Torturing German Girls to Death

…The next one screamed for mercy, but to no avail. Since she was especially pretty, I had the impression they did the abysmal game extra slowly. The other three were collapsed, screamed for their mother and begged for a fast death, but they also had the same fate. The last one was still half a child with hardly developed breasts. They basically ripped the meat from her ribs until the white bone showed….





This is the description of one of the many horrendous war crimes against German people just because they were German due to the defaming war propaganda against the Germans perpetuated by the Jewish driven press. These types of crimes were COMMON.

Ostpreussen Missbrauchte KinderMetgethen Geschaendet und ermordetNemmersdorf Vergewaltigt und HingeschlachtetThere is not a torturous death a German has not suffered!

HORROR! Horror without measure and without end!

The war experiences of German soldier

Werner Weinlein, Nuernberg

I am now 81 years old, am a lawyer and for almost 8 years I was in the Wehrmacht (German military) and in the work brigade. After 3/4 year in the work brigade, 1937/38 I was enlisted in the military at the Luftwaffe (air force) to the 1. Flak-Regiment  (anti-aircraft gun regiment) 1/9 Fuerth, [Germany] to the “Honor Legion Kondor.” I had not yet completed my 2 years when WWII broke out, and I was a soldier from the first day and basically to the last day of the war, Mai 8, 1945.

My first unit, the “Legion Kondor,” was totally annihilated at Stalingrad.  I was no longer with them because of my earlier injuries. My second unit, also a Flak-Sturm-Regiment went to the Normandy, to the “Omaha-Bay” at Bayeux, the main landing place for the invasion of the Allies- especially the Americans, was also totally annihilated. I only escaped because on the 5th day of the battle, it was supposedly “the largest battle in world history,” I was seriously injured and my commander had someone drive me to the hospital; I have never seen my comrades again. I had a pistol shot in my arm, a grazing shot in my leg and a serious rip in my lungs.

I survived. This was on June 10, 1944.

My third unit, also a Flak-Sturm-Regiment (anti-aircraft gun), went down at the capitulation on May 8, 1945 or in imprisonment, and hardly any of my comrades returned.

For those events I will give you a short report which I had written for a lecture on May 8, 1984…

Germany and May 8, 1945

When we think back to the year 1945, the memories bring great grief. We remember the great suffering that came upon us Germans. A suffering with all its horrors, together with the endless hopelessness of those days. With pain we think about the unconditional capitulation of the German military forces of those days and the destruction of the Reich, which was for 1000 years responsibility and protection for all Germans.  What happened after that was for most Germans, especially for those living in the east of our fatherland, hell on earth! Just like in 1919, the rights of humans and self determination were stepped on, only with the difference, that this time it was the destruction of Germany and the escalation of it all into the immeasurable, the most disparaging treatment of humans, the most criminal actions against us.

We Germans were helplessly surrendered to their hate and revenge, to mercy or no mercy. Without rights, we were stamped ‘free game,’  and now the running of the gauntlet began for the Germans. Humiliations, defamation, abuse of every type, torture and beating to death, massive murders of imprisoned soldiers and civil personnel went on for many months on end. The victors threw the whole German nation into the condition of enslavement.

“Jobs, life and possessions of all Germans are completely in the power  of the victors!” Churchill explained.* More than 20 Million Germans were driven off their homeland in Europe and around the world and 1 Million [*that’s only from Germany proper, there were Millions Germans more from other countries] were dragged off to work camps.  Hundreds of thousands of Germans were imprisoned in countries around the world or put into concentration camps. And this only because we were Germans. Uncountable numbers of them already died on the transport to those places, few ever returned after years of immeasurable suffering.

*(Note by admin:  Churchill, then British Premier served most of all the bank cartel. He was one of the creators of WWII and has more than 70 Million people on his conscience.)

To list the endless stations of sufferings through which the Germans had to pass is impossible, for hours and days one could describe the horrors, which are also partially listed in the Bundesarchive. Much of it is also unknown as there were no more witnesses. If you were to read the book “Die Grosse Flucht” (the great flight) by Juergen Thorwald and would only read the 45 pages of the chapters “Die Insel der Unseligen” (the island of the unfortunate) or “Der Sturm ueber Prag,” (the storm across Prague) people would shiver over such inhumanity, which a normal human being would not dare to imagine, because there were no methods of death which German people did not have to experience.

On May 8. 1945 the biggest human hunt began which has ever been on this earth with a big nation. It’s about the principle of equality and truth, it’s about having these crimes known by the public who only hears about “Auschwitz, Maideneck and Dachau,” and whom we want to tell about the suffering of the Germans. Many people make pilgrimages to “Lidid”, and especially in Germany, hundreds of memorials remind of the suffering of the Jews.

