Forced to Build Gas Chambers After the War

germanvictims – …In any case, I had the “pleasure” along with other prisoners to build a gas chamber and execution chamber in the Russian concentration camp Oranienburg (Sachsenhausen) in November 1945 – chambers that did not exist up to that time. Here we should ask the Allies, why they did this?…

Questions and Answers in History

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Gerhart Schirmer, who in 1993 will be 80 years old, and who lives by the motto: “Work for your family and the people of your nation (Volk),” was a brave and distinguished German officer and troop commander in WWII, respected by the enemy. Under degrading circumstances in Russian captivity, he nevertheless kept his honor and decency, and served the Bundesrepublik (BRD) again as officer and commander.

Gerhart Schirmer – 1992: When political leaders of the times claim: “We are for honesty in politics,” and when the German constitution in Article 5 guarantees “Freedom of Opinion,” then this freedom must be valid, or, like Shakespeare quoted: “Something is rotten in this state.” After the war, through the “re-education program” for the Germans, it was no longer about us, the people, but about “me”; instead of duty it was demanding of rights; and instead of service, it was only about income. This has destroyed the equilibrium of the German people and created trillions in debt for the country.

For the record: 1983 Mr. Petersen asked me for a written account of my knowledge regarding the question “of killing of Jews in the Third Reich.” In response I have put together the numbers 1 through 9 (see below) and sent them to him. Afterwards he informed me that he has an order from Bundeskanzler Kohl (chancellor Kohl) to work with Mr. Elie Wiesel on the erection of the Holocaust Museum in Washington, USA, and has received the sum of 350 Million DM from the chancellor for this project. Therefore, he will not comment on my report.

First of all: I do not take things lightly nor do I think in relative terms. In the interest of our nation, our children and grandchildren, we should search and probe for the truth of our past. Genuine peace emerges only through justice; and justice is based on truth.

Two questions burden the German people: The question of whose fault was WWII, and the questions around the extermination of the Jews. In the present time we have the question of the 250,000 children murdered in the womb and the so-called replacement by foreign immigrants.

As a man of long-standing service as a soldier, I was interested in the history before WWII and the cause or blame of this war. There is much literature on this available now. Especially in the book by Viktor Soworow, Der Eisbrecher (The Ice Breaker), we can assume that the strike against the Soviet Union was a preventive war; and, therefore, a liberation move against a deadly threat from the East for all of Europe.

In the disputes in my mind, I came again and again across the question of murdered Jews. Not only are we daily confronted with this crime in the mass media [*A German must always confirm that there was a crime of murdering Jews, or he will be prosecuted!]. The Jewish question especially moved me because in a long and varied life I have experienced that:

The German basically is good-natured, tolerant – even long suffering – and does not have a tendency to torture people. In the war, the German men and women were brave and also always fair. The exception bears out the rule. Towards foreign countries, the German is more inclined to be obliging, as long as he does not receive shameless prejudice. The re-education by the occupation, however, might have resulted in a value shift toward the negative in him.

So I asked myself: “How can it be that outrageous things happened here [*The German always has to state that they DID happen or he will be prosecuted] and to what extend?

Only he who knows the [*true] history, has a key for the right action in the future. Therefore, nothing is worse than ASKING THE WRONG QUESTIONS in history. False answers can be corrected. But the wrong or false questions blockade like breaks. Why was there anti-Semitism in Germany?

First: Anti-Semitism existed repeatedly and in many countries. The word “progrom” comes from Russia. Why? There must be reasons. Here, I do not want to go into the examination of other countries. The “revolution” of 1918/19 was often enough in the hands of the Jews, not only in other countries (Russia, Hungary, etc.) but also in Germany. Especially the Bavarian Räterepublik (spring 1919) was directed by the Jews (Eisner, Mühsam, Landauer, Levine-Nissen, Axelrod, etc.) When the [*national] Freikorps attacked Munich, the »Räterepublik« shot hostages, including Prince van Thurn und Taxis and Countess Hella van Westarp. That and many more scandals still did not lead to anti-Semitism in Germany. You may want to read Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”, especially the section about the Jews, starting on page 327 [*in the German version, but which version?]. Hitler imported the anti-Semitism from Vienna, Austria, where 200,000 Jews lived.

