Bolshevik Mass Murderers

By Admin – The Bolsheviks who murdered the Russian Tsar Family and worked themselves into the Russian government, created the Russian Revolution and are responsible for all the horrors that afflicted Russia after their hostile takeover were JEWS, SPONSERED BY WALL STREET, A JEWISH SCAM, AND ANOTHER JEWISH SCAM, THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK THAT WAS NOT FEDERAL AT ALL BUT A PRIVATE JEWISH BANK OF SEVERAL FAMILIES, PRINTING MONEY TO THEIR DESIRE TO FINANCE THE JEWISH REVOLUTION IN RUSSIA THAT WAS NOT RUSSIAN AT ALL. The annihilation numbers are claimed to be between

66 Million to 120 Million Russian citizens murdered by their own government, or I should say by a Jewish Communist Takeover government. Many European civilians were captured and also taken to Russian slave labor camps if they were not executed. Millions of them were Germans.


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The arrests of so-called “political prisoners” to murder them started early in the 20th century and increased manifold during WWI, the Revolution and the civil wars that raged thereafter for years. The Millions of Germans who lived in the Ukraine, on the Crimea, by the Volga and in parts of Siberia, were targeted early on by the Bolsheviks. 

German farmers, artisans, and small businessmen were unprotected by their new government, and so their homes and land were-after the Bolsheviks took over-invaded by Ukrainians, Russians, Jews, and nomads. It was clearly intended by the new government to put the Germans at risk, as invasion after invasion of the German homes continued for the next 30 years, off and on, robbing, raping, and murdering them. Many homes in the thousands of German villages were burned to the ground by the raiders. And then came the famines created by the Soviet government to kill the Christian Germans and other Russian citizens in the 1920s; then again in the 1930 by taking away all their harvest, including their backup provisions for bad harvest times. Also, the Bolsheviks installed a collective government among the farmers and artisans where all private property, including home, land, and household items were taken from the people who then had to work in communes for the government for a meager food rationing.

In the 30s came waves of mass arrests and executions in the name of fabricated ‘political’ accusations, which were invented to haul people off to the Gulag prisons to be worked and starved to death as there was an endless supply of more Russian citizens that needed to be destroyed. They were arrested for several reasons but one of them was to set the Russian Industrial Revolution in gear, as Russia wanted to compete with Europe. Another reason was to kill as many citizens as possible and take all their property. This is why the richest farmers and land owners were targeted first. It became a ‘crime’ under the Bolsheviks to be middle class. The Jewish Bolshevik leadership wanted that property for themselves. And they took it. At least 50% of those who went to the Gulag died. If the man of the house died, the property went to the Bolshevik government. This was law. A very sinister plan these slave labor camps were, not only to squeeze the last bit of hard labor out of the arrested, but to make sure they die so that their family property could be confiscated.

Millions of Germans from Russia and Millions of other Russian citizens went into the Gulag slave labor camps or were executed. Millions from Germany from the wars followed as well as after the end of WW2. These camps existed from at least WWI until the 1970s. The German elite was taken from St. Petersburg, experiencing the same fate.  Later, during WWII and the first years after capitulation ,the German civilians were taken from East Germany and East Bloc countries, and continuously shipped to Russia as slave laborers. After the German capitulation, the British, French, and Americans handed German PoWs over to the Russians to haul them off to Siberia. The British, French, and Americans also  handed over to the Russians hundreds of thousands of ethnic Civilian Germans who fled Russia, Yugoslavia and other countries, many who had been on a three months, or longer, journey with a horse and buggy and had finally arrived in Germany (a German friend tells me the journey took them 1 year fleeing from Yugoslavia). The Allies stuffed them into cattle trains and any resistance was met with rifle butts or execution. Of course these people with their children were terrified to come again under the brutal Russian rule; this time as traitors for having fled their country. Their fate was death from sheer exhaustion, executions, starvation, rape and the Gulag prisons.

