Who wanted War?

germanvictims.com – For when has England ever paid heed to women and children?! After all, this entire blockade warfare is nothing other than a war against women and children, just as once was the case in the Boer War. It was then that concentration camps were invented.


Deutsch: Wer wollte den Krieg

Adolf Hitler’s Speech on 30. January 1940 in the Sportpalast Berlin


…When I see Mr. Chamberlain go about, bible in hand, preaching his noble war aims, I cannot help but having the impression of watching the devil, bible clasped under his arm, creeping up to a poor soul… Britain claims they will bomb our women and children. It is no surprise. Since when did the British care about women and children?! The English invented concentration camps. In the Boer War, the English locked up women and children. Over 28,000 Boer women [Dutch-Germans in Africa] died wretchedly in these camps. Why should England fight differently today? We have anticipated this and we have prepared ourselves…

The forces who have been in power for centuries and after WWI again proclaim a Golden Age after WWII. It shall be showered with open trade, a cultural and religious revolution, just as the promises they made after WWI. But Germany did not partake in the prosperity, cultural and religious revival they’ve promised to flood our country with their Democratic government. With endless pledges for help and ever more decay and poverty in our country, we had no one to turn to in our desperation. After 15 years of asking and hoping in vain, we knew that our only option for survival was to depend on ourselves alone. It took overcoming the many political divisions in our country. Though the National Socialists look glorious at times, our struggle was formidable, but in the end we succeeded. In the shortest time span we have shaped the resurrection of a nation in decline, heading for extinction. Unfortunately, these forces from without never wanted us to be united and prosper. This compelled us to turn our struggle against their aim to divide us from without. We wanted peace, but justice was not granted to us, and we knew that without justice there can be no lasting peace. The old hate agitations, driven by the same hateful race, repeat themselves against us now. Instead from within as before, the destructive onslaught comes from without. They cry ‘destruction and war’ for Germany. So we took steps to protect ourselves. We armed ourselves, just in case, while always working toward peace. But they chose war! And so they have it.

They all claim their war aims for a Golden Age once again. And especially England, the war hawk of the world fighting for justice and eternal peace, claims there will be no more need for armament because free trade, culture and religion will blossom as never before.
Germany’s experience of the Golden Age did not materialize, instead we had nothing but devastation. Since 1918, the “Democratic” principles of self determination were discarded, old historical and commercial European governances were dissolved, nations were robbed of their long established rights and rendered defenseless. Only victors and vanquished were left. Cultures became crazily distorted and there was no Christian mercy anywhere to be found. Instead of carrying around the bible, as Mr. Chamberlin always does, they carried the 448 articles of the Versailles Diktat. There was no freedom and equality for nations but a vilest oppression. Years of poverty and utter hopelessness followed for us, too cruel to want to remember. The disarmed had to bow to the tyranny of the armed. Parallel to this there was no economic prosperity but a lunatic network of reparation payments forced upon us, leading to destitution not just for us but also the victors-but we suffered the most. From those days we learned that no one will come to our rescue and we stopped begging and rose to rescue ourselves.

When we learned in those bitter years that there was no justice and no one to turn to, we withdrew from the League of Nation’s ridiculous Disarmament Conference. A nation burns their fingers only once with those deceivers. In regard to that, I value the brunt honesty of Mr. Churchill and further, the honesty of the French.

We have overcome our internal division! Destructive forces took a grip on Germany. “But constructive National Socialism has overcome this force. It has refused to allow the existing state of affairs and undertaken its modification. It changed the method of eradicating the state of affairs by saying: ‘We want to change this state of affairs by gradually permitting the non-possessing classes to partake in the national wealth and by educating them in how to partake in it.'”

When we took charge of ourselves, we prospered. We replaced the hopelessness with a different hope, the belief in ourselves again. …”The most tragic time for us was when we experienced their hate for proclaiming the 4-year plan; an idea that should have actually brought forth some enthusiasm in others over a people who want to help themselves, who do not appeal to others for help, who do not appeal for gifts and charity, but who appeal to its own creative abilities, its’ diligence, its vigor, and its intelligence. And yet, the other world began to scream-especially the English leaders: ‘Who do you think you are to come up with this 4-year plan? This does not fit into our world economy plan!’ As if they ever had let us participate in this world economy!”

