Stinking up to Heaven – Hitler – Doesn’t the Talmud say that the Jew can lie, not to his own kind, but to all non Jews? It does! So they can lie about the Holocaust? They can, according to them there is nothing wrong with it if it serves them; after all, they are lying about their enemies, the non-Jews.  


This now! Because America did not stand up to Jewish Oppression! They could have as they were a powerful country! But the Jews and the traitor American leaders sold us to China,  

while they kept us busy with “love”, rockn’roll, drugs, carousing, parties, divorces, and sex, sex, and more sex!

The whole evil deal is stinking up to heaven!

We are all going to suffer for it terribly!

Stepped on by Jews


Die folgende Liste stellt dar, wie die VSA in ihrer etwa 230 Jahre währenden Geschichte andere Völker, die ihnen nie etwas zuleide taten, immer wieder mit Krieg überzogen oder anderweitig terrorisiert haben.

This List is how the USA has over the last 230 years gotten into conflict with other countries.




1775-1783 Revolutionskrieg gegen Großbritannien
1775+1776 Kanada
1798-1800 Seekrieg mit Frankreich (ohne Kriegserklärung)
1801-1805 Tripolis, Erster Berberkrieg
1806 Mexiko (Spanisches Gebiet)
1806-1810 Golf von Mexiko
1810 West-Florida (Spanisches Gebiet)
1812 Besetzung der Insel Melia (Spanisches Gebiet)
1812-1815 Großbritannien (Kriegserklärung erfolgt)
1812-1815 Kanada
1813 West-Florida (Spanisches Gebiet)
1813-1814 Marquesas-Inseln
1814 Spanisch-Florida
1814-1825 Kariben
1815 Algier, Zweiter Berberkrieg
1815 Tripolis
1816 Spanisch-Florida, Erster Seminolenkrieg
1817 Insel Amelia (Spanisches Gebiet)
1818 Oregon
1820-1823 Afrika (Bekämpfung des Sklavenhandels)
1822 Kuba
1823 Kuba
1824 Kuba
1824 Puerto Rico (Spanisches Gebiet)
1825 Kuba
1827 Griechenland
1831+1832 Falkland-Inseln
1832 Sumatra
1833 Argentinien
1835+1836 Peru
1836 Mexiko
1838+1839 Sumatra
1840 Fidschi-Inseln
1841 Samoa
1841 Drummond-Inseln, Kingsmillgruppe
1842 Mexiko
1843 Afrika
1844 Mexiko
1846-1848 Mexiko
1849 Smyrna
1851 Türkei
1851 Johanna-Insel (östlich von Afrika)
1852+1853 Argentinien
1853 Nicaragua
1853+1854 Riukio- und Bonin-Inseln (Japan)
1854 China
1854 Nicaragua
1855 China
1855 Fidschi-Inseln
1855 Uruguay
1856 Panama, Republik von Neu Granada
1856 China
1857 Nicaragua
1858 Uruguay
1858 Fidschi-Inseln
1858+1859 Türkei
1859 Paraguay
1859 Mexiko
1859 China
1860 Angola, Portugiesisch-Westafrika
1860 Kolumbien, Golf von Panama
1863 Japan
1864 Japan
1864 Japan
1865 Panama
1866 Mexiko
1866 China
1867 Insel Formosa
1868 Japan
1868 Uruguay
1868 Kolumbien
1870 Mexiko
1870 Hawaiische Inseln
1871 Korea
1873 Kolumbien
1873 Mexiko
1874 Hawaiische Inseln
1876 Mexiko
1882 Ägypten
1885 Panama (Colon)
1888 Korea
1889-1889 Samoa
1888 Haiti
1889 Hawaiische Inseln
1890 Argentinien
1891 Haiti
1891 Beringmeer
1891 Chile
1893 Hawaii
1894 Brasilien
1894 Nicaragua
1894-1896 Korea
