Americans! Stop Slandering Germans! – the “Nazis” were not at all what is claimed they were, but defamation, hate and deceit play a role in the false accusations to hide the fact that what is really going on is that the International Criminal Gang, the New World Order, wanted to bring down the German empire and wants to hide the crimes of the Allies by focusing on the good Germans, blaming them and inventing atrocious lies. Who were “they” who brought us Germans down? The same International Criminal Gang who has destroyed the Russian empire turning it into the Soviet Union and destroyed many other countries and now the U.S. and Europe.




Prof. Michael Hudson of the University of Missouri-Kansas City states in plain words that Wall Street is responsible for the false history brought upon the Germans [*German school children are tought a false history by the Allies and Jews]. Hudson: “You cannot teach history in Germany the way it really was without losing your job… The whole guilt politic theory was developed by Wall Street. Suddenly a false history was given to the Germans. Look at the German schoolbooks, and the propaganda of the banks, month for month, year for year.” Source:

[*comment by germanvictims}

video “Off Your Knees, Germany!”


Audio Lecture about the world wars – lies and distortion – however, he is wrong about the death toll of Dresden which is closer to 400,000 per Dr. Claus Nordbruch, German historian:



 Basic Knowledge about the Desires of the Jews:

 “We must fill our psychiatric hospitals with anti-semitic crazy people and our prisons with anti-semitic criminals. We must hunt anti-semitics and all the way to the limits of the law and after that destroy them. We must humiliate our anti-semitics and torture them until they become our fellow travelers…” (Rabbi Leon Spitz, American Hebrew, 01.03.1946)

 “We are driving the Christians into a war in that we take advantage of their stupidity, ignorance, and national pride. They’ll massacre each other and then we have enough place for our own people.” (Rabbi Reichorn, in Le Contemporain, Juli 1880)

 “We Jews are the destroyers and we will always be the destroyers. Regardless of what you do, you can never satisfy our desires. We will, therefore, always destroy, because we want our own world.” (from the book YOU GENTILES vom Jewish author Maurice Samuels, page 155)


Did you know that many volunteers from both friendly and enemy countries of the Germans (even Russians and Ukrainians), primarily in the East Block, joined the elite ‘Waffen SS’ and fought against Bolshevism / Communism (Jewish) for Germany and all of Europe?  [*This is why they are defaming the SS.]


 Table of German Deaths


If it had not been for the German soldiers making a pre-emptive strike on the Soviet Union in I believe 1941, which had its hundreds of thousands of men quietly positioned on the German border, the Jewish-run Bolshevik Communists would have invaded Germany and then all of Western Europe, besides the East. If this would have happened, the U.S. would have been next to become Communistic much sooner than it is slowly becoming, and none of us would be here reading this or writing such things. There would be no more ‘free speech.’ (You know, of course, that our free speech is constantly attacked by the Jews and hanging by a threat! On this Christian website you can read much about the fight and the danger: We can ALL be thankful to the Millions of German soldiers who gave their blood to protect Europe from the Communists! Unfortunately, Germany lost due to a back stab of the USA again as in WWI, and Communism has worked its way into Germany and the USA through the backdoor! One day, it all will blow up and our world will change drastically, for ever! Woe to our children and grandchildren! I can only dream that this will never come true.

Germany would have won the war if it had not been for the Communist-Jew F.D. Roosevelt interfering, who supported the Jewish Bolsheviks with hundreds of thousands of pieces of war equipment.  Matter of fact, I am finding out now, the whole Bolshevik Revolution to take over Russia by the Jews was financed by Wallstreet Jews. Europe would be free now instead of being a slave state disguised under the ‘European Union,’ (really meaning World Government), and it would have protected the United States from the criminal leadership that has infiltrated it for over 100 years. Instead 100,000 German soldiers were murdered by the Jewish Commandos in Poland; 3,250,000 German soldiers were killed or murdered and 2,000,000 German soldiers ended up in Soviet death camps; hundreds of thousands of Germans soldiers ended up in other East Bloc death camps. Most Germans who died in the war and years after the war died a horrific death, unimaginable cruelties were done to the German soldiers because of the lies in the media by the Jews for decades to turn the whole world against the Germans to bring down the German empire. 1,700,000 German soldiers were murdered under Jew Dwight Eisenhower alone in the German prison camp “Rheinwiesenlager” (Rhein meadows) in Germany. Only the German soldiers respected the Geneva and Hague convention. All the Allied soldier, except for a few decent troops, DID NOT! They were commanded to rape, rob and murder from the top down by Russian Jew Ilya Ehrenburg and American Jew Eisenhower, as well as from many commandors all over Europe, Australia, Canada, etc.  All of the cruelties were perpetrated upon the German civilians and soldiers because of the Jewish propaganda lies about the Germans in every country intensively for 60 years at that time with the purpose of eradicating the German empire and much of its people.


How Jews think:

“I believe  in  nothing,  I  read nothing,  I  think  of  but  one  thing;   twist  the neck,  twist  it  yet  further,   screw   off  the   head.”   Marx’ (German Jew) fellow-conspirator,  Jew Bakunin

We intend to turn Europe into a mixed race of Asians and Negros ruled over by the Jews. Jew Count Kalergi-Coudenhove, 1925 (The Jews basically took over Germany after WWI, starved 1 Million to death, and made whores out of people for some food. They also imported Negroes to mix with the Germans.)

“…the question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest”, Jew JAMES WARBURG

We Jews have made the World War (WWI)!  [*It’s politically too early to admit that they created WWII, so they can destroy Germany psychologically, etc. and at the same time reap Billions of payments from the hard working Germans for their Holocaust invention. That’s what they let them stay alive for!] “We, Jews, are nothing else than the world’s seducers, its incendiaries, its executioners!  Our last revolution is not yet made!  We, Jews, invented the myth of the “Chosen People.” Dr. Oscar Levy, prominent London Jew

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Holocaust Belief Racial hate 


Feb. 25, 2013 – germanvictims

Our U.S. government is NOT what we think it is

When we believe in an honest, decent society, then we also believe what our government says. The problem is, many governments are deceptive due to hidden destructive elements in their leadership. In the U.S., everything is run by lobbies and monies move the lobbies. Who has the most money because of usury, deception, and fraud? The Jews. How could this be justice, being bought?! But we would not expect deceit and cruelty from our American government. However, the U.S. government, and many other governments, have been slowly taken over by an international force, apparently headed up by primarily Jews. TAKEOVER GOING ON!

Communism and Atheism

Most Jews are atheists and a large percentage of Jews are Communists, as Communism is a Jewish invention. (German Jew, Karl Marx) They just use the Old Testament as a cover. Communism is a deceptive scheme. It sounds like a good thing, “equality for all.” We think of that as something good, namely we all will have more because we get distribution from the rich. But that’s not what the Jews mean and that’s not what they did in Russia. Amongst themselves they know it means equality in  GREAT POVERTY for the masses and riches for the Jews. A perfect study example is the Jews in Russia who have created the Soviet Union. Under that government  60 to 120 Million Russian citizens  were eliminated by targeted starvation, slave labor death camps and executions – friends and foes alike of the Jewish Soviet Government were exterminated to eliminate witnesses of their crimes, including some Jews in high positions and as executioners. Solzhenitsyn Russia and the Jews  Millions of the murdered were ethnic Germans, starting around 1917. The Germans have created the “bread basket” in the Ukraine (hidden truth from the world) and in 1905 there were 1.5 Million Germans in the Ukraine. Everyone except the controllers, the parasites, became very poor under the new Soviet Union regime. Millions of Christians, including Millions of German Christians, were murdered. Priests were executed and sent into the slave labor camps as well. What Communism also means is forbidding all religions, all independent cultures, all individualism, independent thinking, questioning, challenging, creativity, and all dreams and hope. Just a boring and frightening life in terror, laboring as a slave for the “government” without possessing any longer any private property (stolen by the Communists) and having no loner any choices about anything. GREAT MOURNING ON THE BLACK SEA.