The Grave Diggers of Russia

I know it entirely well: No one is your equal, Still there are many great Men and Princes in the Empire Who only tolerate your soft Yoke against their will. They have pride enough, yet they are stuck in debt: Each and every man in your whole land Is in this way or in that related to Israel. And this smart People sees only one way open: As long as there is Order, they have nothing to hope for. They stir up therefore secretly the acquired fire  and before we know it, the whole land is in flames. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Foreword to “The Grave Diggers” – The Jewish Bolshevism – Alfred Rosenberg (Reval).

 It will readily be conceded, by one who knows Russia and has had opportunity of observing all the different phases of the revolutionary process that the inherent anarchical tendencies of the Russian people could not have failed to let the political pendulum swing very far towards the left. But the most extrememinded Russian had surely not dreamt of creating an instrument of destruction so complete in its systematic annihilation of every principle of economic life, so satanic in its premeditated violence and cold- blooded murder as that which now constitutes the basis of bolshevist power.

In this mad anarchical chaos, the natural consequence was the usurpation of the supreme command by that element which, unalterable,and comparable only to itself, has represented, since the very beginning of human history,the acme of the most unscrupulous and most insatiable greed: the Jew. Scarcely had “Liberty” been achieved (by the help of the London Change and the Russian-Jewish liberalism), than from everywhere,from the very ends of the earth the children of Israel set out to reach their Promised Land of these later days. Bolshevist papers and periodicals were started in Moscow and Petrograd. Trained demagogues, possessing unlimited supplies of money, appeared as members of the Soviet Councils and neither lost time nor hesitated in using all means, however foul they might be, to demoralise the minds of the: Russian people and excite the feelings against one another. And the Russian masses succumbed all the more readily that they were for the most part illiterate.

May I cite an example: One day there appeared as member of the Petrograd soviet a man quite unknown, who gave his name as Stecklow. He preached the overthrow of democracy, promised universal peace, liberty, bread and gave money to all comers. At last he could no longer avoid producing his papers, which showed him to be a Jew named Nachamkes.

To-day he is one of the omnipotent dictators of the Russian press. Cases such as this can be proved by the hundred. Under the very nose of the liberal government Trotzky- Braunstein (Brownstone), Sinowjeff- Apfelbaum (Appletree) from New York and Lenin from Switzerland appropriated a palace in Petrograd for their own use and made it the headquarters of Bolshevism. Many demagogues, carefully trained in the bolshevist seminary at Capri (headmaster: the Jew Rappoport), journeyed all over the country, to Kronstadt (the headquarters of the Navy) and to the front. I myself have seen Jewish students distributing the ‘Pravda’ (Truth) among the wounded, in the hospitals of the Crimea.

The first attack was delivered in July 1917. The sailors from Kronstadt (worked up to the highest pitch mostly by the Jew Roshai) streamed up the Neva, landed in companies and circulated in armoured cars through the streets of Petrograd, discharging their rifles at random wherever and whenever it pleased them. The revolt was suppressed. The leaders were put into prison, the rebels isolated and put under guard. But soon it became apparent – just as we have seen it in Germany – that the Jews had been careful to lay out

the large sums of money, spent for the propaganda of bolshevist ideas, to the best advantage of the movement and had guarded themselves from attack on all sides by smuggling their own men beforehand into the ranks of the so-called ‘moderate’ parties.

The leaders of the social-revolutionists and of the Mensheviki were Bernstein-Cohan, Lieber, Gotz, Dan, Martow-Zederbaum and such individuals, whose German sounding names reveal them as Jews to all in the know. Hardly had Trotzky, Kamenew-Rosenfeld and their confederates been apprehended that from all sides there arose a wild cry that the Government was compelling these valiant Knights of Liberty to suffer martyrdom because of the very ideals the government itself pretended to defend. The Jews Lieber and Dan succeeded in browbeating the hysterical and pitifully weak Kerensky (whose chief of Police was a Jew, the Zionist Rutenberg) into liberating the prisoners.

This weak concession to the Bolsheviki sealed the doom of Russia. Henceforth, every demagogue no longer needed to fear anything whatsoever and could throw away his mask, feeling that he was secure. At the end of October, on the Day of Councils, the democracy which had paved the way, was overthrown and replaced by Bolshevism. The Terror set in. But who had provided the phenomenal sums of money needed to assure the triumph of bolshevist propaganda? Germano-phobe authors blandly assert that Trotzky and Lenin were the emissaries of the German General Staff. The true facts are, however, vastly different.

