaty with Germany up to this day! What is going on here???!!!

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58 Declarations of War against the ‘Solely Responsible’ Germany?

Translation by justice4germans.com:  “On the 8th of May 1945, the so-called Second World War came to an end. Since that time, for over 60 years, the people of the world have been taught with mantra-like repetition that Germany started World War II, and therefore, is responsible for all of the damage resulting from it.

Germany did in fact invade Poland on the 1st of September 1939, but why? Germany cried in her own defense to the whole world, “We are left with no other choice, but to protectively come to the rescue of our German countrymen in Poland, in order to save them, as over 50,000 ethnic Germans have already been deported to concentration camps [*these were not work camps like the German camps but murder camps], and over 3,800 have been murdered!” But this cry of German self-defense and of preventative action was universally ignored within the sphere of the mainstream media. Or perhaps simply erased in a pre-planned narrative by the history writers? (Source: Gerd Schmalbrock: Ihr Program Nr. 121).

One would have to ask himself:  what country, in the same or a similar position that Germany found herself at that time with regard to Poland, would not have felt compelled to come to the aid of her own countrymen? Who would not have rushed to their aid? Comparing the behavior of Germany at that time with today’s US Wars of Aggression in the world, there is an immediate and unmistakable clear comparison: for at least the larger countries at the time which declared war on Germany, would most certainly have done the same thing in her position, given the same danger. Today’s US-led Allied Wars of Aggression via the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ uprisings, through to Ukraine, provide the evidence for this.

Is it not these exact same Allies today who had declared war upon Germany back then, who are once again acting in unison without so much as a single hair upon the heads of one of their own countrymen being harmed? And which Germany had accused the poles of?  Are these same Allies today not engaging ‘preemptive’ or ‘preventative’ wars? Or perhaps more appropriately said, that they are still engaged preventative wars? Do they not today intervene without hesitation, before the eyes of the world, in any and all internal conflicts of foreign countries, which in fact, and in truth, are no business of theirs, and in violation of International Law?

It is, to the present day, routinely assumed as fact, the endless assertion that ‘Germany declared war on all of the surrounding nations, and therefore, bears sole responsibility for the Second World War’.  And this, of course, comes from the very same victorious powers who, to this day, are still leading all of these Wars of Aggression in violation of human rights laws.

How is it possible that Germany, to this day, is charged with the sole responsibility for the Second World War, when a wealth of historical documents existed from the beginning which clearly contradict this? Who is in charge of historical facts? Who controls them? Are historical facts possibly being, in fact, manipulated? Does the following list not tell us, rather, that the responsibility for expanding the hitherto ‘local war’ against Poland into what became World War II, really belongs with the Allies?

The actual start of the Second World War, according to uncensored history, did not occur on September 1st, 1939 with the invasion by the Germans into Poland, but rather, on the 24th of March1933, with the first of the following 58 declarations of war against Germany commenced. Indeed, the very first worldwide declaration of war was the one published in the British Daily Express of the 24th March, 1933.  And here now the complete historical list of all of the declarations of war against Germany during the 2nd World War, 1939-1945.

58 Declarations of War against Germany:

* 1.) March 24, 1933 – The Jews declare war on Germany – in the British newspaper ‘Daily Express’: “Judea Declares was on Germany” – This was the first of three Jewish declarations of war, which obviously were not directed against any ‘Nazis’, but against the whole of Germany! These facts are always hidden and censored in public histories.

2) September 1, 1939 – Poland declares war on Germany

3) September 3, 1939 – Britain declares war on Germany

4) September 3, 1939 – Australia declares war on Germany

5.) September 3, 1939 – New Zealand declares war on Germany

6) September 3, 1939 – France declares war on Germany

7) September 6, 1939 – South African Union declares war on Germany

8) September 10, 1939 – Canada declares war on Germany

9) April 9, 1940 – Norway declared war on Germany

10) April 9, 1940 – Denmark declares war on Germany

11) May 10, 1940 – the Netherlands declare war on Germany

12.) May 10, 1940 – Belgium declares war on Germany

13.) May 10, 1940 – Luxembourg declares war on Germany

14.) April 6, 1941 – Yugoslavia declared war on Germany

15) April 6 1941 – Greece declares war on Germany

16) June 22 1941 – UDSSR (Soviet Union) declares war on Germany

17) Dec 9, 1941 – China (Chungking-Government) declares war on Germany

18) Dec 9, 1941 – France (De Gaulle-Committee) declares war on Germany

19) Dec 11, 1941 – USA declares war on Germany [*after bombing German ships for many months the USA had already started war before Adolf Hitler declared war on the USA on Dec 11, 1941]

