Crime of Our Age Speech

The crime of the Century

The speech by Roland Wuttke at the rally in Dusseldorf

(Please note, there are many historical errors in this speech and Fritsch’s book. One problem in Germany is, one cannot say the full truth and therefore must defend the lie that there was a Holocaust and must defend the lies about the German military, otherwise one goes to prison and gets ruined in many ways by the Jews and their henchmen.)

Quote from “America’s responsibility for the crime against the German people” by Ludwig A. Fritsch, a German-born American historian and theologian:

“The Germans must be angels or saints, to forget and forgive what they had to suffer in injustices and cruelties twice in a generation, and all that without any provocation toward the Allies.”

“If we Americans had been treated like this, our revenge for our suffering would know no bounds. ”

A silence has settled across our land over the crime of the century against the Germans. It is not as though the victims of the great wars are not honored. But what mechanisms prevail when the truth has become a question of money? What morality applies if the commemorations differ according to the victims? How credible is this commemorative culture that hides the biggest crime of the century and is confined to a highly selective memory?

It remains reserved to private initiatives to straighten out the facts and identify the dimensions. This is probably unique in the world. Even in defeated Japan the subservience is not so great that they forget their own victims in this way or that it even would be possible to mock them.

It is not as if new things are being uncovered here. The new is only that there are foreign historians, scientists and students who show the Germans and the world that they had to bear the greatest and hardest sacrifice.

From July 1969 to July 1974 (5 years) experts of the Federal Archives in Koblenz have collected, checked and tabulated in 3500 evaluation forms on behalf of the Federal Government more than 40 000 individual documents. Official title of this gigantic work, “documenting the crimes of expulsion” a documentary of horror to the dismay of those who practiced their professorial thoroughness.

Since July 1974, the Federal archivists completed the documentation work and, since July 1974, the then Federal Government and all subsequent offices refuses to release the result to the public or even only to scientific evaluation.

The experts in the Koblenz Federal Archives have provided a synopsis of 60 pages of their documentation in which they summarize and explain the content and methodology of their work in a concise, but concrete form.

Not even this summary, the federal government was willing to trust into the hands of “responsible citizens” and not even into the hands of researchers.

The main political argument against the publication of these facts known to at least as many people, not least the victims of the crimes of expulsion, is: There is a danger that in such a publication, a kind of mutual counting of war crimes would be set off.

During a questioning hour in the German Bundestag on 25 September 1974 the parliament. Secretary of State, Gerhard Baum, responded to a question from Mr. Windelen regarding the release of the documentation:

“… Even if one assumes such a presentation can be prepared, the federal government is of the opinion that this would not be appropriate. It would lead to a crime balance sheet that would, whether we like it or not, lead to comparison discussion that basically no one, especially not the Germans, want.” [*Ha, ha, ha! Laugh out loud… what a joke!~germanvictims]

So it was then left to private initiatives to publish excerpts from the documentation of the crimes of expulsion of the Germans, as published by Wilfried Ahrens in his Brochure “Crimes against Germans-The victims in the East”. („Verbrechen an Deutschen- Die Opfer im Osten“ There we read:

“Predominantly violence and riots appear in the advancing Red Army troops as purely willful assaults by the members of the Soviet troops.

According to the summary representation in volume I / I of the documentation of the expulsion these were attributed to various driving forces and motives. However, it has also been noted that the reading by Soviet soldiers of their newspapers, leaflets and listening to their radio broadcasts before the offensive against the German territories and in the first weeks of conquest directed to the troops, where they were called upon for revenge and retribution on the German occupants, are accountable.

