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Hitler Youth girls cook

The Real Name was “Bund Deutscher Maedel”

i.e.,  “Association of German Girls”

Here the monthly magazine “Das Deutsche Maedel” of the “Association of German Girls” rejects the book “Kaempfen und Glauben” published in 1933 bei a woman who does not belong to the Hitler’s Youth as misrepresenting the girls’ activities. “Das Deutsche Maedel Oct. 1933 points out that the girls are not involved in the political battle which they consider men’s work!

Auszug aus Das Deutsche Maedel Okt 1933 Corrected

Hitler Wahlkampfreise im Odenwald* * *




The smear campaign against the Germans is endless in order to totally ruin them. Part of it is the centuries old desire to decimate the Germans and then the German empire (which has been done but must be kept this way) and the white race which of course comes from Germanic stock (in progress); the second part is revenge upon all Germans [now and forever] for Hitler standing up to the parasitic and exploitative clamp of the Jews on the Germans after WWI, and for his rejection of the usury of their banks. It is not true, as wikipedia (even Metapedia by error) and other resources claim that Hitler’s Youth was militaristic. To the contrary, it was far from it. [No, Hitler was not militaristic, but peace loving!!! His angry speeches later were in response to the sneaky and criminal behavior of the Allies.] The Hitler’s Youth movement was about instilling in Germany’s youth the National Socialist philosophy which was basically “by the people and for the people,” equal respect for all regardless of what social status a person had, unity in spirit, revival of the dying German race due to low birth rates, Germanic culture revival and rejection of Jewish culture which was forced upon the Germans after WWI due to the Versailles Diktat. The most offense part of this Jewish culture was immorality and perverted sexuality, kind of like we have it today only not as sophisticated. Another aim of the NS was learning about the challenges and contributions of workers from each other. In addition it represented physical health, self-discipline, honor, high moral standards, toughness, and furthering the natural talents of people. It was the aim of the NS to instill these values in young people in an environment of community and friendship. Similar youth organizations also existed in other countries.

Speech by Adolf Hitler:

 My German Youth!

Like everyone else of the good and noble German people, the Hitler’s youth was made into criminals (boys) and all, adults, boys and girls were falsely accused of bad sexual morals. These thoughts and accusations can only come from morally debased people who cannot fathom that anyone could be high spirited. ‘Hitler’s youth’ was the most morally disciplined youth that existed in Europe. However, the Jewish run Communist party in Germany that existed before Adolf Hitler decimated the German children, got boys into the party by offering them liquor, cigarettes and morally degenerated girls (who were created by the Jews). The reason they were created by the Jews is because many children were hungry and sold their bodies to get some food. This is what the Jews and the Allies wanted for Germany so they can make the German people into slaves. But then came a noble man, Adolf Hitler, and he lifted the morals and spirit of the German people and their youth and had them return to who they once were!



– Membership from age 10 on –180px-Zeitschrift_BDM


BDM Leadershipschool



Potsdam, Mädchen in der FührerinnenschuleIn Leadership school

BDM, Gymnastikvorführung


The membership ages were 10 to 18. The Jungmaedelbund (JM – for very young members) was separate for the ages 10 to 13.

Der BDM was the largest female youth organization in the world having 4,5 Millionen members in 1944. It was a huge success of community and spirituality.


Already in 1923 there was a group of girls that united inside of the NSDAP, National Sozialistische Arbeiter Partei, also called NS. It was not until June 1930 that these groups were uniting into an official ‘Bund Deutscher Maedels’ (BDM). (Union of German Girls)

In 1931 there were 1,711 members. Leader was Elisabeth Greiff-Walden

Growth of membership since 1933

All youth groups were united under one umbrella, Hitler Jugend (HJ) on June 17, 1933 under leader Baldur von Schirach.

Hitler had this to say at his speech at the Women’s Congress in Nürnberg in 1935:

“The equality of woman is that her great value is based in those areas which are given to her by nature…[…] The German woman also has a battle field: with every child she grants to the nation, she fights her battle in behalf of the nation.” In his book “Mein Kampf” Hitler states: “Marriage cannot be for self-purpose but must have a higher purpose, the increase and ways of the race… That’s why early marriage is the right approach..”

Reich’s Leader of the BDM – Dr. Jutta Rüdiger wrote in the first war year 1939:

“The boys are raised as political soldiers and the girls into strong and brave women, who shall be comrades to these political soldiers – to later live and develop our national socialist world view as wives and mothers and raise another generation that has strength and pride. Therefore we consciously raise political girls. That does not mean: women who later debate in the parliament but girls and women who understand the necessities for the German people and live and act accordingly.”

