Endless Hostile Takeovers

germanvictims.com – …The American Empire always knew how to justify its wars where they murdered with conventional, chemical, biological or atomic weapons in the name of democracy….


Compilation by germanvictims.com of chapter 1-8

“Rassismus Legal?” 2nd edition, September 2005 Gerd Honsik


(formerly “Der Juden Drittes Reich? – Halt dem Kalergiplan!)

Letter No. 6: The Hostile Take Over

The War.

The American Empire always knew how to justify its wars where they murdered with conventional, chemical, biological or atomic weapons in the name of democracy.

It is characteristic of the U.S.A. to totally demonize its enemies as to get its citizens into a war willingness and to partake in the eradication of the civilian population of the enemy country. The chivalry of European wars, a tradition from Napoleon’s conquests to WWII, as practiced by the Germans, and in isolated cases also by the English or the Americans, is, in general, alien to the American empire. Rommel invited brave British prisoners of war to his tent for breakfast and British admirals spoke up for German sailors in court. Such thinking was alien to the American leadership. Instead of respect given, the enemy soldier was demonized, hated and annihilated! One can now comprehend why the German soldiers of an elite division were beaten, robbed, if not severely tortured in American captivity after 1945. Chivalry is typical for the Germanic tribes and has been handed down over centuries. But in American leadership, intolerance and Old Testament hate, which the Puritans have brought with them, has been combined with fundamentalist Jewish believes and might have become the formative force against the enemy.


This stone-age world view, which throws us back 4,000 years, no one expressed better than U.S. President G. W. Bush. He speaks of “rogue nations” and “axis of evil” and means Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Afghanistan, North Korea, China, and Russia, as discovered on secret documents. The U.S. Empire, the only criminal user of atomic weapons, considered using them on all of these countries, terrifying the mothers of those countries. The demonization of the enemy is a trademark and shows the coming intentions. And the propaganda against Germany has never stopped. Watch out, Germany!

Collective guilt and unconditional capitulation.

The North American empire declared all Germans guilty and punished Germany, Austria, the German king and the German population with the dictates of Versailles and St. Germain. One could see the mental fusion of the empire with the Old Testament. All inhibitions against women and her children which we have inherited as animals, they paralyzed. This un-scrupulousness and this enemy hate were also seen in their war goals. That’s why the empire always demanded unconditional capitulation, unconditional obedience, unconditional weapons inspections, unconditional solidarity… as if Christ, Buddha, Socrates, Martin Luther, mother Teresa have never been born.

The Blockade:

A blockade is ethnic cleansing! Blockades are typical for the U.S. empire. In Iraq, according to press reports, because of the UN blockade arranged by the United States, two million children died for lack of food and medications. How many children died in Cuba? The food blockade in Germany after the war by the U.S. was used as punishment. [*~I do not agree it was punishment. Punishment for what? Germany did not want war nor did it start war. It was a deliberate murder plan – just as all the other blockades are inflicted for depopulation. The empire does not want to take care of the enemy country’s millions of injured, orphaned, and homeless~ germanvictims.]. Five million German civilians died in the Reich just alone from hunger, arranged by the U.S. after 1945. U.S. General Eisenhower blockaded food for the German soldiers for three months to starve them to death: about one Million died. He murdered them!

After Stalin decided to let the German survivors in the Russian occupation who were driven out from the East live, the U.S. stopped the Morgenthau-Plan. The U.S. did all they could to suppress the numbers of murdered which went into the millions. Canadian historian James Bacque, however, exposed the statistics. For the crimes of the U.S., the empire always blames the “dictators” of those whom they target and blame their guilt about Dresden, Hiroshima, Kabul and Bagdad on others.


Murder is a practice of the U.S. Empire. In the past centuries, empires, however, never claimed their ethnic cleansing was for the purpose of democracy. The U.S. practices two types of murders. One is the type commanded by Henry Kissinger via the CIA, attempted or executed on the likes of Allende, Dag Hammarskjoeld, Fidel Castro, “Hamas,” Saddam Hussein, etc. “Dead or alive” is the brutal slogan. They even openly advocated the murder of the Iraq president in 2002. Among the list is John F. Kennedy who wanted to eliminate the Federal Reserve scam.

The other is judicial murders. Revenge instead of Justice! In 2002 the United Nations complained that the U.S. did not subjugate itself to the international court which was to punish ethnic cleansing and other war crimes. The uninformed wondered how could the U.S. who is so adamant to hunt down war crimes make exception for themselves? Had they not just extradited Yugoslavian president Milosevic with money and threats? And what about Serbia, were 3 Million people were poisoned forever from escaped Dioxin during the distruction of their chemical industry? This insistence on inequality before the law is also a sign of the imperialists. Let’s remember the Nuremberg Process after WWII with the tortured witnesses and prosecutors who were guilty of the types of crimes they accused the defendants of. It is the ancient principal of brutality: the right of the stronger one.

The bloodless enemy conquest:

The goal of globalization through the U.S. Empire was to destroy the natural protection of states and get a hold of manufacturing, banking, corporations, TV and the press. The European courts have decided: National regulations to protect corporations no longer have power. As demanded by the EU-Commission, there will be hardly any corporations who can protect themselves against hostile takeover. Through bribery, fraud and hostile takeover, three important German weapons developments fell into the hands of our American “allies,” against the will of the German government. There is no point dealing with the politicized American courts where no one but the Americans can win.


The Jews alone do not rule the U.S. Instead, it is Anglo-Saxons and Jews. The battle over the final outcome has not been decided yet. The left is rising up against the American empire [*not expressed if in the U.S. or Germany]. The CIA and their agents are powerless and are waiting until they can bring the outraged party members and renegade leadership under control.

The average U.S. citizen, regardless whether black or white, from African, European or Jewish descent, lives with the trust that their country is good and that it wants to rescue the rest of the world from evil. The majority of the U.S citizens have no idea that the world – including America’s allies – perceive the U.S. for what it really is: A violent power that for 100 years has not let pass one year without either making war, nurturing a conflict somewhere, or militarily occupy one country or another. The U.S. citizen who sees the money dictatorship as democracy, and who thinks the propaganda he is subjected to is true information, no longer finds a way to create democracy from his own strength. In this condition, the helpless and unconscious people can no longer recognize the damaging activities of their thin layer of masters. The effects of the American upper strata can only be seen for what they are from a point of view of the rest of the world: Its abnormal, anti-Christian, unsocial, un-Mohammedian interest money, which it forces upon the clueless humanity, demands continuous growth which is contrary to natural order. Because of this, the empire needs to resort to war in cycles of economic downturns. Wars for raw materials and oil. Wars to gain markets. Wars to keep the fraudulent Dollar alive, which makes slaves out of people. So the Dollar lives from wars and dies in peace!




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