20) Dec 11, 1941 – Cuba declares war on Germany

21) Dec 11, 1941 – Dominican Republic declares war on Germany

22) Dec 11, 1941 – Guatemala declares war on Germany

23) Dec 11, 1941 – Nicaragua declares war on Germany

24) Dec 11, 1941 – Haiti declares war on Germany

25) Dec 12, 1941 – Honduras declares war on Germany

26) Dec 12, 1941 – El Salvador declares war on Germany

27) Dec 17, 1941 – Czechoslovakia declares war on Germany – exile government retroactive to March 15, 1939

28) Jan 19, 1942 – Panama declares war on Germany

29) May 22, 1942 – Mexico declares war on Germany

30) Aug 30, 1942 – Brazil declares war on Germany

31) Dec 1, 1942 – Ethiopia declares war on Germany

32) Jan 16, 1943 – Iraq declares war on Germany

33) April 7, 1943 – Bolivia declares war on Germany

34) Sept 9, 1943 – Iran declares war on Germany

35) October 13, 1943 – Italy declares war on Germany (Badoglio-government)

36) Nov. 27, 1943 – Columbia declares war on Germany

37) Jan 27, 1944 – Liberia declares war on Germany

38) Aug 21, 1944 – San Marino declares war on Germany

39) Aug 25, 1944 – Rumania declares war on Germany (after overthrow of Antonescus)

40) Sept 8, 1944 – Bulgaria declares war on Germany

41) Dec 31, 1944 – Hungary declares war on Germany (opposition government)

42) Feb 2, 1945 – Ecuador declares war on Germany

43) Feb 8, 1945 – Paraguay declares war on Germany

44) Feb 12, 1945 – Peru declares war on Germany

45) Feb 15, 1945 – Uruguay declares war on Germany

46) Feb 16, 1945 – Venezuela declares war on Germany

47) Feb 26, 1945 – Egypt declares war on Germany

48) Feb 26, 1945 – Syria declares war on Germany

49) Feb 27, 1945 – Lebanon declares war on Germany

50) Feb 28, 1945 – Saudi Arabia declares war on Germany

51) March 1, 1945 – Turkey declares war on Germany

52) March 3, 1945 – Finland (retroactive to 15 Sept 1944)







Continues:  “Has anything comparable ever happened? Has there ever been, in the course of human history, a situation in which over 50 nations declared war upon one, and then afterwards, declared that the loser was the one who which was solely responsible?

At that time, there were only about 60 recognized nations in the whole world! Until today, 2014, Germany has still been denied the usual formal peace treaties by 53 of these countries. Are we to believe that this is a very normal process of war and peace? Germany is therefore still an occupied country. That is, a country without its own sovereignty. That fact is even confirmed by the Federal Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble who said in an interview found on YouTube: “Since 1945, Germany has no sovereignty.”  Source: (at about 7 min.).

The WDR TV program called “Monitor” broadcast on June 19th, 2014 reported that these same allies, who still Germany occupy, have a store of 20 atomic bombs in Büchel in the Eifel 20 [a small community in the Rhineland-Palatinate]. And throughout Europe, according to this report, they have 200 nuclear bombs. Different authors also presented evidence of at least 100 nuclear missiles and all kinds of other mobile nuclear weaponry upon German soil.

All of this, dear viewers, we hope, will stimulate independent and critical thought. A warped version of history does not confirm reality, just because it is repeated in mantra-like fashion by the mainstream media, which is then incorporated into all nations. Was our history manipulated, censored, and distorted? More and more independent researchers claim that this was so. Only through listening carefully to arguments and counter-arguments can one begin to build their own objective opinions.

We at Kla-TV were not there at that time. All that we can do then, is to listen and to compare. Having for decades only ever been exposed to one side, yet while simultaneously viewing the current warmongering developments in the world, we have now, hereby, for once, presented you [Germans] with a different view.

And so, in the process of now forming your own opinion, we wish you all the best, and also Help from On High.” (End)

source: http://www.justice4germans.com

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