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Sexuality in the Third Reich

BDM stands for Bund Deutscher Maedels (Organization of German girls)

The defamation of the National Socialists is relentless and prevalent in every area of their activities. Certain groups and individuals have made it their lifetime mission to bring down the so-called Nazis-we call them National Socialists (NS)-with their hate. Why? We who were willing to open our eyes to the truth know the answers. People defame others to distract from their own weaknesses and faults, and to put themselves at an advantage over them. And this is why these politicians, writers and editors never stop defaming the National Socialists. They even continuously invent new “discoveries” about the Nazis and Hitler.

But there are more sinister reasons for their endless attacks nearly 70 years after the end of WWII. The main purpose of the attacks by the Jews, the Allies and their henchmen is to hide the fact that they have perpetrated a humongous Crime Against Humanity, against European Nordic culture, against white people, and foremost against the German people. They have accomplished their Satanic deeds  by planning and executing World War I to get rid of the German empire. Then murdering after WWI as many people as possible. And after that by continuing with WWII when the Germans had been unexpectedly resurrected when Adolf Hitler defeated the Communist Party, which was a Jewish Bolshevik system. And last by having robber convoys racing through Germany robbing her of everything that they wanted, including household items and personal jewelry, murdering 12,000 Germans after the war and blaming everything on the Germans to keep them as underdogs, especially in the first 5 years after the war. But their underdog position has continued and truth speakers are thrown into jail when they even as much as doubt the Holocaust. This is Bolshevik repression.

All these crimes and rogue governing of Germany must be hidden by constantly occupying the world with invented German war crimes, haunting down innocent former military men and imprisoning them so they could not write a book or tell the truth, accusing them of invented crimes as National Socialists and of gassing Jews. All is done to keep all brains forever thinking: holocaust, holocaust, holocaust! Unfortunately, everyone who believes in the holocaust has been led around by their nose by the most lying people on this earth who think absolutely nothing of deceiving others. The sad part is, that this belief that the highly bread and educated Germans, Christian to the core, can perpetrate such a heinous crime of gassing Millions, is the downfall of the white race. The reason is that if the accusers got away with this destruction and oppression of the good and proud German race and the lie propaganda put fear into the hearts of the Germans living in the United States, Canada, Australia, etc. for the last 100 years, what will stop these criminals from eliminating more clusters of white races since no one objects? I last read that white people are only 9% of the earth’s population. Once the white race reigned the earth and due to instigation of wars against other white countries and revolutions and racial attacks from other races, the white race now has very low numbers. This was planned by the Jews! If people do not bother to examine the so called holocaust seriously, spend some time to find the truth at alternative websites,; how is all of this going to end? Have you noticed the hate mongering against white people in the media for decades? This is preparation. Inch by inch we are sinking into the hole of the elimination of our racial values and our culture. In order to stop the decline of the Western culture, people need to know the truth.  Only then can they put a stop to the hate mongering and wars that are ongoing by those who constantly claim to be victims and all the leaders of the invaded countries are so called villains.

Sexuality is a great way to defame someone, as people pay attention immediately to a subject that is so interesting to everyone. When it comes to sexuality in the Third Reich, another element plays a role in the defaming of the National Socialists, namely the decrepit minds of people prone to sexual perversion and indecency. People with perverted sexual minds, can’t help but drag everything beautiful, innocent, and glorious into the dirt, just like a pig will drag its food into the dirt and grunt. It won’t make any difference to the pig that the food was purchased at the gourmet food store and the lady feeding the pig has huge diamond rings on her fingers. A pig simply loves dirt. A pervert also loves dirt, but of a different kind.

The people who work so diligently in the media to inject their own poison into things German or everything the National Socialists had accomplished, with their preference to call us “Nazis,” cannot wrap their head around something noble, let alone apply their heart. It’s not their fault because they simply are of a lower nature than the true Germans; they have a pig-like disposition; wild-boar is a more apt expression.

And the NS were feared and still are by this vicious group of people; not because the National Socialists were dangerous, but because they were good and great; so foreign a characteristic to those who defame them. Because the defamers and the criminal world gang cannot stand above the National Socialists, they have to drag them down to their level, and even further. The National Socialists were so great, in fact, that the instigators of WWII need to keep vehemently defaming the Germans, bringing them way down to the lowest level of humanity, so that they, the international criminal gang and their henchmen, can take a position above the National Socialists. It takes pushing the Germans way, way down to allow those animals to stand even an inch above the Nazis.