For more than 5 Million displaced Germans from the east bloc countries and the many bombing victims, there is hardly a memorial. Also not for East Prussia, Schlesien, Pommern, West Prussia, Sudetenland and the German villages in the East, the southeast, [*and the Ukraine and Siberia] where 20 Million Germans had a right to their land [and were driven off], and the world hardly knows anything because German politicians, breaking their oath of office ignominiously disregard the interests of their German people. [*Most of them are Jews or slaves of the Jews.]

Through endless discrimination, twisting of facts and silencing the truth we have reached a condition which has suffocated every national movement, yes even our identity. – The longer the NS time goes back, the more shameless are the accusations and the shoving of guilt upon the Germans and the more dense the network of concentration camp memorials.

Where are the memorials for the German misery? For us there is no reparation, for the brave women and mothers who died with their children and families in the bombing infernos, for the raped and those who were just dug under into the ground somehow somewhere. Who thinks of those who have been tortured and executed in the Allied prisons, Germans who most of the time were innocent?

The Holocaust on the other side is lifted up again and again, but this gigantic crime committed on the German people by the victors, is silenced to ‘make them forget.’ Our government is not ashamed to not distance itself from the lies and the defamation, especially our earlier president, Herr von Weizsaecker, but also the presidents following after, when it is known today that much of this [said against us Germans] is not true. – Where are the parties, where are the Members of Parliament for the Landtag and the Bundestag (government of the circuits and the union)? Where is the government that fends against the flood of defamation of our people? Where are the people that protest against it and the courageous ones who in public speak out against the defamation and insults to defend our honor?

Due to years of intimidation, commercial dis-empowerment and cultural devaluation, the intention is to prevent the truth from coming to light. This has left traces so that even those who are still alive and know the true causes and those researching Germans, in general, do not dare to lift their voice.

We witnesses who are still alive, therefore have the duty, to give our youth and the following generations the knowledge what the truth of the German history really was. And why in this century [20th century] 2 world wars, like hurricanes, blew over Europe and the world and Germany had to fight twice for her life against a world of enemies banded together? [*Yeas, why? What did Germany ever do to about 60 countries who took sides with the Allies and declared war on Germany?]

We mourn for the more than 4 Million driven off their homeland [*The number has long been corrected to 20 Million], for those who lost their live at home in their Fatherland, mourn for the German soldiers, mourn for the great extend of destruction and for the loss of gigantic, gorgeous provinces.

It is an insult to the German people when our president calls the “Zusammenbruch des Deutschen Reiches” (the collapse of the German empire) with all the following horrors and the bloody deportations of Germans  and it’s a shameless act like none other “freedom”. Millions and millions of dead have been left behind on this road of misery. That he cannot call it what it is, “the greatest crime ever committed upon the German people and one of the greatest crimes against all mankind!!!” To call this murderous expulsion a forced “trek from East to West” is macabre.

Have our presidents elected from the Bundestag heard the screams from our violated women, girls and children? Have they heard the screaming of the tortured, the moaning of the ones burning, and the dying rattle in the throats of our murdered German brothers and sisters? How can the actions a Mr. Weizaecker displays be congruent with a Christian conscience? It is now our duty to think of this day and to stand by our nation for the purpose of the truth and the future of our German people.

Our Dead Warn Us!

Germany will not perish if the Germans themselves wont’ destroy it.

The victors wrote clearly in their directive of the “liberators:” “Germany is not occupied for liberation!”

At the German borders signs said: “You are entering  Germany. Here civilization ends. Any fraternization with Germans is forbidden.”

Regarding May 8, 1945 a massive injustice has come upon us, they declared the beginning of our horror “Liberation” through new-German extreme re-educators and home invaders who dirty our nests.

The Allies left their calling cards by means of massive heaps of corpses brought on by crimes against humanity in  illegal air raids upon civilians.

The Soviet Army had already right from the beginning, meaning June of 1941, massacred German prisoners in the most bestial ways, had barely put their foot on German soil, incited by Stalin’s chief propagandist, the Jew Ilya Ehrenburg, starting in October of 1944, caused a blood bath in the East Prussian city Nemmersdorf of mostly women and children.

Already alone the horrible sexual holocaust, which was put upon the German women and girls by the victor soldiers, it should be forbidden to speak of the happenings in 1945 as “Liberation.”

The GIs were not innocent either. The world “befreien” they used as preying on. A GI who raped a German woman said he has “liberated!” her. The U.S. air force general, Charles  Lindberg, noted into his diary on 23. May 1945, “…raped by Senegalesen in French uniforms, thousands of women and girls were laying in the German hospitals in Stuttgart. So that’s how they have “liberated!” them.