Here in the U.S., it also means instigating terror in a democracy, which has been happening in the Western World for some time now to create a revolution by these “people” to install their communist system completely. If this happens, they will use the same MO again as in the French Revolution and the “Russian” Revolution, by telling the poor to kill the middle class and the rich for they are SUPPOSEDLY the cause of their plight, which they are not. This lie has always worked well for the Communists to incite people AGAINST EACH OTHER and murder each other. How the Rothchilds funded both sides of the American Revolution       Then when most of them are dead, the Communists will confiscate the property of the dead and put people into the Kolkhozes (labor camps for little food) and prison camps. I am very familiar with this because that is what happened to my German family and relatives of several generations in the Soviet Union, to be more precise, the Ukraine. In short, Communism is not an ideology because it reads like sheer nonsense. Communism is a CONSPIRACY to take over masses of people and make them into obedient slaves and taking all their private possession away.

In Germany, after WWI, the Jews that swarmed upon Germany, controlling everything (Weimar Republic), build a Millions-strong German Communist party from Germany’s desperate people, based on nothing but promises, while at the same time they arranged for a food blockade via the British so that over a Million Germans starved to death! Nothing had changed for the Germans with the promises of the Communist party. To the contrary, everything got worse. The Jews took the most and the best jobs and got fat and lived a good life. The Germans starved and despaired.  Adolf Hitler recognized the brutal game the Communists / Bolsheviks / Jews were playing. When he was elected chancellor, Germany started to recover!!! He knew that the Jews were at the root of the evil in both Russia and Germany, and he explained that in “Mein Kampf.”

Slow, quiet takeover of the U.S.

The Jewish takeover of the American government started at least since the early 20th century and ever escalated from then on. As Lenin said, “Communism will come to America. It will be a slow and bloody battle,” he said,  “but it will come.”

Senator Joseph McCarthy (and others) became aware of the Communist (speak Jews) danger in our government and charged that hundreds of Communists have subverted the U.S. government, but he was “eliminated.” Most likely he was murdered.

With John F. Kennedy as president, there was great hope again for this country’s future. He also became aware of subversion and made a speech about the danger of “secret societies.” He promised to eliminate them in the U.S.,  as far as it is in his power. About a year later Kennedy was assassinated. After J.F.K.‘ s assassination, things went further downhill, on an ongoing basis, slowly eroding our values while keeping up a good front.

The attack was then and is now on the moral fabric of our society to the point that so much of what we treasured as valuable and honorable has been lost or debased, so that what is good is called bad and what once was bad is now considered good. That’s a typical Bolshevik scheme, the twisting of the mind until people are totally confused and can no longer think for themselves and hand themselves over to the new “values.” Then they can be easily controlled and get more of those destructive values by means of feeding them into their children in school and on TV and in movies.

The assassination of Kennedy was a major blow to the spirit of the people of the United States, even Europe. I lived in Germany at that time and I have never forgotten how hope drained out of me when my mother came running into my bedroom crying, “They killed Kennedy!” He was our hope, too! He was put aside because he was going to get the control of the U.S. back from the dangerous elements, the same elements that Adolf Hitler was fighting. These dangerous elements are the Communists and their henchmen. Is it a wonder that over the centuries, the Jews were thrown out of over 200 countries?  But they always crept back in buy buying their way in. What they do is put people, kingdoms, and governments into debt, so the leaders lose their power. A parasitic system! Non-Jews are always so compassionate and forgiving. That’s what they have been set up for by the bible verse “love your brother as yourself” claiming our brother is everyone. Hell no! I found out that Martin Luther wrote in his book “Von den Juden und ihren Luegen” (Of the lies of the Jews) that “your brother” is your actual brother, your family and your racial group, and he condemned the Jews late in his life for their lies and said: “Forget about trying to change the Jew; they cannot be helped. Deceit is their way of life.” I now have information that he along with Mozart and Schiller was murdered by the Freemason Jews.

An international power is controlling the United States in a capitalist but also hidden communist way.  Communism, in the end, is the backside of Capitalism because eventually one will only have the very rich and the very poor. At that point total takeover will set in. The plan is to make us poorer and poorer and more stupid and filled with lies until in the end we are so desperate for food that we will all become slaves to this International Criminal Gang with its Bolshevik / Communist predator plans. (Just like they did in Russia and attempted to do in Germany after WWI and after WWII. The Germans are becoming poorer and poorer having worked so hard but having had to bail out all those other countries which have been raped by the parasites. The Germans are the slave workers for the International Criminal Gang under the capitulation contract of 1945, which means Germany is run by a corporation, called the “Bundesrepublik,” and all “German” leaders are in fact agents for the Allies, especially the U.S.A. an have not been and are not working in the interest of the Germans. To the contrarcy, they have been working in destroying the Germans totally psychologically. Angela Merkel, a Communist Pole, just recently admitted that the is a Jewess!!!

Adolf Hitler saw the danger of the Jews and the Bolshevik regime early and wrote about it in MEIN KAMPF.  He was forced into a war against his will, and he would have won, but he lost because the U.S. interfered in behalf of the Bolshevik’s / Communists. That’s because Jew Roosevelt (Rosenfeld) was surrounded by Communist Jews and, he, himself must have been a hidden Communist. In any case, he was interested in world power for the Jews, as he himself was a Jew. So was Churchill. Is it a wonder that  the Jews gained so much power in England, in Germany after WWII and in the U.S? Our upper government is run by many powerful Jews who do not have the American people’s interest in mind at all! They robbed us with the so-called “Federal” Reserve! We can see the result for decades now: America’s terrible decline and invasion by too many races with other cultures than ours, blotting out our European-American culture.

It is clear that since at least 1900, our U.S. government is no longer that government of noble European thinkers with the high Aryan values, but a government of an international criminal gang. This gang has sent our jobs overseas and created stock market crashes and depressions. It has created many housing market roller coasts and wars and revolutions to rob other countries blind and enslave them to the U.S.A., and in the process had our American men killed and maimed. How many American soldiers have given their lives for these bloodsuckers running our government? I do not know, but lets say in the last 100 years, at least 150,000. And that makes about a Million injured soldiers with their lives shattered. Not only that, war chivalry has died out since 1900 and the American soldiers have been trained to rape, rob and murder; I am sorry to say. While having arranged for our American soldiers to be killed, they are replacing them more and more with third world soldiers inside of our country who will not have the same loyalty to this country.  Matter of fact, they are now building private armies inside countries. I would think, that is arranged to attack America’s citizens eventually!  The brutality against “the guy next door” has already started. And many of these soldiers are from Communist East bloc countries and think nothing of blowing our heads off. [Many Communist East bloc foreign troops on our soil in the National Guard in ‘partnership’ with the U.S. – Dr. Lorraine Day; “The Coming New World Order.”]