The leaders of the Bolsheviki were and still are the emissaries and agents of the Jewish jobbers in the countries blessed with an ‘Exchange’ and it was Jewish money that paid the constructing, erecting and putting into motion of the machine of destruction called Bolshevism. Burzew, who knows more about the secret springs and the hidden causes of the Russian Revolution than most men, has openly accused (in his pamphlet: Be Ye cursed, Ye Bolsheviki!) the ‘German’ Jew Parvus-Helphand of being the father of Bolshevism, Parvus of Constantinople, Parvus of Sofia, Parvus of Copenhagen, Parvus of Berlin! This Jew Parvus, a successful ‘profiteer’ with many hundreds of million marks to the good, a friend of the Jewish Heroes of the German-Jewish November revolution, expelled from Switzerland by order of the Swiss government because of nefarious and dark machinations, succeeded in inducing the Wilhelmstrasse – the German Foreign Office, already in a state of democratic desintegration, to permit Lenin and several hundred Jews to pass through Germany on their way from Switzerland to Petrograd. And the democratic “Russian” government allowed them to cross the frontier! Trotzky and Sinowjeff-Apfelbaum, accompagnied by two hundred other inhabitants of the New York Ghetto, likewise started for Russia.

They were held up and kept back in Halifax by English officers until Washington spoke the word, enforcing their speedy liberation. These bacilli of destruction too were allowed by the Russian government to land in Russia.

Woodrow Wilson who was then President of the United States had as his right hand the banker Simon Wolff; his left was guided by Judge Brandeis, a Zionist. As far back as 1904 Jacob Schiff had financed the Japanese war against anti-semitic Russia and had liberally provided the Russian prisoners of war with revolutionary propaganda. Wilson’s best friend was Bernard Baruch, who, heading another batch of 117 Jews, accompanied Wilson on his trip to the “peace” conference at Versailles.

The unleashing of the pack of Jewish hounds and their having been laid on the Russian track can be brought home clearly to one person. Henry Ford in his book: ‘The International Jew’ publishes a letter taken from official sources and addressed by a man called Fürstenberg to someone called Rafael Scholan at New York. This letter is dated Stockholm, September 21st, 1917 (four weeks before the Day of the Soviet Councils’).

In this letter it is stated that the Hamburg banker Max Warburg had opened an account for the enterprise of Comrade Trotzky and that another man had been supplied with ammunition and had organised its transport.

The enormous sums of money paid to the Petrograd Council of Soldiers all came from Stockholm, where the writer of the letter already referred to resided; it was Fürstenberg- Ganetzky. He received the Jewish gold and distributed it. Fürstenberg-Ganetzky whose very name leaves no doubt about his Jewish origin, is now Soviet minister at Riga. The Russian soldiery, sick of the war and demoralised as much by prolonged inactivity in the barracks as by a steady stream of harmful propaganda, had been turned into the most opportune and powerful auxiliary of Jewish Bolshevism, and carried it to victory.

A Jewish plutocracy such as existed in the Western countries, had not possessed up till this time any standing in Russia; but from that moment the whole of the Russian national wealth became the property of the Jews and their followers. The pilfering of the bank- safes, the ‘nationalization’ of houses and land estates and of all industrial enterprises, the search-warrants for domiciliary visits,and other measures of ‘lawful’ seizure of private property provided new funds of gold, jewelry and other valuables.

These were used to raise a large body of cut-throat mercenaries and for the spreading of the new gospel of World-revolution. The private loot acquired by the Soviet Comissaries enabled them to acquire estate property abroad and to lay by large sums in foreign banking accounts.

But in order to prevent the Russian people from waking up and throwing off the Bolshevist nightmare, its Jewish masters proceeded to carry through a carefully thought out system for the economic strangulation and the extermination, or demoralization, of the Russian nationalist intelligence. Under the pretext that former official misdeeds were to be avenged, those in power set their mercenaries to hunt down and kill naval and military officers, civilian officials, engineers and all persons who by their antecedents were presumably not in accord with them. The central offices of this “Murder Department” were the headquarters of the “Commissary for the fight against counterrevolution”, Moses Uritzky, now dead.

