Tortured to Death

Video Polish Atrocities 

The Poles tortured tenth of thousands of ethnic Germans to death in Poland whose German land was simply ripped away by the Allies and was given to the Poles after WWI.

Hitler restrained himself for many months before he shot back at Poland on the border, even though the Poles attacked the Germans living at the border for many months. When the Poles went as far as invading German land, he acted. Before that, Millions of Germans had fled from Poland leaving everything behind. Tenths of thousands of Germans were tortured to death by the Poles before Adolf Hitler took military action. Hitler continuously tried to settle the problems with Poland, but Poland kept putting him off and was not willing to talk; and if Poland and Germany had talks, the talks made no difference.

After Hitler struck back at Poland, he discusses additional atrocities, after the begin of the war, done to the Germans in this video. Hitler of course knew that he was dealing with evil Allies and that the Allies had a plan to make war against Germany in any case. The wars against Germany already started their fermentation in 1890.

Hitler’s Speech over the Polish Atrocities 


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