We are nothing to them

It is very clear to me that we are dealing with a force that considers us to be insects. I am not trying to be bold. I really believe this after my research. And furthermore, why do they feed us insecticides in our food, put one of the most dangerous poisons, Fluoride-an ex-folient – that not only hardens our tooth enamel but hardens our bones and makes them brittle, hardens our brain tissue causing mental disturbances and Alzheimers-in our drinking water and toothpaste, inject us with poisons in vaccines, and burn us to a crisp with chemo and X-rays while all other options that have worked for many are oppressed and the inventors attacked or even caused to die “accidentally” or due to “illness”? (Dr. Lorraine Day’s natural cancer cure.)

Coming from the perspective that we no longer matter to our government, and that our government does not reflect what we want, and that it is all about power and greed, perhaps the reader can keep an open mind now to what I am writing regarding the Germans:

What were the Germans like?

The Germans were very successful before 1900. They were at the center of culture and science. Germany was called the land of the thinkers and poets (that’s why the Bolsheviks, who always claim the opposite, call us Barbarians). Just look at our cities before they were mostly bombed out: GERMANY 1900 . Respect was given to the industrious, philosophical, musical, scientific  Germans from all over the world for the quality of their export products and their intellect.

But England, and the Jewish bankers, did not like the commercial competition from Germany and wanted to destroy the newly created united empire (1871) of former German kingdoms, called the ‘Reich.’ And since England had already robbed countries all over the world and killed Millions of their citizens, it was nothing to them to do away with the German empire and its people when it gets a chance. But for that England needed help from other countries. The “British” and their Jewish bankers knew that they could not attack the outstanding products of the Germans, so they decided to attack the German character with endless lies and defamation to make them unpopular as commercial partners with other countries to effect their export and ruin them. So the “English” with their Jewish press, invented hair-raising horror stories about the German people and the German soldiers. This went on for several decades so that the new generations growing up who did not know the Germans’ glory in the past started to develop a great disliking of those “evil” Germans. Children in England, France, and Poland, for example, already learned in Kindergarten that the Germans are “evil.” (Poland had a huge Jewish Population.) Something like that becomes, of course, ingrained in the minds of people when they are bombarded regularly and over decades and taught these things already in school. (Just like the Holocaust lie is ingrained in most Germans and Americans as well as many people of the world by decades of lies and text in their schoolbooks.) It was the purpose of the targeted lie propaganda against the Germans to bring the German Kingdom down by setting up a war mindedness against Germany in other countries. Russia, for example, who had invited the Germans to the Ukraine to farm the land (Germany was running out of farmland) had given the privilege to Germans to keep their language and culture when they come to Russia and build German colonies (1775). But when England started its hate propaganda against the Germans in 1871 when the Reich formed, soon thereafter the Russian Czars turned against the Germans in Russia and started to take away privileges, especially the German language in public. Things deteriorated for the Germans in Russia from then on and it was a constant battle for the Germans to keep their German culture in the colonies. But when the Communist Jews overthrew Russia in 1917, the Germans’ lives were hanging on a thread.


After Bismarck, the great German diplomat, was no longer in office, the “British” became very verbal in their newspaper attacks on Germany and stated that they could tear the German Empire into pieces in a war. (They did not like the UNITY of the German kingdoms, because unity equals power). And the British and Jews fulfilled their plan after WWI.  The dark forces in the world wanted to destroy the German empire in a war and kill as many of its people as possible; and so they brought war upon Germany. Like good Bolsheviks always do, they blame the innocent; and so they had the audacity to blame Germany for WWI. This was extremely unjust, of course, because Germany had to pay tremendous reparations, though it was totally innocent of WWI! But then, when was the English empire ever just? They went into country after country and raped,  robbed, tortured and murdered.  Because of the devastation of the war and the blame of Germany for the war, the countries who had all those losses hated the Germans even more. A great setup by the dark forces. But the average citizens just believe what their media tells them; just like we do. And I did. But no longer!

Fighting for Justice?

The war mongers deceived, claiming that they are fighting for justice and freedom for all the world. But they were really fighting for filling their pocket book and doing away with the most competitive people in Europe, the Germans. The people who have arranged for this war are, of course, not benevolent people and do not believe in justice. To the contrary. England was designated “THE ROBBER STATE” by those who knew better. It was then the home of the INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL GANG and the Banking system and mass media all of which of course are primarily made up of Jews. The INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL GANG who make war after war after war in countries around the world are not people of honor; all they desire out of life is perverted sexual pleasure, possession, money and power over others. Another side to them is that they enjoy torture, war, harm of any kind upon humans they choose to mangle. The Germans on the other hand, were noble people. (This is why they accuse us of the opposite, as all good Bolsheviks are liars and accuse others of what THEY themselves do, instead.) The German king had already examined all the facts and stated it to the world soon after WWI that Germany was innocent of causing the war and why. But this information was suppressed. Instead Germany was forced to sign the destructive Versailles Treaty with the gun at her head: “Sign or we will continue to bomb your civilians!” What could Germany do? Nothing. The poison against Germany kept being injected into everything and everyone in their powerful English, American and worldwide media to hide the crime of WWI. Germany was not allowed to speak up further after the Versailles Treaty signature. It was all a part of the plan to eliminate Germany as a powerful empire.

Germany was Innocent

Though the German king soon after the war determined Germany’s innocence and his message was hidden from the world, Germany has been exonerated of the blame for WWI by historians from around the world but it took way too long. The damage was done to Germany and the hate and lies against the Germans instilled in several generations led to many countries aligning with the main aggressors in WWII, which was only a continuation of WWI. The Germans call the period from 1914 to 1945 the “Second Thirty Year War” against Germany. (The 30-year war was an attempt to wipe out the Germans.) These small countries were coerced or bought for that purpose! Many had no choice because they were small countries and would have been punished by the rest of the Allies if they had not joined the Allies against Germany.

Germany was invaded and controlled

Under this Versailles Contract, the “Internationals,” many of them Jews, “invaded” Germany after WWI and raped, robbed, and murdered. ‘Britain’ put a food blockade on Germany at the war’s end and murdered at least 1 Million Germans by starving them to death. In addition, hundreds of thousands of Germans took their lives as there were no jobs. The Jews and the Internationals had taken almost all of the jobs. Women and children were prostituted to have something to eat. Movies, Art, Literature, Theaters were filled with smut a la the Godless style of today. Homosexuality and slave prostitution was rampant. Distorted Jewish ‘modern art’ took the place of great European masterpieces. This was the Weimar Republik, ruled by the Jews.

These human rights abusers were sitting inside of Germany literally like parasites. The Allies, the Jews and their international henchmen got fat, were happy and celebrated in the Roaring 20s with the robbed goods of the German people.

Jews took over Germany politically

Right at the end of WWI, the Jews created the Communist party in Germany and were working on overthrowing Germany and making it into a slave state like they did with Russi, turning it into the Soviet Union. Millions of desperate Germans believed the Communist lies and ended up in the Communist party. In the Communist party, youth became depraved with offers of cigarettes and liquor as well as early sex. This is what most likely inspired “Hitler’s Youth” which was a very noble arrangement of discipline, exercise, and love for the country as well as support for the farmers who had suffered so terribly. But, there was still too much resistance to Communism in Germany and Adolf Hitler gave some early warnings of the Bolshevik threat. Adolf Hitler won the election against the Communist party and was instated as chancellor in January of  1933.