1894+1895 China
1895 Kolumbien
1896 Nicaragua
1898+1899 China
1898 Nicaragua
1898 Amerikanisch-Spanischer Krieg
1899 Samoa
1899-1901 Philippinen
1900 China
1901 Kolumbien
1902 Kolumbien
1902 Kolumbien
1903 Honduras
1903 Dominikanische Republik
1903 Syrien
1903-1914 Panama
1904 Dominikanische Republik
1904+1905 Korea
1904 Tanger, Marokko
1904 Panama
1906-1909 Kuba
1907 Honduras
1910 Nicaragua
1911 Honduras
1911 China
1912 Honduras
1912 Panama
1912 Kuba
1912 China
1912 Türkei
1912-1925 Nicaragua
1912-1941 China
1913 Mexiko
1914 Haiti
1914 Dominikanische Republik
1914-1917 Mexiko
1915-1934 Haiti
1917+1918 Erster Weltkrieg
1917-1922 Kuba
1918-1919 Mexiko
1918-1920 Panama
1918-1920 Sowjetrußland
1919 Honduras
1920-1922 Rußland (Sibirien)
1920 China
1920 Guatemala
1921 Panama-Costa Rica
1922 Türkei
1924 Honduras
1924 China
1925 China
1925 Honduras
1925 Panama
1926-1933 Nicaragua
1926 China
1927 China
1933 Kuba
1940 Neufundland, Bermuda, St. Lucia, Bahamas, Jamaika, Antigua, Trinidad, Britisch Guayana
1941 Grönland Dänisches Gebiet
1941 Niederlande (Niederländisch-Guayana)
1941 Island
1941 Deutsches Reich [Attacken auf deutsche Schiffe]
1941 US-Einmischung in den Zweiten Weltkrieg
1941-1945 Deutsches Reich, Italien, Japan
1942 Labrador
1945-1960 China (CIA)
1946+1947 Italien (CIA)
1947-1955 Griechenland (CIA)
1945-1955 Philippinen (CIA)
1950-1953 Korea, Koreakrieg UN-Mandat
1949-1953 Albanien (CIA)
1955 Deutschland (CIA)
1953 Iran (CIA)
1953-1954 Guatemale (CIA)
1955 Costa Rica (CIA)
1956+1957 Syrien (CIA)
1957+1958 Der Mittlere Osten
1957+1958 Indonesien (CIA)
1955-1965 Westeuropa (CIA)
1945-1965 Sowjetunion (CIA)
1955-1975 Italien (CIA)
1945-1975 30 Jahre militärisches Treiben in Vietnam
1955-1973 Kambodscha (CIA)
1957-1973 Laos (CIA)
1959-1963 Haiti
1960 Guatemala
1960-1963 Ecuador (CIA)
1960-1964 Kongo
1961-1961 Brasilien (CIA)
1960-1965 Peru (CIA)
1960-1966 Dominikanische Republik (CIA)
1950-1980 Kuba (CIA)
1865 Indonesien (CIA)
1966 Ghana (CIA)
1964-1970 Uruguay (CIA)
1964-1973 Chile (CIA)
1964-1974 Griechenland (CIA)
1964-1875 Bolivien (CIA)
1962-1985 Guatemala (CIA)
1970-1971 Costa Rica (CIA)
1972-1975 Irak (CIA)
1973-1975 Australien (CIA)
1975 Indonesien [CIA]
1975-1985 Angola (CIA)
1975-1978 Zaire (CIA)
1976-1980 Jamaika (Wirtschaftskrieg)
1979-1981 Seychellen
1979-1984 Grenada
1983 Marokko (CIA)
1982-1984 Surinam (CIA)
1981-1989 Lybien
1981-1990 Nicaragua [Anstiftung zum Bürgerkrieg]
1969-1991 Panama (CIA)
1990 Bulgarien [CIA]
1990-1991 Irak, Zweiter Golfkrieg
1979-1992 Afghanistan (CIA)
1980-1994 El Salvador (CIA)
1986-1994 Haiti (CIA)
1991 Irak, Erster Irakkrieg
1992-1994 Somalia – UN Mandat
1994 Ruanda (Konflikt)
1995 Bosnien (Jugoslawien)
1997 Kongo (Konflikt)
1998-1999 Kosovo-Krieg
2001 Afghanistan, 9/11
2003 Irak, Zweiter Irakkrieg
2006 Libanon (Israel)
2009 Gaza (Israel)
2011 Libyen,Libyen-Konflikt
2013 Syrien-Krieg


