Message to the Allied Criminals

For you it was a game to bestially slaughter Germans – children: little children and older children; men: young men, older men, very old men; women: young women, older women, very old women, pregnant women and women recovering from childbirth. You raped mothers before their children, you cut the children open, raped them before the eyes of their parents; and if the mother or father intervened, you beat them to death or shot them.


Germans murdered Cross bearing

Message to the Allied criminals and their German Henchmen

By Annette S. (translated by So you call us [*Germans] evil from birth on? Anything German must be destroyed because there is nothing good in the German? Only a dead German is a good German, you say? Why was it then that the first thing you did is to rob all our patents in Munich before the occupation of Berlin when there is nothing good in the German? Is that the right behavior of “liberators?” Robbery? But the patens alone were not enough for you; you kidnapped the inventors and the German geniuses and dragged them into the U.S.A. so they can serve YOU with their outstanding German intellect.

For you it was and is a “fun game” to slaughter Germans, to condemn them throughout the world, to plunder them, to oppress them and to lock them away. For you it was a game to bestially slaughter Germans – children: little children and older children; men: young men, older men, very old men; women: young women, older women, very old women, pregnant women and women recovering from childbirth. You raped mothers before their children, you cut the children open, raped them before the eyes of their parents; and if the mother or father intervened, you beat them to death or shot them. How dare these mothers or fathers dare to intervene, you say? Dare to intervene the defilement and slaughtering of women and children, instead of watching placidly and without action?

You flooded our homeland with foreigners [*of very different races, values and cultures] and wanted to send our young people into foreign countries – Voelker (people) transfer, isn’t it?

You are poisoning with Chemtrails the air we breathe and our earth that we need for the preservation of our nourishment. You are destroying our pollinating insects with geo-engineered corn so that we will either starve to death or become completely delivered into your hands. You want to forbid us to grow our own healthy vegetables in our gardens. You want to take away from us our life sustaining water. You are killing our children with highly damaging vaccinations. You are killing our ailing people with chemotherapy, but for you all only the best is barely good enough, namely using our ‘Germanische Medizin’ (A specific German natural medical treatment) whilst forbidding it for us. You are poisoning the currency bills. You are poisoning our food. You are flooding our drinking water with former rat poison, Fluoride. You are poisoning everything with Fluoride.

You are irradiating us with wireless phones, microwaves and other damaging equipment and radiations. You want us to stop smoking since smoking protects from lung cancer since it builds up a protecting mucous membrane in the lungs that prevents that the absolutely deadly nuclear particles circulating around enter into us further. You disbursed these particles into the atmosphere with your nuclear rockets in the 50s. These have a half-life of 50,000 years, work themselves into the lung tissue and inevitably cause cancer. You are killing our unborn children in unprecedented abortion numbers or with poisons you give the pregnant women. You prevent the natural reproduction by pushing preposterous homosexual life styles. You are making our young men infertile with the poisons you shower us with daily.

Do you really think we do not know what is in these products? Do you think we do not know how Brom (bromine?), which is even forbidden in chemistry class in schools, is effecting our young men? Do you think we are not noticing the drastic increase in infertility in our men? You are forcing some people to use damaging pharmaceuticals that are causing life threatening deposits. You are forcing us into drug consumption with your professed medicines whilst pulling homeopathic and natural medicines from the shelves, or in other ways, you make it absolutely impossible for new products to be licensed because of the horrendous fees demanded. Everywhere you are CONCEALING DEATH for us. And everywhere you wish for us to meet with DEATH.

You contaminate our youth with drugs and pornography, with incredible violence-glorifying films and games, while at the same time you want to forbid writings that deal with historical facts, calling them glorifying war and brutality.

You are telling us lies about our German history for 68 years [*more years now]. Lies about the war. Lies about the cause of the war and the real war mongers and real war criminals. Lies about the greatest son the German people have ever brought forth. [*I love you Adolf Hitler, man of honor and lover of mankind!] Lies about our soldiers. Lies about Adolf Hitler’s intentions and goals. Lies about his true nature. You conceal from the world his unending efforts for peace, the negotiations he continued with the Brits, the French, and the Poles.

Repeatedly, Adolf Hitler reached out his hand for peace, but you slapped back this hand because you did not want anything but the total destruction of Germany. Even during the war, he still made repeated efforts for peace – to convince you of peace – but you just did not want peace. He offered you special allowances and incredible peace offers, but nothing could dissuade you from your blood lust and war lust. He watched for months how the Poles slaughtered the ethnic Germans [*many who lived there since the 19th century]. They were bestially slaughtered, but HE reached out his hand to Poland for peace. But the Poles kept on killing, kept on abusing, kept on slaughtering the Germans wherever they could get a hold of them because you have dreadfully incited them.

