Hitler – Racist?

Was Hitler a Racist? And what about the Jews? And what is going on now in our society?

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There is racialism, and there is racism. They are two very different perspectives.

What is racism? The way I understand it is that racism is AGAINST other races by hating them for their genes, their looks, their culture. This would mean to treat them badly, bring about disadvantage for them, or even harm them. Does this mean one has to tolerate anything wrong another race does? Of course not! One should always hate evil deeds. There is a difference between hating a person and hating an evil deed. Those of us who believe in justice and decency are careful to make this distinction, in other words, only hate the wrong deeds, not the person. However, as perverted as some people in the U.S. society have become, it has been set in place by certain powers that anyone who is white and complains or resists another race’s crimes against him, defends himself or fights back, or speaks against the wrong deeds of another race publicly, is immediately branded a (white) racist; only because he is white and the opponents are of any other race. This INJUSTICE has been set in place in the United States by leaders without scruples and is perpetuated by the media kings because it ultimately serves those who are controlling us and want to control us more. Any other race the people in power in the U.S. and in Europe support in their hate against white people, I believe, is simply the tool to give the perpetuators of this injustice more power over white people, in particular German people. These new rules are being used to change our society into a very confused and unjust mass of people. The ones in power are the Allies, the Jews, and the henchmen of both of them. THERE IS NOW A SITUATION WHERE THE WHITE PEOPLE OF EUROPE, WHO HAVE CONTRIBUTED SO MUCH TO MANKIND’S ADVANCES, AND WHOSE COUNTRIES HAVE BEEN INVADED AND ARE OVERFLOWING BY PEOPLE OF VERY DIFFERENT CULTURES BY THE ARRANGEMENT OF POWERFUL PEOPLE, MANY OF THEM JEWS, ARE NOW THE OPPRESSED PEOPLE BY THEIR OWN LAWS. THIS IS TRUE RACISM AND INJUSTICE. These small and tightly packed European countries have a different cultural makeup than the U.S. which is spacious and has been accustomed to many foreigners living here for a couple of hundreds of years.

What is racialism? Racialism is respect for one’s own race and culture and a strong interest to perpetuate and promote that.

The Jews are not a race, as this group of people is made up of many races because of their intermarriages over the centuries. There is no such thing as a Semite because it is not a race. There are only Semitic languages which originated in the Near East and various groups of people belong to this language group. Arabic and Hebrew are Semitic languages. They are spoken in the Middle East, North Africa, Malta, etc.

For the Jews to call someone an anti-Semite is a mind game, as there is no Semite.


The Talmud is the most hateful and perverted book that exists. It calls for the debasement and harm of the non Jew and rape of children. Talmudic Jews live by this book. It takes a person with a perverted mind to spend a lifetime studying this ‘holy book,’ full of hate against all other races and condoning of perverted behavior.

What the Jews are known for over the centuries: From vernacular, history, and literature we are told that the Jews have been thrown out of many countries over the centuries, not for their “race,” but for their BEHAVIOR as a group. According to the writings, the Jews are generally, and more than anyone else, considered selfish, ruthless, deceptive and sexually perverted (Talmudic). They are being accused of being extreme liars, cheaters, and to practice usury (Talmudic). They are accused of working themselves into high places, if necessary by hook and by crook, in order to gain control over others. In the last few centuries the Jews have been in control of the media and have used this tool to defame others and elevate themselves, causing severe damage to countries, groups, races, and individuals. They are also known to help other Jews against any none-Jew, even working against justice to accomplish their goals. Because of their BEHAVIOR, the Jews are ill reputed worldwide and considered to be a threat to any society because of their extreme selfishness and HATE of non Jews. All their anti-social behavior is sanctified in the Talmud.

