Entombed alive

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Yugoslavia – Put into a Tomb alive – Mass murder


3,500 German soldiers surrendered in May 1945 on the island Rab, Yugoslavia. One of Tito’s partisans admitted in 1986 in Canada, the following: “The German soldiers were tortured and tormented by the partisans in all imaginable ways. Then they were led into a bunker that goes back to the times of the kingdom of Yugoslavia. Their hands were tied behind their backs with wire and the door was walled up with bricks. Then the  doors were covered with concrete and the bunker became a tomb for these 3,500 German soldiers. The tomb is on a hill of spruce trees near the hotel “Imperial” on the vacation resort island Rab. I see it as my duty even after all these years, to expose this crime.”

Ca. 200,000 German soldiers fell into the hands of Yugoslavian partisans. Partisans fought outside of the rules of the Geneva and Hague convention, German soldiers did not. (All the Allies ignored the Geneva and Hague war rules). Hundreds of Thousands of German civilians and German soldiers were murdered in the most heinous ways during and after the war in Yugoslavia, and German President Karl Carsten was not ashamed at all (that boar) to participate at Tito’s funeral in 1980 to HONOR that mass murderer!

Der Grosse Wendig

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