Murder Germans Psychologically

Endless psychological war against Germans with lies, hate, and defamation

The psychological war after the war – excerpt in fragments from the German Book-banned in Germany because it speaks the truth- Die Sieger im Schatten Ihrer Schuld,” 1994, by Joachim Nolywaika:

During the war, accusations of German brutalities, war crimes and gassing of people had been kept in check as it would have suspiciously reminded people of the propaganda war in WWI as too many Germans were still alive who could refute these lies. The Allies thought the Germans would revolt against their Nazi “dictatorship” by ferociously bombing them but just the opposite happened. The Germans fought as disciplined heroes in the worst wasteland in Germany from the bombing campaign. They feared the “liberators” as much as the red plague in the East. The crimes of the French and the Americans were not less brutal than the orders of an Ilja Ehrenburg with rape and murder.


When the victors had all mass media in their hands and no one to critique them, without any control or shame, they dished up the most unbelievable ‘crimes of the Germans.’ Photo montages were created, film scenes were cut and spliced together, documents were falsified, witnesses were blackmailed, tortured confessions were delivered, and all Germans had to watch the horror “documentation” including heaps of dead and prisoners looking like skeletons. The creators of this false media knew very well that such pictures of horror would whip up the emotions and repress any skeptical thinking or critical asking of questions. The Germans were to ‘learn’ that they served a criminal system and that love of country, tradition, discipline, obedience, racial pride, devotion to protect the country and community of the Volk lead to war and crime and instead they were to honor: internationalism, despise of their fatherland, equality of all races and countries. Tradition they were told was stupidity, order and discipline was serving death and egoism and individualism where the values to be honored.

They let the Germans starve to death and sink into abject poverty and told them that these are the natural consequences of their crimes and in order to stop them from thinking and questioning they arranged for the desperate Germans to focus on survival through hunger and spending all their energy on figuring out where to get their next piece of bread. No one will have the energy to challenge the accusation that the Germans are the only ones guilty of the war and that the Germans are the greatest criminals in world history.

The victors prepared a clique of future German leaders to work for the victors. Some of the leaders were the immigrant propaganda officers Hans Habe and Stefan Heym. Criminals from the concentration camps [prisons in the beginning] and immigrants were elected to lead in Germany.

Many of them had already committed treason against Germany before and during the war.

With this there were now Germans who were even more brutal against the Germans than the victorious Allies. Democracy as liberal as possible and a “free press” but only for the victors was the order of the day.


John Swainton, editor of the New York Times at that time said the following: “There is no free press. You, my dear friends (!) know this and I know it. Not a single one among you would dare to state his opinion  honestly and openly (!). The fabric of a journalist is much more importantly to destroy the truth, especially to lie, to twist, to slander, and to cuddle up at the feet of the Mammon…we are tools and bondsman of the financially powerful… we are nothing but intellectual prostitutes.”

If this was true for the free America, you can imagine what this would be like for Germany. The editor of “Nuernberger Nachrichten,” Dr. Joseph Drexel, told his childhood friend that he had to obligate himself in the fall of 1945 never to speak in behalf of the German people. On October 4, 1947, Ch. Augustin Beard wrote in the “Saturday Evening Post” that the “Rockefeller Foundation” granted $139,000 to influence important American historians – certainly not to write historical truth!

The German “Institut fuer Zeitgeschichte” is also dependend on those that have created it and want to have certain interests represented. Whether Communists, Nationalists or Democrats, it is a given that any ruling party has in its power positions comrades of the victors. In order to keep the Nationalsozialismus from ever rising, gag orders and laws have been erected to keep the Germans from speaking the truth and to stop them from proving that the murder of Jews is a fabrication. Should any publisher speak the truth, the pimps of the international prostitution gang will make sure that he will be silent in the future.


The well known German Jurist Prf. Friedrich Grimm documented in his book “Politische Justiz” on page 146-148 the interaction in May 1945, with an important representative of the “Allied psychological war” gang regarding “character weakness of the Germans.” He said: “A few days after the capitulation I had a talk with a leading representative of the opposition. He called himself a university professor who wanted to discuss historical facts of the war with me. […] Regarding Oradour and Buchenwald, I told him that I knew what atrocity propaganda is. […] I am familiar with many publications on how these fabrications came about, going even back to 1870… already then they assembled photo montages, had heaps of corpses, used dolls to make photos. […]


First it was hundreds of dead in the concentration camps, then they grew in six weeks to thousands, then to tenths of thousands, hundreds of  thousands. Soon it was Millions.”

So he got angry and said, “I see I am dealing with a knowledgeable man. Now I want to tell you who I really am. I am not a university professor (!) I am from the central atrocity propaganda unit and with it we have won the total victory.”  I said: “I know, but now you must stop.”

He responded: “No, we are now just starting even more! We will continue the atrocity propaganda, we will maximize it until not a single good word will be said about the Germans, until everything is destroyed what the Germans had established in sympathies and liking in other countries. Until the Germans will be so confused that they no longer know what is up or down.” I closed the talk with: “Then you have burdened yourself with a great responsibility!”

What this man threatened us with came true. The worst part was the confusion which was sewn among the Germans. Atrocity propaganda and political justice!”

Prof. Dr. Friedrich Grimm did not know who his partner in the talk was in reality.  He was Sefton Delmer, the far greatest atrocity propagandist of Great Britain! (Hans Frederick “Die Kandidaten,” Page 180).

Die psychologische Nachkriegführung – Joachim Nolywaika “Die Sieger im Schatten Ihrer Schuld.” 1994


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