Dutch Monsters

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A High Seas Dutch Crime WWII

Translated brief excerpt from the book

“Verbrechen am Deutschen Volk – eine Dokumentation Alliierter Grausamkeiten” – Erich Kern, 1964 – Verlag Schuetz, Goettingen

German Book below as  PDF

Dutch without Mercy – 411 Germans had to die

On May 9, 1940 the Germans and Dutch were still sitting together peacefully in the clubs.

On May 10 the Germans became wild game in all of Indonesia. Dutch Ambo-nesen and Minadonesen arrested men women and children for being German.

The way they were treated dependet on the mood and character of the force. Some were treated brutally and inhuman. Highly respected doctors who worked their whole life for the colonies, missionaries, government employees, enterpreneurs and farmers were tied up hand and foot for days.

The German missionary Weiler was arrested along with his volk in Borneo and other German men. They were locked into the barracks and treated like a criminal, described in his book “Auf den Strassen der Welt,” Missionsverlag Stuttgart.

On May 11 the Germans from Bandjarmasin were put on a truck wrapped with barbed wire. Then they were driven 135 miles into the inner parts of Borneos to Kandan. On 17October 1940, the German prisoner were then sent back to Bandjarmasin an then shipped to Java.

The 1200 Germans were sent to Batavia, the island Unroest. A German man was shot down in the camp and severely injured in the lounges. No doctors who wanted to help were allowed to help him. The left him out of the yard to die slowly.

On this island there was no sanitation, no mat to lie on, not even enough drinking water. From there we went from camp to camp. Sadismus was running its course. 15 year old were put into prison for months for small crimes. Food was almost only rice and most were close to starve to death. There was almost no drinking water. All this became an  unbelievable torture.


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