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germanvictims.com – …Throughout the Talmud the word Goi is used in referring to the Gentiles and in particular to the White Gentiles and the Romans. This is their derogatory term for the word cattle, or beast, and is sometimes spelled Goyim. From early childhood the Jews are taught that a Gentile, any Gentile, is a beast and is to be treated the same as they would treat cattle…

About the Talmud

(The Complete Talmud is 66 Books)

The real essence of the Jewish creed is not the Old Testament as such, not the Pentateuch, or the Book of Moses, but the basic creed as set forth in the Talmud. To the outside world, the Jews profess to be attached to the Old Testament. Again, this is partial deception and also a partial smoke screen for their real program.

When Jewish boys and girls reach the age of thirteen, it is not the Old Testament that they pursue, look to for guidance, but by this time they have a completed a thorough study and indoctrination course of the Talmud. It is their real Bible.

The Jews claim that whereas Moses received the written law from God on Mount Sinai on tables of stone, he also received interpretations of it, or the “oral law,” at the same time. They claim this is the reason why Moses remained so long on the mountain, since God could have given him the written law in one day. Whereas all this again is so much fiction and Jewish invention, nevertheless it is significant to note their explanation of the origin of their creed.

Moses is said in turn to have transmitted this oral law to Joshua; Joshua in turn supposedly transmitted it to the seventy Elders; these Elders then passed it on to the Prophets, and the Prophets to the Great Synagogue. The Jews then claim it was later transmitted successively to certain Rabbis until it was no longer possible to retain it orally and they began to put it down in writing.

This again is their mythical explanation of the origin of their sacred creed. It is, of course, not based on any fact. Like the rest of their self-concocted history, it is pure myth. It is very doubtful whether characters such as Moses or Joshua even existed.

Nevertheless, going back to historical sources, it is well know that before the advent of Christianity, schools existed in Palestine in which “sacred: Jewish literature was taught. The commentaries of the doctors of law were noted down on charts and lists as an aid to memory, and these collected together formed the beginnings of the Jewish Talmud.
There is a long history from here on out as to its compilation and its growth to the present day Talmud. I do not want to take up the space to go into all the complicated machinations that took place in order to build it up to its present huge volumes.

Suffice it to say that the Mischnah is the foundation and the principle part of the whole Talmud. This book was accepted by the Jews everywhere and was recognized as their authentic code of law. With the passing of time, the interpretations of this code increased and disputations and decisions of the doctors of the law concerning the Mischnah were written down. These writings, which were interpretations of the law, constitute another part of the Talmud called the Gemarah. In total therefore, these two parts, namely the Mischnah, which serves as the text of the Jewish law, followed by the Gemarah which serves as an analysis and interpretation of that law, constitute the Jewish Talmud.

By the year 500 A.D. the Talmud was more or less compiled in its present form. Even at that time there were two main Talmuds used by the Jews, one was the Palestinian Talmud, and the other was the Babylonian Talmud, of which the latter, the Babylonian Talmud, was the more comprehensive. It was not compiled by any one person nor at any one time, but many prominent Jewish leaders labored over it for many years.

The Babylonian Talmud is the one that is today accepted by the majority of Jews, but not all. When we refer to the Talmud in this chapter, we will be talking basically about the Babylonian Talmud.

Thus the Mischnah, the Gemarah, Tosephoth, and the Perusch Hamischnaioth of Maimonides, all collected into, constitute a vast work which is called the Talmud. The complete Talmud contains sixty-three books in five hundred and twenty-four chapters. It is this vast piece of literature, which contains much trash and also much filth, that has nevertheless woven into, and throughout the length of it, the basic Jewish teaching. It lays down the line for the destruction of the Gentile peoples of the world with all its wealth, the enslavement of all peoples. It basically contains all the Jewish laws in their relationships between each other, and also in relationship of the Jews towards the Gentiles.
The Talmud also contains much detailed advice about the use of fruits, seeds, herbs, trees, etc. It goes into much detail about Jewish festivals, about when they are to begin, when they are to be ended and how they are to be celebrated. It has a voluminous amount of law treating the subject of marriage, and repudiation of wives, their duties, relationships, sickness and many other subjects in this field. The fields that it covers is almost unlimited. It takes in the penalties and compensations in regards to damages. It makes a big to do about sacrifices and sacred rites and holy days. It also goes into the subject of purifications in great detail.