Maybe the most severe mass rapes which ever had been endured by the female population of a defeated country were those who where endured by the women and children at the end of WWII by the members of the Red Army. Careful numbers would be 110,000 girls and women from early summer to fall of 1945 who were raped by the Soviet soldiers, whereas 40% were raped repeatedly, alone in Berlin. 10% of rapes resulted in death, but great numbers of women already started to take their lives out of fear of the rapes. A conservative estimate is that in the Eastern part of Germany at least 2 Million women were victims of one or several rapes by the Red Army members during this time.

Under the victims were numberless girls, many of them barely 13 years old. Especially these very young girls were raped in the most brutal ways. Not infrequently, dozens stood in line for their turn in rape of the victim.

Prof. Hans Doerr writes: “According to my calculations, at least 2 Million women were raped, whereby at least 200,000 died. The number of the 2 Million is a result after Dr. Reichling collected the names of 110,000 victims in Berlin, 500,000 in the Soviet East German zone, 1.4 Million in the German deportation zones.

Leidenswege deutscher FrauenGert O.-E. Sattler – Leidensweg deutscher Frauen 1944-1949

Maybe I can report to you with what comes next about the fate of one of Millions of German soldiers, about me.

My unit, the Flak-Sturm-Regiment 701, under Major “von Naso” was in the last weeks in the Mittelabschnitt (an area) with the 17th Army and the 1. Tank Army under General Fieldmarschall Schoerner as rearguard. For days there was a rumor that the war will end soon. It was therefore a bitter responsibility to take position against the horrible enemy, and the fear crept up on us that we will be ‘burned’ in the last days of the war and die. In no way did we believe that peace could be worse than war! So my unit sacrificed itself again and again to hold back the masses of the Red Army in order to assist the Millions of German soldiers, the Vertriebenen (refugees-Ethnic Germans made up of women, children and elderly, driven off or fleeing), and the many Germans, many women and children from the German proper area to reach the American lines which were not to be too far in the distance. We still did not know that the “Christian” soldiers of America blocked everything off in order to not let anyone in but drove them all onto meadows and gave them over to the hoards of incoming Red Army and the Czechs wandering about even though they saw what kind of brutal crimes they did to them.

Also, we soldiers were not accepted, which is against the rule of war, but were handed over to the Russians. The Americans just chased everyone back, sometimes with brutality. This was in violation of the Hague Land Warfare Rule and rights of all humanity. Us, in a position right before the enemy, did not know this at the time. Then on May 8 we received the news that the German Military has capitulated and that the war is at end. Hope rose! Our military order fell apart and every battery was looking for their safety in flight from the hordes of the brutal Russian Army which we have experienced hundreds of times.

We were all exhausted from the long battles and emaciated but still had some food in our backpacks and tried together or alone to reach one of the bridges which could give us access to the West.  In the early morning hours my comrades and I were stopped by a Czech major and taken prisoners. Since we still had small arms we were asked for them, and we were all disarmed. But I had a pistol that I had bound on my leg to kill myself in case it was necessary if I saw no more way out. The decent officer, once we were without weapons now became brutal and said: “If we find a weapon on  you, you will be shot.” I was now ordered by my comrades to make my weapon disappear since it could become dangerous for all of us. In a moment when I felt I was not watched, I threw my weapon into the woods. They lead us to an open area outside of the woods and we had to line up there. With horror we saw how from every corner the nasty Czechs came toward us and more and more of them were encircling us.

At this time we did not know yet all the tragedies that were playing out in Czechoslovakia.

Reports on the Expulsion of the Sudeten Germans (Tschechnia)

Constantly German soldiers were brought alongside of us by nasty looking Czechs. All rank badges, medals, and decorations were to be removed from us. But this is not what followed. Instead many of the Czechs came at us and ripped off everything from our uniforms. Resistance was hopeless, but still we did not know what else lay before us.

When I made a protective movement to shield my face against the hit of one of those fellows, as they ripped of my watch and my valuables and even took my boots, I was beaten until my back bled. The beatings against us soldiers increased ever more and indiscriminately the beatings went on everywhere. Some of us were primitively questioned as to ‘how many people we have murdered’ and after every answer we were beaten again. A few of them were asked if they had been with the Hitler-Youths. If one of them said he was, they took him away, and we heard nothing but screaming and often shots.

We were driven onto a street heading for Melnik. There the street was made narrower and a horde of people were waiting for us and now we had to run the gauntlet. We were hit with sticks, and bars, and iron parts. Rocks were thrown at us. Suddenly I had a terrible hit on my head and shortly thereafter, one right into my face and  I lost a few teeth and could not see anything anymore. I was wavering but was able to stand on my legs. Whoever fell, was totally beaten, stepped on, and no one could help him anymore. It was hell. The last thing I felt was a comrade taking me by the hand and pulling me forward. Until this day, I do not know who this comrade was who had saved my life because soon he was torn from me.