Due to the conditions in the cities of Berlin, Leipzig and other big cities, and because of the recent history, peoples ears perked up. Regarding the lie that Germany was at fault for WWI, all the Germans were informed and knew that Germany did not want the war but due to the existing loyalty contract with the Habsburgs, Germany was unfortunately drawn into the war. The unbearable reparations, as a result of the “Versailles dictate,” the unemployment and next to it the good life of the war profiteers in the years 1920 to 1932 contributed to the “open ears.”

Already in 1932, there was the first and on March 24, 1933, the second declaration of war by World Jewry on Germany (see Daily Express of March 24, 1933). JEWS DECLARE WAR ON GERMANY 1933 The 12-hour boycott of the National Socialists on April 1, 1933, against Jewish businesses was a reaction and not an action! Why are these declarations of war kept secret [*in Germany]?

On the day of the founding of the NSDAP, on February 24, 1920, it was determined in § 4 of the program “Only a Volk comrade can be a citizen. And only a person of German blood can be a Volk comrade.” Therefore, § 5 demanded: The Jew shall live “as guest” in Germany. This was approved in the Weimar Republic. Not a word about extermination or getting rid of Jews (Ausrottung). Also, the Nuremberg blood protection laws of 1935 do not contain any reference to extermination. The president of the Zionist State Organization, Georg Kareski, wrote on December 23, 1935: “For many years, I have seen the clear demarcation of cultural and human relations of two races living together as the prerequisite for a coexistence without conflict. The Nuremberg laws seem to be going in the same direction.”

Furthermore, the Reich supported the immigration out until the war, [*in those days, permission had to be obtained in most countries to leave] and at the beginning of the war reinforced these efforts. Even though the immediate internment of all Jews in Germany would probably have been justified after the Jews declared war on Germany for the third time, on September 6, 1939, it was not enforced. [*Of course it was justified but a German writer cannot say this or he will be prosecuted.]

In addition, the “Wannsee-Protokol,” a doubtful document (its 16th issue was made public in various versions) contains not a word for extermination.

As an aside, then no state wanted to take on the Jews. A whole book could be written just about this. The historian Dr. Arendt (Jewess) writes in her book Eichmann in Jerusalem: ” The role of the Jewish leaders in the destruction of their own people is for Jews the darkest chapter in the whole history.” [*There was no destruction, but a “good” German has to mention this word, or he will be in the bulls eye of the Jews.]

And Martin Buber (major Jewish philosopher, 1878-1965) accuses: “And in no way could the Jews have been evacuated in such a way in the East, in every country that was occupied by the Germans, without the help of Hundreds of Thousands in all those countries. Only they could indicate who were Jews and where they could be found.

And why did all the Allies, after the war, have gas chambers built into the former concentration camps? And amongst others, the Americans in Dachau?

Is there just one who has a plausible explanation for this? In any case, I had the personal “pleasure” in the Russian camp “Oranienburg” (Sachsenhausen) to build, along with other German prisoners (see my statement under oath in attachment 4), in November, 1945, a gas chamber and an execution installation. Here, one should ask the Allies: “Why?”

As far as the number of the diseased and also killed Jews goes: [*He has to say “killed” or he will be prosecuted in Germany] Would the Americans like it, if we would assert that in Dresden it was not 250,000 that died [*actually it was 400,000 per more recent research by Dr. Claus Nordbruch] but 2.5 Million and that in all the bombing it was not 2.1 Million but 21 Million that died?

Would the Czechs like it if we would assert that during the expulsion of the Germans they did not beat to death 250,000 but 3 Million? Would the Poles take it, if we would claim that not 2 Million but 20 Million died during the expulsion from Poland?

Even today the BRD could reconstruct and determine the approximate number of Jews that were exterminated [*indeed, he has to use the word extermination or he will be in trouble in Germany]. I have examined about one hundred questions regarding the murder [*!] of the Jews. Of those:

  1. I myself, along with other prisoners, was forced in October/November 1945 in the concentration camp Oranienburg by Berlin, taken over by the Soviets, to build a gassing installation that did not exist before and an installation made of concrete for executions by neck shots. For that I have given a notarized statement under oath. Such an installation of a gassing station and execution station was also built in the concentration camps Buchenwald, Dost, and Neubrandenburg at the end of the war under Soviet occupation. These camps were once concentration camps in the Third Reich.

Now the question arises, where from comes this knowledge? But first to the installation of the gassing unit at Oranienburg: Here eight people worked on this, including engineer Fritz Dörbeck, son of a German scientist, born in Russia in 1904, who spoke Russian fluently. Later, around 1970, he was Director of Sales at AEG-Telefunken in Ulm. He had to show off the installation in the spring of 1946 to Soviet visitors and explain that “in this installation the Nazis gassed 100,000 people and shot hundreds in the execution chamber.”