By Admin

Isn’t everyone tired of the holocaust? I am. At least of the so called Jewish Holocaust. But I am not tired of writing about the German Holocaust. I am just starting. This one is a 12,000,000 German Holocaust, and that is mostly after the war!!! (18,000,000 dead with the war) So if the Jewish Holocaust were to exist, the German Holocaust is twice as big! (The Jews who died of all causes are supposed to be between 270,000 to 70,000 with the latest number around 70,000.) And the Russian Holocaust perpetrated by the Jewish Bolsheviks is at least 60,000,000 if not even 120,000,000. Nevertheless, since this dark cloud of the so-called Jewish Holocaust follows around the modern man, endlessly proliferating its vile content around the world, it is necessary to follow this blown up monster around and poke holes into it to deflate it. Hopefully, one day it will be shredded and drop from its lofty place into the darkness of the sea where it belongs.

The Holocaust fabrication is extremely important to the Jews. But not just to the Jews, to the Allies also. All of it is agreed between them because of their plan to eliminate the German empire already before 1900 and all of it to hide their Millions of crimes perpetrated on our German people. This is why all the Allied governments are conspiring to silence the Germans and researchers from other countries. And Germany has not been a sovereign country since 1945; it was forced to be under an alien government, the United States. And this United States is under the New World Order ‘government,’ that is primarily Jewish and is getting worse each year, not just for Germany but also for the United States and many countries.  The abusers of Germany have finagled it so that the Reich still exists but is essentially still at war with the Allies with a “German” puppet government,” since 1945 of traitors of various sorts: Communists, Bolsheviks, Poles, and Jews. All lied about Germany. All are sucking the German people dry and psychologically abusing the Germans and destroying their cultures. All should be put before a court for treason with the death penalty, if Germany only were a sovereign country.

If the holocaust lie falls apart, then a whole stack of cards will fall flat on its face and the Jews, the Allies and their Henchmen will be exposed and accused of heinous war crimes against the German people! And that must be avoided at any cost, at least as long as some of those criminals of WWII are still alive. Therefore, lie upon lie is created and proliferated in the powerful press and false history books about the good Germans to keep the cesspool of stinking lies about the Germans as smelly as possible. 

The Number One Trump Card for Germany’s enemies is:

‘The Germans are evil – the Holocaust proves it – and they must be annihilated [nowadays it is done spiritually and financially, but who knows what these criminals will attempt in the future?]!’

Since the enemies of the Germans insist that the Germans are evil in their genes, is it also possible that one day all Germans and all people who have German genes will be eliminated? This means all Aryans. This is a frightening concept, but I consider it possible (I am sorry to have to scare anyone – I am scared myself but not so much for myself but for all of our children and children’s children) because I am familiar with the fact that people do get eliminated by powerful controllers, and it is not Adolf Hitler I am talking about. I am speaking of the elimination of 12 Million Germans in Europe toward the end of the war and after the war and the Millions of Germans in Russia, the so called ‘Ukrainians,’ which they were not!