As I found out later that I had a broken skull, a serious concussion, a broken eye socket. I was almost beaten blind, had a total memory loss, and bloody foam came from my mouth.

Now came the Russian soldiers toward us, as we were outside of the village. Our misery train, which was joined by German civilians-women and children-was driven toward the North East. We were still followed by the Czechs yelling and shooting, but the Russians brought a bit of order into the situation and drove some  of the nastiest Czechs off.

The train of people kept on moving but again and again we heard shots and screaming, often from women who were brutally torn from our lines and raped, especially in the nights when we rested on the wayside or a meadow. Still to this day, I hear the cries of the women and girls from this inhuman treatment by the Russians, often also by the Czechs lingering about.

In the first days I noticed all of this as if I was in a trance, and I hardly had any fear and barely any pain and I could hardly see a thing. Blood was running over my face, my uniform and my backpack. Continuously, bloody foam came out of my mouth because I had a rip in my lungs from an earlier injury, which apparently started to act up again. Only much later did I realize how seriously I was injured. Only many years later did I find out that the Czechs have machine gunned down a whole unit of German soldiers who were caught in the area of Melnik. It was not until the Russians took over that these horrible tortures and murders got better.

I went on like a dream walker. Even though I had almost nothing in my stomach, I had to retch frequently. Soon I lost my other comrades who were in our march. No one was able to stay with his comrade. In every village we passed through we were frisked and every last bit of item was taken from us. Again and again, people, mostly soldiers who were tall and blond or were officers, were pulled out, beaten and then one would hear screaming and shots.

Still we did not know that this was going on in many villages in Czechoslovakia, if not even worse. Our horror train kept moving east. One day we walked through a village were people looked at us especially hateful and treated us especially hateful. There we saw at a schoolhouse which was a makeshift hospital as they threw injured and ill Germans from the top floor onto the street. Some were still alive, and we heard their bloodcurdling voices beseeching us to help them.

With the ever repeated frisking for usable items by the public in the ever increasing population of the death walk, I was doing a bit better than the rest because my uniform, coat and backpack were covered with blood, so that no one wanted to have anything. So I was able to rescue my bread, some fat and a few small things.

The weather was beautiful in this May day but hot, and we all suffered from thirst. To step out of line or to get some water from a well was usually denied, and if someone did it anyway he was beaten by the guards. Anyone who fell down in exhaustion was left, some of them were shot. Everywhere on the road there were already dead bodies laying around.

One day, units of a Russian tank troop passed by us coming from Berlin. Some of the battle commanders on the tanks were obviously drunk. They screamed and swore and pulled their pistols and shot into our rows. They were incredibly joyful when they hit a soldier and he fell to the ground.

Increasingly people fell over or died from exhaustion, or could not go on after resting. We were all so listless that we did not even look around. But my life spirit returned. I noticed increasingly what was going on around me. No one looked after the dying or the dead, and no one spoke comfort to the dying. Everything has become too miserable. In the long years of war, I have become tough and hard, and so I looked around to see if there was not any opportunity to flee. But no one wanted to try this with me because they did not believe that I could handle it in the condition I was in. We were driven into a temporary camp situated on a stream. On the other side was a forest, and the camp was only enclosed with a loose bob wire where Russian soldiers were standing guard. Here is where we were to be registered. A few comrades and I ate a bit of meat from a horse that had died, and I also had a piece of bread. I started to talk to several soldiers if we should not take a chance and escape. Almost all of them waved me off as we had seen what they did to the ones who had tried. Nevertheless I found two soldiers I discussed a flight plan with since now we were in great danger as the Abtransport (deportation trek) was soon to begin [he is probably referring to a transport to the Russian GuLag]. At night the three of us escaped across that creek which was guarded. After a few miles we hid in the forest. We had made it. We knew from experience that if our escape would have failed we would have been executed or beaten to death. Terror was sitting in our neck. All three of us were skin and bones from hunger, but we still had a will in us.

We wandered many days together toward the West and soon we reached a German territory, Schlesien. But everywhere there were now the Russians. As we tried to avoid a Russian patrol and fled, we lost one of our comrades. In the wild escape he did not return. Later my other comrade left me because he had a different destination. Before that, when we were still together, we received a hearty meal from a farm woman [most likely a Schlesien=ethnic German]. She let us sleep in her barn even though she knew that it was dangerous for her [because of the Russians] to do that. We had just finished our meal, when suddenly a Russian patrol arrived that was looking for German soldiers. But they found none, raped the good woman and left.