The Poles had already issued new land maps [*and made no secret of it] with Poland reaching all the way to Frankfurt. The Poles prided themselves that in 9 days they could reach Berlin and occupy it. They killed and killed and would not stop. They even crossed the border into German territory at night and tortured and pillaged on German land. In addition, there was the assault on the transmitter station Gleiwitz and on August 31, 1939, the murder of German consul in Krakau as well as the general mobilization of the Polish army that represented [*under the circumstances] a war declaration upon Germany.

In the months before the war and in the first days of the war, about 13,000 ethnic Germans were slaughtered in Poland in bestial ways. YOU all represent Hitler’s response today as an attack upon an innocent country and claim HE has started World War II. This Polish crisis could have stayed a crisis between neighbor countries, but YOU declared war on Germany on Sept. 3. Britain and France declared war! YOU have started the world war that you had already planned for such a long time in advance. YOU have staged the Polish crisis and incited with lies the Poles against Germany and offered the Poles unconditional support against the Germans, so that YOU finally could start striking Germany.

You have murdered 8 Million Germans AFTER the war and call it liberation. Yes, you truly ‘liberated’ them. Liberated them from life in unimaginable horrific ways: You have starved them to death. You have tortured them to death. You have raped them to death. You have burned them, impaled them, cut off the breasts of women and girls, cut off the testicles of our men. You cut out eyes, cut off ears and cut out tongues and beat in the sculls of small children. They were forced to eat and drink the excrements of their torturers. They had to dig up decayed dead who died of Typhus, kiss them and lay down beside them. No cruelty or perversion committed upon us Germans were too wicked for you. None! But YOU are the good “liberators” while we Germans who had to suffer through all of this from you are the “bad ones.”

You have ‘liberated’ us all, too. Liberated us from the truth and the most beautiful and high-minded times that Germany had ever experienced [*in modern times]. You have liberated us from our innocence and instead have burned blame into our brains; a blame for crimes we are not responsible for. In one night, you murdered 500,000 people by burning them alive because you WANTED TO SEE THEM “FRY.” This had nothing to do with war. You make sure today that out of 500,000 murders you make only 25,000. [*Partially due to British government historian David Irving who distributed similar low numbers early on after the war.]. In other cities it was 100,000 or 50,000. All of them you have “fried.” YOU forbid us to dig for corpses you left behind on YOUR killing fields, filled with the mortal remains of hundreds of thousands of Germans, remains stumbled upon by farmers, time and time again. You do not want that the world will find out about your crimes. But the world long knows your crimes. You cannot prevent this.

You have murdered tens of Millions of Germans in the war and after the war and agitate over a few Jews who DIED in the war? Why are the 160,000 Jews listed as victims in the German archives who were persecuted and killed by the terrible “Nazi-Regime” while YOU have, demonstrably, murdered Millions of Germans? Why are war dead of other ethnical background [*other than the Jews, namely Germans] not remembered in Germany; victims of a war that YOU, and ONL YOU, have contrived, planned far in advance, and instigated? And most of all, why are the innocent German women, children, old people and injured NOT REMEMBERED that died by your hands? Conversely, violence is used against grieving Germans in their marches through Dresden to finally honor the German bombing victims. Since when is grief something to be punished?

You have extorted confessions from our German soldiers with the most brutal torture methods and other use of force, confessions that would not be passable by any court of the world, since confessions under torture are not valid and are illegal. But you did not hold your processes before a court, but YOU YOURSELF were the judges. You have without further ado assembled a kangaroo court manned with all murderers. Murderers adjudicate over their victims! You have violated right from the beginning of the war the obligations to International Law of warfare and infringed permanently against the HLKO, whilst Germany and its German soldiers adhered meticulously to the International Law, contrary to all the lies.

Do you really believe it will go on like this forever? Do you really believe the German people will put up with this forever?

You hate us? O.k. go ahead hate us. But know that this hate tethers us. Your hate of us binds us to you, that’s why you will never get rid of us. You can’t and will not extinguish the German blood and the German intellect. Never!

Go ahead hate us! The more you hate us, the more we awake and become stronger. Your hate gives us our strength.

You may kill us; you may torture us; you can destroy our livelihood, you can lock us up. But do know this: from the prisons, month for month people are released and who are no longer ignorant and do not come back into freedom without the truth. They will continue to fight in our behalf. You can take us to the end of the earth, but we take the truth always with us, the truth that lives in our hearts and cannot be wiped out and will be proclaimed, regardless of where we are.

You can take everything from us, but three things you can never take from us: Our souls, our intellect and the truth – because all three are free. None of them are subjected to your power.

Your “game” is over. It is finish.

Annette S. (EponaRhiannon –

Addition by YOU are banishing true historical articles and books by historians and laypeople from around the world and incarcerate Europeans who read them or talk about them. You defame people, ruin their careers, destroy their livelihood, take the loyalty of their families and loved ones from them by outcasting them and terrifying their families and friends. YOU are mere criminals, beasts, the lowest of mankind… ‘man-eaters!’

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