Hitler As Artist

…Adolf Hitler’s art speaks for itself. It may well be that he was not accepted at the art school in those times because he had no society connections.

Hitler Young 5


Hitler painting KarlsChurch-1912

                 Contrary to defamation, he was also very intelligent, well read, insightful, humane, besides being brave and tough. In short, he was a Renaissance Man! Because of his parents’ death early in his youth, he lost much of the financial support for further education after his artistic education plans fell through. He had no choice but to work as a day laborer until he had some success with selling some of his art. His misfortunes as a young man worked to his advantage as they gave him insight into the plight of the working man. The laborers’ struggle  in Austria (formerly German territory) drove his desire to be a leader for the working people and unite stolen German territory (Austria) with the Reich so that ethnic Germans would be under the protection of their fatherland. A small collection of Adolf Hitler’s art on the following links – there is also a video of some of his paintings at the bottom of the page!

Gemälde unbekannten Künstlers in der Ausstellung im Haus der Deutschen Kunst 1937

Gemälde unbekannten Künstlers in der Ausstellung im Haus der Deutschen Kunst 1937


Adolf Hitler als Maler und Künstler in HD – Beautiful art of Hitler in a video


Background score credit: Richard Wagner’s Prelude to “Die Meistersinger.” Wilhelm Furtwangler conducts the 116-player Bayreuth Festival Orchestra and cast, in 1943. This was Hitler’s favorite Wagner composition.


Eröffnet in 1937 in München

Eröffnet in 1937 in München

* * *

Haus der Kunst Einleitung

Virtual Tour of Hitler’s art museum, called “Haus der Deutschen Kunst,” Opened in Munich in 1937 – you’ll have to download the player – easy – takes a few seconds

Paintings and Art Video Adolf Hitler

Denke Es Deutsch-English AH

Denk-Es – AH original

Correct one Waldehrenfriedhof AH


most correct Kamerad AH


Stilles Heldentum AH

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