Another Justice – In Yugoslavia 200,000 of 600,000 Germans in concentration camps were murdered in the most bestial ways. The Germans camps were vacation resorts in comparison to these camps. Hecatombs of German men and women were murdered in the concentration camps in Chechnya. In Poland the fate of Germans was even more brutal; not to mention Russia!



Franz Scheidl – Excerpt from his book “Das Unrecht an Deutschland” 1968

This type of justice, just like in Nuernberg, had no legal basis – only that it was much more gruesome.

Compare also Justiz  im  Dienste  der   Vergeltung   —   Erlebnisberichte und Dokumente, Verlag C. Wolf & Sohn, München, issued by the Sudeten German Advisory, a documentation of the terrible “revenge justice” of the Czech Public Courts 1945 – 1948
“Unfortunately, most Americans and most English have no knowledge of the crimes against humanity, which we [the Americans] have committed or have been committed with our agreement by the Allies…I also know that here [in the USA] horror stories are only eaten up if the torturers and not the victims are Germans…

We will never “teach the Germans about Democracy” as long as we do not start to measure our own deeds with the same measurement as theirs. If we do not do this, we will be hypocrites and will convince the Germans that Hitler was right after all with his believe “Might versus Justice” and “Democracy is nothing but lies and deception.”
The American public did not hear about the horrible destruction of the German cities brought about with our extermination attacks… This knowledge would probably have brought about a change of opinion in the United States and would have stopped Washington from pushing through their plans against Germany. Our war crimes could not be discovered… No American newspaper reported of the terrors of our bombing attacks and the horrible conditions of the survivors in the ruins full of corpses. The American readers were only fed with German cruelties. (Freda Utley)

Where is the Allied court regarding the concentration camps the victors had in gigantic numbers, still have even today?

In Yugoslavia 200,000 of 600,000 Germans in concentration camps were murdered in the most bestial ways. The Germans camps were vacation resorts in comparison to these camps.

Hecatombs of German men and women were murdered in the concentration camps in Chechnya.

In Poland the fate of Germans was even more brutal; not to mention Russia!
Where are the international tribunals when it comes to the hundreds of thousands of German children who were taken from the Germans as the Germans were driven out of Poland, the CSSR, Hungary, Yugoslavia and East Germany? These children were educated to be party members under the doctrines of those eastern countries!

All the world knows that in Korea, Vietnam, North Africa and wherever the victors have been leading wars and still are, war crimes after war crimes have been committed and are still being committed, and in particular by people who can easily be apprehended by the U.S. Justice Department and those of the other victors’ countries. When will these war crimes be accounted for and punished?

Where is the IMT (International Military Tribunal) when it comes to the Egyptian cities and the mass murders of Egyptian civilian, women and children, by the British-French Air Force 1956 – in the midst of peace? The documented reports of the Egyptian government, most of all the pictorial documentation, paint a horrific picture. The photos and reports of the Swedish Photojournalist Per Olow Anderson are stirring.

Per Olow Anderson reports:“My eye witness report of the bombing of Port Said is not a story for children or those of faint hearts. I arrived in Port Said a few hours after the bombing. I was met by a burning and smoking inferno. I saw children who were looking for their parents under the ruins. I saw parents, who as if insane, were digging with bloody hands for their dead children in the rubble that was left of their homes. I saw thousands of dead bodies in the smoldering ruins, in the courtyards that were left of hospitals. Two hospitals were blown into the air with all their 900 patients. The airplanes flew up and down the streets firing with their machine guns into the streets and into homes. I call that terror and murder!…

It is a shame for England and a grave stain that can not be wiped away. I am a photojournalist since the civil war in Spain. I find it difficult to find something that compares with the horror and terror against civilians in Port Said… I saw the dead bodies of the civilians, children and women, with holes in their backs. They were mowed down with machine guns from airplanes as they were running through the streets. I counted hundreds of such killed this way. One cannot say anything more about this. It cannot be put into words. But my images can: A father who is bending over his little dead girl, the injured and stunned mother who is holding her little dead baby in her hands, these are recordings that can never be forgotten.

And in all of this, the English and French did not attack Egypt out of survival need but only to serve Mammon! Up to this day, the world has heard nothing about a summoning to a Nuernberg Trial for the endless war crimes of the “others.”