It was situated at No. 2, Gorokhowaya street, Petrograd. Thousands and thousands of men and women were brought there and killed without even the pretence of a trial. If Moses Uritzky acted in the capacity of official assassin for Petrograd, Sinowjeff- Apfelbaum, Governor of the town, President of the Soviet Commonwealth of the North and Head of the Executive Council of the Third International, did his best to make the same kind of killing effective throughout the length and breadth of the district under his ‘jurisdiction’. At the same time Trotzky-Braunstein organised the bloody saraband whose aim was the depopulation of the whole of Russia.

By giving free rein to murder, rape and violence of unprecedented magnitude, the Red Guard was bound indissolubly to the vile band of Jewish criminals, that had been put into power in Russia by the premeditated and organised efforts of the leading Jews of the whole world. Any other Government in Russia would naturally have condemned this infamous guard of wholesale murderers to extermination.

Thus the Red Guard constitutes the one safe and reliable basis on which reposes the power of the Jewish tyrants in Russia. Its ranks were swelled by a great number of unscrupulous or barbaric adventurers, the sweepings of the scum of the earth in every land. In the end the trusted Red Guard of the soviet Jews was composed chiefly of Caucasians, Letts and Chinese. With their help the betrayed people of Russia were crushed not so much with an iron heel, as by the threat of submitting anyone daring to whisper a word of disapproval, to the most awful tortures and display of cruelty until then unknown in the western countries and which were applied by the most fiendish of Asiatic Sadists.

The remnant of Russian intellectuals, that had survived the massacres, was forced to take service under the Jews by the application of the clever stratagem of decreeing all their relatives as hostages, a guarantee for their good behaviour, for their willingness to work and for their efficient zeal in the furtherance of bolshevist enterprises.

Stupefied by hunger and the ever present menace of death, continually surrounded by spies disguised as political commissaries, they had no other choice than to put their practical knowledge and their expert intelligence to the service of their merciless enemies. Many,indeed, have preferred death, but many have yielded. The supremacy of the Jews is complete.

The peasants, living widely apart in their villages, have been able in many places to keep up their independence, but so far have not succeeded in uniting so as to overthrow the centres of Bolshevism. The awful “Pogrom” which has swept over the whole of Russia has cost the Russian people at least 35 to 40 million lives.

Anyone who is not completely blind cannot but perceive that from the very outset Bolshevism constituted a purely Jewish enterprise. An Englishman, Wilton, travelling in Russia in 1920, proved that out of 380 Bolshevist commissaries 300 were Jews. To-day we possess a complete list of Russia’s tyrants.

The pamphlet ‘Jews in Russia’ (published in England) enumerates 550 of the men governing the unhappy country to-day and gives their respective ‘official’ positions.

The Commissariat for War is composed of the People consists of 3 Russians, 2 Armenians and 17 Jews.

The commissariat for War is composed of 8 Letts, 1 German, no Russian and 34 Jews (Bronstein-Trotzky, Fischmann, Romm, Meitschick, Lievenson, Posern, Goubelmann, Kalmanowitsch, Beckmann, Glutzmann, Zusmanowitsch, Hirschfeld, Lechtiner, Schulmann, NasenhoItz, Tseiger, Zake, Silbermann and others).

The Commissariat of the Interior shows 2 Russians, several Letts, Armenians and Poles, and 45 Jews (Sinowjeff-Apfelbaum, Goldenrudin, Ender, Fönigstein, Krachmal, Schreider, Fayermann, Meynkmann, Model, Josselewitsch Schklowsky, Kneifizs, Rasmirowitsch,

Kronberg, Rywkin, Swerdlow, Tsitkin, Blumkin [murderer of the German Ambassador count Mirbach], Fines, Sachs and so on).

