Street Battles of the NS – Hitler – street battles of the NS against the Jewish-led Communists – Communists the main aggressors – Jews the instigators – truth about the National Socialists

Street Battles of the German National Socialists (NS)

Contrary to the endless defamation media lies to keep the German people falsely accused to serve the interests of the Jews and their henchmen, claiming that the National Socialists were responsible for most of the brutalities, the truth is, it was the Jewish led Communists who did most of the attacks. From a statistic in 1932, ca. 66% of the attacks were by Communists, ca. 23% by Nationalists, about 6% by Reichtsbannerleute and 7% are undetermined.

Christian Striefler in his book “Kampf um die Macht” quotes similar percentages. As an example of numbers, a German newspaper states the August 1932 numbers counting  8186 NSDAP either died or were injured in that year by August 1932; in 1931 it was 6303!!!

In Austria there were additional deaths.

Hitler announced in 1933 that due to the attacks by the Communists that the SA and SS had 350 deaths and 40,000 injured.

Source: “Der Grosse Wendig – Richtigstellungen zur Zeitgeschichte” (correcting lies the last 150 years) Rolf Kosiek and Olaf Rose

Publisher: Grabert-Tuebingen

3rd Edition  2010

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