Bonhoeffer Atheist Traitor Verraeter

German victims – Criminal Bonhoeffer ( Bonhoffer ) – was what we call a Schwein in Germany – he was an Atheist pretending to be a Christian – a phony and a coward – a Traitor – und ein Verraeter – deserved the  death penalty for betraying his country and causing the death of huge amounts of Germans. My guess is that he was a Polish Jewish Marrano, someone who pretends to be Christian.


Published on Jun 8, 2017

Pastor redet auch ueber Bonhoeffer auf diesem video:

Rede vom Pastor im Ruhestand Friedrich BODE bei der Gedenkveranstaltung für die Ermordeten der Rheinwiesenlager, unter dem Motto “Befreiung von der Befreiungslüge”, am 7.Mai 2017 in Bretzenheim bei Bad Kreuznach.



Dietrich Bonhoeffer, born February 4, 1906 in Breslau [a hidden Pole?] was a traitor and what normal thinking Germans (not brain washed) would call a “Schwein.” He was guilty of treason and high treason.

The pious German, Hans Joachim Schultz, 1936, says that “The ‘man of God, Bonhoeffer’ was in reality godless (in his writing: “Wer ist Bonhoeffer?”) as Bonhoeffer claimed that ‘the man of God has to act against Jesus Christ, must sin, must use the opportunity to step over all laws and God’s laws for love and truth, must lie, cheat, steal and even murder.’ Bonhoeffer gave up God on 16 July 1944.”

To avoid to have to go into German military service, Bonhoeffer went off to the United States in 1939 [perhaps to get his assignments?] paid by the church, but then he came back! Interesting! Bonhoeffer traveled around Germany and Europe providing the enemies with information about the Reich for which he was paid. In other words, he was a spy as well, besides being an agitator against the Reich. He was arrested for treason and high treason and executed on 9 April 1945.

In 1975 he was rejected by the church as a representative of atheism. Yet the “church” (false church) continues to honor this heretic  to this day and has put him on place number one before Jesus Christ and Martin Luther; Luther is second, Jesus Christ is third!!!

Excerpt from an article by Fred Duswald, “Der Neue Wendig.”

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