It was not expected by the INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL GANG that a great leader would arise, Adolf Hitler, who loved the German people with a passion like no leader, for perhaps Centuries or ever, and who lead Germany out of slavery. Therefore, the recovery of the Third Reich was not expected by the bloodsuckers, so when it did, they planned a new war against Germany, or, actually a continuation of WWI as the times between the wars were mostly a life and death struggle, controlled by the International Criminal Gang until 1933. So, soon upon Hitler’s election, in March of 1933, the Jews of the WHOLE WORLD announced to the world that they are “declaring war on Germany,” using as trigger point the fact that the Communist party lost against Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers’ Party. And so declared the 500,000 German Jews in Germany. This was treason by the German Jews! Treason in Germany and all countries was punished with the death penalty. But Hitler did not execute them. He wanted them out of his country! This is when Hitler took strict action on 1 April 1933 against the Jews and threw the Jews out of many jobs (often they had about 60% of the best jobs but were a minute part of the German population) by giving them jobs according to their percentage in society. So 400,000 Jews left Germany soon after that and increased their lie and hate propaganda more ferociously from abroad. They wanted economic destruction of the recovering Germany, but used the word “war” in a prophetic way in the newspapers because that is what they had really long planned for Germany with their bankers and industrialists!

Because of Adolf Hitler’s great leadership, the Germans recovered from their abuse by the International Criminal Gang. As always, the Bolsheviks-Communists had to claim the opposite about Hitler and called him a monster. But the proof is in the pudding. Read his speeches. Read the hateful words of Jews against mankind. Look at how many Jews reign our U.S. government. Look what the Jews have done in Palestine. Look at what the Jews have done to the Russians – killing at least 66 Million. Their is ample proof of Hitler’s innocence and the Jews’ guilt. This, of course, will only sink in if you are willing to change your brainwashed mind if that’s what happened to you in your country; for sure in Germany and the U.S.


Though the Poles had thrown out the Jews in the early 20th century, the Jews came back with a vengeance. The International Criminal Gang pushed Poland into inciting Germany over a long period of time, and one day Adolf Hitler struck back. That was in early September 1939, after the Poles invaded German territory for the first time, though they had attacked the German border many times.  The Poles had murdered in the most heinous ways 8,000 ethnic Germans in August of 1939 on top of the many tens of thousands they had murdered over the decades and the Millions that they had driven out of Poland from the German land they had robbed after WWI. In 1939, the Poles had murdered 58,000 ethnic Germans, many of them tortured to death through most inhumane suffering and disfigurements. When Hitler responded, it was still not a world war, just a local conflict and a response by Hitler in self-defense.

WWII a continuation to destroy the German empire, as planned

SO WHAT WAS THE POINT FOR ENGLAND AND FRANCE TO DECLARE WAR ON GERMANY???? THE POINT WAS, IT WAS A PLAN, AND POLAND WAS TAUGHT TO BE THE INSTIGATOR. Immediately, England and France declared war on Germany and made the local conflict only, as planned, into a WORLD WAR. It was over in 18 days between Poland and Germany. Hitler won. What Hitler did was just. But it was not about justice; it was about power and destruction of Germany. France, Britain, Russia, and the USA were old Allies from WWI. This same leadership of a Bolshevik JEWISH criminal bully gang wanted to destroy Germany again. They had all conspired to this and divide up the “spoils,” and rape Millions of women and children as the reward for their soldiers. And they just about destroyed Germany. 6 Million Germans died during the war. As the Germans retreated and after the war for many years, the International Criminal Gang killed 12,000,000 Germans in many ways, but primarily by starving them to death, beating them to death, shooting them or torturing them to death, and by driving them off their land. And they did many more Millions of economic and financial crimes against the German people. Germany was in bondage of poverty and hunger for 5-7 years after WWII. This is hard to swallow for the Americans but it is the truth, so help me God.

In Retrospect

As it always happens in history, after the worst of it is over in a war, historians will examine and ask questions of how it all happened and who was responsible for what. Or, they get assigned by the powers to be to create a false history to protect the criminals. This time things were worse than ever before because a huge crime has been committed by the Allies. 12,000,000 Germans were murdered. The International Criminal Gang had to take swift action to stop the honest examination of facts and appoint its own “historians,” otherwise their crimes against Germany would be exposed. The game plan was to blame the Germans again for the war and hide the evidence of the ALLIED CRIMES, and especially the Jewish Banking schemes and profits of the industrialists by way of war! With an endlessly lying tongue and the power of the press, the Jews and the Allies made up more lies about the Germans and invented German war crimes to get the focus off themselves. To make sure that the  crimes of the Allies stay hidden, the defeated Germans had to sign a contract (for 99 years) at capitulation that they will never bring any charges against the Allies for war crimes. Matter of fact, this signature was planned ahead of time, so the Allies could rape, rob and murder to their dark heart’s content during Germany’s retreat and after the war. And that’s how it’s been until today: Any German who wanted justice for the crimes of the Allies was and is turned away from German courts with the answer: we cannot make charges against the Allies. Anyone in Germany who speaks out against the lies about the Germans, such as so called German war crimes or the Holocaust invention, often will be financially ruined, loses his career standing, AND GOES TO PRISON, as there is an ever tighter control by a Jewish-Allied gang of what the Germans can say or write because the truth is coming out more and more, and the International Criminal gang wants to oppress the truth. All looks good about Germany on the outside as the Germans are very industrious, but inside the worm has been eating away and has been destroying the spirit and finances of the German people. Germany has been used as a cash cow to bail out other countries getting evermore in debt itself. The German’s are now on 6th place of prosperity in the European Union. Germany is now a “communist controlled hell hole,” as someone stated to me recently, and this got confirmed through some correspondence which was sent by my German contact. Sure, there are the tourist places in Germany, really run by non Germans and served by the Germans, but the rott of Germany is everywhere. Most of all their is a Muslim, Jewish, and East Bloc invasion. The same way as the Germans in Eastern Germany were afraid to speak their mind under the Russian Occupation, the Germans in the West now are afraid to speak their mind under the Jewish-Allied occupation. It is getting worse year by year. Thousands of Germans are sitting in prison for speaking history truth!!! The East Communism has moved into the West, by plan. The unification of East and West Germany was not a benevolent thing, but moving the communist oppressed and trained East Germans into the West as spies. Pictures of mass murderer Stalin “grace” now German Universities. Our great German men in our great history are rarely mentioned or defamed by the Jews.

Was it 6,000,000 German civilians or 6,000,000 Jews?

The current official death rate of Jews is 300,000 OF ALL CAUSES!!! But the 6 Million mystery number is propagated by the Holocaust museums.This is because the Jews do not care what the gentiles say. The Jews only do and insist upon what they want. They are the world bullies. Look how powerless the world is about Palestine. Nothing but words are uttered and the Jews still do whatever they want. They maim and kill and lie. The Jews are wrong from the beginning by taking this land away from the Palestinians.