Germany is united and today it is the greatest power in the world and our military the best. Germans have overcome their divisions in culture and economics and are united in the same cause to preserve their country using their willpower and faith. 1918 will not repeat itself. Mr. Daladier suffers from delusions when he denies the claims of the German unity. He tries to drive a wedge between us just as our adversaries at home did.
It was a difficult struggle internally. Opposing forces took place inside of Germany to destroy our party. Our success elicited immediately hatred against us. They wanted us to stay hopeless and weak. Their eternal battle cry was: “Dissolve the Party! The Party must be outlawed! ” We had to earn every inch of our great struggle internally to overcome the destruction and opposition and nothing was gifted to us; every success was fought for in a hard battle. Ours was nothing but hard work, struggle, worries, and labor, and we know that we are destined by God to lead this cause. Germany was successful in WWI but then Germans became ungrateful and turned against their own country. And the Lord withdrew his protection. This will not happen a second time.

From opposing internal forces to external destructive forces. And now opposing forces outside of Germany have the same battle cry: “We must dissolve Germany! We must atomize these eighty million. They should not be allowed to remain within a contiguous state structure. Thereby we can rob them of the force to see their demands through!” We know that our internal victory was not a gift and neither will our external success. When I came into power, I realized that it was not enough for our party to win, but that now began the struggle to free the German people from bondage. For this we built all our objectives, the future party, the Labor Front, the SA, SS and all the other organizations of the defense, army, air force and navy to guarantee us the liberty of our nation. Just as at home, I have negotiated and demanded liberty for our nation. I succeeded in some areas and not in others. But already in 1938 we realized that the old war agitators of WWI were active. They pretended to come to agreements in Munich, but when they left, they continued the same agitations.

There is no understanding in the world if we do not insist upon our rights. Our demands cannot be half-met because they leave room for inflaming fights in the future. I am your spokesman for your rights. It is not about me but about the destiny of the German nation, its past suffering and its future hope. Our enemies cry: “Germany shall perish.” Yet our answer is: “Germany shall live!” But there can be no peace without justice!

The desire to destroy Germany is not new. For over 300 years England and France have fought against Germany’s right to consolidate its states. They all fought in the name of the Lord for our destruction and never for any material gain, especially Mr. Chamberlain who is very demonstrative with his bible. And because of this, the Lord has bestowed England with nearly 40 million square kilometers of soil on this earth as a reward. And in the name of the Lord there was no shortage of eager crusaders to assist England in its exploits not only then but also today. 40 million square kilometers obtained through conquest: a succession of violations, extortions, tyrannical abuse, oppression, pillaging, and even forcing smoking of opium upon mankind. And they pocketed our African colonies and our fleet. No other country can claim such noble and great glory for the Lord.

Hate against Germany has been taught for centuries. And there again are those “outsiders” whom I warned about as the German people had no hatred against the French or English folk. We do them no harm with our claims. But certain circles of England have launched this intolerable hate campaign against us. I struggled with the same type of people early in the beginning when we were just a handful of participants in our party and continued to do so during the whole 15 years.

We do not teach our people hate against the British or French. But in their countries they are relentless with their hate campaigns. One day these brain-washed people will become the new government and then Germany will not know what hit it. This is why I am building up a defense.

We took steps to protect ourselves. From 1934 on, we started to build up our armament to defend ourselves, if necessary. This would not have been necessary, if the nations around us would have showed an ounce of understanding for our survival needs. We were blamed for not negotiating enough, but we know how many times we had pleaded to no avail.
They wanted war!

In 1939 the Western powers dropped their mask and showed that regardless of all my attempts for peace, they wanted war. My actions were geared toward political protection in this upcoming war. Italy and Germany had common denominators. We are also armed enough so that any war with Poland would be swift. Mr. Chamberlain was unsuccessful in obtaining a pact with Russia which I was able to obtain and this pact shall stand. We have built up more defenses than ever and have scored enormous achievements and our foresight proved to be right. But according to the deceptive British press, Germany is at the brink of collapse. But regardless how deceptive Mr. Chamberlain is with his bible in hand, we know that his objectives are a Germany of 1648, disintegrated and torn to pieces. The whole war propaganda coming out of England is driven by the same type of race going back to Moses’ times. Their stories of our losses are so ridiculous that they are trapped in their own entanglement, and they would need ever more ridiculous stories to detangle themselves.


Fellow Germans!

Seven years are a short time. They are only a fraction of a normal human life-only a second in the life of a people. And yet the seven years lying behind us today seem longer than many decades of the past. In them we feel the concentrated force of historic evolution: the resurrection of a great nation in danger of extinction. This is an eventful, tumultuous period indeed. We were fortunate not only to witness it, but to fashion it in part. At times we nearly lost sight of it.

