6 Million German Civilians Holocausted by Starvation

That’s right! Nearly 6 Million German civilians were starved to death in Germany proper alone, after the war, by the ‘terrible Swede,’ a Jew and Supreme Commander of Europe, Dwight Eisenhower (and his henchmen), whom the clueless American people even elected as their president!!!  They did not even know he was a Jewish mass murderer, nor did they know Roosevelt was a Jew.  They did not listen to the quiet voices that spoke out in America for a long time but only listened to the loud and boisterous media. Jewish media! Just like they always have. So these mass murderers have fooled them all and gotten away with it! But never mind, we Germans have been also fooled for nearly 70 years by our “German” leaders who all were mostly not of German blood, liars, deceivers AND GERMAN-HATERS, working for the U.S.-hidden Bolshevik/Communist-Jewish-Parasite-government supporting the Soviet-Jew-Bolshevik/Communist-Government who took down Germany and Russia and is in the process of taking down the U.S.A. for good.  (I still hope not, but it does not look good. I’ll die with knowing the truth!) The Germans have been gagged in the most important history issues: who started the war really, who made a local conflict into a World War, the Jewish so-called Holocaust and the Allied crimes. Early after the war, German historians had still issued some books with truths as this is always the case in countries after the war, but the most important books have been burned in many countries in Europe during the last decades as the Jews obtained more and more world power and pity for their deceptions. Tens of thousands of Germans are sitting in prison because of the Jewish hate law for speaking history truth. Some books can be found in the U.S. In the end, truth always slips out a bit, at least part of it. It’s a jigsaw puzzle to be put together, but coming together it will! I am doing what I can to promote truth.

As a good Jewish Bolshevist / Communist always does, he reverses the facts and accuses the victims of the evils he is about to do to them or has already done. The Jew already plans the absolution for his murders a year ahead because he stands at his Talmudic Altar where he gets same for all his evil deeds he wants to commit during the coming year; and killing goyim (cows=Non-Jews) is not even considered an evil deed but a good deed for the Jew when it benefits the Jew.  Have you ever come across people who blame you for something when they started the problem? They have been Judea-fied in the American culture and the result is: Blaming the Victim! In this case the innocent one is Germany. But this was also the systematic approach in Russia by the Jews who have usurped Russia and turned it into the murderous Soviet Union, eliminating tens of Millions of Russians, Ukrainians, Germans, and many others – all INNOCENT Soviet-Union citizens.

To distract from the nearly 6 Million German Civilians starved to death in Germany, the international criminal gang invented the Jewish Holocaust. Eisenhower and his henchmen simply replaced the starved to death Germans civilian numbers in Germany with Jews murdered in Europe, an act which was long planned even before the war. The “6 Million” Jewish Holocaust lie goes even back to the early 20th century in Russia. While the Jew-government Soviet Union murdered the Czar and his family and Millions of Ukrainians, Germans, Russians, and other citizens of former Russia, starting in 1917, the Jews claimed during that time that 6 Million Jews are being exterminated. This is a Jewish custom, accusing the innocent and protecting the guilty! Proof of both are on my website. Some Russian citizens, of course, fought back against the Jews for what they were doing to them, and killed a few of them. Suddenly it was 6 Million Jews killed in Russia.

But the 6 Million German civilians starved to death, is not all. The International Criminal Gang under the Supreme Commander of Europe, Eisenhower, has murdered  Over 1 Million German surrendered soldiers who were imprisoned on a meadow without cots or housing, surrounded by mesh-wire fences, and then frozen and starved to death or died of their war wounds without any medical help. Any German who came by to give the German soldiers some food was shot at will.

The additional Millions of murders of Germans are described in other articles on this blog. All in all, the total number of murdered German civilians via rape, starving to death, torture, beating to death, shooting, bombing, or killed in other ways during their escape from enemy countries in Europe or in Germany and Austria, primarily after the war, was 12 Million.

3.25 Million German surrendered or captured soldiers died in Allied prison camps, murdered or tortured to death, executed, or died slowly under horrid conditions.  Most of them died in Europe Allied camps;  others were dragged off to Canada, the U.S.A., Australia and other ‘civilized’ countries where they succumbed to brutal treatment!

By falsely blaming the Germans for WWII, the LIARS GOT AWAY WITH MURDER, MASS MURDER THAT IS. Because who cares about us Germans who are falsely called the aggressors. But, we are the sacrificial lamb of the Jews, the innocent ones who were martyred and still are! The Germans in Germany who were not brainwashed since childhood and know the truth, and other Germans around the world, are grieving in silence as they are gagged with the Jewish “hate law” in most countries. The Jews got almost the whole world in their pocket now with their lies. But the tide is, unfortunately, turning and now those who blame the Germans will find out the very hard way who the Jews really are, namely the most evil, vicious, and heartless people on this earth. However, the people of America and many other countries, will for the most part not be killed by Jews, but by their henchmen, whom they have conveniently imported by the tens of Millions: Russians, Chinese, Mexicans, etc. Or we might become sterile from inoculations, die by induced famines or pandemics, or possibly neutron bombs from Russia or China. Since we can’t stop the progress of this plan, what bothers me most is that most Americans will die clueless, thinking it’s the fault of their president, or Russia, or China. No, those are just labels and front men. Our leadership does not love us, nor do they love people in general. They have not got it in them. Adolf Hitler loved the German people and did care abut all people, it follows. Again, the Jews will get away with murder, MASS MURDER THAT IS. That’s why they have arranged it so that you cannot mention the words: “He is a Jew,” without people glaring at you as a “hater.” This way, their crimes stay hidden, just like them who always work behind the scene instigating two groups fighting each other.

The Jews usually use others to do the bloody killing; the Jews only engage themselves in their personal pleasure of cruelty for special catches: rich people, big people, top officials, courageous people, important truth speakers and resisters, and very intelligent people, to get an extra special pleasure out of humiliating and tormenting them to death. That’s what they did in Germany to our great, honorable, s0-called “Nazi” leaders and highest soldiers, the SS. And, the Jews enjoyed raping the German women and children by doing the most horrible things to them in bordellos they have set up in many countries toward the end of the war and after the war, imprisoning these Germans in  places where the Jews got preferential access to torment white, German women and girls. Nowadays it’s white Ukrainian and other white females they have kidnapped to criminal headquarters, Israel, to torment them with their sexual perversions.

Many of these third-world illegal and legal immigrants envy us Americans. To them even an average citizen is considered rich. Many have been taught to blame us for them not having (Communist scheme since the French Revolution). That’s what the poverty stricken, Communist Russian soldiers did: the more middle-class a German woman was the more cruelly they raped and tormented her and her children out of hate and envy, taught by their Jewish government tormentors. But we know, we worked very hard for what we Americans have obtained with our intelligence, sweat and sometimes even blood.

I am afraid the Jews will repeat what they did to France in the French Revolution, in Russia and Germany: send all these losers who have no deep connection with us upon us. This is what always happens in wars and revolutions if the leaders do not fight for honor and homeland, but for hate and greed. In the Soviet Union, when many Russians resisted to continue the killing of their Russian co-citizens, the Jews engaged the Chinese. The Chinese slaughtered the white Russians with delight.

Why do you think they bring all of these other races in here and into Europe so massively? Something bad is going to happen!

Can we possibly divert this coming disaster?~gv

German Memorial to the 12 Million murdered German Civilians (in German)

Table of German Deaths (translated into English)

Deutsche Opfer 2. Weltkrieg (the original German wording)

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