The Commissariat for Foreign Affairs counts 1 Russian, 1 Armenian, 1 Lett, 1 German and 13 Jews (Joffe, Margolin, Levien – the Bavarian ‘Delegate of the People’ -, Axelrod – Soviet Minister at Vilna -, Beck – together with Liebermann delegate at Paris and London

-, Grünbaum and others. I also add: Litwinow-Finkelstein at Reval, Gillersohn at Prague, Schermann at Lucerne, (after Schklowsky had been expelled from Switzerland), Worowsky in Italy, Vigdor Kopp, Samuel Reich (lately retired) and others at Berlin.

All the other head-departments of the Soviet Government are composed in a like manner showing an overwhelming majority of Jewish members.

The provinces are governed by 23 Commissaries of which 21 are Jews. (Khaitis in Siberia, Berlinski in Sysrani; Lievensohn in the Don-province, Sackheim at Jarowslaw, Isaak Lauk in the Donetz-basin etc.) The staff whose special function it is to keep Russia systematically in the dark as to the real condition of affairs, (the official journalists), is evidently almost completely composed of Jews. Thus: the ‘Prawda’ (Truth) is edited by Kuhn, Lurie, Diamant, Alperowitsch, Steklow- Nachamkes etc. The ‘Volga Truda’ (Determination to Work) is run by Katz, Sachs, Poliansky; the ‘Znamia Truda’ (Flag of Work) has as editors: Lander, Levin, Davidson etc. The different periodicals treating of economic questions are in the hands of Bernstein, Goldberg, Goldmann, Eliassohn, Rafalowitsch etc. Among the 42 dictators of the ‘Russian’ press there is only one who is not a Jew: the wretch Maxim Gorki.

The so-called ‘all-Russian’ Executive is composed of Lenin, said to be either a Russo- Tatar or a Kalmuck Jew, and of 33 Jews (president: Swerdlow, Abelmann, Gimmer- Suchanow, Bleichmann, Katz-Kamkow, Smidowitsch, Levitzky, Goldstein etc.).

Thus the ‘Russian’ Soviet Government is made up of 34 Letts, 30 Russians, some Armenians, Poles, Czechs and 447 Jews! What better testimony is needed to show the Jewish character of the Bolshevist Movement? To-day even Social-Democrats have given up denying that the policy of the ‘great Western democracies’ is determined by the ‘Exchanges’. But these artless gentlemen cannot imagine how it can be possible for those financiers, running the money markets of the world (- and of whom 90% are Jews -) to support a “proletarian revolution” and at the same time to combat it by aiding the anti- Bolshevist armies of the Nationalist Russians, the Koltschak, Yudjenitch, Denikin and Wrangel.

The truth, however, is, that the ‘Exchange Politicians’ at Paris, New York and London should they care to do so, could easily bring about the downfall of the Soviet Jews and end their Reign of Terror the Trotzkyes, Apfelbaums and all their followers would have to quit the Kremlin at Moscow within a month.

But these Nationalist Russian armies received the support needed only so long as their efforts counterbalanced the power of the Red Armies, for the aim and purport of the assistance rendered was to give to the process of self destruction of the Russian people the maximum of effectiveness obtainable by keeping up the mutual slaughter as long as possible, and preventing any decisive advantage being gained by the National armies. An unbiassed study of the speeches made in the House of Commons in 1919 shows beyond doubt that as a price for British assistance, the ‘British’ government exacted from Koltschak and his troops the assurance that all anti Semitic, i.e. anti-Jewish tendencies would be excluded from their programme.

Further, the forces of Yudjenitch had been armed and equipped by Great Britain to liberate Petrograd. Success was near. The former Russian capital was seriously menaced. For three days the imminent capture of the town was cabled all over the world. Russian values rose rapidly and kept on rising on all the money exchanges; the jobbers sold and sold roubles and Russian shares of all description. Suddenly the British fleet protecting the flank of Yudjenitch and already shelling Kronstadt withdrew from its position of protection, thereby completely upsetting the preconcerted plan of action. But not satisfied with this disgraceful betrayal, the British fleet proceeded to Riga and started bombarding the antibolshevist German-Russian troops, which were there fighting the Soviet Red Army!