This was papers taken which were captured by a German counterattack in the area Königsberg in a Soviet regiment rooms and are in translation under the material to document the expulsion of the Federal Archives, as well as the signature of the former officer in the Red Army Sabik-Wogulow: “W pobejdennoi Germanij “(In occupied Germany) in 1947, which state:.” In these Hetzartikeln (hate articles) and leaflets the horrors that spread the executioner of Hitler, thoroughly described and painted so that the Russian soldier was of the opinion that the Germans were only foregone villains were , crooks and criminals and that there are no Germans in Germany, which one would not have to be regarded as his enemy. ”

At the same place the indoctrination of Soviet troops is described:
“Before the attack reinforced new squad the political organs. At the political departments of the divisions, corps and armies reserves of party workers were created. From the rear troop units and reserve the best communists and Komsomol members were in the party and Komsomol organizations of combat units, especially the Protect-and machine gun companies. way over 300 communists were put in a combat unit of the 28th Army of the 3rd Belorussian front.
In the 2nd and 3rd Byelorussian Front, the Communists and Komsomol members accounted for almost half of the total workforce. In the 28th Army, the membership of the party and Komsomol organizations increased in the six weeks before the attack by the admissions by 25 to 30 percent. Alone in the 372nd Rifle Division of the 2nd Shock Army of the 2nd Belorussian Front in 1583 membership applications were made in a month at the Party organizations.

The fully to be designated as assault actions began with the fact that protecting tanks jumped off and deprived the refugees of their valuables. By the tanks following the treks units were examined for weapons. Here, however, the cars were looted, often the horses were unharnessed. Deprived of essential parts of their possessions and goods, then plundered the refugees were sent back to their hometowns.

As can be seen generally from eyewitness reports, but situated men were shot and women raped during the trek. In descriptions who had fled on the return to their homes is reported that many men shot dead as well as the bodies of women, as was clearly noticeable in clothes torn down, had been raped, were on the roads and in ditches. The statements suggest that the crimes committed on the streets of the refugees violence have had a significant extent, especially regarding the advance of the Red Army in East Prussia. In also significant number of refugees are also in communities and on goods, where they had sought refuge, had been shot or been burned in barns and forest houses that were set on fire by Soviet soldiers.

Coming. Act of aggression in the occupied Polish territories east of the Oder-Neisse line, under the responsibility of the returned exile from the English Polish government The acts of violence were mainly in the most brutal beatings, sometimes sadistic style with whips, rubber truncheons or rifle butts, sometimes down to death, also in arbitrary executions and Erschlagungen (beating to death) as well as the rape of women. The report by material, scarcely a single detainee mistreatment and internees escaped. How many people were affected by this, it can be seen only in rough outlines. According to the documents Potulice Krs Bromberg, Grunowo Krs Lissa, Sikawa in Lodz and Lamsdorf have been placed in a circle Falkenberg / Upper Silesia at least 80 000 German alone in the camp. Overall, however, existed in the territories east of the Oder and Neisse 1,255 stock and 227 prisons, who served in the custody of the Germans. However, it should also be noted that a number of these camps existed only a short time and had up to 100 inmates. Occupants resolved camps were often in large transit camp and were “rented” from there to work. Moreover, thousands of Germans were held in prisons.

But very different are the death rates of the individual stock. They differ to some extent between 20 and 50% of the inmates who, although mainly as a result of epidemics and diseases caused by inadequate diet (typhus), were recorded unsanitary conditions, but also included in the not inconsiderable number of deaths due to ill-treatment and executions. In Stock Lamsdorf the occupants came to eg 6048. Among other things, it is reported that old, no longer capable of working people who were among the internees were removed solely by starvation, but also by shootings. About the number of children that were longer or shorter period in warehouses, are more accurate information for the bearing Lamsdorf and Potulice. In total, hereafter in each of these camps have been 800 children, of which even infants, whose number changed in Potulice between 30 and 50. In a short period of time were 50 infants in Potulice only two alive.

The behavior of the Czechs to be portrayed at the Brno death march:
On 31 May 1945, the Brno death march began. He was part of the expulsion of the Sudeten German population of Bohemia and Moravia from their centuries-long home. The death march led on the town Pohrlitz at the Czech-German language border to Vienna. The number of German civilians included at that time by Czech record 27,000 people understood half of what was then the German population of around 53,000 Brno. The train consisted mainly of women, children, even toddlers and infants, and the elderly, most men were at this time in captivity.

