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Very brief English translation of an excerpt from the  book by Dr. Franz Seidl

The Belgian Concentration Camps for Germans or German-friendly Belgians

These crimes were committed by Belgian partisans.

Documentations of these cruelties:

For hundreds of thousands of Belgians a time of horror began, primarily after “Liberation Day [as well as before].” Woe to anyone who was considered German friendly. This was also a time to eliminate all personal enemies or business competition! The victims were collected in concentration camps.

In Kroonlaan barracks, the clothes were ripped from girls and women and the nipples burned off with cigarettes – many were tortured like this until they went insane from pain.

A pregnant woman who had difficulties walking about was thrown of the truck she was brought on. Then they took a chain and beat her stomach and called her child “moffenjong” a derogatory name for a German child. A 20 year old girl had a swastika burned into her forehead.

Four girls were locked into a cellar. There they had to stay naked and crawl around on hands and feet before their guards – what happened to them then is so disgusting I cannot describe it. In the prison Gillis men were forced to do the most unnatural sex acts and perversities.

About 50 girls were forced to walk around naked in the yard of the barracks. Then they had to dance naked. After that they were handed to the black soldiers to be raped.

In the Erkenrode Barracks at Hassel girls were sold to black soldiers for cigarettes. One of the girls was raped 11 times.

In Paal they burned the women’s tongues. Women were disrobed and sold to black, drunk soldiers.

In Eigenbilzen they took the victims hands and smashed them between doors. To a mother they destroyed all her teeth in front of her children.

In Bree there were about 15 women and girls on 15. Sept. 1944. Two 18 year old were tortured before their parents. The guards pushed long knitting needles into their nipples. In Antwerp imprisoned Rexisten were tortured and then locked in with the cats in the Zoo.

In Limburg there are over 400 case of torture registered: burned breasts, crushed teeth, rapes.

In Breendonk the prisoners were bound onto a pole and tortured. A steel helm was used that had screws attached. This helm was put onto the head and the screws driven into the head.

In Chinay Rexisten were hung up by their mouth onto a butcher hook.

Mrs. R.G. Braine l”Alleud, 8 months pregnant, became the victim of drunk guards. She died. Mr. P.H. was beaten and driven into a dog house and forced to eat of a dog bowl without his hands. The audience paid 2.50 Belgian Francs to watch.

In Vervier a catholic priest was forced to have sex with a woman out on public.

In Montagne women were tied down with the head down and beaten. What happened to them then we cannot say for personal reasons.

In Gesselies, besides the general tortures, there were rapes of a type so horrible, we cannot describe them here.

In 1947 the weekly newspaper “Rommelpost” published  the terrible things that happened in the barracks of Kroonlaan.

Excerpt from “Geschichte der Verfehmung Deutschlands,” Franz Seidl

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