The Talmud further goes into great length about the laws themselves. It has a treatment of laws concerning buying and selling, laws concerning real estate and commerce. It goes into the treatment of courts and their proceedings and the punishment of capital crimes. It also deals the different kinds of oaths and the breaking thereof. It has a collection of traditional laws and decisions gathered from the testimonies of their distinguished scholars and Jewish teachers.

The books go on and on. There is hardly a subject that is not covered as far as the life of a Jew is concerned. Much of it is trivial, much of its tremendously boring. Nevertheless, threaded throughout the Talmud is the basic philosophy and creed of the Jew himself that makes such a dangerous parasite to every society he bores into. It is not my purpose to spend too much time on the massive detail embodied in the compendium of the books of the Talmud. Suffice it to say that this work has always been regarded by the Jews as holy. They have also held it, and still hold it, as more important


that the so-called sacred scriptures. The Talmud itself shows this very clearly. In one part it says “Those who devote themselves to reading the Bible exercise a certain virtue, but nor very much; those who study the Mischnah exercise virtue for which they will receive a reward; those, however, who take upon themselves to study the Gemarah exercise the highest virtue.”

In another part of the Talmud it says “The Sacred Scripture is like water, the Mischnah wine, and the Gemarah aromatic wine.” The following is a well-known and highly praised opinion in the writings of the Rabbis: “My son, give heed to the words of the scribes rather than to the words of the law.” In other words, the young Jew being trained for his prospective role and part in the Jewish world conspiracy is told over and over again that he must pay close attention to the teachings of the Talmud rather than the written law of the Old Testament itself. Whereas both are part of their underlying religious creed, the teachings of the Talmud prevail and are predominant.

Throughout the Talmud the word Goi is used in referring to the Gentiles and in particular to the White Gentiles and the Romans. This is their derogatory term for the word cattle, or beast, and is sometimes spelled Goyim. From early childhood the Jews are taught that a Gentile, any Gentile, is a beast and is to be treated the same as they would treat cattle. Interwoven throughout the teaching of the Talmud is the idea of hostility and hatred towards the Goyim.

Although the Talmud was not compiled until the year 500 A.D., much of it was written before the Christian era and at the time when Rome was at its height. The policy of the parasitic Jews from time immemorial has always been to vent their fiercest hate against the dominant and prevailing White power structure. It is therefore not surprising that much of the hate in the Talmud is directed against Rome directly.
When Babylon was at its height their most violent hatred was directed against Babylon. After they had destroyed Babylon their  most vehement hatred was directed against the Romans. As always the Jews invade and disperse themselves throughout a healthy White productive society. Then they scream persecution. They called the Romans tyrants. They claimed that the Romans held captive the children of Israel. The Jews frantically exhorted their people that only by the destruction of the Romans would the Jews be freed from what they call their fourth captivity. They urged therefore, that every Jew was bound to do all that he could to destroy this impious kingdom of the Edomites (Rome), which ruled the whole world.

Since, however, it is not always and everywhere possible to effect this extermination of the Goyim, the Talmud orders that they should be attacked at least indirectly, namely by injuring them in every possible way, and by thus lessening their power, help towards their ultimate destruction. Wherever possible, a Jew should kill the Goyim, and do so without mercy, the Talmud says.

Their hatred for Rome knew no bounds. They say that the Princedom, whose chief city is Rome, is the one to be hated most of all by the Jews. They call it the Kingdom of Esau, and of the Edomites, the Kingdom of Pride, the Wicked Kingdom, Impious Rome. The Turkish Empire is called the Kingdom of the Ismaeklites which they do not wish to destroy. The Kingdom of Rome, however, must be exterminated, because when corrupt Rome is destroyed, salvation and freedom will come to God’s Chosen People. So says the Talmud.

As we all know, destroy Rome they did. The weapon that was instrumental in destroying Rome was the suicidal Christian teachings that the Jews perpetuated upon the White Roman civilization.
The Talmud further says “Immediately after Rome is destroyed we shall be redeemed.” Translated from the Jewish jargon this means that as soon as they have destroyed Rome that they will be supreme. History shows that after the Jews destroyed and disintegrated Rome with their suicidal teachings, the White Man has never regained control of his own destiny.