Early after the war, German and French historians brought out the truth of what was done to Germany as the International Criminal Gang did not have that much control over everything yet. But many of these books have been burned and/or forbidden in Bolshevik Germany and other countries to keep the Germans silenced and the truth hidden. Most of those who wrote about the truths in later years have gone to prison, whether they were Canadians, French, or Germans etc.

After it has been established that nearly 6,000,000 German civilians were starved to death by the Allies in Germany proper, ON PURPOSE, I believe, the Jewish holocaust was invented at that time for distraction from this hidden fact and to put the last nail into the coffin “Germany.”  So now it suddenly was 6,000,000 Jews who were eliminated in Europe by the Germans when only 150,000 lived in Germany by 1933! That is documented. There was no court procedure with any prove of the crime! Only invented hearsay. The so-called “holocaust experiences” were definitely what the Soviet Jews have done to the prisoners in the gulags. Matter of fact, the holocaust idea came out of Russia with all its debauchery, the cruelty and brutality only the Jewish Soviet mind could dish out to humans because that’s exactly what they did to the prisoners in Russia. It’s what they did to Millions of Germans in the Soviet Union that they have hauled off since 1917 to the Siberian Steppe to die, to the prisons and later to the Gulags to die, and later at capitulation and during the retreat of the German soldiers the Germans were again hauled off to the Gulags by the Millions.  They hauled the Germans even out of Germany proper by the Millions.

No court procedure was and is allowed by historians who can prove scientifically that the holocaust is a fraud! THE FALSE HOLOCAUST

This so called gassing crime was technically impossible as it has long been proven by various historians and scientists – and there were hundreds of thousands of dead and emaciated Germans, Russians, Ukrainians, even Jews, etc. in the Gulags in Russia, Poland, Yugoslavia, etc. to take pictures of to “prove” the “murder by the Germans.” In Germany, hundreds of thousands of dead Germans were laying around. Another option to take lots of pictures. And why did most of the dead have no clothes on? Because they were Germans or German soldiers! That’s why! The surrendering German soldiers were mowed down by the thousands, perhaps tens of thousands by the GIs AFTER the war’s end. But not only were they mowed down by the Americans, they were mowed down and tortured to death by all the Allies, as the supreme commander Dwight Eisenhower was in charge of all the Allies and said to “do with the Germans as they please.”

The Soviets had endless opportunities to take pictures of their emaciated and dead Gulag prisoners who died within weeks, Millions of them Germans. There was no lack of picture “proof” for the purpose of their lies. And yet they even had some rubber dolls they used as dead Jews with GIs posing with them. Look closely and you will see that there is something not quite right with some of the pictures. Many of them are paintings that had been photographed and collages to create scenes that did not exist in reality. Even before the end of the war there were Millions of Germans starving in Germany as Germany was heavily bombed. German concentration camps were packed with Millions of enemy prisoners, and as in all wars, many people in the camps got Typhoid and died.  What can one expect when most of Germany’s cities were in  rubble as well as many farms from several years of bombing and most Germans were already starving themselves?! The bomber pilots even went after the farmers with machine guns!

Germany Blamed Again and Exploited

In order to hide their crimes, the Jews and the Allies again put the blame for the war on totally innocent Germany. Germany had a right to defend itself when the Poles attacked the German border guards again, as so many times before, but this time actually entered German territory on Sept. 1, 1939. The International Criminal Gang made a world war out of it to further Jewish Bolshevism and had Germany again pay reparations for the war so she would be indebted for ever. Then they took much of her land away. Germany is recovered but in heavy debt. What is the collateral for the debt? Land! Again, the Jews and the Internationals and the rest of the criminal gang swarmed upon Germany taking almost everything into their possession at the war’s end. Whoever survived in Germany has now become a slave in an occupied country, terrified by the foreign soldiers. Rape of German women was ongoing for years. The German police did not exist. The MP was in charge. That was like the fox guarding the hen house. The American soldiers were indoctrinated that Germans were barbarians and killers and so they felt they can treat them any way they wanted. American soldiers, the relatives of Germans, claimed the Germans are barbarians and brutally raped and beat them to death for years. And the black soldiers’ hate against white people was showered on the helpless German women and children in their brutal rapes. Germans must be saints to have so much forgiven the Americans for what they have done to them.

For almost a decade after the war, it was an extremely difficult time for the Germans who had survived. And most of them were hungry and cold in those years. If it had not been for the hard working Germans – and they have been taken advantage of for this particular trait – Germany would be like the former Soviet Union, a land of poverty. But Germany is now heading there. And so is the U.S., thanks to their evil Jewish masterminds.

Foreign Bolshevik Government in Germany for nearly 70 years now

Upon the Germans was put a foreign government called the “Bundesrepublik” whose leaders are not representatives of the Germans but of the Jews and the Allies under the United States umbrella. Therefore, the country Germany and the German people are under the sovereignty of the United States. The “German” government, called “The Bundesrepublik” is illegal and a puppet government and has been always made up of either Communists (e.g., Angela Merkel, Jew and Communist Pole) and Bolsheviks, or anti-Germans, all deceivers of the Germans and out to destroy the Germans slowly so the rest of the world and the Germans themselves will not notice. All were financially exploiting the hard working Germans to scoop the cream of the top by deceiving them. No wonder they accuse the Germans of the Jewish holocaust to silence them and keep them down. No wonder they lie and say that Germany started the war. No wonder they make up an exhibit of so-called German war crimes. ALL OF IT IS ORCHESTRATED TO KEEP THE GERMANS SILENCED AS SLAVES.

The Bundesrepublik, an Allied corporation, is the enemy of the German people, but PRETENDS to be German

Even after nearly 70 years, Germany has not received a peace agreement because once they do, they have their sovereignty back and they can talk back and speak the truth. However, the Bundesrepublik is legally not in a state to sign a peace agreement because they are not representing the Germans. A perfect setup for endless bondage for the German people. The German Reich actually still exists but it has no government! The Germans are ever more severely oppressed in the areas pertaining to the history truth of WWII war crimes and the Jewish holocaust invention as the years go on, now more than in the 50s and 60s.  They were told at the capitulation by the Americans that if they “did not go along with the plan, they would be bombed again.” This is why they are so quiet around certain WWII issues. Furthermore those who bring the real truth into the light about Germany, so called German war crimes and the so called Jewish Holocaust, whether they are from Canada, Britain, or France etc., will be ruined, career-wise, financially and incarcerated. Some are murdered either by the instigated public or silently “die” somewhere, perhaps in a hospital or institution. Some “get cancer” (an injectable disease). The Germans were deceived for decades about the sovereignty of their state and brainwashed by false WWII history, and it seems now the truth about this deception by the Bundesrepublik CORPORATION is slowly coming out. But is it too late? And is it all too late for the United States, too?

After the unification of East and West Germany, the Germans were lied to by the Bundesrepublik government that now they have a peace agreement under a certain document which is, however, not valid either. The whole thing has been a scam. At the Unification Ronald Reagen also signed America away to the Russian Bolsheviks by merging the Communist plans for the future of the USA and Russia. (Mrs. Charlotte Iserbyte, former head of the Department of Education, calls him “Red Ronny.”) The Unification just brought the Communist East to the West. It was not a benevolent  idea at all. No! But we all have been blindly led like sheep.