These shameless criminal hate promoters are always at it, 24 hours a day, around the world. They have tenths of thousands of idiots who bow to them and proliferate their lies out of ignorance or for the money. With all their hate and fear to be discovered, it is no wonder that these international animal brains denigrate the NS attitude toward sex as well. There is, of course, no end to their people with base and perverted minds and hateful tongues, so there will be no end to defamation of anyone, and in particular not of the Germans, their lap dogs, dominated and whipped in shape by their treasonous, heartless, government leaders for nearly 70 years. Perverted thinking is the specialty of the criminal gang. And furthermore, these eyebrow-raising fables about sexually promiscuous German girls being bread in “Hitler’s Youth” bring in the money.

Here again we have a case of the Bolsheviks/Communists accusing others of what they do and did. The German Communist Party, led by the Jews (Jews often are Marxists and communists), enticed the very young German youth to join the party in exchange for liquor, cigarettes, and easily availalbe sex. Their job was to instigate trouble and to disturb the National Socialist’s Youth meetings. Of course they were first brainwashed. It was the Communist Party who tried to destroy the German youth and it was the Communist Jewish leadership that brought homosexuality and all forms of debauchery to the German youth to destroy it. Before that, Germany was a very religious nation with strong Christian values.

Hitler’s countermeasure was to teach “Hitler’s Youth” (versus the Communist youth) discipline, honor, decency, camaraderie, physical fitness, social services, community, love of country, and many more wonderful values. Any stories of debauched youth are about the evil deeds of the Communist Party destroying German children.

Contrary to all the rubbish spread, though, the German girls of Hitler’s Youth were celibate youngsters. Supposedly, their defamation started by purposefully mis-translating books written in English into German and inserting misinformation into those translations and using misrepresenting words. To bring ever more interest to these lying stories about the good German girls, there is a tendency not only to defame these girls but to exaggerate the defamation to the utmost degree. The false information circulating then collects even more debauchery, and it would be no wonder if some books or articles would claim that the girls had sex orgies with the boys whilst away from home. I would not be surprised if this was stated somewhere in some books. But the fact is, the NS girls were what we call “good girls,” well-bread girls, and celibate girls! They had a purpose, namely to partake in lifting the defeated German spirit. Volunteer work, Olympic training and games, hiking, camping, learning to run a household, helping the farmers in devastated areas and other valuable activities.

Further, defamation claims that the National Socialists instigated their adult members not only to enjoy sexual pleasure in marriage for other reasons than having children, but to enjoy sex outside of marriage as well. Other articles and books claim that the leaders of the girls clubs, called the ‘Bund Deutscher Maedel,’ (BDM) had a policy of instigating the young girls to get married men involved in extra marital sex. This could be claimed about the Jewish lead Communist party’s instructions to their members. Even very young members were solicited into the Communist party by offering them cigarettes, alcohol and sex. Young German girls in the Communist party, unfortunately, were trained to entice boys and men into sex by their perverted leaders.

Both of the claims that the NS solicited immoral behavior from its members could not be further from the truth and have been merely a tool of defamation. For the accusations of the BRD girls, the translation from the American book by Dagmar Herzog “Sex and Fascism,” were falsified. “Being in love” was deviously translated into “having a sexual affair” in order to taint the reputation of the BDM. In the Bundesarchiven of the government, no instructions of that sort were found in any documentation. To the contrary, what was found in the archives were expressions by the leadership of the BDM that furthered the friendships among the girls and celibacy, stating that through the union with other girls, the girls are experiencing a new female sphere by which the typical being in love with boys in silly ways loses its pull and exclusivity. Love is instead lifted to a higher level. “Instead of turning love into this sweet unique experience which may drive many girls into loneliness,” the BDM stated that “the community of girls provides a means for maturing in real love and being a role model for their sex.”

Extramarital sex was definitely not the policy of the NS, nor would the people have stood for it, as it was a  98% Christian society then and strict Christians at that. The family was highly honored and sexual carousing was frowned upon. Self discipline was the core values of the National Socialists, but not just in work but also in all other areas of their lives.

It was expected in those days of young people to marry early and raise children soon after that. And these values were most likely not much different than they were in the United States in the 30s and 40s. Considering that the people of the U.S. were somewhat more liberal than the Germans in their social behavior, and considering that most of the Americans behaved in honorable ways in those days, it clearly leads to the conclusion that the accusations of the strict National Socialists, even stricter than the non-party members, cannot be true by logic alone as the German society as a whole was more restrictive than the American society then.

Reference: “Der BDM und vorehelicher Sex” by Rolf Kosiek; Der Grosse Wendi-Richtigstellung zur Zeitgeschichte. 


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