DNA will do the job of sorting people out. There is no place to hide. Why do I consider such a horrendous possibility? Because the Germans, and the white man, are the greatest competition to the Jews, intellectually and commercially. And the Nordic people (all white people) are the arch enemies of the Jews from times before history. [Conflict in Palestine] And since the Allies murdered 12,000,000 Germans after the war, STRATEGICALLY, and the Jewish Bolheviks in Russia eliminated about 8 Million ethnic Germans on the Black Sea and Siberia, I consider it quite possible that they will continue their annihilation war against the Germans, especially since the US has an ever more Rogue government and is not representing the will of the American people any more. We have been usurped by Communists and Bolsheviks. And the leading Jews who are perpetuating these crimes are communists. I am not accusing all Jews, of course, but I am accusing those Jews who are participating in decimating the non Jews of this world. However, I am also accusing those average Jews who are hiding the fact that the holocaust is a farce so they would financially benefit, and we Germans have to suffer terribly emotionally over this accusation.

In the meantime, we have to keep fighting for the truth to come forth and call criminal leaders onto the carpet even if just among ourselves, as there seems to be no more justice to punish their crimes unless we have a change of leaderships worldwide.

If the Jewish Holocaust lie crashes because most people are finally seeing that it is a deception, then the Germans are most likely not ‘that’ evil.  Hmm? Maybe we should take another look at the Germans?

If the Germans did not commit the Holocaust, well, then the Nuernberg Trial was a fraud! And it was! Many historians claim that 94% of the defendants were tortured-had their genitals damaged beyond repair – so they would sign false confessions. This was not the type of trial we see in American courts, mind you! And so these poor German men signed false confessions to save their families from murder and themselves form further torture, hopefully! The German defendants just had to listen and had no real defense. No evidence against the Allies was allowed to be brought up that would have explained some of the circumstances of “war crimes.” It was a Bolshevik trial – like they had in Russia where they murdered Millions of innocent Germans just because they were German, and Millions of Russians as well who signed a false confession for which they were also coerced by torture. What they did to the German intelligentsia in Nuernberg to get rid of these great men makes all the prosecutors guilty of fraud and other crimes and MURDER. Let’s convict them. That would be a glorious day for the Germans, worldwide! But no, that cannot be allowed!

Documentation on ‘photos’ that were actually 1) paintings and 2) photo montages – [translated into English on that page] 3) Germans were murdered and used for the movie by Hitchcock as “Jews” [Soldat English] to falsely prove the guilt of Germans at the Bolshevik Nuernberg trial:

Soldat English – Dead Germans for Hollywood Movie of Holocaust – media

Ermordete Deutsche als Judenopfer – original document in the German magazine “Der Spiegel”

Gefaelschte Bild Dokumente – Walendy – presenting ‘photos’ that were actually paintings – and assembly of several photos (montage) into one picture


If the Germans did not commit the Holocaust – and I know they did not, and it is documented on this website under “False Holocaust”- then maybe they are not responsible either for those other war crimes they are accused of? Hmmm! Some German historians have long denied them or severely diminished them! Let’s take a look at the books that have been forbidden to be read by the Germans and some other countries. Lets’ allow the books and have the time witness historians bring forth the truth, and we will examine it!

But… Why on earth is the German government forbidding hundreds of German books about the Third Reich, the war, and the aftermath of the war filled with information of crimes against the Germans to be read by their citizens?! Why are the prosecuting authors and publishers and fining them and sending them to prison?

Well then, if there was no Holocaust then Hitler did not arrange it! It follows that Hitler was after all not a monster, as so many mislead people say. It should then be interesting to take another look at Hitler with a new perspective. Hmmmm! One can find the truth about Hitler on this website, too.

Hitler amazes me, he has done some great things! Lifted the German people out of severe poverty in 5 years and brought economic success and happiness into his country. And he loved his people? And he put the Jews in their place, namely from occupying about 60% of the jobs in Germany (Jewish population about 5%?) to a percentagewise job opportunity AFTER the Jews declared war on Germany in 1933. Besides the elimination plan that was in the works since before 1900, the Allies must have been envious of Hitler’s success! The U.S. was in a depression! They wanted a war to come out of it. It’s a cruel world! But most of all, Hitler became aware of the danger of Bolshevism which is a Jewish invention and has cost 60+Million Russians their life and which was brought into Germany after WWI creating a vast Communist party to overthrow Germany and make it into a slave state just like Russia was in the Jewish Soviet era.