Today there is much talk about democratic ideals in the outside world. But not in Germany! For here in Germany we had the opportunity to get to know those so-called “democratic ideals” well enough, and we can answer to that simply that we got to know that “innocent culture” for at least 15 years. And after that for us there was nothing left but to pick up the pieces left behind by this “democracy.”

Now we are presented with many truly astounding war aims, especially by the English. After all, England is quite experienced in issuing proclamations of objectives in warfare, as it has waged the greatest number of wars the world over. Truly astounding are the war aims announced to us today: A New Europe is proposed. This New Europe, they proclaim, shall be characterized by justice, and this all-encompassing justice shall render armament obsolete. This shall then lead to disarmament at last. And this disarmament, in turn, will bring about an economic blossoming. Trading and change shall take place, but most of all trading, lots of trading, free trading! And with the sponsorship of this trade, culture shall once more blossom. And not only culture will benefit, but religion will also blossom. In other words: we shall finally be heading into a golden age! Well, unfortunately, we have heard of this “golden age” many times before and not from our past generations but from the same people trying to sell it to us today. It’s the same old records!

We can only pity these gentlemen who cannot even come up with a new idea to trap a great nation. For all this they had already promised us in 1918. Then, too, England’s objectives in the war were the creation of this “new Europe,” the establishment of a “new justice,” of which the “right to self determination of the people” was to form an integral part. Back then already they promised us a justice to render obsolete-for all time-the bearing of any sort of weaponry. Back then already they submitted to us a program for disarmament-one for global disarmament. To make this disarmament more evident, it was to be crowned by the establishment of an association of nations bearing no arms.

These were to settle their differences in the future-for even back then there was no doubt that differences would still arise-by talking them to death in discussion and debate, just as is the custom in democratic states. There would be no more shooting under any circumstances! In 1918, they declared a blessed and pious age to come! There shall be a boom of industries and especially a blooming of trade-free trade-as they always point out. Also culture were to flower again, and though they did no longer speak much of religion, they did at least declare in 1918 that it will be a blessed and God pleasing age. But what came to pass instead, we all lived to see: the old states were destroyed without even as much as asking their citizenry if they agreed. Historic, ancient configurations were severed, not only made of state bodies but established economic structures as well, and all this without anything better to take their place. In total disregard of the principle of the right to self-determination of the peoples, the old historical and commercial European governing bodies were dissolved and nothing better took their place. Nations were robbed of their rights, first rendered utterly defenseless and then subjected to a division which left only victors and vanquished in this world.

And then there was no more talk of disarmament. To the contrary, armament went on [but not for us]. Nor did any efforts materialize to settle conflicts peacefully. The armed states waged wars just as before. Yet those who had been disarmed were no longer in a position to ward off the aggressions of those well armed. Parallel to this, there was no economic prosperity but a network of lunatic reparation payments where forced upon us which led to increasing destitution for not only the vanquished, but also the so-called victors themselves. The consequences of this economic destitution were felt most acutely by the German Volk. The general commercial disorganization lead to unemployment and impoverishment of our nation.

And culture meanwhile received no support. Instead, it was abandoned to the arbitrary reign of crazed ideas and distortions. Religion, too, had to take a back seat. In these fifteen years, not one Englishman recalled the Christian ideals of charity or of love for one’s fellow men. There the gentlemen did not walk around with the bible under their arms, but with the Treaty of Versailles in hand as their bible! It contained those 448 articles, all of which represented a burden, an obligation, an indictment, and an extortion of Germany. And this Versailles was guaranteed by the new League of Nations. It was not an association of free and equal nations. It was not even a League of Nations contract; the actual founding nation stayed away from the start. Instead it was a so-called League of Nations with the sole intent of guaranteeing this most vile of all Dictates one can assemble. Its mission was to burden us with it and force us to fulfill this Diktat.

This was the age of “democratic” Germany! When today foreign statesmen repeatedly act as though they could not possibly trust present-day Germany, one should remark that this cannot possibly be applied to the Germany back then, as this former Germany was their own creation, their own work. They should have been able to trust it! Yet, instead, just how badly did they abuse it!

