Destruction of Germany

Destruction – ethnic cleansing – of all things German was the order of the day after so called ‘liberation.’ We are the German victims and the Allies are the criminals! Not only was it people that they murdered, but the Barbarians destroyed German monuments and burned irreplaceable historical books. These criminals wanted to erase from the minds of future generations of Germans their  German heritage, their history, the knowledge of the great German giants.

Why did they do this? It was planned in advance to annihilate the greatness of the Germans, their cultural accomplishments and their great history and in it’s place put an Allied created lying history. The German was the Greatest in Europe in science, culture, music and literature. The reptilian brains were not only envious of this, they made and are making today the concerted effort to dumb-down the Germans so they become less and less a threat to these primitive nomads who have occupied their country oppressing them.

The German history, as the American history, is filled with lies about the Germans. Good historical books who deal with the truth about WWII are banned. I have a whole list of them. Why are they banned; they were written by good Germans who lived through the beautiful Third Reich and knew the greatness of the German leaders. The liars have taken over.

They bombed our cultural statues to erase our great German history. Everything was planned to annihilate all things German because we are the greatest competition to those who want all of us Germans dead (all white men will follow as they are all Germanic based), and that are leading International Jews.

In order to keep us as slaves and subjugated to the Jews, they have invented the holoschmolo. If the impact on the Germans were not that serious it would be the joke of the century! The “German” government is the patsy government that does nothing good for the Germans but actually contributes to the German spirit’s demise!

 1,000,000 Civilians Bombed to Death

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