Let me tell you right of hand, and it will shock you, Hitler represented Jesus Christ like no leader ever has. He lived Jesus Christ’s commandments! Someone told me this a couple of years ago, and I thought that was odd. After about a year of research, I find it is true and I just love and admire the man for who he was and how he loved the German people.

But wasn’t Hitler a racist? No Hitler was not a racist. He was a racialist – fighting for the survival of the German race that was oppressed by the Jews, and he calculated that the German race would be starting to head into extinction around 1988 if specific racial recuperation measures would not be put in place. The Jews lived well in Germany after WWI while over a Million Germans starved to death. Millions of Germans were out of jobs. The Jews had the best and most powerful jobs in Germany. Indeed, Germany was occupied by the Jews. Hitler’s battle was not against a race but against the action of the Jews as a group. The Jews are not a race but a group from various races united under the hate book the Talmud and the hate ideas of the Old Testament. They are united internationally against the non Jews and in Hitler’s case specifically against the German people. Because the Germans NO LONGER WANTED TO BOW TO THE JEWISH USURY AND ABUSE AND HITLER WON ELECTOIN, THE JEWS DECLARED WAR AGAINST THE GERMAN PEOPLE IN MARCH of 1933. From then on the relationship between the Jews and the Germans went downhill. Goebbels and Hitler in their speeches made it clear that the Jews are made up of many races and many do not even look like the typical Eastern Jew. The issue was not about race but about Jewish world control.

Exactly what made him a so-called racist? The fact that he knew that Communism was Jewish and that he hated Jewish Communism taking a hold on Germany and that the Communists were trying to overthrow the German government and he wanted to prevent that? Because he feared that the Jewish Bolshevik murder machine in Russia that had already killed 40 Million Russian citizens by 1940 (60 to 120 Mill. at the end) will take over Germany, too, and he warned against it? The Jews were working on the overthrow in Germany through the Communist party, established by the Jews after WWI. This party had Millions of desperate German members who were hoping for a solution to their poverty but instead their poverty increased. Was Hitler hateful for wanting jobs for the starving Germans while the Jews lived in splendor squatting in top positions in dis-proportionally large percentages in all areas of German government, commerce, science, art, literature, publishing, etc. yet only being a tiny percentage of the population? The Jews represented in Germany in 1933 less than 1% of the German population, namely about 550,000 (Dr. jur. Fran Scheidl), yet they were commanding the most important commercial and government positions in Germany. And whom, would one think, would the Jews prefer to hire? Millions of Germans were out of work and hundreds of thousands took their lives for having no income. Truly, the foreign, ever wandering, ever name changing international flock, with no loyalty to Germany but to world Jewry instead, as proven in their 1933 war declaration against Germany bei “German” Jews, had grabbed the Germans by the neck commandeering them, abusing, and exploiting them. And such power for a tiny group that represented not even one Percent of the population! What does this indicate?!