The Bundesrepublik is full of Jews and Communists who “run the show.” For nearly 70-years the Germans have been exploited and the Allied war crimes have been hidden from them and the world to make them feel guilty and shameful and quiet.  Thousands of Germans who speak up against the deception are in prison right now over the holocaust scam and the German war crimes scam; some of them for just doubting or wondering if the holocaust is true. The “trials” are rigged, because NO DEFENSE IS ALLOWED by any attorney regarding the holocaust!!! The “justice department” knows that they would lose if the defendants could defend themselves. Many of the abused Germans have longer sentences than criminals get for rape and murder. The Germans have seen the videos made from around the world exposing the Holocaust fraud; but  people in many countries are silenced with severe punishment, for example, England, France, Canada, etc. Some of them speak up anyway and they are hauled out of their country and into prison in Germany, such as Ernst Zuendel. (Zundel). This is how the International Criminal Gang is terrorizing most of the world into silence. Their obstruction of basic human rights to examine history and debate it is CRIMINAL. It’s them who should be put in prison!

Several Holocausts in the last century in Europe

There were several holocausts in the 20th century in Europe. There was the holocaust of the Armenians, the first Christians. Millions were starved to death by the “Young Turks” criminals which now turn out to be not Turks but Jews. Then there was the Russian holocaust. This was the no. 1 crime with 60,000,000 to 120,000,000 Russians murdered by the Jewish Bolsheviks under the Soviet Union government. Yes, Jewish!!! Did you ever hear about it?  They hid it well! It was not until the late 1970, I think, that Kruschov admitted it that the Soviet Union government murdered tens of millions of their citizens, but he kept the numbers low and never mentioned the fact that it was Millions of ethnic Germans also and that the perpetrators of that Soviet Union government who did this crime were Jews. No one knew for decades that it was the Jews who have overthrown Russia and created the Soviet Union. The secret behind communism

Then there was the  holocaust of starving to death 1,000,000 German civilians after WWI. Not to mention the many war crimes by the Allies against German civilians and soldiers. Then for the Germans during WWII there was the bombing of Germany, targeting civilians in inner cities with 1,000,000 Germans smashed or burned to death in an agonizing way with phosphor bombs (like agent Orange); the victims were mostly women and children, wounded soldiers, and elderly as healthy men were all in the war. The next holocaust was after the war for the Germans. Between 1 to 2 Million German soldiers were starved to death inside of Germany in the prison camps, on purpose, by Jew Dwight Eisenhower. Also starved to death were nearly 6 Million!!! (does this ring a bell?) German citizens in Germany proper, arranged by Jew Dwight Eisenhower. The Germans were tortured to death and murdered in various ways  all over Europe by partisans who led citizens against ethnic Germans – who had lived there often for hundreds of years – to commit heinous torture murders. Not seldom, the gang leaders were Jews. These partisans in civilian clothes making war against ethnic German civilians and German soldiers were a big part of the Allied war plan all over Europe. (And for these “crimes” of German soldiers defending themselves, they are prosecuting German leaders who shot those bastards!) 20,000,000 ethnic Germans were driven off their homelands in the East European countries and of those 5,000,0000 perished on the trek back to war-torn Germany. The total number of Germans murdered AFTER the war was 12,000,000, twice as many killed as during the war as the total German loss was 18,000,000.

A further holocaust was raping 2 Million German women and children just alone inside of Germany toward the end of the war and after the war with a 10-15% death rate. This was by the soldiers of America, Brittan, France, and Russia. The numbers of German women and children raped in all of Europe was most likely 5 Million, but there is no total account of all the countries documented as almost all the German records have been confiscated by the “victors.” At first the German city official in those countries documented everything but the records later disappeared. Naturally! The raping, torturing, and murdering in the east of the ethnic Germans started already in the beginning of the war and ever increased as the German soldiers retreated. A further holocaust was the Millions of German women, children, and men dragged into the Russian, Polish, Czech, etc. Gulags (slave labor camps) to determinedly exterminate them after they squeezed out the last bit of hard labor from them. Also, German citizens were taken out of Germany after the war and taken to the Russian Gulag slave labor camps. Alone from an Eastern German area, 1,000,000 German women and children were taken to the Russian Gulags, 50% did not make it back. After the war, many Germans were freezing and hungry for nearly a decade. And nearly 6 Million starved to death between 1945 and 1950.

The liars get noticed because they are loud, but the revisionists (truth speakers) must work quietly

Those who cry victim, are actually the greatest victimizers of mankind. Just look at Palestine!!! The so-called Jewish holocaust is a scam! If anyone wants to accuse the Germans of a Jewish holocaust (gassing people to death), let him first of all understand that the Germans were highly noble people, and most of them lead a strict Christian life. The Germans, called the Thinkers and Poets in centuries of history are suddenly turned into savages eliminating Millions of people by gassing? Where is the logic here? Only the Jewish Bolsheviks can come up with such a twisted idea because that is HOW THEY ARE!  Anyone, before accusing the Germans of heinous crimes should first do his homework and examine the side of the defenders, our revisionists who paid dearly with their financial and social standing and sometimes with their lives, for loving the truth and justice. These are not people who would glibly throw out some lies in order to go to prison and ruin their careers!!! Who would be such a fool for lies?  A human being only gives their livelihood and live for a noble cause. A liar would rather live in comfort. He does not have what it takes to risk his life for other humans, especially not for people from the “enemy country,” like French or Brits who are standing up for the Germans. These revisionists almost all are people who have lost everything in their life because they love truth more than anything else and hate injustice. To do that one has to be an exceptionally strong person as the road is very hard and dangerous. A historical liar, of which there are hundreds of thousands of them, can lead a comfortable life! It takes a spiritual passion to be such a truth speaker. A parasite could not hold out when the prison term comes and the career goes to hell. He’ll cave in and lie. And then, of course, there are people who will lie when their family is being threatened.

These truth speakers are, of course, not in the mainstream media. Often they are not even in today’s resistance either which is quite often a false resistance spreading quite a bit of truth but sinisterly working in the lies. That’s what kind of deceptive snakes are everywhere on the internet.  Many of them are either ignorant and addicted to beating up the so called Nazis, or they are just glib deceivers paid well by the International Criminal Gang!

The Supposedly Genetically Evil German People and How it Effects Aryans

The mainstream media either lies or is ignorant; or they are too lazy to examine the facts. I would say, they are just simply fearful. Furthermore, all mainstream media is under Jewish control and any reporter who does not submit to the Jewish wishes will lose his job, and for a good reason, namely to control us all. What most people do not realize is that to hate the Germans is to hate the white race. We Germans are the core of the white race; we have the same genes. And the sinister thing most people do not see is that the German accusations are the spearhead for the accusation of the white race to destroy it. Please connect the dots: Jew Kaufman spread the invention (in his book “Germany must Perish”) that the Germans are GENETICALLY EVIL. And we have heard the same thing ever since. This means, if you are white, you would also be genetically evil (according to the Jews.) If you do not connect the dots, then you will soon have a rude awakening. Kaufman wanted all Germans to be sterilized (apparently in Germany but would he have stopped there???) after the war to eventually eliminate the German race. What do European Americans think will then happen to them eventually? If you are foolish enough to believe such an assertion about the Germans, then you are blinded enough to set yourself up for your own death.