Ich-Hab-eine-KameradinIn their official publications the BDM stated: “Already in 1934, the 10 to 14 year old girls knew handicrafts, cooking and how to keep a home warm. They also knew how to make a home comfortable. The breeding and selection ideas are brought into the consciousness of the whole youth. [Comment by the poster: This is in reaction to Jewish and Allied control by bringing all kinds of internationals, even blacks, into Germany to entice the German women to mate with them.] The type of German woman of our values mates with the type of German man with our values to rebuild the German race [devastated by the war and rape and poverty]. The Germans have a eugenics responsibility to their race [Comment by the poster: Just like the Jews have one in their own ways protecting their own – however the Jews are setting other races up for mixed racial marriages with their propaganda for it]. The true German woman is to be the racial guardian for the blood of the Germans and to raise heroes. [Note by the poster: It was arranged by the Jews and the Allies on purpose to rape 2 Million German women alone in Germany proper after capitulation to mix the German race by bringing forth racially mixed children. Hundreds of thousands of German women were raped by nomads, Eastern Jews, Mongols, Blacks, etc.; however, hundreds of thousands aborted those children. The Russian commander Ilya Ehrenoff commanded the Russian military in leaflets to “rape the pride out of the German women.” So the Russian Mongolian herds and other eastern races were the first ones who fell upon our women like animals! Everything the Germans honored was purposefully destroyed by the Jews and the Allies.]

Activities and Every Day Life

Similar to the activities of the boys in the HJ (Hitler’s Youth), the offers of leisure activities were the main focus in the BDM: excursions and hiking trips out into nature followed by campfires and cooking out, singing German songs, full moon hikes and staying overnight in hay barns in the summer. Fables presented in theater plays with dolls or marionettes, folk dancing, flute playing and various group sports activities were all part of the standard programs. There was further a “healthcare service by the girls” in the community and help for the farmers.

For the boys in the HJ the focus was on strength and toughness, for the girls the focus was on gymnastics and gracefulness. In place of athletic skills, rhythmic gymnastic, focusing on harmony and being centered in the body and flowing in unison with the group was practiced.  At the same time the flow of the gymnastic movements were geared toward the female body and the future role as a mother.

In the winter half of the year, the girls met regularly for evenings of needle work, stitchery, crocheting, and handicrafts.

Standard dress in the BDM was a dark blue skirt, a white blouse and black scarf with a leather knot. The style of the knee highs and hairdress was up to the individual. Not allowed were high heels and silk stockings; jewelry was onlya ring and wrist watch [Note by poster: as not to show off one’s class].

The vacations offered, both by the HJ and the BDM-that also sent disadvantaged children from socially needy families to skiing in the winter or to camping in the summer-were popular offers for time off.



To prepare girls for service to Volk and family, a service year was requested-at first on a volunteer basis-to help in the household or in farming. Later it became a requirement for all girls in the BDM. Schlesien, Pommern, and Ostpreussen (southeast and northeast on the map) were the focus regions for this type of volunteering help as they had a great need.




Leadership and Schooling

Members of the BDM

Just as in the HJ for boys, in the BDM, youth was teaching and leading youth. The schooling of the girls was on ‘home evenings.’ Support for the meetings was the monthly magazine ‘Maedelschaft,’ (girlhood) that had title pages called “How to structure home evenings in the BDM.” For the leaders in each district there were “Fuehrerinnenblaetter” (leaflets for leaders) at their disposal for practical and ideological orientation. The leaders were requested to attend training on the weekends that were monthly throughout the winter. In addition, the office of the BDM provided materials in schooling of worldviews (WS) for the main leaders of the youth (RFJ) and subordinate leaders. For long term leadership training, BDM leadership schools were available.

Special editions of publications were issued for the summer camp instructions. Also song books like “Wir Maedel singen” (We girls are singing) were circulated.

The Special Edition of September 1937 covers the goal of the weekend schooling as follows:

“It must be accomplish that […] any group leader obtains an absolute feeling of security among the community of the leadership team. How important that is can unquestionably be seen with leaders who are constantly criticized and so have to work in low positions. These leaders eventually need to have a clear and unwavering world view to mean something to their girls. Further, by the means of weekend schooling, these leaders need to be taught to be independent workers so that from their attitude and through their own doing springs forth the motivation to structure home evenings, utilizing district maps of the RJF.”