Was it mean of  Hitler to complain about this Jewish control? Was it cruel of him to condemn the fact that the press in Germany basically belonged to the Jews and they were using it for mind control? To complain about the lies being put forth by this press about Hitler’s government and the German people? Should he have been thankful to the Jews for killing a couple of his diplomats, for most likely being involved in  more than 40 attacks on his life, for declaring economic war on Germany by all Jewry worldwide in 1933, for promoting promiscuity in art, literature, theater and movies? For destroying Christian values? For soliciting youngsters into the Communist party with alcohol, cigarettes and sex? For pushing homosexuality? For the nude dancing in night clubs and perversion shows? [In those days considered very wicked in a society that was pretty much all devout Christians.] For the Jewish Talmud culture that all non Jews just live to serve the Jews or they should die? For the usury in the Jewish controlled banking system enslaving Germans to debt for a lifetime? No! The Jews were destroying Germany just like they destroy other countries today, AND HITLER AND THE GERMAN PEOPLE UNDER HIS LEADERSHIP WERE DARING TO STAND UP AGAINST THEM!!! It was not about the Jew’s race; it was about how their behavior and they have subjugated Germany, usurped it and tried to overthrow it like Russia, making it communist and turning all Germans, including all of Europe into a slave haven for the Jews.

So can Hitler be blamed for making a spectacle out of reviving German culture and art and using an ancient Nordic and Germanic symbol that stands for Love, Well Being and Light, the Hakenkreuz, the swastika? It was an act of defiance against the Jewish culture having clowded true German Christian culture and awareness. Hitler needed to make bold symbolic statements to revive the spiritual defeat of the Germans with Germanic racial awareness to stand up against powerful Jewish awareness, by promoting German racial beauty, German pride, German honor, German ancient culture, songs, literature and art. He was more than the political leader of his country; he was its spiritual leader.

Hitler did not boast about his Christian believes (he grew up vary Catholic and loved his childhood experience in the church), as his main focus was the prodding of the German spirit lulled into defeat due to the devastating fallout of WWI, incessantly guiding the Germans to return to honesty, honor, working together, caring for each other and helping each other in practical ways, farmers learning to understand business partners and business learning to understand the farmers, volunteering for the farmers, self-discipline, honoring the body by keeping it slim and healthy. He supported extensive building of churches during his reign, but he did have some issues with the churches’ leaderships that were hurting the German people, and he epxressed that with the church leaders. Hitler had grown into being more of a spiritual man then a church man but he never forbade the church, to the contrary, he never left the church. He was a member of the Catholic church even though he did not publicly attend for his own reasons.

Hitler was also the forerunner with campaigns against smoking making the public aware of smoking causing cancer; he extended his caring to stop animal cruelty and into environmental protection, etc. He was a true Renaissance man ahead of his times. He could have saved Europe and we would not have the New World Order.

Reading those speeches of Hitler, especially “Poland we are shooting back” (Poland long started the war) and “War Declaration onto the U.S.” (US already started war against Germany as she had attacked German ships several times), it is clear that he had been pushed into the war both by Poland and by the U.S. because there was a premeditated plan to annihilate the great and successful German empire and to reduce its population!!!

Doesn’t the Talmud say that the Jew can lie, not to his own kind, but to all non Jews? It does!


So they can lie about the Holocaust? They can, according to them “there is nothing wrong with it if it serves them;” after all, “the non-Jew lives to serve the Jew and that is his only purpose in life” according to the Talmud. Like Jew, David Cole (all documented in videos but he has disappeared), said to a famous not-yet revisionist at that time, Ernst Zuendel: “Do you really believe all this Holocaust nonsense? The Jews always have to have a scapegoat.” (Cole went do Dachau and did a study and decided the Holocaust was a fraud). Here is one honest Jew. Or maybe was? No one knows what happened to him. He was a young man at the time. And there are many other people who exposed the Holocaust fraud.

If the Germans are not evil then why did the Allies execute the German elite?

The answer is to silence them forever! But if they are evil – remember the so called Holocaust (invention) – then they deserved it. (But they did not!) But if the Germans did not create a Jewish Holocaust, then the Nuernberg Trial was a farce and the Allies have committed a crime by executing these men! But because the Allies committed a crime, the Germans today must be silenced. Their books must be banned. Their scientists and Holocaust experts must be imprisoned, and they are. Anyone who just questions the holocaust in Germany must go to court, cannot provide evidence against the Holocaust in the German Kangaroo court, will be fined, and will probably be imprisoned. Several brave men have already gone through this with several years of prison, such as Ernst Zuendel, Germar Rudolf, Guenter Deckert, Horst Mahler, to name just a few. All arranged by the ADL!