I’m sure many white people have noticed the increase in white bashing. Well, it’s all part of the plan. The mills are grinding slowly for our destruction. The mills for Germany’s destruction in WWI, started in 1871; that is 43 years ealier!!! This is how it has been done in the past as the new generations growing up can be easily imbued with the lies and hate. This deep emotional hate is needed for elimination of a race. In America, during the wear, the collected German breed dogs into the park and beat them to death!!! This was the beginning only… The Germans and Poles lived kindly together for centuries as many German farmers were invited also to Poland to farm the land in the 1700s. Those hard working Germans! But then!!! With the hate of the British Press starting in 1871 against the Germans, the Poles started to turn against the Germans, just as the Russians started to turn against the Germans. By 1900 the hate of the Poles of the Germans was in full swing. The media is the developer of hate propaganda and the constant dripping of hate will imbue generations after generations with their poison.

They have been working for decades on having other races hate the white race within the U.S. You might have a large percentage of whites in your neighborhood or city, but worldwide we have shrunk to only about 8-9% and declining rapidly. In thousands of years of history, wherever the white race became a minority, it has been eliminated by other races, for example the Norse folks by the Jews in Palestine or by the South Americans thousands of years ago. That is scary! Once we reigned almost the whole earth but the enemy, who has been at it for centuries to eliminate us with lies, deception, USURY, revolutions, and wars has gotten control over us because we are simply too benevolent and GULLIBLE. The core value of a not debased Aryan is honor. But honor is no match for beasts! These beasts who are destroying our Euro-Amercian culture, have no honor, just greed. And that’s why we have shrunk to this low percentage.

Our written  “history” is full of lies; a history written by “scribes,” many who were Jews who converted deceptively to Christianity to survive and infested the Roman church (all history in the middle ages, for example, was written by the Roman church). There is a subversive group of evil people in the Roman church as I have recently learned to my shock. (Mentioned by Bishop Williamson and history books). These lying-tongue scribes made sure that we Europeans kill each other for ‘honor.’ They were the ones who instigated such insane things as burning “witches” and the inquisition. True Christians following the teachings of Jesus to love others  WOULD AND DID NOT DO THIS! Behind the scenes were always the instigators of revolutions and wars.

The Jews are told in their Talmud to lie to the non-Jew if it benefits them.” Can you imagine such an attitude as a Christian?  Mainstream media belongs to the Jews, so no real truth will come out of mainstream media. Everything is truth mixed with lies. There is no such thing as a half truth. It’s either the truth or a lie. What’s out there is hearsay and not scientific proof regarding the holocaust. It’s a scam. The scientific proof AGAINST the holocaust is on my blog. For this research, I have conveniently arranged to supply the most important books that I have learned of so far. Much of my information is from older books. These books have been made to disappear from mainstream, or have been “burned” by the German-Jewish government in Germany and are forbidden for Germans to read, as the GERMANS THEMSELVES MUST BELIEVE THAT THEY ARE MASS MURDERERS TO FINISH THEM OFF PSYCHOLOGICALLY.  I wish there were more documents translated into English available but I am short on time to translate continuously. But I think there are enough.

So please, Americans, do not just mouth after everyone accusing the Germans. Find out the truth by looking at alternative research. People have dedicated their life to bring you the truth and they have knowingly lost everything for the truth. We must give them the honor of hearing what they have to say if we want to be humans instead of cold-blooded automatons. The Germans are restricted about getting or providing information on WWII and the Reich. But Americans still have the freedom to read and pass on anything they want. So you are the ones, who can help rescue your blood brothers, the Germans.

The damage that is done to the German people with the holocaust lie has been and is tremendous. It has torn apart Millions of German families – Germans  who have been brainwashed in school and those who know the truth and are near death by now – or those who have done the research and found out about the scam. Friendships have been destroyed because the Germans cannot even listen to someone speaking the truth without endangering their freedom. It’s very tragic! The brainwashed Germans suffer from a guilt complex because they have been told in school that they belong to a race that is evil and murderous, so they try to be extra nice instead of being truly themselves, and many outspokenly accuse their parents and grand parents of being evil Nazis. I even came across “Germans” demonstrating that “the bombs that came from above upon the Germans were good.” (German haters and self-haters, or perhaps Jews and other Communists?) This is heartbreaking to me. They are not being themselves any longer. We Germans of the older generation who have escaped the continuous anti-German brainwashing in Germany because we lived abroad, and because we do not take a liking to the American brainwashing, are the way the white Americans in the U.S. once used to be. Insisting on truth, adamantly!!! But we are now the older generation and surrounded by very ignorant people in some areas of history. “Americans,” I am sorry to say, often live now too superficially with a focus on Mammon rather than truth and honor, just like today’s Germans.  This has given the wolf the opportunity to steal their America from them right behind their back. Those who accuse the Germans accuse you, white Americans. You can put aside the lie and guilt about the kind Indians and the black Americans. The black Americans were hauled into England and the US by the Jews and most slave owners were Jews, and the Indians committed savage deeds against the white men and killed herds of buffaloes just for fun to let them rot on the Prairie. White America, you are brainwashed with false guilt and lies to weaken you. Guilt and shame weakens even your immunity!

The German National Socialists

The German nationalists of the WWII era, slandered by the Americans by calling them Nazis-which is derogatory-were the most honorable men of the times and were a hundred times better than a good percentage of American citizens OF TODAY who have been Judea-fied with very low values: lies, deception, cheating, getting the better of people, defaming them, taking them to court and doing all they can to destroy each other. The Jewish values, promoted by the Hollywood trash, want us to be like them so we no longer notice how rotten they are. No, the National Socialists were just the opposite. They threw off the Jewish control and had a spiritual awakening to their glorious ancient German race history (Arien under the well being and happiness sign of the Swastika).  The social classes worked together in cooperation and understanding and helped each other as never before. Children were self-disciplined and respectful of their parents, disciplined in diet and exercise, and doing volunteer service for the farmers every summer. There was real freedom in Germany and the Germans were happy for the first time after the devastating years after WWI. But the Germans were only granted 6 years of peace by the war mongers.

Hitler was THE OPPOSITE of what the media says (another Bolshevik trick)

Hitler was not a dictator but an elected chancellor. He communicated his plans and accomplishments in long speeches to the public or in his writings. There was basically no secrecy and never any deception of the German people. The former German territories Hitler took back were by the German people’s in those areas consent and also were not legally taken by other nations. Hitler was showered with flowers and tears of gratefulness when he annexed all German territories.  The videos we see with the women crying and overwhelmed when Hitler came to rescue them, where indeed of women who cried because their “father” rescued them from oppression, torture and murder. No, they were not women acting like teenagers seeing Hitler as an idol. They cried out of joy and relief by being rescued from the horror they have gone through being annexed by people with an anti-human outlook on life. These crying Germans had friends and family members murdered by the tens of thousands as an ethnic minority in Poland, etc.