Germany:  In Germany it was not any other way as in many European countries where the Jews had taken a foothold; however, they were active in greater numbers and more prolific in Germany as the good-hearted Germans were particularly lenient toward the Jews and had never thrown out the Jews as a group, like England, for example. Just like in the United States, the Jews had worked themselves into the highest places in Germany in banking, science, manufacturing, medical management, publishing, business, political parties and government, etc., which had led to destruction of German values and culture, financial and career losses for the Germans, and a deterioration of ethics. At the time WWI was over, the Germans were controlled by the Jews and the Allies. Whilst Germans were out of work and starving to death by the Millions after WWI, the Jews prospered in Germany and exploited the Germans even more. The Jews helped primarily the Jews and the Germans fell by the wayside. This devestation was, of course, planned ahead. It was a home invasion instigated by the bankers, the very rich, and the Jews. Furthermore, the Jews, the inventors of Communism and Bolshevism, had solicited Millions of desperate Germans into the Communist party. The Jews had planned a takeover of the German government, just as they had usurped Russia. Adolf Hitler saw this threat and created the National Socialist (NS) party to stand against the Communist party. Two thirds of the time, the Communist party members attacked the National Socialist party members in bloody fights resulting in deaths, and not the other way around. If it had not been for Adolf Hitler, all of Germany, and perhaps all of Europe by now, would have become Bolshevist like Russia and would have been suppressed by Communism. And it was the German soldiers in WWII who gave their lives by the Millions to hold back the Red Plague. Otherwise central Europe, if not all of Europe, would have become Communist by 1945.

Adolf Hitler: Adolf Hitler did not hate the Jews as a race; he hated what they did to the German society and people. In any case, they started the war against Germany and declared war on Germany in 1933 soon after Hitler’s election because they knew that he was going to throw off their oppression in Germany. And typical for the Jews, they all banded together, worldwide, as one unit in this endeavor against him and the German people. THIS WAS TREASON AGAINST THE GERMAN STATE FOR THOSE JEWS WHO LIVED IN GERMANY!!! THE DEATH PENALITY WAS THE LAW FOR TREASON IN GERMANY. BUT THE JEWS CONSIDERED THEMSELVES ABOVE THE LAW IN GERMANY AND SOLICITATED WORLD-WIDE JEWISH POWER TO DESTROY GERMANY AND ITS PEOPLE WITH HATE, DEFAMATION, AND WAR, INSTEAD OF GETTING THEIR PUNISHMENT, OR AT LEAST SOME PUNISHMENT.

Many documents and books attest to the hate of the Jews against the Germans. In hate against any other group, the Jews stand together! And they were spewing real hate while Germany was on the defensive. Hitler rejected the Jewish inspired news media, their literature and art which he considered perverted. He rejected the usury of the Jews with their banking system and their loans with high interest rates to suck the Germans into lifelong debts and obligations to the, primarily, Jewish bankers, which would have meant the Germans would have come intellectually even more under Jewish control. At the same time, he noticed that the German culture, due to desperation and great poverty after WWI, had deteriorated (it was before a Christian culture) and had been taken over by the Jewish culture of lying, stealing, deception, perversion and many other lose morals. The  Jewish led million-fold communist party helped to hone in such debased values. For example, whilst Hitler got the German youth into his “Hitler Youth” program of high morals, hiking, camping, volunteer work and discipline, the Communist party got the German youth into their party with alcohol, cigarettes, and girls.

The Jewish leaders and Hitler decided TOGETHER that the Jews and the Germans are not a good mix in Germany. Of course the Jews had planned this all along to move Hitler to action with their “war declaration against Germany.” Hitler helped the Jews to emigrate to Palestine, all expenses paid. (What a nice guy! After what they did!) However, when he found out that the Jews violently drove the Palestinians off their land and out of their homes with many of them being slaughtered, he stopped the immigration, and in a public speech condemned the crimes of the Jews against the Palestinian people. (In those days people had to have government approval in many, if not all countries, to leave their home country; so they did in Germany.) Many Jews left Germany  for the U.S., Russia, France, and other countries shortly after  Hitler came into power because they knew that Hitler will be  “cleaning out” their control of Germany in all the high places. When he won against the Jewish-led Communist party and vowed to get rid of all splinter parties, their government overthrow plan was over; the German people had spoken. But the ‘German’ Jews did their hateful, anti-German work from outside of Germany. It was primarily the Jews on the lowest economic level that remained in Germany and only in small numbers. Shortly after the Jews declared war on Germany in 1933 in one of their newspapers they issued an apology (?!): “We the 500,000 German Jews…”

Was Adolf Hitler a racist? If a man of any other race than white hits you, a white man, and you hit him back and therefore are called a racist, then Adolf Hitler was a racist by the new American standards.

But Hitler was not a racist. The truth is, Adolf Hitler was as racialist and made the effort to revive and preserve the ancient Germanic culture and throw off the Jewish control and culture, which he considered debased. Any German has the right to do that! And any race has the right to live by their own values and culture as long as they do not break the laws of the country they live in and do not oppress the people of their host country.




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