German victims – german – germany – germanvictims.com – homosexuality – Here again, we German Victims are damaged with lies and defamation about Homosexuality in the Reich. The Allies and the hateful press, which is primarily Jewish, has turned everything the German Reich did into a crime. Such is the power of an evil tongue that controls the mainstream media, worldwide.


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Setting the Lies straight

First of all, the German Reich was plagued with crime after World War I. Unemployment was 33% and children were prostituted or sold themselves for food. Millions starved to death. We can come to our own conclusions as far as to crime proliferation, having these kind of statements. When Hitler came to power, Germany was cleaned out from crime, usury, and many cultural perversions, and high morals soared. This was of course a tedious process. Many criminals were arrested. Perhaps many homosexuals at that time were also criminals. But most homosexuals were probably arrested not for homosexual activities, as in those days they were more hidden, but for crimes.

Most of the homosexuals persecuted by the Third Reich were sexual criminals and child molesters. The punishment had nothing to do with the NS party. It was German law: Paragraph 175 in the Strafgesetzbuch of 28. August 1935, (Reichsgesetzblatt I, S. 839). These laws were executed in the German Bundesrepublic until 1957!!! Furthermore, we need to keep in mind that in those days, worldwide, homosexuality was frowned up, including the United States and often punished by law. So Hitler did not do anything unusual toward homosexuals.

To defame the Germans and to make them into man haters, the numbers of Homosexuals arrested during the Third Reich, of which some have died, have been greatly exaggerated. The lying tongues created fictitious numbers of homosexuals who “Germany killed!” (what a global accusation!) as 250,000 to 500,00. I do not thinks such a number of homosexuals even existed in Germany at the time, and the ones arrested were only the ones caught in any criminal act. ANY CRIMINAL ACT!

We have now victory of immorality over morality driven by the U.S.A. which made a great push in 1973 to accept homosexuality as ‘normal’ by the new American Psychology. This was an opportunity to focus not on any country in this world as to how they managed homosexuality legally, but ONLY ON THE GERMANS, BACK TO THE OLD REICH! It’s always the same game: grab any opportunity, twist it, and then make the Germans wrong about something and spread it all over the world. The Jews of Hollywood then begin the brainwashing of the public with movies specifically created to reinforce their lies.

According to German government documents, between 1933 and 1944 ca. 50,000 persons, who were homosexuals, were arrested. These people were not just hauled off but WENT THROUGH COURT PROCEDURES. This is one tenth of the mass media numbers.

Furthermore, not every homosexual who had a court judgment against him went into the prison camps, only the ones who had committed serious crimes, the ones who led youths into this behavior, repeated offenders, and those who publicly prostituted themselves. The Red Cross confirms that only a fraction of homosexuals who got a court judgment went into the camps.

Percentagewise homosexuals died more in the camps due to their sexual activities, so they caught war diseases, such as typhus, which was highly contagious, much sooner. Overall, their health was poorer than that of the heterosexuals. The death rate of non-incarcerated homosexuals was much greater than that of heterosexuals as well.

Compiled from “Der Grosse Wendig – Richtigstellung zur Zeitgeschichte – Grabert Verlag (a historical compilation to correct misinformation about the German Reich)

Himmler on Homosexuality – 1936

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