The Nazi Hunters

The Nazi hunters are greedy beasts. They are liars, deceiver, and robbers. On top of that they use this scam to stay in the limelight as so-called victims to re-enforce the Jewish holocaust invention. They can! Because they own all the media. Did you know that Jew Dwight Eisenhower, supreme commander over Europe after the war, starved nearly 6 Million German civilians to death. How about that 6 Million?!

Any elderly German man (or woman) anywhere in the world can be suddenly hauled out of their home and dragged into court. He’ll have no chance because the Holocaust does not have to be proven in court – i.e. it’s just hearsay (in fact it has been scientifically disproved by several experts). In Germany they use the word “offenkundlich” in court. How can something in court be “a given?” Since the holocaust does not have to be proven nor does the hearsay stories of the witnesses have to be proven, what these lying witnesses say is as good as gold, as well. The Jewish tribe sticks together and no single Jew will speak truth against their Jewish masters. All Nazi guilt and Jewish holocaustiosity is hearsay and lies! But there are several REAL holocausts the Jews have created and one of them is the 66 Million Russians they have murdered, including the Ukrainians and Millions of Germans in Russia and the Ukraine. (The Germans created the Ukrainian Bread Basket.) Further the Jews were behind the Armenian holocaust where Millions of Armenians were starved to death. In addition, as mentioned before, they were behind the holocaust of the Germans toward the end and after WWI and WWII. All in all the Jews are responsible for 12 Million German civilians who died of horrible deaths at the end of WWII and years after that. And then there is the responsibility for the two world wars the Jews have planned to bring the great German empire to ruin, initiated, executed and dragged out via their banking and commercial power in England, Russia, France, Poland, and the U.S.A.

If the German so-called Nazi has money, the better for the Jews, because the vulture Jewish attorneys and their henchmen, and the well-to-do so-called Jewish victims who already live a comfortable life with the pension funds they get from the sucker Germans and the sucker Americans, are always in need of more money. They’ll laugh after the court and party because they always win. FOR THEM TO WIN IS A GIVEN BECAUSE THERE IS NO JUSTICE, JUST HEARSAY AND BOUGHT SERVANTS. They use powerful Jewish attorneys and wimpy gentile Judges who do not want to rock the boat. Or they have Jewish judges. Anything can be arranged by the powerful ADL that functions worldwide.

It’s a publicity stunt, it’s a money scheme and robbery, and it’s a great injustice toward the elderly German man (or woman). There is no limit to the Jewish lies and deception. As the Talmud, the ‘holy’ book of the Jews states: The Jew can lie, cheat and steal when it comes to the goyim (cows); that is us! And it further states that we gentiles are merely beasts and live only to serve the Jew; and even the best of us deserve to die.

Some of these elderly Nazis where some of the best and honorable men that ever lived.

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