Who can even recall the reality of the situation of those years: the despondency of the collapse of 1918; the tragedy of the year 1919; and then all those years of economic decay domestically; the continuation of the enslavement; the poverty of our Volk; and, above all, the utter hopelessness of those years! Even today the memory of these years profoundly shakes us when a great nation slowly lost not only its belief in itself, but all hope for earthly justice in this world. During this entire period, this “democratic” Germany hoped in vain, pleaded in vain, and protested in vain. International finance remained brutal and squeezed our Volk ruthlessly to the utmost. The statesmen of the Allied Nations were hard hearted. In cold blood, they declared that we were twenty million Germans too many. The statesmen played deaf to the destitution of our unemployed. They did not do anything about the ruin of our agriculture or industry, not even about our commerce. We remember the silence of traffic all around us.

In those days when all hope was for naught, all pleas were in vain, and all protests bore no fruits, in those days the National Socialist Movement came forth from the realization that, in this world, one must never stoop to hoping, pleading, or protesting, but instead, in this world, it is imperative first and foremost to help oneself! For 15 years in this once democratic Germany they preached hope for a new world, for its arrangements; each camp had its own international patron. Some hoped for the international solidarity of the proletarians, the others put their hope into the international, democratic institutions, others put their hope into the League of Nations in Geneva, or to the conscience of the world-to the conscience of cultures in the world.

All hope was in vain. In place of this hope we now have put a different hope, namely the belief in only one hope that can be had in this world, the help from our own strength. Our belief in our own people and the mobilization of our own strength replaced the hope in others. We had few real means at our disposal back then. What we regarded as building blocks for our new Reich, besides our willpower, was first our Volk’s ability to work, second its intelligence, and third what our soil, our Lebensraum, afforded us. And thus we began our work and began Germany’s inner uplifting. It did not threaten the world. It was a work of purely inner, domestic reform. And nevertheless, it immediately elicited the hatred of others. The most tragic time for us was when we experienced their hate for proclaiming the 4-year plan; an idea that should have actually brought forth some enthusiasm in others over a people who want to help themselves, who do not appeal to others for help, do not appeal for gifts and charity, but who appeal to its own creative abilities, its’ diligence, its vigor, and its intelligence. And yet, the other world began to scream-especially the English leaders: “Who do you think you are to come up with this 4-year plan? This does not fit into our world economy plan!” As if they even had let us participate in this world economy! No, they got wind of the resurrection of the German Volk. And it was because we anticipated this and because we saw this that we undertook the mobilization of the German strength.
You know those years. In the year 1933, the year we assumed power, I was prompted to declare our withdrawal from the League of Nations and from the ridiculous Disarmament Conference. We could not obtain any justice from these forums, though we begged and protested for years.

In 1934, Germany’s rearmament began on a large scale. In 1935, I introduced general conscription. In 1936, I let the Rhineland be occupied, militarily. In 1937, the Four-Year Plan was launched. In 1938, the Ostmark and the Sudetenland [former German land] were integrated into the Reich. In 1939, we began to establish protection for the Reich against those enemies who had, meanwhile, cast aside their masks.

The steps taken in 1939 served the protection of the Reich. Everything could have developed quite differently if the outside world had as much as an ounce of understanding for the vital needs and necessities for German life. Often it is said we should have waited for a negotiated settlement. You remember, my fellow Germans: did I not more than once plead the case of the German colonial demands? Did we ever receive any other response than “no,” a rejection, and even hostility? The moment the Reich began to re-emerge, the leading classes of England and France determined to take up war once again against us. That’s what they wanted.

For over 300 years, England has sought to prevent a real consolidation of Europe, just as France sought to prevent a consolidation of Germany for many a century. Today Mr. Chamberlain stands up to preach his pious war aims to the outside world. To this, all I can say is: English history has already betrayed your intent, Mr. Chamberlain! For 300 years, your statesmen have spoken just as you do today, Mr. Chamberlain, at the onset of war. They always only fought for ‘the Lord and religion.’ They never had ‘a material goal.’ And just because they never fought for such ‘material goals,’ the Lord so richly rewarded them in material terms! That England always declared itself ‘a fighter for truth and justice’ and ‘a protagonist of all virtues,’ this the dear Lord never forgets. Generously He has bestowed His blessings on the English. In those nearly 300 years, they have subjugated 40 million square kilometers of soil on this earth. Naturally, they did this not from egotistical motives, or because they lusted for control, riches, or enjoyment. No, to the contrary, they were merely fulfilling a mission in the name of the Lord and religion.