The destruction of Rome was not the end of the Jewish program by any means, of course. A Jew, by the fact that he belongs to the Chosen People and is circumcised, possesses so great a dignity that no one, not even an angel can share equality with him, so says the Talmud. In fact he is considered almost the equal of God. “He who strikes an Israelite” says Rabbi Chanina “acts as if he slaps the face of God’s Divine Majesty.” A Jew is always considered good, in spite of unlimited sins he may commit; nor can his sins contaminate him, any more than dirt contaminates the kernel in a nut, but only soils its shell. A Jew is always looked upon as a man; the whole world is his and all things serve him, especially “animals which have the form of men.”

In legal matters “A goi or a servant is not capable of acting as a witness.” Furthermore, a Jew may lie and perjure himself to condemn a Goyim. About this the Talmud says further “Our teaching is as follows: When a Jew and a Goi come in to court, absolve the Jew, if you can, according to the laws of Israel. If the Goi wins, tell him that is what our laws require. If, however, the Jew can be absolved according to the Gentile law, absolve him and say it is due to our laws. If this cannot be done, proceed callously against the Goi, as Rabbi Ischmael advises.”

In any case, their war against the Goyim is relentless. They quote the Proverbs 24:6 “By wise counsel thou shalt war against them” and the Talmud then asks the question further by what kind of war? “The kin do war that every son of man must fight against his enemies, which Jacob used against Esau by deceit and trickery whenever possible. They must be fought against without ceasing, until proper order can be restored. (Restoring order to the Jews means the final Jewish tyranny over the world.) Thus it is with satisfaction that I say we should free ourselves from them and rule over them.”

So much for quoting from the Talmud. By its sheer length of volume it hides most of the vicious and insidious material from the eyes of the Goyim. It is only by the intense and lengthy study followed by the Jewish teaching that the whole import of the deadly program is revealed. It is not my intention to even partially review such a lengthy volume of books.
Suffice it to say it is a detailed program for binding the Jews together under a code of laws and a long-term program for the destruction of the White Race. The final aim is the complete destruction of the Gentiles and the domination of the Gentile world of which the White Race is their most hated enemy.

I will further expose the contents of the Talmud by going into more detail in the chapter on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Since the Protocols spell out more clearly and in concise essence the teachings of the Talmud, more space will be devoted to them.

In summation, outside of what I have already quoted about the Talmud, the Protocols and the Communist Manifesto pretty well cover the entire ground of the Jewish program for the enslavement of the world. The protocols and the Communist Manifesto themselves are nothing more than a distillation of the teachings of the Talmud. The Talmud came first, and it is in itself the supreme Jewish master plan overshadowing all other Jewish books.

Chapter Eighteen from “Nature’s Eternal Religion” by Ben Klassen


About the Protocols

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

I have said previously that the Jews wrote five major books that have been of overwhelming importance in their program for the destruction of the White Race. The first two were the Old Testament and the New Testament. The third was the Talmud. The fourth is the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

The Protocols are undoubtedly the most deadly, the most vicious, the most diabolic program for the subjugation and destruction of mankind that was ever conceived by the collective depraved minds of man, they constitute the secret program of the inner circle of the powerful Jewish insiders that rule the world. It is thought that this circle, these powerful insiders, are composed of approximately 300 men, all Jews, all of whom know each other but are unknown to the rest of the world, They are also unknown to the Jewish following whose support they demand and whose support they enjoy. These Elders, the supreme nerve center of power of the Jewish dictatorship, have for centuries usurped unto themselves the supreme power of the world. They are also the governing body of the Kehilla, and the Jewish race.

The program that is set forth in the Protocols is a very concentrated program and it defies summation, because it is in itself a summation of the hidden programs that the Jews have interlaced in the complex and shifting volumes of the Talmud. Its program is also the distilled concentrated poison set forth in Karl Marx’s Das Capital and Communist Manifesto. It is also an extension of the philosophy set forth in the Old Testament and the New Testament of the Jewish bible. However, whereas the Old Testament is for the consumption for the Jewish membership at large and the New Testament especially designed to confuse and confound the Gentiles, the Protocols are a secret compilation. In no event, were they ever to be seen by the eyes of the Gentiles.

Note even was the Jewish membership at large ever to know the exact details of what the leadership had in mind.