The Germans were without rights overnight. You had to wear white armbands, and reprisals, restrictions and persecutions increased. Brawls, public rapes of German women and German mistreatment were common. In Brno created concentration camps, in the German, only with what they could carry in their hands, were hunted. There they were beaten, tortured and the women raped. Around 5200 deaths called the Brno death march victims died of exhaustion, hunger, thirst and fever, as well as by murders of the Czech guards.

Once in June 2010 amateur recordings were sent on Czech television that showed the murder of German civilians in Usti early May 1945, also faced Giudo Knopp compelled October 16, 2010 in the so-called Second German Television, late in the evening to show excerpts thereof, not pointed out several times without that this constitutes understandable acts of revenge and that the murdered Germans actually were victims of the Nazi Germany unleashed by war. Nevertheless, the images were staggering: They showed shooting scenes and like dozens of German were run over by a truck after they had forced her to lie down on the road. Edvard Benes declared on 16 May 1945 at the height of the massacre, just now returned from exile in England to Prague: “We need to eliminate the Germans in the Czech lands.”

U.S. crimes in the U.S. zone alone, there were 180 prison camps, most in the open field like the infamous Rheinwiesenlager: World history knows no larger cluster of prisoners on so few square kilometers. Here on the wet meadows of the Rhine valley penned the winner of America, the soldiers of the defeated German armies together like a giant herd of cattle. The fact that the internment of the Rhine meadows were purely arbitrary actions, proved merely that even former prisoner or criminal battalions were platoons spent there. So it was that former concentration camp prisoners had now been interned by the Americans. “I still remember, as a former concentration camp inmate in the camp said to me, against what was happening here, the concentration camp was the purest sanatorium,” noted the veteran Bulow of Dennewitz. According to estimates of Canadian historian James Bacque, the death rate on the Rhine have located 80-fold above normal, and in May 1945, more deaths than in Hiroshima had to be deplored in the Rhine meadow camps.
“Overall, more people than in the whole fight on the Western Front during the war died in the camps of the Allies. But nothing to be found in the press. ”

James Bacque confirmed that General Dwight Eisenhower is responsible for the states:
“The responsibility for the treatment of German POWs in American hands was the commanders of the U.S. Army in Europe, second only to the political control by the government. All decisions regarding the treatment of prisoners were actually taken solely by the U.S. Army in Europe … ”

Bacque has to present documents and witness statements after that prisoners and are labor camps together 800,000 to a million people come to death in the U.S. and later in the French. Approx. three-quarters of the dead overloaded Bacque to the Americans, so the 750 000 U.S. historiography, however, speaks only of about 5000 dead of the Rhine meadow camps. The official historiography in West Germany joins the at: 5000 Dead stock, more than 10,000. The facts show that the states are not based in the Rhine meadow camps on the often alleged inability of the Americans to deal with the mass of prisoners. The states were intended.

A heavier fate befell more than one and half million displaced person. Only 55 percent survived. Here, the Anglo-American co-responsibility is good provable, because Churchill and Roosevelt accepted on 11 February 1945 Yalta Conference, the principle that German forced labor was admitted as a war indemnity. Through this joint resolution, which was also signed by Stalin, People’s German were from Romania, Yugoslavia and Hungary and Reich German East Prussia, Pomerania and Silesia – deported to slave labor in the Soviet Union, as a sort of “living reparations” – both men and women.

“Secretive guilt” (Ullsteinhaus, 1995) writes James Bacque:
“At least 9.3 million German died unnecessarily as a result of the Allied postwar policy, much more than during the entire war in battle by bombing on German cities and in concentration camps were killed, millions of them starved to death slowly, day after day in front of the winner, over the years. About this is never reported dead honest been-neither by the Allies nor of the West German government. ”

I would like to come to the little book of Ludwig A. Fritsch “America’s responsibility for the crime against the German people” back, which was completed on Good Friday in 1947 and 1994 again appeared in the Grabert-Verlag. There is evidence that even from the foreign side, almost immediately after the war, the enormous crimes were recognized by the Germans and historically classified.