Of course, England did not wish to be the sole crusader for the Lord’s cause, and thus invited others to partake in this noble exploit. It did not even seek to claim the battle’s greatest burdens for itself. For ventures so pleasing to the Lord one can always find others. And England still does this today. And all this is richly rewarding for England: 40 million square kilometers obtained through conquest: a succession of violation, extortion, tyrannical abuse, oppression, pillaging. Events mark English history inconceivable for any other state or for any other people. The English waged war for any old reason. They waged war to expand trade; they waged war to force others to smoke opium; they waged war to come into possession of gold mines and control of diamond mines. Their goals were always material in nature, though hidden beneath a cloak of noble ideals. And this last war was led in the service of “noble purposes,” too. To have pocketed German colonies in the process was the Lord’s will, too; to have taken our fleet from us and to have pocketed German accounts abroad, all these exploits were mere side effects of the “noble struggle for a holy religion.”

When I see Mr. Chamberlain go about, bible in hand, preaching his noble war aims, I cannot help but having the impression of watching the devil, bible clasped under his arm, creeping up to a poor soul. All this is no longer original. It is all in exceedingly bad taste. Nobody believes him anymore. Sometimes I fear he is coming to doubt himself.
Besides, every Volk burns its fingers only once. Only once were the children of Hamelin herded off by the Pied Piper; only once was the German Volk herded off by that apostle of the international brotherhood of man. In this context, I must praise Mr. Churchill. He frankly states what old Mr. Chamberlain only thinks quietly to himself and hopes for secretly. He says, our goal is the dissolution, the destruction of Germany. Our goal is the extermination, if possible, of the German Volk. Believe me, I welcome this frankness.
And the French generals also freely discuss what is actually at stake. I believe we can understand each other more easily in this manner. Why always fight with lies and empty phrases? Why not be open about things? We should greatly prefer this. We know the objective they are pursuing whether or not Mr. Chamberlain walks about with the bible in hand or not; whether he is acting piously or not; whether he speaks the truth or not. We know their goal: it is the Germany of 1648 which they envision, a Germany disintegrated and torn to pieces. They know only too well that over 80 million Germans sit in this Central Europe. These human beings also have a right to live. For 300 years they have been cheated out of it. They could only be cheated since their disintegration led to the weight of their numbers being proportionally underrepresented. And thus today we have 140 men living on one square kilometer. And when such numbers unite, they have power. When they are divided, they are defenseless and impotent. There is a moral imperative lying within their unity also. What does it matter when thirty, fifty or 200 small states rise to protest or to claim their vital rights? Who takes note? When eighty million men rise up-that is a completely different story! Hence the disinclination against the state-forming activities in Italy and the unity of Germany. They would much prefer to see these states dissolve into their former elements once more.

A few days ago, an Englishman wrote: “So it is, indeed. The hasty foundation of the German Empire-that was not right.” Indeed, it was not right. It was not right that eighty million men came together to jointly realize their vital rights. Instead, they would much prefer to see us under 200 or 400 different little flags or, if possible, in some 200 or 300 dynasties. Every dynasty would rule some 100,000 odd men and these would be silenced, never to be heard of by the rest of the world. Then we as a Volk could try to survive as a people of poets and philosophers. Besides this, poets and philosophers also need less food than hard laborers do.

This is the problem up for discussion today. Here are great states which in the course of the centuries were cheated out of their right to life in this world due to their divisions. These states have now overcome their inner divisions. Today they have entered, as young peoples, the circle of all others and are staking their claim. They are opposed by the so-called owners of the world. These latter owners who today possess and block large sections of the world without sense nor purpose; these owners, who pillaged Germany only a few decades ago; they now place themselves into ownership position within nations.
On the world stage, the same thing is repeated which we have already witnessed inside the life of a people. Here, too, there were economic analysis and political opinion to the effect that he who has something, is ordained to have something; and he who has nothing, is ordained to have nothing. It was to be pleasing to the Lord that the one should possess while the other should not. And it was to remain so for eternity. New forces have come to oppose this. One simply cries out: “Since we cannot possess anything, we just want to destroy!” This nihilistic force has raged in Germany for a decade and a half. Constructive National Socialism has overcome this force. It has refused to allow the existing state of affairs and undertaken its modification. It changed the method of eradicating the state of affairs by saying: “We want to change this state of affairs by gradually permitting the non-possessing classes to partake in the national wealth and by educating them in how to partake in it.” Under no circumstances can the man who possesses everything presume himself to possess all-encompassing rights while the other man has no rights. It is no different in the world either. It is not acceptable for forty-six million Englishmen to simply block forty million square kilometers on this earth and to declare: “The Good Lord gave us this. And twenty years ago he gave us a little more, taken from you. Now this is in our possession, and we shall not give back any of it.” And France? With its truly none-too-fertile people, numbering hardly eighty men per square Kilometer, it has more than nine Million square Kilometers of woods. Germany with its eighty million men possesses barely 600,000 square Kilometers. This is the problem which must be solved, and it will be solved just as other social questions will be solved.