Several Russian officers noticed then that the concrete was brand new and the tracks of the crime were missing. Even these officers doubted the authenticy. Dörbeck reported to me after each guided tour.

And how did I learn of the number mentioned in the 1. Chapter, on page 12? When the camps were dissolved in the fall of 1949, and many prisoners were removed, many were transferred into ordinary prisons. But those who were involved in the corpse squads and the construction of the gassing installations, were pulled out of all concentration camps of the Soviet zone in Oranienburg, assembled, and later, after so-called convictions deported to Russia [*GULags – horrific slave labor camps].

So we all were able to exchange our knowledge and experience there. About my ten years in the soviet camps, I have reported of, earlier. To the corpse squads: Every concentration camp had a corpse squad made up of prisoners. The squads had to load all the naked corpses on a truck trailer and move them to a nearby area and bury them in lime pits – usually 600 bodies to one lime pit.

At the worst times at Sachsenhausen, Germany, (winter 1946/47) we had up to 120 corpses every day. The heavy losses were replaced immediately with new arrivals – often German men and women just grabbed off the street, randomly.

Due to the reunification of the commandos in the fall of 1949, we were able to exchange all numbers and measures taken, hold on to them and assemble them after our return from Russia.

  1. Why is the Jewish Declaration of War made on Germany, published in the Daily Express on March 24, 1933, determinedly kept secret from the German people? The actions of the Third Reich government were merely a reaction to this. If the Jews already in 1933 declared themselves at war with Germany, their incarceration (started in 1942) in the war was justified, according to international law. The Americans have interned 2 Million Japanese in 1942 after the beginning of war with Japan, and justifiably so. [*Nothing is mentioned of the Hundreds of Thousands of Germans that were interned in the U.S.A. also. Most people do not know about this either.]
  1. Nahum Goldmann writes in his book “Das Jüdische Paradox” (The Jewish Paradox), 1978, on page 263: “After the war there were 600,000 Jewish concentration camp survivors that no country wanted to take on!” Why would one apparently transport Jews for gassing from all the areas occupied by us to Auschwitz, even though we had the greatest transportation difficulties, while we would let 600,000 Jews live in the German concentration camps?
  2. Why is the BRD determinedly keeping secret the number of Jewish compensation applications – according to my research 4.5 Million, alone 720,000 in West Berlin? Applicants or relatives, one would expect, are still alive. I have written to several leading politicians in Bonn and Berlin, providing these numbers and asked if these numbers are correct. From none of them did I receive a refutation of these numbers. Some are hiding behind silence. Others answer evasively and in a meaningless way. None of them are rejecting my numbers. None elucidate. [*Because the BRD is a Jewish-American corporation and not a government of the German people.]
  3. Why is the work of the Special Registrar’s Office of the BRD and the International Search Offices of the Red Cross in Arolsen kept secret from the German people? Arolsen can only confirm 400,000 concentration camp deaths [*in all of Europe] (including all normal expirations). Since 1984, Arolsen is no longer allowed to make numbers public (ref. Attachment 5).
  4. How can it be – and why is this kept a secret – that the International Committee of the Red Cross (IKRK) in the final balance sheet of all the victims of the concentration camps in WWII declares a death number of 300,000, of which 200,000 were Jews. Not only that, the representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross, who visited the concentration camps until the end of 1944 regularly, where able to move about in the camps freely and were allowed, as they pleased, to interview each prisoner without intervention? This report can be freely viewed in Geneva.
  5. Where to disappeared – until now not able to find (the 5,000 victims from Katyn we have found in vast Russia) – the often mentioned 6 Million victims of the Jews, when we can neither find a mass grave nor a mound of ashes? Any crematory director can give information on how much energy is needed for the burning of a deceased.
  6. How and who can bring the following numbers under one hat? The Jewish Committee Bureau of the Synagogue Council of America claims: “In 1939 there were 5.3 Million Jews in the areas controlled by the Germans.” But it is totally unclear, how many of those fled shortly before our occupation. Mr. Sanning asserts in his book Die Auflösung des osteuropäischen Judentums (the disbandment of the East European Jews) that the Soviets transported about 1.4 Million Jews to the East between October 1939 and June of 1941. [*On May 7, 1934 – The Russian dictator Joseph Stalin (a Crypto Jew whose all three wives were Jewish) and his communist Jew helpers created an autonomous Jewish state in Birobidjan (or Birobidzhan) – which is inside Russia, in the far east of the country near China – as an alternate to the World Zionist movement’s move to Israel. Is this also were the “murdered” Jews were/are hanging out?]