The fact that the Protocols are now available to the Gentiles and to the White Race in particular is one of the great accidents of history. They were first published by Professor Sergyei Nilus, who was a priest in the Orthodox Church in Russia. He published the first Russian language edition in 1905. In his introduction he says that a manuscript had been handed to him about four years earlier by a friend, who vouched that it was a true translation of an original document stolen by a woman from one of the most influential and highly initiated leaders of Free Masonry, at the end of a meeting of the “initiated” in France, that “nest of Jewish- Masonic conspiracy.” Professor Nilus added that the Protocols are not exactly minutes of meetings, but a report, with a part apparently missing, made by some powerful person inside the Jewish conspiracy.
The Protocols were published in book form by Sergyei Nilus in Russia in 1905. A copy of this is in the British Museum bearing the date of its inception, August 10, 1906.

The publication of this book was a very serious threat to the Jewish conspiracy and Adolph Hitler says that whenever this book becomes the common property of a nation the Jewish threat can pretty well be deemed as broken. This goes to show just how important this document is. The Jews realized this, and all copies that were known to exist in Russia in the Kerenski regime just after the revolution were destroyed and under his successors the possession of a copy of the Protocols by anyone in Soviet Russia was deemed a crime to insure the owner being shot on sight. It is highly recommended that every White man and woman study this ferocious and deadly document for themselves, and convince themselves of its genuineness and get a better understanding of the Jewish conspiracy. Naturally the Jews keep screaming again and again that they are forgeries, but what they are forgeries of they do not say, since a


forgery implies that there is a genuine article to be forged. In any case, the Jewish program of subversion and conquest of the world has followed this plan so faithfully that the events of history speak for themselves. They are the best proof that the Protocols are genuine.
Mr. Henry Ford, in an interview published in the New York World, February 17, 1921, put the case for Nilus tersely and convincingly thus: “the only statement I care to make about the Protocols is that they fit in with what is going on. They are 16 years old and they have fitted the world situation up to this time. They fit it now.”

Since Mr. Henry Ford made that statement, more than 50 years have gone by. Today we can see with our own eyes the world picture that has unfolded in the meantime. We can see more precisely the confirmation of the program contained in the Protocols. Practically all of the world is now under Jewish control, and so much more of the deadly program has been unraveled before our eyes that a person has to be either a Jewish agent, or a complete idiot to deny the authenticity of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
Meanwhile, the Jews consistently keep denying that the Protocols are genuine. In fact, they have even set up a committee in the Senate to investigate them and issue a report that they were forged. Naturally this was done under the leadership of such Jewish senators as Senator Javits and others, with a goodly support of pro- Jewish lackeys. In any case, the claim of the Jews that the Protocols are forgeries and the fact that the Jews are the world’s greatest liars and masters of deceit, is the best proof of their genuineness. Strangely, the Jews never attempt to answer the facts corresponding to the threats which the Protocols contain, and indeed, the correlation between the prophesy of the Protocols and the fulfillment that has already been brought about is just too obvious to be argued away. This the Jews know only too well and therefore they never argue about the material contained in the Protocols itself and the obvious unraveling of the conspiracy before our eyes.

In any case, the diabolical plans spelled out in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is not new to Jewish history. They reveal the concerted plan of action of the Jewish nation that has developed through the ages and edited by the Elders themselves up to that date. According to the records of the secret Jewish Zionism, King Solomon and other Jewish learned men, in 929 B.C., already had thought out a scheme in theory for a peaceful conquest of the whole universe of Zion.
As history developed, this scheme was worked out in detail and completed by men who were subsequently initiated into this program. These learned men decided, by any means whatsoever, to conquer the world for Zion with the slyness of the Symbolic Snake, whose head was to represent those who have been initiated into the plans of the Jewish administration, and the body of the snake to represent the Jewish people. The administration was always to be kept secret, even from the Jewish nation itself. As this Snake penetrated into the hearts of the nations it encountered, it undermined and devoured all the non-Jewish power of these states. It is foretold that the Snake has still to finish its work, strictly adhering to the designed plan, until the course which it has to run is closed by the return of its head Zion and until, by this means, the Snake has completed its round of Europe, it will then encompass the whole world. This it is to accomplish by using every means possible, subduing countries by economic conquest, by propaganda, by cunning, by trickery, by deceit, by war, by finance, by force, or by any necessary means whatever.