And what we witness today is a greater replay of the same drama we already observed on a smaller scale internally. When National Socialism launched its struggle for a truly tolerable order and a true community of men for the benefit of the broad masses of the people, the liberal and democratic circles; i.e. the possessing classes and their parties attempted to destroy National Socialism. “Dissolve the Party! The Party must be outlawed! They must be forbidden and dissolved.” This was their eternal battle cry. They saw the movement’s dissolution or prohibition as the only means of destroying this force which they feared might well prove capable of bringing about a change in the existing state of affairs.

National Socialism dealt squarely with these other forces and survived; it inaugurated a reorganization in Germany and has persisted. And today the possessing part of the world is crying: “We must dissolve Germany! We must atomize these eighty million. They should not be allowed to remain within a contiguous state structure. Thereby we can rob them of the force to see their demands through!” And these are the objectives England and France are pursuing in this war! Our answer to them nevertheless remains the very same one with which we replied to our adversaries internally. My Old Party Comrades! You know very well that the victory of the year 1933 was not a gift. It was the outcome of an unparalleled struggle which we had to lead for nearly fifteen years; it was a nearly hopeless struggle.

You will recall that Providence did not all of a sudden bestow a great movement upon us. A handful of people founded it. They had to laboriously fight to attain their position back then and subsequently to expand upon it. This handful of people then became hundreds; then thousands; then tens and hundreds of thousands; and finally the first million. Then they grew into a second million, later into a third and fourth million. And it was thus, in the course of a long struggle against thousand-fold resistance and assaults, pillage and violation of our rights, that we grew. And we became strong through this struggle: strong internally. And it was thus how we struggled for power in these 15 years. We received it not as a gift from the Lord but as recompense for an unequaled, tough struggle; for courageous persistence in the struggle for power.

As I received this power in the year 1933 and took over responsibility, along with the National Socialist Movement, for the future of Germany, I realized that no one will grant us our liberty. I further realized that our struggle had by no means come to an end but had only begun to be led on a far larger scale. For before us we had not only the victory of the National Socialist Movement, but the delivery of our German Volk! This was our objective! What I had labored for since is but a means to an end. Party, Labor Front, SA and SS, and all other organizations like the Wehrmacht, the Army, the Luftwaffe, and the Navy were not ends in themselves but means to an end because above it all reigns the assurance of liberty for our Volk.

Naturally, just as at home, I have tried abroad to see through the most urgent, inalienable demands by means of negotiations and appeals to reason. I have succeeded in some areas and in some cases. But already in 1938, the realization forced itself upon us that the old war agitators of WWI were beginning once more to get the upper hand in hostile states. It was already then that I began to issue warnings. For what should we think of this when they first sit down at Munich to settle an agreement, only then to depart for London to resume agitations, to denounce this agreement as a disgrace-even to insist such a thing would not be repeated a second time; in other words, to declare a voluntary understanding to be precluded and inconceivable for all times.

It was then that the ‘outsiders’ appeared on the stage in the so-called democracies. I already warned long ago regarding them. For it was perfectly clear: the German Volk harbored hatred neither against the English nor the French people. The German Volk desired only to live in peace and friendship with them. We make claims that do not do injury to these people; they rob them of nothing. Hence the German Volk has never been instructed to harbor hatred for them. Yet at this point, in England, certain circles launched an impertinent and intolerable campaign against us. And then the moment came when I had to say: we cannot stand by silently any longer but must respond to the hate because we do not teach our German people hate against the English.

We do not teach our people hate against the French either, while in England and France the haters agitate in the press day in and day out and in their meetings the British and French people to the utmost hate against the Germans. One day these agitators in London will be the people of their government and bring to fruition these hate plans. And then the German Volk will not know what precisely hit it. And thus I gave orders to enlighten the German people regarding this hate campaign. And from this moment on, I also stood determined, if necessary, to secure the Reich’s defenses in any case.

In 1939, the Western powers finally dropped their masks. Despite all our attempts and our kindness, they sent us their declaration of war. And today they freely and shamelessly admit: “Indeed, Poland probably would have been willing to agree with Germany, but we did not want that.” Today they admit it would have been easily possible to arrive at an understanding. But they did not want this; they wanted war. So be it! This was precisely what my domestic opponents used to tell me. I held my hand out in friendship to them so many times! They pushed it back and also cried: “No reconciliation. No understanding. Only war!” Well, they got their fight! And I can only say to France and England: You, too, shall have your war!