The Russian Nationalist-Army that already held the capital in its grip had to retreat, no further supply of ammunition being forthcoming. The whole campaign failed – and the Russian rouble at once lost all it had gained during these last days and more while the Jewish jobbers pocketed their profit. The ‘Journal de Genève’ stigmatised quite correctly the whole enterprise as a ‘spéculation israélite’.

It has been published broadcast that the army of general Wrangel had been equipped on a most lavish scale and had received all possible assistance. Yet I know for a fact that Wrangel received all told, three shiploads of ammunition and old guns and rifles which for the most part had to be repaired at Sebastopol. For “value received” he had to deliver shiploads of grain to the French. Of the 10 members of the ‘French’ military mission to Wrangel 7 were Jews! Thus France treated the Russian general in the Crimea in the same manner which England had thought fit to use towards Yudjenitch.

In consequence, conditions in Soviet Russia took their natural course unchecked. That which all thoughtful observers acquainted with Russia had foretold, an all-Russian famine, soon, did not fail to become an awful reality. The towns had been in a state of famine since 1918, but the general mismanagement, incapacity and the break-down of the last vestiges of means of transportation brought things to such a climax that even for the spoiled child of the Soviet, the Red Army, food began to get scarce. Whereas until then, not a newspaper in the world had taken the slightest notice of the famishing Russian people, suddenly the whole Jewish press in all countries started clamouring so as to draw attention to ‘dying Russia’, insisting on immediate relief. “The population of large provinces in Russia is dying of hunger”. “Hundreds of thousands succumb every day”. “Millions perish”.

Some incurable philanthropists came to the aid of the towns, largely assisted by the financiers of London, Berlin, Vienna. Trotzky and his Red Army were saved!

Now the last mask was dropped. A ‘Russian’ State bank was founded, meaning the complete and official dictatorship over Russian national finance by the ‘leaders of the proletariat’. Interest of from 10 to 15% per month was decreed, like in the Middle Ages. Simultaneously the Soviet Kings started purely capitalistic and private syndicates (with the help of the Jewish finance abroad). The board of directors of the first and largest of these syndicates was composed of Trotzky, Skliansky, Goldberg, Schatunowsky, Spenzer, Eismunt etc. or, as was to be expected, of 99 per cent. of Jews.

And the end!? Supreme Financial Control over a nation systematically deprived of all power, robbed of the very fast remnants of its property, delivered over to chronic famine! The plan conceived and carefully thought out in the quiet and unobtrusive “Lodges” of the Jews in London, New York, Berlin and so on, has been brought to a successful issue by the soviet Jews with the help of Chinese riff-raff aided by ruffians collected among the dregs of humanity all over the world.

Anyone who has grasped the Jewish policy ought to be fully convinced now that Bolshevism, indeed, is not an aim in itself, but only a means – a means to uproot and destroy all independent national life, aiming at the full demoralisation of the people and the complete annihilation of living national enterprises, so as to permit the ‘legal’ acquisition of their dead substance for a mere song at some later period.

With these ulterior and hidden motives democratic republics are admitted to be best suited for the speedy execution of these designs; even constitutional monarchies with parliamentary bodies easily led or bought are considered as useful in consolidating the power gained along the Bolshevist road.

But there remains one fact with which the Jews in the whole course of their history (led astray as they are by over-cunning and blinded by avarice), have always failed to reckon the fact that abject passivity has its limits. Notwithstanding their unprecedented ferocity, the Hebrew assassins in Russia will not escape that Nemesis, lying in wait for all who pursue none but egotistical ends. These men are doomed. Even a philosemitic democracy will not save them. The judgment of the Russian people will surely overtake them, – and there will not be left in Russia one Jew to remember those glorious days, when his race, besmirched with blood and tears, danced over what it thought was the corpse of a great nation.

Let all other Nations take heed! Be assured that, in other countries also, nothing will be left undone by the Jews that can help to avert the evil Hour of Retribution for their brethren in Russia. Without the slightest Hesitation they will kindle a similar conflagration in any country in which they can induce sufficient numbers to embrace Bolshevism and thus create a new support and rallying-point for Jewish Power.

Munich, November 1921. Alfred Rosenberg (Reval).

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