In great physical pain, I continued my walk, found another escaping soldier and we went on together. We slept in the woods during the days, stole something to eat here and there  if we had no other choice, and reached the supposed American Line after some time. When we got close to the border that separated the Western Allies and the Russians, we were shot at like crazy. We did not know at that point if it was the Russians or the Americans and hid in a creek. When we heard that it was the Americans, we surrendered and they put us into prison.

We were close to the village of Hof in Bavaria but did not know this.

We were put into the camp and questioned. We were treated decently but very strictly and questioned again. First the officer who questioned me did not believe that I did not know more and had no memories as I even tried to speak some English. But my injuries eventually convinced him. He was a decent man. Finally we got something to eat and drink again, and were able to sleep without fear.

I had a decent interrogator and after a few weeks they released me and put me onto a transport wagon, driven by black soldiers, into my home town, Nuernberg, where they dropped me off at the Reichsparteitag grounds.

When I saw the rubble of Nuernberg and the horrendous destruction, I cried for the first time after many years.

My home-my parents home-was completely destroyed. But my wife and my 2 children were alive.

These are the horrendous crimes committed against the ethnic Germans in Czechoslowakia and the German soldiers that were captures after the war had ended:

Today I received a written witness report from Herrn Ernst Malcher from Prag, [a German city of culture and commerce – ripped from Germany in 1918 and given to a newly formed state called Tschechoslowakei] by Frau Bozena Pesicka from Kladno by Prag. The report is about mistreatment and thereafter executions  of 3 members of the Waffen-SS, several members of the German Wehrmacht, and several German civilians before the barracks and at the cemetery walls of Kladno.

Mr. Ernst Malcher himself comes from a mixed marriage. His mother is a Tschech and his father, Anton Malcher was a Oberschlesier [German from a certain area of Schlesien]. His father, as a German, had to join the military during the war and was first stationed in Prag, then he completed the campaign with Rommel in North Africa and shortly before the end of the war he was commanded to Prag along with his battalion. When the so-called “Prager Aufstand” (Prager uprising) happend on 5 May 1945, his unit, attached to the “Heeresgruppe Mitte” (Army group Middle) under General Schoernberg tried together with the SS tank division Wiking to resist the incoming Soviet tanks and Tschechian resistance fighters. In the street battles of Prag, Obergefreiter Anton Malcher fell. His place of burial is not known to his son as of this day.

To the Witnessing of Mrs. Bozena Pesicka from Kladno:

3 members of the Waffen SS were brought to the barracks in Klado by the RG3 on May 10, 1945. They had to remove almost all their clothes. They were beaten  with whips and sticks so severely that peaces of flesh and skin hung from their bodies. Each time they fell, they were ordered to get up and the beating continued. Once they became unconscious they were shot. One of them pulled a dagger out of his boot after the first beating and headed toward his torturer. They immediately beat him to death.

According to Frau Bozena, the members of the Waffen SS were very brave. They suffered the torture without giving a sound from them. After they were shot they were buried across the barracks of Kladno.

Also on May 10, 1945, on the walls of the central cemetery of Klado several members of the Wehrmacht were shot by the RG (129 soldiers and sergeants.) They were buried in a mass grave. *

This report can also be seen on an original document.

The address of Frau Bozena Pesicaka:

Bozena Pesicaka

Moskevska 2997

25004 Kladno 4- Rozdelov

(Tschechische Republic)


The members of the Waffen SS were most likely from the tank division Wiking. Per Frau Pesicaka, they wore first a black uniform and a black barret.  After the shooting the black uniforms left around were examined by the RG and thrown over the bodies. The contents of the pockets, the RG took, like watches, rings, and similar items.

Excerpt from a serial report of the Volkszeitung, daily paper for Kaernten, Upper Tirolia, and the Salzburg Volkszeitung, daily paper for Salzburg von Ingomar Pust (Fortsetzung III, Sieg Nr. 3, Maerz 1987)

“With hand lifted above their head, the German men [civilians] from Landskron [apparently a village] had to show up in front of the Revolutionary Tribunal,” reports Julius Friedel. “Each time, the first one of a row had to carry a Hitler picture covered with sputum. The man next to him on commando had to lick off this picture.

The last 20 to 30 steps to the judge had to be done on their knees. Here each one received their judgement. Then they started a horrendous running the gauntlet. Many were drowned in the lime pond. Karl Piffl, a carpenter, wall pulled from the pond half dead and beaten to death and stomped into mush.

Carpenter master Reichstaedter was beaten until he was no longer recognizable, leaned against the wall of the city hall and shot. Up the road came step by step ingeneur Josef Neugbauer, blood streaming from him, driven by jeering Czechs. He also was felt with his arms lifted above his head with his head facing the wall with machine gun fire. In a similar way, Otto Dietrich, lost his life. The farmer Viktor Benesj ended up with his top skull shot off at the same place. And those are only people I knew.