The German aggressors were hanged; the British statesmen were not put before a world tribunal for their aggression. Instead they received an 82 Million Dollar interest relief for stopping their aggression. England and France did not attack Egypt because of survival need but for money. Germany was in a  war to free itself from the shackle of Versailles, to remove the insanity from the world, the Danzig corridor issue, and to gain back its land mass ripped from it and given away and to free its oppressed Germans from foreign rule. For this, thousands of German statesmen, generals, officers and soldiers were hanged.
No international tribunal stirred at the Russian aggression in Europe, the Chinese aggression in Korea and Tibet, the Indian crimes against Haiderabad, and so on.
Grenfell writes in “Bedingungsloser Hass,” page. 246: (Unconditional Hate)

“One may remember the screaming from England over the attempted German attack on Norway. In Nuernberg in 1946 the German Great Admiral Raeder was accused of participating on this attack. The horrible judgement was lifelong penitentiary – he was condemned to death.

The official British History documentation revealed in 1952 the shameful fact that already in November 1939, under the smokescreen of a support of the Fins against the Russians, plans were drawn up for an English/French occupation of Norway.

The occupation was not pulled off, only because the Russian-Finish war ended unexpectedly early and before all the arrangements by the British/French were made.
Kordt writes in his book “Wahn und Wirklichkeit (insanity and reality) that in the draft resolution of the Highest Advisors of the Allies (England and France) of 28 March 1940 it states: “An alleged reduction of neutrality rights of the Scandinavian States” was decided with the reason that Great Britain and France consider these rights “contrary to their vital interests.”

Where is the International Tribunal in the Israeli aggression of 1948, 1946, and 1956 that has cost Hundreds of Thousands of Arabs their possessions and their lives? When will these crimes against humanity be investigated when the Egyptian government is accusing Israel with documentation of Israeli crimes? The world, especially the American people, hear nothing about these crimes.

Where is the IMT when it comes to the unspeakable cruelties of war in Algeria?
Signed and legalized is the murder authorization of the Potsdam Murder Document of the greatest crime in recent times, the driving out of Millions of Germans from their ancestral homeland. Why is the world silent about this? Is it the silence of guilt? Is it lack of character? It is the complete bankruptcy of Christian thinking and action. Monstrous in magnitude and numbers are the crimes committed against Germans. Kern brings us shocking material: as in his solid booklet Das große Kesseltreiben (the great witch hunt) of the bestial crimes of officers and soldiers of the American Rainbow Division in Germany: in Oberpframmern, in Eberstetten,  in  Tralsheim near Ruderting, in Eggstädt near Rosenheim, in Risenheim near Abtenau, in Obersberg, in Kreuzberg, in Siebenhausen, in Hengersberg, in Orlach-Jungholzhausen, at Schwäbisch-Hall, in Erlau, in Titting near Passau, in Kleinweil, in Keilenhofen and Zell near Eichstatt, in Utting at the Ammersee, in the hospital at Dachau and many other places. Especially in his great work “Verbrechen   am   deutschen Volk-Schütz Verlag, Göttingen (Crimes committed on the German people).

The Deutsche Nationalzeitung (München) und die Deutsche Wochenzeitung (Hannover) bring day in and day out shocking reports about the crimes committed on the German people “by the others.”

We’ll extract from the nearly endless material simply just any report. The Deutsche Wochenzeitung brought the following report on 7 Feb 1964:

 “From the Völkerbundsbibliothek in Geneva in the process against Erich Deppner in Muenchen the following documents were provided which show that the complete number of German patients of the German hospital in Feodosia were slaughtered in the Winter of 1941/42 when the Russian soldiers marched in. The injured had their arms and legs hacked off, their intestines were cut open and they were scalped. Soldiers were thrown into ice cold water to freeze to death. Other reports are of German soldiers being blinded, emasculated, nailed onto trees and in larger groups locked into barns and houses and burned to death.

Erich Kern reports in his experience book “Der Grosse Rausch” (Thomas Verlag, Zürich), page. 42:

“The German soldiers were hanging in the trees. Their arms were bound behind their backs and they were pulled up on the branches. The boots had been removed and the legs were burned  up to the knees and charred. The faces were terribly distorted. These were the famous “Stalin socks” of the Bolsheviks… Their feet were poured over with gasoline, lighted, and in an excessive amount of horrible pain they died. 98 men and officers, three Policemen and two Lieutenants.

Regarding the horrific cruelties of the Jewish companies that fought in the Allied formation in Italy against German soldiers and officers, we must be silent as not to drive the rage of the revenge devils in human form to the boiling point. These outright murder groups took no one prisoner; no German soldier who was handed over to them or captured by them stayed alive. They murdered all of them.

Not a single war tribunal was called up on the Allies.

After the Petersburger talks the Allied High Commission released a law on 26 November 1949 which states among other things: “German courts cannot hold court over Allied military personnel, Allied persons or their family members without expressly having been given permission by the responsible High Commission.

In fact, the German prosecutors have rejected repeatedly accusations of crimes against the Allies with the comment that these crimes cannot be prosecuted.

Das Unrecht an Deutschland – Scheidl 1968
Translated from German

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