The first phase in this war consisted of political action. It freed our back first of all politically. For years Germany collaborated with Italy in political issues. This policy has not changed to this day. The two states are close friends. There is a common denominator to their interests. In the past year, I have tried to rob England of the means to allow the conflict it envisioned to escalate into a general world war. The pious Mr. Chamberlain, who studies, reads, and preaches the bible, labored for months to arrive at an understanding with the atheist Stalin. He attempted to conclude a pact with him. In this he failed at the time. I understand that England is raging now that I have done what Mr. Chamberlain in vain sought to do. And I also comprehend that what was pleasing to the Lord in Mr. Chamberlain’s case should be far less pleasing to the Lord in my case. But, nevertheless, I do believe the Lord Almighty to be well pleased that a senseless war on so vast a terrain was prevented because throughout centuries Germany and Russia have lived next to each other in peace and friendship. Why should this not be possible in the future once again? I believe it to be possible since both peoples desire that! Any attempt on the part of the British and French plutocracies to raise renewed controversy between us will fail as we realize their true intentions. And thus today Germany does not have to worry about its back politically.

The second task of the year 1939 was to secure this back militarily as well. The strength of our Wehrmacht trampled to the ground the hope of the English military experts that under no circumstances could the war against Poland be decided in less than six months to a year. The state to which England had extended its guarantee was swept from the map within 18 days. Hence the first phase of this war has come to an end, and the second one begins. Mr. Churchill is already dying to start it. He cherishes the hope, as expressed by intermediaries as well as by his own person, that bombardment should finally, and as soon as possible, feature in this war. And already they are crying that this war should not pay heed to women and children. Of course not! For when has England ever paid heed to women and children?! After all, this entire blockade warfare is nothing other than a war against women and children, just as once was the case in the Boer War. It was then that concentration camps were invented. The English brain gave birth to this idea. We only read about it in the encyclopedias and later copied it-with one crucial difference: England locked up women and children in these camps. Over twenty thousand Boer women died wretchedly at the time. Why should England fight differently today? We have anticipated this and we have prepared ourselves.

May Mr. Churchill rest assured that we do know what has taken place in England within these five months and in France, too. However, he apparently does not know what has happened in Germany within these five months! Evidently these gentlemen are of the conviction that we slept through these past five months. Since the day I stepped onto the political stage, I have never yet slept through a single day of importance, let alone five months. I can assure the German people of one thing: in these five months, we have scored enormous achievements. What was constructed within Germany in the previous seven years pales in comparison to the attainments of these five months! Our armament program was launched according to plan. The plan proved its worth. Our foresight is just now beginning to bear fruits. These fruits are of so impressive a nature that our adversaries are beginning to imitate us. Alas, they are poor imitators. Naturally, the English broadcast services know better. According to them, the skies above England are so darkened by British squadrons flying overhead that the sun can no longer shine there today; the world is one immense arsenal, equipped by England, working for England, supplying the massive British military; Germany on the other hand is standing on the brink of a total breakdown.

I just heard today that we possess only three more submarines. This is truly disastrous-not for us, however, but for English propaganda, since should these three items be destroyed-and this could be as early as today or tomorrow-what will be left to be destroyed? The English will then be forced to sink submarines preemptively which we are to build only in the future. And then somehow they will have to come to terms with a method of resurrecting submarines. Undoubtedly, English ships will continue to be sunk and, as we possess no more submarines, the submarines attacking them will have to be submarines which the English have previously sunk. Further I read that I have succumbed to deep despair and sadness as I had expected us to build two submarines every day, while now we were turning out only two every week. To this I can only say: it is not good to have one’s war reports, and especially one’s radio broadcasts authored by members of a people which have not fought themselves for several thousands of years. For after all, the last documented battle involving the Maccabees is slowly losing its instructive value for military history. When I turn to look at this foreign propaganda, my belief in our victory grows to the immeasurable! For this propaganda I experienced once before. For nearly fifteen years, this propaganda was directed against us. My old party comrades remember this propaganda! These are the same words, the same phrases-yes-and when we look more closely we see the same heads speaking the same dialects.