Why are they endlessly haunting down former German soldiers for so called war crimes?

1) To forever remind the world that ‘the Germans are evil’ [I really wonder what they have planned for the German race in the future to keep this up?] 2) To silence that particular person. They are getting rid of all important historical time witnesses in one way or another in case it should ever come to a court procedure against the Holocaust fraud. 3) To exercise hate and evil power. 4) To stay in the limelight. 5) To perpetuate the fantasy that all Jews are good people and innocent victims. Surely there are good Jews, but there are also very evil Jews who live by the Talmud, even if they do show a friendly face. Remember, one of the Jewish traits is DECEPTION! Deception to gain power and gold.

And if the Germans are like everyone else?

Then why did the Allies murder 12,000,000 of the good Germans after the War? Why, that’s ethnic cleansing! An atrocity! Why did the Allies starve 7,000,000 German citizens to death forbidding Red Cross help and having plenty of food? That is outrages! Why did the American Military murder 1,000,000 German surrendered soldiers in the Rheinwiesen deathcamps alone? That is outrages. Murder! Who ordered that? It came from above. It came from the Jews! The Jews always hated the white man, but they hate the German the most because the Germans stood up against the Jews under Hitler. That’s why they have arranged for 20,000,000 Germans to be driven off their homes and land in European countries with just their shirts on. That’s why they have arranged to have about 5 Million German women and children raped all over Europe. That’s why they have arranged German civilians and Germans soldiers to be tortured to death with the same methods, eyes poked out, tounges cut out, ears and noses cut off, and sexual organs destroyed. For the women and girls it was also cutting off the breasts and mutulations of the sexual organs. The methods of torture were the same all over Eastern Europe because the orders came from the top down. And they were proliferated by the press and the media in all those countries, in every town, every village as they were all controlled by the hateful Jewish press. And the partisan Jews in the smallest towns instigated the hateful, jeoulos of Germans population, to help torture the Germans to death. Wherever our German soldiers went they found the ethnic Germans mutulated. And if German soldiers were taken prisoners by the Partisan groups, often the same happened to them. This was a hate crime that was instigated by the upper crust of the Jews who were revenging themselves for the Germans standing up against their oppression.


The Germans did not gas anyone!!! The Germans were very honorable people. If one reads all the speeches and books by the leadership of the National Socialists, one finds out what great people they were. It’s all available if one searches for it. And some of it is available on my website. What about the surrendered German soldiers? At least 1,000,000 of them frozen out in the open and starved to death in the Rheinwiesen death camp on a meadow [more like a mud pool] ON PURPOSE PER JEWISH ORDER – THAT WAS BEFORE THE HOLOCAUST IDEA CAME TO THEIR BRAIN? What about the Hague and Geneva convention? Our German soldiers strictly faught under the Hague and Geneva convention. They had leaders they had to account to. Horrible things were done to the German civilians and their soldier comrades. They saw the mutilated bodies, and they had to control themselves because they would be severely punished if they stepped over the line with revenge. Execution of partisans was appropriate for  their crimes.

Unbeknownst to the Germans, the Allies all agreed to dump the conventions and faught like gorilla fighters. They are the bullies of the world and they just make up rules and break them when they feel like it. And that’s what they instructed all the militaries to do, to break all the rules. The American soldiers were told by their military leaders that the Germans, civilians or military, belong to them and that they can do with them and their property as they pleased. So they mowed down German surrendered soldiers by the Hundreds of Thousands and raped the women and girls.  They robbed all the Germans, beat them to death, tortured them, murdered them, prostituted them, abused them in various ways and humiliated them. By order of their military leaders. And those were the American heros coming home fighting a war for the Jews who hate all people.







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