The priest and historian Fritsch writes:
“The Anglo-Saxons mobilized the whole world against Germany.
The Germans have never thought to conquer the world. None other than General GC Marshall, our chief of staff, told the president after the destruction of the empire, that the Germans never had a plan to conquer the world. The same fact was also proven by the Nuremberg Trials. All other terms and were criminal lies and war propaganda unscrupulous commentators to foment fear and hatred of the Germans. In other words, through interference in a purely European affair Roosevelt and his clique have caused with their greed, selfishness, malice and megalomania of the Second World War.
Where did the victorious nations claim the right to condemn a whole people and to be treated in this inhumane way? They do not have a moral right. You can justify their brutality only with their raw power, because the victorious nations have a hundred times more war crimes committed when the Germans and commit them with impunity today.

The real aggressors for centuries to the present day are the victorious nations. A glance at the map and in the history of the last four centuries proves it. The Germans did not go to war against Britain and America. They saw these two nations always as relatives and as her spiritual children. I remember: one in three Americans is of German descent and also every other Englishman is German (ie Anglo-Saxon) blood. But it was England and France who declared war on Germany in the First and Second World Wars, not vice versa. And the Pearl Harbor investigation has properly demonstrated that Roosevelt over six months without a declaration of war waged a war of aggression against Germany and Italy. When he realized that he could not, with all his overbearing challenges to tax the patience of the Germans, he was looking for the sworn statement by Secretary of State Stimson war with Germany over Japan. Thus he succeeded in this nation to lead them into the lie (hineinzulügen)  of  the so-called “defensive” war. Any honest Americans, the question may be present: Would we have had so much patience with all insults and challenges of a foreign head of state?

The Allies have operated as first a policy of extermination

But the Russians have killed 18 million people during the Bolshevik Revolution. The English destroyed millions of lives in Ireland, India, South Africa and the other vast colonial territories. And we Americans have wiped out the native inhabitants of our continent, except for a few insignificant remnants.
But those who committed these crimes were never found and hanged in court. Again was a double standard. ”

Fritsch writes:
“The Germans were accused of destroying the village of Lidice and to have executed its about 200 male residents in connection with the murder instigated by England of the Reich Protector. The leaders were hanged.

On the other hand, however, the victorious powers met a thousand times more serious measures. The English began with the bomb throwing on the beautiful German cities. The bombing of the historic city of Coventry by the Germans was only in retaliation for the destruction of Goethe and Schiller Weimar. Dresden, the magnificent capital of Saxony, with its irreplaceable art treasures, was completely destroyed by our airmen that the civilian population had this to complain over 200 000 deaths. Every German city was destroyed up to 85% if there was in her arms industry or not, just to terrorize the population and indiscriminately kill innocent and guilty.

Also on the starvation was a Ludwig A. Fritsch. He writes:
“The Germans were accused, they would starve hundreds of thousands of helpless people. For this crime the guilty, found men and women were hanged. But this cruel warfare method the Germans have shown us the victors. England received after the First World War nor a full year from hunger blockade against Germany and Austria upright and thus caused the agonizing starvation of over a million children, women and old people. After the Second World War, the victorious nations were the entire 60-million population of Germany to 700 to 800 calories a day starve and freeze, although they had a surplus of food and clothing. Hitler had his infamous concentration camp at Dachau, Buchenwald, Belsen, Sachsenhausen, etc. The winning nations made from all over Central Europe, with approximately 190 million people one huge concentration camp and were randomly guilty and the innocent dying without distinction.

Fritsch called at that time which opens up to us today: “The greatest crime in history”

The largest cultural nation that has brought more blessings to mankind than any other in the world, was included in a huge concentration camp, got the same food rations of KL. – German mothers and daughters were considered fair game. – Millions of innocent people have been displaced from their millennial possessions in the freezing cold without clothes and food. – Scientists and highly skilled workers, whether they belonged to the party or not, were kidnapped and taken to the victorious nations.

The Germans do not want our charity. You want justice! Clergy of America! Tell our people that it is not true that Germany had led most of the wars. Historical fact is rather that it is the most peaceful of all great nations, as it led the least number of wars.

Tell our people, that the burden of responsibility the chaotic conditions and the indescribable misery all over the world before God and history rests on our conscience because we have caused havoc with prehistoric brutality and helped the Bolsheviks to a threat all over the world to become. Without our intervention a long time peace and order would prevail in Europe since. ”

As far as the quotes from “America’s responsibility for the crime against the German people.”

