No Soul no Spirit no Ethics – Fearfulness, female crying will not change the disaster, will not liberate you! No matter what brutality you face, stubbornly be yourself, never bent, show yourself strong, call on the army of the gods!

From: Ernst F. Kriesner (formerly from Danzig)

Sent: Sunday, 30 June 2013 5:04 PM
To: Doug Harrison
Subject: No soul No spirit No ethics

No soul, No spirit, No ethics, no national pride and conscience, in fact No Nothing.

How true, Doug, but when it comes to the point what is really wrong with our Australian, or Western, society you prove yourself a miserable failure by leaving the solution that I, rather the Historian A. P. Laurie, gave you on a platter hanging in mid-air.

Whatever blame for our situation that we, [Whites, or Christians?] place on others, the bottom line is that we are allowing the unfolding disaster to happen.
It is unprecedented that for a civilization to voluntarily to cede, surrender!, political and cultural hegemony to others [NWO, yes, we need to spell it out] particularly when many of those people harbour hatreds and resentments towards us, Whites.

Yes, I do hear you loud and clear paraphrasing, a very tiny part, and that completely out of context, why?  A. P. Laurie in what he has to say about the inherited faults of so called and artificially created Democracies but by quoting only a selective bit, by leaving out the most important message that is Ideals of the, we, the People, have to strive for.

And as you do not want to talk about it, I shall, talk about the New World Order, that came about with the mass slaughter of WW 1, and WW2, with the defeat of a, yes, like it or not, christian Germany, and the end of civilization as we know it, a complete break down of morals, you so much lament about, now.

Time to face the Truth!
Time to know what WW 1, and particularly, WW 2 was all about, and why a christian white people, the Germans, had to be utterly destroyed, uprooted and robbed of everything, robbed of their spirit, culture, intellectual property etc etc, including pride, self belief and respect, not to mention national identity!

Why? And why did the rest of the “Onwards Christian Soldiers” not only stood by but actually found delight in the total humiliation of the German race by the NWO?
Yes, Sir, indeed, it was the German people who stood loyally to the bitter end stead fast, true and willing, shoulder to shoulder with their Leader to fight the Money Mafia, aka NWO!

This fact alone demonstrates both a grotesque ignorance and incomprehensible arrogance to still believe and to assert that the Allies, especially the Soviet Union, the US of Aggression, Great Britain and her Dominion, yes, we do mean Australia, fought the War against Germany in the cause of “freedom, democracy, justice and human rights”.

Their cause of One World Order showed itself clearly then, and is the model of operations that is still followed by all and sundry, religiously, today, and is the reason why there is no spirit, no ethics, no conscience, and no Soul anymore!
No Soul, for the Soul has been sold to the Devil!

Now, Doug, if you do not mind, what has been written here, and that should have been much, much more, I would like you to pass on to your list of friends, as I, the German, can not do it without further vilification.
Among the your list there are some people, at least five, who have honoured me by using the “N” word.

As to your lament, a German Poem comes to mind:

“Aengtliches Zagen, weibliches Klagen,
wendet kein Unheil, macht dich nicht frei,
Allen Gewalten zum Trotz sich erhalten,
niemals sich beugen, kraeftig sich zeigen,
rufet die Armee der Goetter herbei”.

(Fearfulness, female crying will not change the disaster, will not liberate you! No matter what brutality you face, stubbornly be yourself, never bent, show yourself strong, call on the army of the gods!)


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