This number has been confirmed to me in 1952/53 by several leading Jews Stalin had interned in the GULag Workuta, with whom I had the luck to make close friends. From the official Jewish side 5.3 Million Jews are claimed in the areas occupied by the Germans. Nahum Goldmann acknowledges: 600,000 Jews survived. 4.5 Million Jews have filed Reparations Applications! [*Interesting math!] One is also silencing the fact that with a live expectancy of 72 years average – in the war it was for several reasons much lower – 1/6th of the population dies of natural causes every 12 years, so also the Jews.

  1. Difficult is the Auschwitz complex. Why is it kept secret that Auschwitz was bombed several times? One can read in the Combat Chronology of the Air Forces in World War II in the National Archives in Washington:

Auschwitz was attacked from the air: [*Amazing, even though they knew the Jews lived there as well as Allied prisoners of war – probably all from the East like Russia, Poland, etc. This is an easy way to get rid of Jews and POWs by the Jews/Americans one has no use for to save costs of feeding them after the war!!! Or perhaps they removed the Jews just before August 1944???]:

on August 20, 1944 with 460 B 24 and B 17 Bombers

on September 13, 1944 with 350 heavy Bombers

on December 18, 1944 with 560 p. h. Bombers

on December 26, 1944 with 380 B 24 and B17 Bombers

Whoever is familiar with such air raids upon completely unprotected, huge industrial complexes and camps, knows how many victims will result from these attacks. Furthermore, you can find there the aerial pictures that were taken before and after each bombing. They speak volumes. (More information in Auschwitz und die-Alliierten, 1982, Martin Gilbert).

Why was the last commander of Auschwitz, Richard Baer, who would not and could not confess to any mass murders suddenly found dead in his cell, when a few days before, during the visit of his wife, he was healthy and hopeful (due to an expected acquittal)?

And why is the possession of some books, as if living in the Middle Ages and in a dictatorship, forbidden in the BRD? [*Now a huge number of German WWII history books have been burned in Germany and/or are forbidden with imprisonment as punishment.] Why must some printing in the German language be done in a foreign country? And why are in the early hours of the day four detectives with machine guns in my home and search – in a decent way, I must say – my whole home for a book? Why? Is it a crime to own a book?

I want to leave it at that with the 9 questions. There is no room here for answers to these and about another 100 researched questions I have. My documentations and briefs would fill volumes. But one thing I do demand:

Adenauer had the courage to have the expulsion crimes, and with it the crimes of the Soviets during their advance to the Elbe river examined, via a large investigation committee, all recorded in a work of 8 volumes. This work was not allowed to be published during the times of Brandt’s and Schmidt’s social-liberal coalition. What was liberal about that? The works were not re-published until Secretary of the Interior, Zimmermann, achieved releasing same. [*Did they falsify the documentation during the lack time.]

In these works, it has been captured without a doubt, that 2.3 Million Germans have lost their lives by the invasion of the Soviets and during the German’s expulsion from Germany’s eastern territory. Frequently they were murdered in the most beastly way, murdered in the same way as I have witnessed myself in Nemmersdorf/East Prussia in October 1944.

Why is the BRD not also working on the clarification of the murders [*He has to use the word “murder” because that’s what the Jews claim, or he will be prosecuted.] of the Jews? Still this is possible due to many documents we have on hand. Still we have witnesses. Most of all, the reparations documents can clear up much.

But the BRD instead prevents even a clarification of this question by refusing all information, even to people who are interested in historical research. And this whilst the German tax payer has paid 100,000 Million DM reparations to the Jews. Is the government not responsible to give an explanation to those who pay these enormous sums? And what about the press? In other cases the press calls for elucidation on every Million. What a circus they made about the Flick-Million-donations! Why are 100,000 Million DM kept secret? Are they afraid in Bonn, perhaps of the Jews? I cannot imagine that even the most business-minded Jew would be angry over the clarification of the destiny of his fellow Jews. [*The Jews all know what the truth is. They stick together against the non-Jews, just as it is ordered in their holy book, the Talmud, because a Jew is encouraged to cheat a non-Jew~gv.]