Around 17 million German civilians were expelled to 1949 of Poles, Russians, Czechs, Hungarians, Serbs, and elsewhere by force from their ancestral homeland. Approximately three million, mostly women, children and old people were killed – a sacrifice of ancient glory!

The famous British philosopher Bertrand Russell wrote at the time of the expulsion of genocide, on 19 October 1945 in the London “Times”: “In Eastern Europe now are our allies carried out mass deportations to an unprecedented extent, and it obviously has the intention to many millions wipe out German …. This is not an act of war, but as part of a deliberate policy `peace ‘.”

No! These crimes did not happen in secret, they were and are known.

Germany has paid as a result of the two world wars astronomical amounts of reparations and restitution payments – and pays today. It is often overlooked that enormous territorial losses Germany suffered: East Prussia, Danzig and Memel, Pomerania, Silesia, the Sudetenland.
The entire area robbery of the Second World War, with almost 140,000 km ² is greater than England (without Wales)!

The international law, Dr. Alfred Maurice de Zayas has clearly stated in his theses to the expulsion of the Germans:
The expulsion of the Germans was illegal.
The Hague Regulations of 1907 was applicable in the Second World War. Article 42-56 restrict the powers of occupiers in occupied territories and allow the population conservation, the honor and the rights of the family, of life of citizens and private property (Article 46), and prohibit collective punishment (Article 50). A mass expulsion is to be brought to the Hague Regulations in no way consistent. Also, according to the “Mart’s” clause in the preamble to the Fourth Hague Convention of 1907 evictions are illegal.

death from starvation
About five million German froze or starved to death in the years 1945 to 1949 ie after the “liberation” of “peace”!
After May 8, 1945 were begun, the plans of the Allies to destroy Germany (Kaufman, Nizer, Hooton, Morgenthau and others) to implement. A systematic destruction of all means of livelihood led to the deliberate starvation. The official food ration was at times even only 450 calories per day (equivalent to about 150g bread), half the usual in KL Bergen-Belsen ration (by James Bacque “unspoken guilt”). In September 1945, the daily caloric value for the “average consumer” is set to 1000 to 1300 calories in the American occupation zone. Yet in April 1947, this value at 1075 calories (350g bread) was reduced per day. This value was in the French zone since March 1946. Even in 1949 there was a day for the “normal consumer” only 350g bread, butter 5g, 14g meat, 50g cheese, 43g vegetables and 0.12 L skim milk! Until then, more than five million people had already starved or died of harmless diseases as a result of malnutrition. Under this aspect, the directive JCS 1067/6 of the U.S. occupation was to be seen, which read: “Germany will not be occupied for the purpose of liberation but as a defeated enemy nation …” The Cold War has the implementation of the plans for destruction interrupted. But has not the old plans brought to the end of the Cold War in 1990 again from the drawers?

The memory of the century crimes against the Germans has a very current, political dimension:
The Germans knew what her people in 1914 – 1950 was done, then the submission would be exposed as a cowardly betrayal, sees through the system of falsehood and hypocrisy!

The Association for the Protection of the German People’s Association therefore calls for:
– A memorial culture for the German victims of the World Wars,
– The end of one-sided blame,
– Dignified burial sites in East and West,
– Monuments for the German civilian victims of both world wars in Germany
– And 5 August as a national, non-working day of remembrance for the victims of war and displacement.

It is not about revenge or retribution. But before the reconciliation, the truth must come. It is about the prosecution of the biggest crimes against humanity. It’s about telling the world the truth, to remember the victims and to understand their mission: to warn mankind against the perpetrators and to preserve that still rage today. And it’s about to give the Germans the pride and dignity to lead the struggle for a just peace.

source: translated by an unknown source from the speech in German relating to the book Das Jahrhundertverbrechen (Crime of our Age)

Here is the video based on the book below in German

This book has a few historical errors to the disadvantage of the Germans but still has some really good truths.:

The Crime Of Our Age-1947-Fritsch


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