Membership and Organization Methods

Membership in the BDM/JM was obligatory for girls starting in 1936, grouped according to their ages. Young women from 17 to 21 could become members of an alternative program called “Glaube und Schoenheit” (Faith and Beauty), founded in 1938, which offered an age-appropriate program and a transition to becoming a member in the  Nationalsozialistische Frauenschaft (National Socialist Womenhood).

Like the male Hitler Youth, the BDM and JM (younger girls) were grouped by age in each region and vertically according to size of their unions.

Deutsches Jungvolk



Bund Deutscher Mädel





















To explain this information in a simplistic way… It was laid out as an inverted pyramid so that a “Maedelschaft” had 10 to 15 girls and a “Maedelring” was made up of many smaller groups and had 360 to 540 girls. An “Obergau” (a certain district on the hiarchy) had a membership of 75,000, and so forth.


 Title Page of the BDM-magzine “Das Deutsche Maedel”

War Time and Disbandment

The time from September 1939 was marked by war in that the BDM members were put into service in hospitals, air raid protection, farm service and many other areas. But since 1943, many girls and women volunteered as helpers for the gunners (450,000) in the war. In order to join the war service, the BDM girls had to exit the “Hitler Youth Girls” as they were not allowed to serve in war. Since 1945, the female gunner helpers assisting in war were allowed hand guns to protect themselves. In 1944/45 these girls and women had the same war experiences as the soldiers. It is not known how many died or were taken into imprisonment.

Other areas of service for the BDM members during the war were First Aid in hospitals and war hospitals, serving the Millions of refugees arriving at German railway stations, and supporting the Germans who became homeless during the civil bombardment.

At the end of the war, the BDM was forbidden. Their property and savings were taken. (stolen by the Allies!)



Dienstvorschrift der Hitlerjugend – Der Jungmädeldienst (PDF-Datei)
Bund Deutscher Mädel: Lieder der erwachten Nation (als PDF-Datei zum herunterladen)
Pflichtlieder des Bundes Deutscher Mädel (PDF-Datei)
Lieder der Hitlerjugend (PDF-Datei)
Mädel im Dienst, BDM-Sport (PDF-Datei, 45MB)
Mädel im Dienst: Ein Handbuch (PDF-Datei, 47MB)
Schulungsdienst für BDM – Tapfer sein ist gut – Juni-Juli Ausgabe 1940 (Mit zip gepackte PDF-Datei)
Zeitschrift “Das Deutsche Mädel”: Oktober 1933 (PDF), Juli 1935 (PDF), 7 Ausgaben 1936 (Zip), 7 Ausgaben 1937 (ZIP), 6 Ausgaben 1938 (ZIP), 7 Ausgaben 1939 (ZIP), 5 Ausgaben 1940 (ZIP), 2 Ausgaben 1941 (ZIP), August 1942 (PDF


 Deutsches Maedel (magzine) Oktober 1933

Standard Required Songs of the girls briefly translated content into English

These songs are only translated in in short words to show how innocent they were.


Hitlerjugend Bewegung Bedeutung

Hitler Youth Movement

Rede: Baldur von Schirach – 15.9. 1942


In Deutsch: Bund Deutscher Maedel

Kaempfen und Glauben – Hitlermaedel – Buch ueber den Verein

Torturing German Girls to Death


DEFAMATION – SEXUALITY (Jews can say anything because they own the media, always have, except during Adolf Hitler’s times in Germany 1933!)


In German: The so-called “Hitler Youth” but really called “Bund Deutscher Maedels” monthly magazine:

Das Deutsche Mädel – 1936 April-pdf

Das Deutsche Mädel – 1936 Juli-pdf

Das Deutsche Mädel – 1936 Juni-pdf

Das Deutsche Mädel – 1936 Mai-pdf

Das Deutsche Mädel – 1936 März-pdf


Das Deutsche Mädel – 1937 September

Das Deutsche Mädel – 1937 März


Das Deutsche Mädel – 1939 Oktober

Das Deutsche Mädel – 1939 September

Das Deutsche Mädel – 1939 August


Das Deutsche Maedel – 1940 April 40 S.

Das Deutsche Maedel – 1940 Juni 40 S.

Das Deutsche Maedel – 1940 Mai 40 S.

Das Deutsche Maedel – 1940 April 40 S.

Das Deutsche Maedel – 1940 Juli 40 S.


DasDeutscheMaedel-1941-Maerz 40S.

Das Deutsche Maedel – 1941 Oktober (40 S.


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