Unfortunately, there is a lot of silence when it comes to the murder of the Jew. With my forced building of a gassing installation and execution chamber [after the war] in the concentration camp in Sachsenhausen in October/November 1945, this matter became prominent in my life. Also from our government – regardless of party – one receives no clear and unambiguous answer. [*Conspiracy!~gv] This is why it is not possible for me to accept without any questions the numbers we Germans are fed by speech, writings, and TV daily.

But since the Jewish question has to be clarified exactly, just like the war fault and the expulsion crimes, I will continue to research, notwithstanding misguided muzzle laws – with surprising results.

When I presented these questions in 1986 to the office of the chancellery, I received the answer that the clarification of these questions were the business of historians. Of course, I continued to write and noticed that the historians cannot do their work without the files of Arolsen and the reparation documents held under lock and key that might possibly be with the office of the president and the various state governments. Furthermore, the historians must be concerned that they could be prosecuted for such work. The behavior of our government offices is incomprehensible to me!

Since the BRD insists consistently on a long made public number of Jewish deaths, it must have good reasons. Why are they not putting them on the table? Or are they lacking prove, after all? Well, then in that case, the government, the press and the radio must stop with the accusations of our people.

Translated by

Excerpt from the German book: Sachsenhausen – Workuta – Zehn Jahre in den Faengen der Sowjets –  Gerhart Schirmer, 1992

 Sachsenhausen-Workuta – Zehn Jahre In Den Faengen Der Sowjets 1992_32P.


60 Million Dead Body Photo Opportunities

..There were about 60 Million photo opportunities in WWII of dead bodies. Just take their clothes off and heap them together and voila you’ve got masses of people supposedly murdered by the Germans. Shocking “evidence!”

You can do this with the 12 Million German civilians that were murdered, killed, bombed, or died. Heap hundreds of them together and you’ve got a mass mound or mass grave of people supposedly murdered by the Germans for stunning photos.

Why did the Americans massively mow down German soldiers who surrendered around the concentration camps? Was one of the reasons for this order to have bodies for photo opportunities for the big lie of German mass murders in the concentration camps?

Millions of Germans and people from other countries died in the Russian slave labor camps in occupied Germany, Poland, Russia and and other countries. Every day hundreds of thousands of Germans died throughout Europe on the streets or in the camps of the German enemies. Great photo opportunities of dead bodies here!

Millions of Germans died in the Czech, French, British, Polish concentration camps. Did the camp leaders also take the clothes off the bodies and take pictures of their mass murders? I’m sure they did because they wanted to show off the gruesome deeds they enjoyed!

Did the Germans take the clothes off the dead in the war? I doubt it because I think it is a way of dishonoring the bodies under those public circumstances. Many of the East block murderers took the clothes off the German civilians and soldiers before they shot them to rob them off their last belongings or use the uniforms to disguise themselves as Germans to do their heinous crimes. They had no honor in warfare like the Germans did. The enemies of the Germans created heaps of dead German bodies which they had opportunities to photograph.

Thousands of Allied prisoners of war brought Typhus to the camps. One of the results of this disease is severe emaciation. Typhus is caused by bacteria and spread through lice and ticks. The POWs were loaded with lice. In all camps, not just the German camps, Cyclone-B (the one they accuse the Germans of to gas people with) was used to delouse the prisoners on a regular basis.

Hundreds of thousands of Germans died in the occupied zones in Germany in the concentration camps they were shoved into after the war by the Allies. For example, in the prison Sachsenhausen, up to 120 people ‘died’ every day under Russian occupation. The bodies were all undressed. Great photo opportunities for masses of dead bodies here.

About 7 to 8 Million German civilians and surrendered soldiers died in Germany proper, starved to death by the Allied troops, on the streets, in their homes, and in the open air meadow camps in Germany under American, French, and British occupation. They were emaciated down to the bone. Truckloads of these bodies were dumped away from the camps to hide the evidence alongside distant roads, in woods, and in nearby countries; for example, France and Belgium. Lots of photo opportunities here to eternalize this crime in pictures claiming these bodies are concentration camp victims of the Germans.

As far as clothing goes, I wonder if the striped prison outfit might have been the same around Europe.

Soldat English – Dead Germans for Hollywood Movie of Holocaust-pdf

Ermordete Deutsche als Judenopfer-copy of German newspaper clipping before I translated it

With millions of dead German prisoners and civilians throughout Europe, to set up heaps of bodies for photo opportunities is an EASY thing, and then ‘documenting’ these crimes as concentration camp victims of the Germans is just as easy.

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