The cries of pain of the bloodied people soon were heard all around and sooner were louder than anything around all activities. The dead lay around in heaps.

On May they again drove survivors to the city market. The most horrible tortures were continued. The maser plumber, Josef Jurenka, after he was tortured had to put the noose around his neck himself, hanging himself on a gas lantern.

Similarly was done to official Robert Schwab from Oberjohnsdorf. The Germans currently alive were ordered to swing these two men hanging there constantly back and forth. Engineer Koehler, who was from Germany, was skewered with walking sticks under the greatest jeering. Bloodcurdling screams echoed across the normally quiet city market plot. After this day, massive suicides of Germans took place.

Mr. Ottokar Kremer reports of events in the city Komotau, amongst others:

The soldiers from the SS were terribly tortured. Those who had already been beaten earlier two or three times had wounds that were full of puss. Puss ran through their shirts and jackets. The backs of these poor people were full of flies and smelled terribly. They put these separately into a room for the beating called “Marodka.” Once they had eight or ten of them together they had to dig themselves a hole 2 meters deep and 60 cm wide. In the evening they were lined up and the first one had to lay himself down into the grave. Then when he laid down they started to shoot at him. Then on top of this dead man the next one had to lay himself and the same happened to him, he was shot from the top. So it went until the grave was full. One time there was still a place for one person, so they went and got a women of 67 years of age. The shore her hair [they did this to ‘take away their femininity’]. They tortured her, but she did not reveal where her son was. She had to lay down on top of the ones that were shot. Then she received the deadly shot.

I cannot even find the words to describe what people looked like who had been beaten twice. I saw a member of the Waffen-SS, who was already beaten twice. Besides his body, which was all torn up, his face was in average about 8 to 9 Centimeters thick swollen, completely blood bruised underneath, and the testes were full of puss. All the way up to his anus, he was full of puss. He smelled terribly. Every day they added more people. The “Strazbezpecnosti” brought the people into the camp, and these people were already half dead.

And then came the day of mass murders in Postelberg. Big troops, up to 80 men, were horded together and brought to the public. The men already knew what was imminent. They walked upright with stony expressions past the ones left behind. Not a single one begged for his life.

A further witness reports of Postelberg

No one can imagine what was going on at the wide courtyard. Here one his slapped, there one is beaten. Here one is sic king a dog on a prisoner, there are others beaten with rubber hoses on their naked bottoms. And the prisoners have to beat each other with sticks and guards watch that the beatings are not too mild.

Judge Dr. Franz Freyer describes one case:

A further witness reports over Postelberg:

Once five German boys tried to escape [the country]. But already a few hours later they caught them.

“One complained from you, and we will shoot,” Marek hollowed at us with a warning. The 5 boys were taken to the Riding School and their pants removed and their castigation began. A horrible situation, how the Czechs were fighting over getting a spot to administer some beatings. The merciless beatings with sticks and whips brought a heart tearing whimpering from them. Blood was running down their thighs. Then the Czech ‘soldiers’ left. They boys were put with the face to the wall, next to them sat a man on a post. Slowly the ones who watched calmed down and thought the castigation had ended. But that was a terrible error.  After a half an hour the Czech picked up their guns, and stood next to the boys. One of the men on the post called out: “Whoever tries to escape [this country-where the ethnic Germans are tortured and murdered], will be shot, just like we will shot now these boys.

The boys first turned their heads in fright. They turned back against the wall. Two of the Czechs aimed at a short distance at the first boy in the row, the shots cracked loud and the boy sank to the floor. His blood made the wall red. The other boys cry begging:  “Mr. captain, we will not do it again.” The second boy walks toward the executioners trying to push their guns up. The murderers had already revised their tactic and the second boy fell to ground in the fire. Mortar is released and the second boy plunges to the ground. Blood on the walls. The other boys now heroically surrender to their destiny. The third one calls out to his mother before he sinks to the ground. The fourth one stays standing after the first rounds, looks silently in the newly lifted guns and sinks onto the floor after the second rounds. The fifth one is shot down. The boys were maybe 15 years old.

The Adults were forced to Watch the Murders

Only one  Czech who was processed was Jan Kouril. He was recognized in 1951 in Karlsruhe, and got 15  years of penitentiary.

In the accusations it read:” Kouril was the terror of the camp Kaunitz [apparently a camp for German soldiers and German civilians].  On order, prisoners were beaten and tortured. Prisoners were forced to drink puss and urine out of buckets.

For entertainment, prisoners were hung on a noose and drawn up and down. Others were ‘branded’ with a glowing peace of iron. A witness in the questioning room [apparently to report a crime] was pushed with their head into a toilet filled with defecation whilst he had to sing the German national anthem. The only gravedigger of the camp witnessed that during this employment he transported off site the bodies of about 1800 Germans who were either hanged or beaten to death.