Anyone studying the Talmud will find imbedded in much chaff and other long winded diatribe the essence of the program prescribed in the Protocols. To show that the diabolical conspiracy embodied in the Protocols is not new, we have the same principles and morality of the latter day Protocols (which are really as old as the tribe itself) set forth in the 15th century program which was printed in a French journal financed by the Rothschilds and published in 1889. Four hundred years earlier, on January 13, 1489, Chemor, Jewish Rabbi of Arles, in Provence, France, wrote to the grand Sanhedrin, which then had its seat in Constantinople, for advice, as the people of Arles were threatening the synagogues. What should the Jews do? This was the reply:

“Dear Beloved Brethren in Moses,
We have received your letter in which you tell us of the anxieties and the misfortunes which you are enduring. We are pierced by a great pain to hear it as yourselves.

The advice of the Grand Satraps and Rabbis is the following:

1. As for what you say that the King of France obliges you to become Christians: do it, since you cannot do otherwise, but let the Law of Moses be kept in your hearts.
2. As for what you say about the command to despoil you of your goods (the law was that on becoming converted, Jews gave up their possessions): make your sons merchants that little by little they may despoil the Christians of theirs.
3. As for what you say about their making attempts on your lives: make your sons doctors and apothecaries, that they may take away Christian lives.
4. As for what you say of their destroying your synagogues: make your sons Canons and Clerics in order that they may destroy their churches.
5. As for the many other vexations you complain of: arrange that your sons become advocates and lawyers and see that they always mix themselves up with the affairs of the state, in order that by putting Christians under your yoke you may dominate the world and be avenged on them.
6. Do not swerve from this order that we give you, because you will find by experience that humiliated as you are, you will reach the actuality of power.”

Signed V.S.S.V.F.F., Prince of the Jews, 21st Caslue (November, 1489)”

In the year 1844 just before the Jewish revolutions of 1848 swept most of Europe, Benjamin Disraeli, whose real name was Israel, and who was a damped or baptized Jew, published his novel Conningsby, in which he revealed the following: “the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.” He even went on to show that all these personages were Jews.
A map of the course of the Symbolic Snake is shown as follows: its first stage in Europe was in 429 B.C. in Greece, where at the time of Pericles, the Snake first started eating into the power of that unfortunate country. The second stage was in Rome at approximately the time of Julius Caesar. It may come as a surprise to many readers that Julius Caesar, who has probably received more fame and publicity than any other Roman, was a valuable agent of the Jews. It was for this reason that he was murdered by a small group of patriotic Romans who risked their lives in order to try to avert the destruction of the Roman Republic. The Jews wept and cried around the body of Julius Caesar as they always do when one of their own agents has been killed.

The third stage takes place in Madrid in the time of Charles V, in 1552. The fourth in Paris about 1790 at the time of Louis XVI and the French Revolution. The fifth movement of the Symbolic Snake is designated in London from 1814 onwards after the downfall of Napoleon. The next and sixth stage, the Symbolic Snake moves on to Berlin in 1871 after the Franco- Prussian War. The seventh stage takes place in St. Petersburg over which is drawn the head of the Snake under the date 1881. All these states which the Snake has traversed have had their foundations and their constitutions shaken to the roots.

There are 24 Protocols all together and each one of them is loaded with deadly concentrated poison. The term “Goyim” is used throughout and it is a Jewish term for Gentiles or non-Jews. It is a derogatory term and is synonymous with the word cattle. In other words, they view the Gentiles (including the White race) as so many cattle to be maneuvered, herded about, and finally slaughtered, or enslaved for the benefit of the Jews.
As stated previously, a par of the protocols is deemed to be missing. I strongly suspect that the matter dealing with the tremendously powerful part the Judeo-Christian hoax has played in subjugating the “Goyim” is what is missing. Since Professor Nilus was also a priest, he himself might have deleted or destroyed this part, feeling it was harmful to his church.
In any case, the Protocols as we have them are incomplete. Nevertheless, in their 70 short pages they contain so much that is basic in the Jewish program that it is imperative for us to study them. They are vital for our understanding of the Jewish thanking and their tactics.

In the next chapter I am therefore reviewing the text of the 24 Protocols in abridged form.

Chapter Nineteen from “Nature’s Eternal Religion” by Ben Klassen


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