Adolf Hitler was the father of his nation. Because he was so great, the INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL GANG has to constantly defame him and his people, so that every generation gets indoctrinated with lies BECAUSE THE TRUTH MUST NEVER COME UP! Every day there are more lies and fantastic Hitler and Nazi stories. If it ever were to happen that a large percentage of society would see Hitler for the good man he was, there would be real hope for mankind. Now the future looks dismal for all of us. THIS IS WHY THE JEWS AND THEIR HENCHMEN CONSTANTLY HAVE TO DEFAME ADOLF HITLER TO PROTECT THEMSELVES FROM THE PEOPLE’S AWAKENING AND THEIR WRATH. SO THEY ARE NOW PUMPING OUT THE STORIES THAT ARE PARTIALLY TRUE BUT ALSO CONTAIN JUST THE RIGHT LIES TO DEBASE HITLER AND THE GERMANS OVER AND OVER AGAIN. The purpose of those stories is not telling the truth, but to promote the lies. Lying to gentiles for the benefit of the Jews is of course part of the cult of the Jews as prescribed and advised in their Talmud. They actually believe in their twisted minds that what they are doing is good because nothing matters but the cult of the Jews.

Adolf Hitler loved his German people and they loved him. He was showered with flowers in public. Not only was he the leader of a country but also a spiritual leader for the Germans. His idea was to awaken the old German spirit to the times before it was oppressed by the Jews going back centuries, and especially after WWI. The Jews have had a major influence on Western history as they had been the carriers of the pen for centuries, and a lying pen that is! Adolf Hitler wrote a book “Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin” because he saw how the Jews have usurped the Aryans’ environment and stirred them into destruction (e.g., French Revolution, American Revolution, Russian Revolution, attempted German Revolution after WWI). Hitler was awakening the free spirit of the Aryan man, free of the Jewish stronghold that has come upon Europe for centuries, installed partially through the Roman church because the church wrote the history; more precisely the often Jewish scribes in the church wrote it. This was his beef with the church, though he remained in the church and financially supported the Protestant and the Roman church expansion. Many churches were build during his reign; and in those days, the churches were controlled by governments. So he had to be in agreement with that and he was. He even fostered Christianity. But he also fostered Aryan spirituality for those who no longer believed in God due to the crimes and injustices against the Germans. This is what the church complained about him for.

Hitler inspired the Germans in their great defeat and subjugation. Hitler wanted to bring his lost sheep in annexed German areas by the enemies back together with the homeland, that’s the German people on the land pieces that had been torn from Germany under the brutal Versailles treaty with the signature obtained by putting a gun to the head of the German leaders. Those ethnic Germans Hitler wanted to reunite, PER THEIR WISHES, were experiencing psychological, economic, physical abuse, torture and death in several East bloc countries.

Who is responsible for all the suffering?

It’s the Jews who carry a great responsibility for wars and revolutions and the death of hundreds of Millions! But the unaware Germans and unaware Americans do not know this. One day soon-the rumor is going around-the bombs might hit our American country as a ‘gift’ from the INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL GANG. No, the bombs will not come from the “bad” Germans, but they could be bad German Jews, masquerading as Germans, or they could come from another country arranged by the Jews to eliminate us thinkers. Then it will be too late. The thought that this is a possible scenario for all Americans is very scary. But the International Criminal gang  has already announced that they want to crop 90% of the world population in this century! (Info on my blog) And the Jews do not love us. They only love themselves and their own kind: “The best of the goyim (derogatory for non-Jews) should be killed.” Talmud. Think about that!

A rampant group of killers is on the loose, destroying country after country to rape, rob, and kill its people so they can take over the treasures of country after country and eventually have power over the whole world with their Bolshevism / Communism, which is their goal: “All men shall be slaves of the Jews.” These conquerors are coming also out of Washington, DC. And they use the soldiers of the honorable white race who just cannot imagine (this is a genetic gullibility flaw of the white man which has cost the life of Millions of white men) that these Jews who run the United States could possibly be so evil and do such dirty work against humanity. The Americans believe the Jews because they have been hooked into the Jews with “compassion” for the “poor victims” of the holoschmolo scam and believe the lies about other countries, especially about Germany. This is one of the many reasons why the holoschmolo has been invented. This is how the Americans are being manipulated into blindness whilst their country is stolen away from them. TAKEOVER  GOING ON                COMMUNISM / MARXISM

The Americans have seen the aggressors as victims and because of this, the aggressors have gotten away with murder. THIS IS OUR TRAGEDY, FOR BOTH THE U.S. AND FOR GERMANY.  A DEATH WHEEL IS TURNING FOR WESTERN EUROPE AND THE U.S. AND WE CANNOT STOP IT AS LONG AS PEOPLE AR BLINDED…. out of compaaaaaaaaassion for the Jews. When you want to tell people the truth they laugh at you or call you crazy. Unfortunately, soon their laughing will stop for good. Though I pray not! Or they think you are a hatemonger. I do not hate Jews, but I hate their evil deeds. Even Jesus wants us to hate evil deeds. I had nothing against Jews even 2 years ago until I studied true history. If we Germans are genetically so evil, as the Jews claim, then why is it that so many Jews came after me wanting to be friends with me throughout my whole life? Why did the Jews pursue me to hire me if I am so evil? But there was one Jew who attempted to kill me in those days when I had no clue about Jews and saw them as like us. The only “reason” he had was that I was German. But he croaked of AIDS 3 months after his attempt on me. Good riddens! I would never harm them because I do not like to hurt people. But I will defend myself to the death! I am merely speaking the truth. As far as Jews are concerned, I have lost all trust in them. How could I possibly trust people who live by a religion that wants us dead? 

Next country up for destruction

Right now Iran is in the bulls’ eye. And most of our American soldiers have no clue that they are being played by the Jews and for the Jews because our military is already run by the Jews. When will all of the Americans, whatever race, wake up and say: NO! Better a rude awakening than have your children and grand children burn up in an atomic hell storm! Or how about an invasion from Mexico? What have they planned here? Why are our children learning Spanish? Why do the Mexicans have war weapons stored away in “every city” and our government does not do anything about it?! They can’t??? What a bunch of B.S! Why else are they closing county and state parks and we hear about Marijuana being grown in these parks by “Mexicans?” Why can’t our government stop it? Why are so many people disappearing in state parks?  Or what else is really going on in those hidden land areas? Are they training grounds for the Mexican invasion of the U.S. to kill most of us? The WSJ article, on which I base this idea is on my blog.

The decent white people, in general, unless they have been debased, are indeed the most gullible people of all races because they think that all people think and feel like him. (I used to do this but not more!) They are generally the hard working and generous givers. This comes from the “all people are equal” slogan which is a deception even spouted by the Roman church.  VERY WRONG! Human behavior is genetic, and different races have different agendas. For example, and this has been hidden from the public to mislead them, in Africa there are still tribes who eat humans, even though they have been modernized. They say: “What’s wrong with us eating people? You eat animals!”  That’s as far as their perception of the value of humans goes. And the way the Jew functions, and one can have  this confirmed in his Talmud, which is thousands of years of training on how to outsmart the white man and destroy him, is to get into every business, every revolution, every venture, every government and education office and take over and make the rules. First by deception then by brutal power, as in Russia. And right now, the Jews are in charge of every office whether public, medical, government, top businesses, etc.

And then what will the Jews do with the “overpopulation” when they have been trained to think

Tob shebe goyyim harog

(“Even the best of the gentiles should be killed”).

           Soferim 15, Rule 10.  Rabbi Simon ben Yohai”

* * *

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     The details about the attacks on the German ships before the war are in about in the middle of the speech

Hitler declares war on USA – USA attacked Germany – post



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