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DSM – Psychiatry’s Deadliest Scam:

Psychology Scam:

Jews from Germany without any degree or any scientific research invented Psychology / Psychiatry:


Organ Donation Murder:

You are Alive when they cut out your organs for donation! You are automatically a donor without signing up for it, unless you take action!

1) Dr. Paul Byrne speaking with Spingola – talk show: (click on MP3 icon)

2) Dr. Byrne’s website: (He talks there as well.)


1 CT scan = 500 Xrays – post


Heart Attack? New Easy CPR Method – Do This Now! video link 


EMF Dangers:

The dangers of cell phones, smart meters, wi-fi, cordless phones, etc. – causing low sperm count, autism, dementia, etc.:

Please go to the video on the right side, the one that has the document EMR Remediation Recipe on the bottom:     


Smart Meters and Mobile Phones making us Ill




Attack on Your Safety

State Department Crime Factory

Kay Griggs, former wife of Colonel Griggs, tells it all about the State Department Debauchery, Murders of any man or woman next door, Drugs and Weapons:

part 1) Only Israelis / Zionists in the Middel/Near East State Department pt. 1 – video – by Kay Griggs! 1.55 Minutes:
part 2) Crimes, Debauchery, Assassinations in the State Dept. – part 2 – video – Kay Griggs – 1.27 hours:
part 3) Crimes, Debauchery and Assassinations in the State Dept. part 3 – video – Kay Griggs – 160 min.:
part 4) Crimes, Debauchery, Assassinations – State Dept. – part 4 – video – Kay Griggs – 2 hrs.:



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