Konrad Herberstein saw the events on the “Elbebruecke.” (bridge):

I saw hundreds of German workers, who came home from their shift work being thrown into the river Elbe. Also they threw women, children and baby carriages into the river.

Frau Johanna Huber, Klagenfurt, remembers those times with a shiver:

Along with the Russians, Czech partisans came into our city Willemin bei Leitmeritz which was almost all German. We stayed on our land, a 50 Hektar large piece of land, even though Jim, our British prisoner of war, swore we should come with him. He wanted to bring us into security, but we had a good conscience, and had nothing to do with the party [apparently the NSDAP]. We did not sense what were to come for us. First, the Czech practiced a lynching justice on the party leaders. First, the carpenter, whose name escapes me, was half beaten to death and thrown into an 11 meter high well. High school teacher Kurzweil and some of his friends were beaten to death in a basement.

But the hate agenda was not only against party members. Soon we realize with horror, that all Germans, regardless, of party affiliation, turned overnight into free game. We had to wear white arm bands, were not allowed to use the walkways, and were driven by beating with  pistons and hoses to clean the toilets in public places. My 58-year old mother received a hernia at this. With desperate pleading I got the permission from the Russians in Milleschau to bring her with a carriage into the hospital  at Leitmeritz, 27 km from us. But then they did not want to take her because she was German. A German chief physician had the suicidal courage to take her in and operated on her. She was almost healed, when all German patients and the doctors were beaten to death by the Czechs. I have never seen my dear mother again.

On my way to the Russian commando in Milleschau, I experienced in horror, how  Czechs dragged wounded German soldiers (Landser) and German support girls (Blitzmaedchen) to the castle Milleschau to the cellar where day in and day out it was a torture chamber. I still have the blood curdling screams in me which I heard in that area, in this place that once was an architectural treasure. As I learned later, they first beat people half to death and then they put water hoses into their rectum and turned the water pressure on. Of course the count Milleschau was the first one that had been tortured to death.

The road from Milleschau to Wellemin was a place of dread. Left and right there were bodies laying on the road; the horribly disfigured bodies of the German soldiers. Many were wearing bloody and dirty wound bandages. It must have been injured soldiers which were trying to crawls away with their injuries. I was feeling unspeakable fear for my 14 year old daughter Marlene, who hid herself with her friend in the restaurant part of our neighbor’s building where they had a Russian officer. That home was therefore safe from the Czechs. But Marlene has suffered in her hiding place weeks of mental anxiety.

Three days after my mother was delivered to the hospital, all young women were driven together in Wellemin. In groups we were led into the cellar of the mayor’s office. There they erected wooden blocks. We had to take our clothes off and then under the  greedy looks of the “Revolutionary Guards” lay on the wood blocks.

One after the other, the young Czechs stepped up and beat us with wooden clubs on our backs, bottom and thighs, especially on the kidney area. The weakest of us did not survive this torture. Those who showed to be the most resistant and were half unconscious and moaning in pain they were then raped.

After that I was locked into the dark Toilette of the mayor and heard for hours the horrible screams of the women being tortured. In my desperation, I was hoping for nothing more than a fast death.

Here I would like to especially mention the massacre of about 2,000 German girls in  RAD camps  that fell prey to a horrendous hate orgy – not even hell knows agony like that.

The description of the crimes committed on these 2,000 girls in the RAD- and BDM-camp in Neustettin by Red Army members and Poles are so horrendous, that it could so effect the readers that they could become psychically damaged. It is almost indescribable what the means of bodily torture were and the numbers of them that had been massacred. After I read the reports, I myself had difficulties to process this. In spite of the horror for the sake of the victims a report will be given here:

The reports of the German-Brazilien citizen Leonore Geier, maiden name Cavoa, on 22. Oct. 1945, as witness of the deeds and also acknowledged by Bernhard Wassermann and Manfred Haer, members of the Inf.-Geschuetz-and Ausbildungskomp, I G 81., who were entrusted with the burial later in the camps after a temporary pull back of the 1. White Russian Army. The German military was able to liberate the city of Neustettin with a counter push.

The witness was at the time a writing clerk in the camp “Vilmsee” of the female work service group. Being Brazilian, she was considered ally to the Russian Army though in forced work deployment of the NS-State. The statement of these rights are on a document which had the stamp of the White Russian Army. The report was written on 6. October 1956 and tells of the events on February 16, 17, and 18 in 1945.

“In the morning of 16. February a Russian union occupied the Radlager (camp) Vilmsee in Neustettin.