I was able to deal with these people as a lonely, unknown man who gathered but a handful of people about him. Throughout fifteen years I have dealt with these people. And today Germany is the greatest world power. It is not as if age results in wisdom. No more are the blind restored to sight by old age. Whoever was afflicted with blindness before remains so today. Whoever is afflicted with blindness will be cursed by the gods. Today the German Wehrmacht, the best of its kind, is fencing off these forces. Above all, the German Volk is fencing off these forces with its insight and its discipline. For seven years, National Socialist work has educated them in all areas. That this is not just a fantasy is something that is obvious today. This education has overcome differences of classes and ranks. It has eliminated parties, eradicated different “world views,” and replaced it with a real community. Today the soul of this community is suffused with a singular, glowing faith and a fanatical will. This time, this community will not repeat the mistake of 1918.
When today Monsieur Daladier expresses doubts regarding this community, or when he believes that parts of this community are lamenting their lot, or when he is quoting my own homeland with pity, I say: oh, Monsieur Daladier, maybe you will get to know my men of the Ostmark! They shall personally instruct you. You shall get to know their divisions and regiments just as well as the other German ones. Perhaps then you shall be cured of a peculiar form of insanity in believing that no Germans will face off there. Monsieur Daladier, you are faced by the entire German Volk today! And it is the National Socialist German Volk! This Volk for which National Socialism has so struggled and which through laborious works has received its present-day education, is immune to these international delusions. And this in fact represents a permanent cure. The National Socialist Party guarantees this. And your hope to drive a wedge between Volk and Party, Party and State, Party and military, or Party and me, is childishly naive. Fifteen years ago my adversaries clung to exactly the same hopes.

As a National Socialist, I have known nothing other than work, struggle, worries, and labor. I believe Providence has destined our generation for nothing else. We do not want to behave ungratefully toward our God; to the contrary, we have received a warning here. Once, twenty-five years ago, the German Volk set out to fight a war forced upon it. The nation was not well armed. France applied its fighting force in a fashion quite differently from the Germany of the time. Russia was the mightiest adversary. A whole different world was little by little mobilized against this Germany. Thus the German Volk set out to do battle and wrought many a wondrous heroic deed. And Providence was with our people.
The year 1914 delivered our homeland from the threat of foreign break-ins. The year 1915 improved the situation of the Reich further still; 1916, 1917, year after year, we had battle after battle. At times, everything seemed on the verge of collapse when, as though by miracle, the Reich was rescued. Germany then afforded us with truly astounding proofs of its internal strength. Obviously, Providence had blessed Germany and it was miraculously rescued time and time again. But then the German Volk became ungrateful. Instead of believing in its own strength and its own future, it began to listen to the promises of others. And finally, in its ungratefulness, the German Volk turned against its own Reich, its own leadership. And it was then that Providence turned away from the German people. Since then, I have come to regard this catastrophe as something not wholly undeserved. I have never complained that Providence had somehow wronged us. On the contrary, I always supported this thesis: Providence only gave to us what we deserved in the end. The German nation was ungrateful. Therefore it was deprived of its recompense! This will not happen a second time in our history. The National Socialist movement has already passed through a trial period.

The fifteen years of struggle were not only days of glory and marvelous victories. They were often times full of worry. At times, our enemies were already jubilantly hailing our destruction. Yet the movement held its own with a strong heart filled with faith. Time and time again, trusting in the necessity of our struggle, we have pulled ourselves up to face the enemy with defiance, and in the end had victory over our opponents. This is the task of the German nation today. Eighty million men are stepping up to the line now. As many enemies are standing across from them. Our 80 million today have an excellent internal organization-the best possible in fact. They have a strong faith. Their leadership is not bad. Rather, as I am convinced, it is the best. Fuehrer and Volk today realize that no understanding is possible if we do not insist upon our rights. And we are not satisfied with anything in this struggle for our rights which will inflame fights again in perhaps two, three or five years. But let it be known that the rights of 80 million people are up for discussion, not those of a party or a movement. For who am I? I am nothing other than your speaker, German Volk, the speaker for your rights! The Volk has vested its trust in me! I will prove myself worthy of this trust.

I do not wish to draw attention to my own person and my surroundings, but rather to the past and to the future. I wish to stand up in honor before the past and the future, and with me the German Volk shall honorably hold its own. The generation of today is the bearer of Germany’s destiny; of Germany’s future or Germany’s fall. And our enemies, they already cry out today: “Germany shall perish!” Yet Germany can give but one answer: “Germany will live, and hence Germany will win!” At the beginning of the eighth year of the National Socialist revolution, our hearts turn to our German Volk and its future. We want to serve this future. We want to fight for it and, if necessary, die for it. We will never capitulate, for Germany must win and it will win!

Victory Heil!

Forcing Germany into War

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