The commissioner told me in a good German that the camp has been disbanded and that we as a uniformed unit will be transported to a collection camp immediately. Since I was a member of the united nations of the Allies as a Brazilien, he gave me the responsibility of leading the transport which was to go to Neustettin in the yard of an old iron factory. We were about 500 young women in the female RAD.

The Commissioner treated us very courteously and gave us the foreign workers barracks to settle in. The place given though was much too tight for us for which I went to the Commissioner. He said that it was only temporarily, and that I can come to the office if it is too tight for me there, which I accepted. Immediately, he explained to me not to have any more contact with the others, since they are an illegal army [German work army]. My provision that this is not correct, he cut off with the answer that I will be shot if I would repeat anything like this again in any form.

I heard suddenly laud screaming and there were already 2 Red Army men who brought in 5 girls. The Commissioner ordered them to take off their clothes. When they resisted out of shame, he ordered me to take off their clothes and to follow him with them. We walked across the courtyard to the former kitchen of the camp which was completely emptied, except for a few tables near the windows. It was terribly cold and the poor women shook. In the large tiled room there were a few Russians waiting who made apparently very obscene remarks because every word was countered with loud laughing. The commander told me to watch how wimping rags are made out of Herrenmenschen. (master people)

Now come in two Poles, only wearing pants. When the girls see them they begin to scream. Quickly they grabbed the first on and bent her over the table with her back across the edge of the table until her joints cracked. I nearly passed out when one of them pulled out a knife and cut off her right breast right in front of us. Then he waited a moment and then he cut off the other one. I have never heard a human being scream so desperately as this girl. After this operation he stabbed her several times into her crotch which was responded to by jeering by the Russians.

The next one screamed for mercy, but to no avail. Since she was especially pretty, I had the impression they did the abysmal game extra slowly. The other three were collapsed, screamed for their mother and begged for a fast death, but they also had the same fate. The last one was still half a child with hardly developed breasts. They basically ripped the meat from her ribs until the white bone showed.

Again the brought in five girls. This time they took their pick as all were well developed and pretty. When they saw the bodies of the other girls they started to cry and to scream. With weak strength they tried to defend themselves. But it did not help any. The Poles became more and more cruel. One of them cut open one girl’s stomach lengthwise and poured a can of machine oil into her which he tried to set on fire. The others shoved an object into her vagina before they cut off her breasts.

A great jeering started when they brought a saw from the tool box. Now they sawed off the breasts on the rest of the girls. Before no time the floor was covered with blood. Bloodlust grabbed the Russians. Constantly they kept bringing girls. Like in a red fog I saw these horrible deeds. Repeatedly I heard the blood curdling screams when they sawed off their breasts and the loud groaning when they  mutilated their genitals. When my legs gave in, they forced me on a chair. The Commissioner constantly paid attention that I would watch. When I started to vomit they held up the torturing for me to finish. One girl  had not taken all her clothes of; she was a little older than the others, whose ages were around 17. They soaked her brassiere with oil and lit it up. When she screamed they jammed a thin iron bar through her genitals until it came out in her naval.

In the court yard they liquidated with clubs whole groups of the girls after they selected the prettiest ones for the Martyr room. The air was filled with the death scream of many hundreds of girls. But compared to what was playing out in this room, the beating to death method was more human. It was a terrible reality that none of the girls lost consciousness. Each one suffered the mutilations while being fully conscious.

In their terror the the girls all said the same things; the begging for mercy; the high scream when they cut their breasts, and the agony cries when they mutilated their genitals. Several times they stopped the murdering to brush the blood outside and to remove the bodies.

In the evening I got a strong nerve fever. From then on all my memories faded until to the time when I woke up in a hospital. German troops had temporarily conquered Neustettin back and liberated it. As I learned later, in the first 3 days of the first Russian occupation they murdered about 2,000 girls who were in the work camps in the area of RAD-, BDM- and other camps.

The Chief instigator [for these crimes] was [Jew] Ilja Ehrenburg. In his works published in Moscow, called “Woina” (war) he quoted the following passages amidst others: “The Germans are not human. If you do not kill at least one German per a day, then this day is a lost day. For us there is nothing more joyful than German corpses… With this, we are continuing the works of Pasteur who discovered the serum against rabies. We are with this continuing the works of all scientists which have discovered the methods for the annihilation of deadly microbes…”(per DJ 23.4.1965).

At least 6 Million Germans became victims of the mass crimes of the Allies. But they are only a part of the European losses.

Great losses were experienced in the ethnic cleansing of Germans in the so called “Saeuberungen” in 1944/45 in France, Italy, Yugoslavia, and the Sowjetunion.

A conservative estimate would be 15 Million victims [deaths] after the war.

In the first decades after the war, no Bonn politician would have thought of calling…

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